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Selasa, 18 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Coloring Pages Luna

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Coloring Pages Luna

i mean she can just do the - okay, okay, okay, okay- exorcism? okay, let's not do an exorcism on matilda. hey everybody, welcome to themommy and gracie show, mommy's doll corner, so i am solo. i am missing my other, betterhalf. i have two better halves - one is daddy, one is gracie. and someone is skyping me,so i'm just going to mute that, so that you don't have to hear it happening. so todayon mommy's doll corner i have something really, really, really special. there is a line of dolls fromengland called a girl for all time, and i first read about them i think last year, andi think it was on confession of a doll collector's daughter, that's kewpie83's blog, which iswhere i know kewpie better than on youtube. and these dolls, a girl for all time, theyare 18-inch historical dolls but with an attention

to detail and history that i would say isfar more in-depth than american girl. now, you know i'm a big fan of american girl, andgracie is a big fan of american girl, so please - american girl fans, don't take this in anyway to be meaning "oh my god, they're so much better than american girl!" - but if you area collector of dolls, if you are a history buff who is also a collector of dolls, i knowthat i am a huge reader of historical fiction, particularly historical fiction about greatbritain and italy, by the way. i'm italian, so i understand why i read all the historicalfiction about italy. why i read, i don't know, maybe it started with the whole, with thetudor's books from phillipa gregory, but i have been for at least 20 years obsessed withreading about the history of england and - and

particularly the history of women in england,because i think it's fascinating to me, you know, queen elizabeth being such a powerfuland strong monarch in a day and age when women just didn't do that, and so i think that'sreally what draws me to those stories. and so a girl for all time is a line of dollsthat really, to me, celebrates the strength of women and of girls in - it's one family,it's the marchmont family, and they won playdoll of the year in 2014, there's dolls, there'sbooks, there's accessories, and what i tell you - the quality is insane, which i'm goingto show to you. so there are several different dolls, and i'm going to show you the onesthat i have, and these are designed by frances cain, and they - the brand is daughters ofhistory. and clementine, who is one of the

dolls that i got, was - she is a 1940s girl,and she was winner of the children's playdoll of the year in 2014. and wait 'till you seeher, she's absolutely amazing. the team behind these dolls is a team of women. they are fromthe world of british fashion and films, so when you see these costumes and the sculptsand everything, it's all going to make sense. the costumes have been created be a fashiondesigner named katya wildman and emmy-nominated costumer caroline harris. wow. and the novelsthat accompany each doll have been written by bafta-nominated screenwriter and directa- director, sandra goldbacher. so this is some serious quality here. so daughters ofhistory is a husband and wife team, it's frances and her husband, and there are the followingdolls that are already out, are: matilda,

your tudor girl; amelia, your victorian girl;clementine, your 1940s girl, who i have; lydia, your georgian girl; and then coming in 2015,sam, your 1960s girl - i so need that - eleanor, your elizabethan girl, so we're going to goback in time a little bit to that queen elizabeth time period that i was talking about, andolivia, your restoration girl. and the restoration is also a period in english history. i haven'tread as much about that as i have as other periods, but it's still very interesting,but i'm excited about the 1960s girl. and i love that her name is sam, and it does say"to be released in 2015," so hopefully i will be able to get my hands on her as well. youcan get these dolls at, and i believe that they are now availablein fao schwarz, if you have an fao schwarz

near you. and i just - look at the artwork,this is matilda, but i'm going to show you the actual - i'll put up pictures of the dolls.and this is clementine, but i'm going to show you the clementine doll, but i just - i lovethe artwork. i just, ah, ah! and then this is lydia, the georgian girl, who i think isthe one that i want next, and amelia is the victorian girl, and i need her. wow. it'sjust amazing. so um, oh here we go, i've got pictures right here for you. so there's matildaand amelia, and here is clementine and lydia. my hands are shakey today, sorry about thatfolks. ah, gosh, they're just so beautiful! okay, so without further ado, i'm going toshow you the other stuff before i show you

the dolls. ahh, i'm killing, right? so um,this is the matilda book, which i'm going to sit down and read this weekend. so matildais growing up in norfolk, england, in the year 1540. so look at the cover of this book,doesn't this mystery make you wonder? 13-year-old matilda marchmont lives a dull life in thecountry, riding her horse, mixing her family's medicines, imagining herself to be a witch,and writing her secret diary. oh, sounds like me as a teenager. she longs for the glamorand thrills of life at court. and then one night something does happen - she is to besent to court too, as lady in waiting and spy, to help further katherine's marriagechances to king henry viii himself. and matilda is drawn into the world of intrigue, friendship,and danger which takes her from hampton court

