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Kamis, 20 Juli 2017

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My Little Pony Friendship Magic Coloring Games

great finisher, and he went along the prim tore and has the ability to knock down perimeter jump shots. very well rounded. they lean heavily on him on the offensive end. >> he's scored 50 against idaho. on the other side, curry, jones,

and on a diamond from golden state. currently, seth curry. give us the headlineer. >> the ability to run from a point guard position. six assists a game. most of the time, leading by example.

does aggrated job doing t. starting lineup lineups. brought to you by bud light. we mention want the williams, brothers and keep your eye on cam jones at 19 envelope points per game. and just to clarify, the williams actually are not

brothers. they don't have the same parents. about you it is interesting to have three guys with the same last name in the starting lineup. >> very, very impressive, let's see how they do tonight .

>> game one of the playoffs mere in the d league. two-seed against the 6-seed. the los angeles defenders, 31-19 in the regular season. back in the playoffs after missing out last year. straightaway three-pointer. shawne williams shaun williams

off the mark. >> if you've ever watched a game from kaiser permanente arena, one of the rockous crowds, and they will be in had full voice. always a tough place if you're the visiting team. >> it is the post-season, and always, you know, things are

just amped up another notch and i don't know. quite frankly, winning a title at any level, that's why you play again. >> exactly. you're there to win the games and you're there to advance as far as you can, and the bottom

line, i think, too when you're winning and you filtered out the losing teams when there's not that membership h the league has filtered down -- that means the league has filtered down. you're the only one left playing. d-fenders' coach.

they are the two seed. and the 3-pointer will go to seth curry. the top two teams in that order gets to pick who they want to play in the opening round of the playoffs. very different with this particular league.

it's something we'll discuss with the president of the nbad-league team at half-time. >> some teams when, they do get selected are a tad insulted. maybe their feelings get hurt. whatever the case may be, teams use it as a motivating factor. you better believe, it's on the

bulletin board. >> lay-up goes to c.j. williams. >> athletic and long, very powerful as well, and you see the ability to get up and down the loor. first to the basket. really good job of sharing the basketball as well.

>> curry fires into the corner. three-pointer and a weak side board for terrance williams. >> curry and one on the drive. >> shaun williamless off to a good start t getting to the rim. very quickly, you see they are off and running. they put so much pressure on you,

defensively. slow to rotate, and ph got caught in the wrong place at the wrong time. 109 possessions per game. to your appointment, of getting up and down. >> not a lot of deliberate half-court offense from

defenders. both of these teams to my money are really entertaining to watch. you can see immediately, as the ball goes through the basket, there goes l.a. out and running. you see the jumper that time, and still working on the

strength, the ability to keep the offensive ball handlers in front of him, a paramount point of interest in the nba. got to be able to keep your ball handlers in front of you if you're on the defensive end. good pump-fake. and l.a.

, tab out to a 9-2 lead and you see l.a. doing a nice job of not settling for jump shots. you're always going to be able to get jump shots. that time, the nice high-le inside initial post. good g initial offense that time.

find the rim and on the other end of the floor, the pressure applied by the offense. good pump fake a 7 point edge, k.c. hill having a lot of success here m bob hill's sop and he absolutely loves the first. he's a guy who's really enjoying

having a head coaching job at this level. fist year with santa cruz as is coach mckinon in l.a., and a lead 9 with the d-fenders on the road in game one. best of three. opening round series here in santa cruz.

l.a. again, get happening another easy bucket in transition. you see -- getting another easy bucket and they're going to have to get back in place and play some good transition d. and hill second trip to the playoffs in his franchise when

they played in the championship series last season. >> lost to rio grande valley, and coach nick nertz who is apassistant coach with the toronto raptors, one of the many exampleless of what this league is about. opportunities to shine and

impress. find yourself winning the d-league championship and you get hired at the next level, and you're an assistant coach. >> that's what we said right off the top. the opportunity to show case your individual skills no matter

how you look at it, you want right now to be playing or at least on an nba before but if you're going to get an opportunity at this level, playing in the post-season, going deeper, and the opportunity for a championship is obviously paramount.

>> playing for the final games are played. leaves a lasting impression. winning helps as well. everything is always a little bit better under the light of winning. >> michael thompson. and ko it tzur knocks down one.