palace to the bloody tower itself. this soundslike one of the books i read. i am so sitting down - i, oh my gosh, this sounds really reallygood, and this sounds like a great introduction to the incredible historical fiction thatis out there about women in, uh, england - in the old days in england. this is a matildakeepsake book, and as they said, there is - you know - a number of um - so this is matilda'skeepsakes and secrets. let's look inside. um, and this is your book that you can customize,so you can - oh, this tudor sleepover. i wonder what went on at a tudor sleepover. so thereis, oh, there's ideas about how to do hair, there's a recipe for making marchpane, which i'm probably saying it wrong. this was a sweet desert that i read they were eating

a lot of at the tudor court. so they've gotsome recipes in here, oh look, they've got the family tree of the tudors, so that's reallyinteresting, so this is actually great for gracie and us to do a study unit on history.but then you can also - they've got an activity in here for you to do your own family tree,which is something that gracie has been wanting to do. ah, you can do your best friends' andwhy, so it's a combination history lesson, activity book, oh there's stuff about, this is really interesting! huh. very interesting book. so this is really cool,so this is another one of the - and you can get this also online at a girl for all time,and i'm thinking that, you know, if you were doing this as a gift for a young lady thatgetting matilda's doll, her book, and her

secret keepsakes and secret book would bereally really cool. okay. you're dying, i know you're dying. you're like "would youjust show me the dolls!" - alright. okay. so i'm going to start with matilda. ladiesand gentlemen, meet matilda. she's getting a little bit of glaridge right now. uh, sothis is the box. now this box, i've got to tell you. first of all it comes with a handle,which i think is really really cool, can you see the handle? it's a quite substantial box,quite heavy, very very simple packaging. the explanation on the back of the marchmont girls,that these are all - that the girls are all related down through history. there's thedoll, and there's the image from the book, and that is matilda and i will take her outof the box. and then i'm going to show you

- now clementine comes in a different boxthat doesn't have the handle, and doesn't have the extra artwork on her. but what ilike about this one, what i like about the clementine box, is that you can see her wholeoutfit and her whole everything that is in here. and this is clementine from the 1940s.and i don't know if you know much about history in the 1940s in england, but it was a veryvery difficult time. and for those of you that are american girl fans, if you've everwatched, or if you've ever had molly, read the book, or watched the movie, you'll knowwhat was going on in 1940 in england, and it was a very very difficult time. so i'mgoing to get these dolls out of the box delicately so i can show them to you, and then i'll showyou the accessories that i got as well. and

i want to thank, i want to thank very muchfrances and the folks at a girl for all time for sending all this to me, i'm absolutelyflipping out. the box came while i was going back and forth to toy fair and i was likeshaking because i was just like shaking waiting to open it and this is the first day thati've been well enough to open it so i'm opening it! i'm such a goofball when itcomes to dolls, so i'll be right back! i want you to meet my new friend, matilda. first, i have to say that matilda has the softest,most luxurious, beautiful hair i have ever felt on a doll. i find myself wondering ifthis is a wig made from human hair. this is just incredible. and if you can see, the waythe light plays on this hair, and the different

tones, i mean this is just... wow. this lookslike a shampoo commercial, your hair matilda, it's beautiful. i mean it looks - this isbrunette, this is a real brunette right here. oh. and then i'll go into the articulation,but i just want you to get a good look at her face right now, she is so beautiful andsimple and the sculpt is so... accurate to a girl of her age in that time, you know theshape of a british face... i mean, this is a real human face here. this is not a sortof, you know, faked face. her eye color is really... look at those eyes. oh my gosh.she is... amazing. i am completely and totally taken with this young lady right here. andyou know i read the information to you about

the costumes being designed by real costumers,and it's incredible, but first let's go over the incredible articulation. excuse me, i'mlike grabbing her head. watch what her head can do. she has so many points of articulationin her head that i just want to get my camera out and start posing her. and i wish it werespring out, it is snowing out, although i'm sure in this outfit she would look beautifulin the snow, i would absolutely hate to damage this gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous costume. soher head has incredible minute abilities, i mean you can just change expression andfeeling just, you know, it's just incredible. it's absolutely incredible. i am like, flooredright now. this hair, oh my gosh, this hair is incredible. by the way, i forgot to tellyou before i went to the break to open her

up how much she is, so if you are in the unitedstates she is currently on sale for $89.99, the normal price is $109.99, and in greatbritain she is on sale in the u.k. shop - i'll link both, because i know i have viewers inboth areas - the u.k. shop she is on sale for â£69 versus â£89, so it's a good timeto pick up matilda if you would like, and i'm thinking, you know, easter is so close,that this would be a great present to give to, uh, you know, if you're a grandparentand you usually give a little bit bigger easter gift, also we've got communions and confirmationscoming up, these are beautiful beautiful gifts to give to someone. and i want to show youthat she is articulated - i want to show you her elbows - here, show them your elbows girl.ah, so undignified. so she is articulated

at her elbows, and what is interesting abouther articulation, and i'm having trouble showing you, ergh, ergh, so profesh... is that it's spring - there is a spring toit. so you can move her elbows, but then they will give you a little push back. so they're very well put together, it's not just a loose joint that's going to become an you can pose matilda in a number of ways, and it's got a good tightness to the articulation,so again, just like her head, you can make minute adjustments in the position of herhands or her arms for photography purposes. or i mean for playing. she bends at the waist,but she's actually bending at her hip joints, by the way. her knees are jointed as well,pardon me while i pull up and show everybody your bloomers, but thankfully she is wearingthem. so uh, oops, sorry, let me get that

out of the way. so her knees are articulatedas well, with the same type of very very strong - come on now, fit - springy joint, so youcan make small adjustments, or large adjustments, however you want to make them. she's not articulatedat the ankles, which is fine. she's got really good hip articulation so she can stand onher own. just get her in position - i have her standing on her own, so there you go.ta-da, "look, no hands mom!" - matilda can stand on her own. and now the outfit is todie for. now you know as you saw in the box she did not come with her hood, now that'swhat these little things that they wore on their heads were called. and this i believe- this style is known as the french hood, and there were different ways of wearing this.i have it back a little bit further on her

head which might have been a little daring,but depending on where you wore it, sort of how much your hair you were showing - let'ssee, can i do a sort of more modest hood? so there we go, there's a little bit moremodest hood on matilda, and then you know if you pulled it back more it was consideredto be a little bit more daring. and of course "french" meaning it was influenced by thefrench court, which during the tudor times there was a lot of influence from france goingon, 'cause they were you know, either allied or at war. they could never figure out whatthey were doing, france and england, for the longest time. now that i have her slipperoff i want to show you her little slipper, with the detail, it's soft sort of almostlike fleecey-furry slipper, probably would've

would've been very like this, what she wore back then.and now her outfit as you see has many layers and her shoe fell off again because i didnot get it onto the back of her foot properly. c'mon, get back on, get back on matilda, cooperate,thank you! i'm trying not to mess up her hair too much. so look at this fabric. can yousee this? this is sort of like a valure, do you see the plush? ah, it's so plush! andthen she's got this beautiful white fur underneath, and then her skirt splits in the front whichis exactly how it would have in that time, so they would have multiple layers of fabricshowing through, and so her under dress is this gorgeous scarlet red, and then underthat then she has some crinoline. and then under that of course she has her undergarments,so she would be wearing many many many layers

of clothes in the tudor court, especiallyas a lady in waiting. and then what i love about this is the, you know, the book matilda'ssecret. well she's got this key around her neck, and i'm wondering if that isn't a keyto matilda's secret. so um, very very interesting. her hands are a very simple sculpt, let'ssee, you can find her hands, camera? there you go. um, they're not super detailed, butas i said, they are very - i like the poseability. so i do like the poseability - i'm absolutelyfloored by the hair, i still - i can't stop touching it. i'm absolutely floored by thecostume. now i'm going to change her into her other costume that they sent to me formatilda, which is her ball gown, which looks absolutely beautiful, and then i am goingto - so that this video doesn't become like

an hour long - i'm going to do a separatereview of clementine who is a marchmont girl from the 1940s. so let me get matilda changedinto her ball gown, and i'll be right back! true story, just almost fell on my desk turningon the camera. yep. so profesh. even when i'm doing something with such elegant dolls,i'm still like, "durr!" so matilda is now in her ball gown, and apparently it's a king henry viii was a big fan of masquerade balls, and he used to like to pretend, andhe would wear a mask himself and pretend to not be the king, and come into the balls anddance with the girls, and although everyone knew it was the king, they would have to pretendthat they didn't know it was the king, and then when he would unmask himself everyonewould have be - "oh!" - so surprised. king

henry viii was a strange man. oh, someone'ssneaking down the stairs! gracie just needs to get something out of her lair. isn't she?oh, gracie just said she's pretty. see? her name is matilda. so matilda is all dressedfor one of these masks, as - i need to get an up-close look at her. hi, this is my hand.oh hi, wait, wait, just wait one second. oh, she's really articulate! she's an incredibledoll. she's just really incredible, incredible, incredible. look at what her head does. doyou see how, like, all the different ways you can move her head if you were being gentleabout it? i mean she can just do - exorcism? okay, okay, okay, let's not do an exorcismon matilda. do you feel her hair? feel her hair. "ooh." "bye guys!" gracie's leavingmommy's doll corner. um, she'll be down in