>> right now, l.a. doing a very good job of limiting santa cruz's penetration. guys like cameron jones love to penetrate. unable to do so thus far. seth curry, a little hesitation move and the use of the glass they get it back in the lay-in

by c.j. williams c.j. williams. looking for steals. cuppy does what he normally does. knocks down the long-range jump shot >> how good is this? >> well, you knew they would both be coming at each other on

the offensive end of the floor. i think right now, it remains to be seen, which one of these teams focuses on the defensive end of the floor. seems like l.a. right now, getting easy ones but santa cruz catching up in that department. >> wide-open lay-up cameron

jones. he has the ability to knock down the little 12 footers, and you see the penetration by magette. it's almost like these two teams got together. we have got a national audience tonight let's put potronus a -- let's put on alittle show.

and seth curry goes by him. >> that was an nba set-back. he is three of four right now with eight points. jones off. scores and jones, known for his penetration did such a good job that time, attacking the defense, making the defender

play him, leaves the wing wide open for the easy two. nice drive and dish by cameron williams. chippy. n west virginia aele >> you've got to love those professional ranks. here said again, the little

step-through. there had to be an extra step right there. the defense not moving their feet. nwaelele. and it was 11-2 at one point. now we're all tied up at 17. so you can see the ability that

santa cruz has to score in bunches as well. got it back. tried to fire. deflect into the hands of l.a., l.a. gets an opportunity in transition. both teams right now, not really focused on the defensiven of the floor. a lot

of open looks and penetration and buckets in transition. there's c.j. 13 straight double figures. long-range, shot short. seth curry with the set-back. pow. count it what a start to this one.

5:21. first quarter. l.a. and santa cruz going back and forth. how about seth curry. he's had a couple of cracks at the nba this year. >> sleeve land cavaliers, gave them a little cup of coffee.

the opportunities were limited, due to the roster and the way it was set up. so he finds himself back in the d-league, but it's just a matter of time, i believe, before he finds himself a permanent roster. >> casey hill, said he wants him

or her back in the playoffs and we want him back in the nba and we're not sure why he's not there right now because he's played very, very well. magette. seven assists per game. magette has a mep toolity point guard.

he has the ability to put the ball on the floor, and make read, according to the way the defense is playing him. but he's one of these guys, everybody likes to play w because he gets you the ball in the sweet spot where you like to operate.

out of vanderbilt, had it swatted out. 12.6 points per game. take a look at brandon kotzr from nc state, and he will go to the line. has the body of a 3-man, but the game a 4-man. and nedovic coming into the

game. ni we're nedovic has battled injuries, he's had a knee issue, elbow, toe. but healthy now, trying to refined his rhythm. >> one of the adjustments he's going through is learning how the game is played here this

level with physicality. >> 24-17. l.a. jumped out to an 11-2 lead. santa cruz got it tide at 17. now, a little 7-0 run for the learning to maker facing the basket, because he will have to at the next level, be a three. still trying to be adept at

facing the basket. when he spent most of his career in college, >> tough shot on the baseline, down for michael thompson, clay's brother. often documented. of course, klay thompson, and seth curry play for golden state

and now, michael thompson and seth curry play for the sainted warriors. clean lane to the bucket that time for kotzur >> that's the pressure l.a. puts ourar teario, by not passing the ball around the horn, but by looking for lanes and avenues to

get through. l.a. on a 9-2 run. make that a 9-5 run now. double figures already for curry. who averages 20 per game. he's got 11, and the foul in the back court on kotzur. kotzur with that foul, but on

we seat good dribble drive and the passing. kotzur winds up, and know ifs in trask. guys looking for one another and being aggressive. >> 26-22. 3:15 in the first and a foul out high on shaun williams.

one of the things a lot of guys have to work on in this league, the ability to keep the ball handler, the offensive player in front of you. it's an advantage to your game when there's pep penetration if the heart of the lane, there's a good interior pass.

kerry to goldborn >> other end, one and done. santa cruz on the run. down pie two, and a foul. this one on magette. 2:53 the in the first. 2-point the game nbad-league powered by youtube.

teams met you can see that the offense is at a premium. they're putting pressure on the defense and more importantly, very efficient in knocking down shots. fun to watch. all time. sainted leads 9-5 but even in

the regular season this year, the first free-throw good or goal born. if you're just watching defenders for the first time, had a game in the 50's. 49 points, i believe at the end of the first quarter. >> that's interesting because

santa cruz number one in the d-league in field goal percentage. 44%. we'll see if they can slow down l.a., so far tonight. l.a. been clickog all sin enders, thus far. but i anticipate both teams to

be cooling down. both teams have their foot on the gas all night long. michael thompson's game has really stepped up. he's got a great attitude. a lot of times, when the shots aren't falling the rest of the game sufferers.