a little while to do real mommy and gracieshow stuff. so okay, i've taken off her mask. you've got to see her with her little mask.she's so cute. um, yeah. so he used to do these masks, and that was a big thing. andyou know people didn't have television and things like that, and king henry in particular- king henry viii was like, needed to be entertained all the time, he was like perennially likea child, so they used to have all these plays and entertainments and amusements for him,and everybody had to sit through all this nonsense, and he was just like a big kid.he was also like a nut job - he had some problems, but um, so this would've been one of the manymasks that would've been hosted. it looks from the color of her dress, i'm feeling likethis would've been a spring mask. i didn't

read the box to see if i'm correct, but i'mmaking that assumption. so the skirt is slashed, as they would say, so that you can see thiscream underlay. this is not her, uh, shmeeze underneath, this is the actual underlay ofthe gown. so it's cream, it's not really white, and i feel like this green with this creamcolor to me is saying spring rather than winter. and also the - if you look at detail, okay,if you check out these bows on her sleeves, i'm getting sort of a spring vibe from thelavender. and do you see the stitching? that fine stitching? the pearls on her sleeves,these teeny, tiny little pearls. these outfits, i mean the costuming on these dolls is amazing. and the hair, and i just, i cannot believe,

honestly as i said, i am not an american girlhater - i love my american girls, i still have my kit over there that i have to openand show you guys all the stuff i got for kit - i love american girl, i love dressing the american girls with gracie. i can't believe that this doll is actuallyless than an american girl. because right now what did i say it was, $89.99, normally$109, and an american girl starts at $119 without all the accessories. so um, and thenhere's the back of the dress, so this is a two-piece. her ball gown is two pieces, ithas snaps on the back. now i have to tell you something really funny that i was thinkingas i was dressing this young lady. let me show you her cool little shoes, her littleslippers - they had slippers, they really

didn't wear shoe shoes. um, because they neverreally had to walk on anything. um, they were you know, carried in a litter or - a litteris, you're like "they were carried in litter, whattt?" - a litter is sort of like, um, oh,how would you describe this. figure like horse-and-carriage without the horse and the wheels. so it'slike the carriage part, it's like an enclosed tent-like thing with poles through it thatmen would carry. so um, yeah, it's a litter. and you would be carried in it across town,you know, from house to house. a lady and her ladies in waiting did not walk anywhereat all. so i was thinking as i was admiring her - and these sleeves, by the way, are slashedsleeves which would mean that as she would move around, you see, you would get flashesof the cream color underneath. i mean the

detail is incredible. um, so there was a pointto this. oh, so i was thinking about how back then - and even if you watch downton abbey- i mean even into the 1920s, you know, the ladies of england and of course everywhere,you know, these elaborate outfits that they wore, you couldn't dress yourself, becausehow are you supposed to button yourself down the back of yourself or snap yourself andi was just musing how the invention of the zipper and the introduction of the zipperto women's dresses was like a big game changer for getting yourself dressed. otherwise ithad to button down the front, or you were stuck. so i think that's really cool. so i amabsolutely blown away - again, thank you to frances and a girl for all time for sendingme matilda and i do want to do a special,

separate review on clementine because i'mso blown away by the detail. i know i've gone on for a really long time with this one, soi will do a separate review on her, and i also have an accessory set for her as well.this is matilda, she is the tudor girl. her book matilda's secret looks fascinating. thedoll does come with a small book pamphlet that gives you a little bit of a look intothe matilda's secret and what is going on with her and being sent to court and it hassome of the same things historically, like the family tree, so you can sort of understandwhat the heck is going on there in the tudor court, and i am just absolutely floored. socomment down below, what do you think of a girl for all time? do you think this is adoll that you would like to add - or the dolls

in general - that you would like to add toyour collection? and if not, why? if yes, why? do you think that you'd like to ask forthis for, you know, a holiday or a special birthday gift? like i don't know why, butthese dolls i always sort of see like grandma and grandpa or, you know, special aunties,these types of dolls and like madame alexander dolls, to me they always seemed like specialthings that a special someone would give you to, not that your parents can't be specialtoo. or not that you can't save up your allowance, or you know, gift money to get one of thesedolls. i will put all of the links down below, again thank you so much a girl for all time.i'm - i'm in love, this is a problem, because i've got these journey girls, i've got theseour generation girls, i've got a girl for

all time, and i swore myself that the kitis the only american girl that i'm buying for myself, although if i can find the originalrebecca on ebay new in box at a not ridiculous price i would get her because i really wishi had gotten her in her original dress. so, anyway, that's mommy's doll corner for today.i hope you are enjoying this, please let me know. comment down below if you want to seemore of mommy's doll corner, and please like and subscribe if you haven't already subscribedto our channel, and i will see you again soon with gracie! love you guys, bye!

My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Coloring Pages Luna