very, very mature young man. >> helps when you have some family members that have gone through the same type of thing. the shot won't fall and a tip-in does though, for the defenders underneath, and that's shaun >> a real block-out that time, shot goes up, they're trying to

out jump each other that time. the d-fenders, winning that contest. ned up on the glass. >> seat pressure l.a. puts on you. when they recognize their certainly, they try to change it and get up and down the floor.

here's the drive. the block by kotzur. and we're off and running at the other only. that's travis i'm trave. a shot blocker who got hurt a little bit earlier in the season. affected his speeds.

couldn't be out there as much as he wanted to, but seems like he's healthy again and has the ability to affect his game on the defensive end of the floor. 7 footer from bosnia. 7 points, 12 rebounds a game. l.a. the drive and the finish terrance williams again.

l.a. just getting to the bucket at will right now as if both teams tried to out score each other. kiss off the glass with the one legged runner by curry. who does that remind you of? absolutely. but i'll go to the remember

article. i still have nightmares about curry, eating up my team. grading 3's when he was a charlotte hornet. >> a lot of opportunities there for trave travis hyman off the bench for l.a., d-fenders by two in the first.

tough shot >> boy, l.a. doesn't waste any time getting shots up. reminds me of mike d'antoni and his approach to coaching, particularly when he was with the phoenix suns. the motto is 7 seconds more or less.

well, l.a. is off running about 5 seconds more or less right now. >> thompson put its up, no. and the tap had good and has a nice soft touch from about 14 to 15 feet. right now, just learning how to move his feet on the defensive

be a defensive (s, and also, learning how to play with his back to the basket. he's a post mover, too. ned draws a foul on the drive. 36.4 on the clock. l.a. , tab 31-19. they won the west.

122 points per game and 11 and 4 over their last 15. >> if you're wondering who leads the d-league in scoring. travel down to mcallen, texas. rio grande, texas. the vipers. seth hannah. if you've never watched him play

before, he's an energy guy. one of these guys who really, on the defensive end of the floor, his presence is felt with pactive hands and steals in the passing lane, and on the offensive end, can knock down the occasional three when he gets hot, about you really looks

to drive, and dish when he gets down the lane. not tall, but strong, and use that is wisdom to carve out a little room for him. there he is on your screen. played for this team last year when they made their run to the d-league finals.

eventually losing to rgv. >> turner, second in the west for santa cruz. third wildcard team. 48 rebounds per game l.a. picking up full court. token pressure. here comes the trap. l.a. leadings by four.

playing a second game this year in a santa cruz uniform and he turn its over. >> a little careless with the basketball and l.a. will make you pay. whether or not they can convert. there it is. >> the on third try, goes down

for the defenders. three seconds, down to 1 and a final shot. nwaelele never got off. stripped inside. and l.a., offensive at both ends in game 1 of in d league playoff series in the opening round. end of 1.

the defenders the two-seed, leading the 6th seed, the warriors by six. game 1 of this opening round playoff series. tomorrow's conversation. get the latest in sports on "leadoff" only on cbs sports network the 24 hour home of cbs

sports. seth curry, off to a really good start. in this game, he got therapy first-quarter points. he has the ability to knock codown the perimeter jump shot. look for him later, after he set up the defender to get some

dribble drives, and penetration is going to the basket. right now, when left alone, able on convert with the hot hand. they find themselves home down six in game number 1. game three, if necessary, could both be in los angeles. >> if you're cameron jones,

you've got to come to the basketball on that last pass, if you come to the basketball, it shortens up the space in which the ball travels, leaving less room for the defender to come over and get the steal. that time, a little lax daze cal.

lucky enough to get the ball and the possession back. lax days cal. that's a tough pass to execute and get through five defenders. paul, a little taller, plays a little more inside the painted area. while the younger milsap

operates on the perimeter. johnson's long range shut. l.a. by 6. got to stop the ball. if you don't stop the ball, that's exactly what happens. he blew by his initial defender, hannah at half court and hannah did a poor job of passing him

on. another defender needs to step up and pass that perpetration. nothing worse for a defense than to be penetrated on, right down the middle of the plain. breaks down all the defense and sets up potential fouls for your interior defenders.

really does a lot of damage to your half court set. >> the lead up to 8. l.a. always seeing a lot of shots in this half. talked about leading the d-league in possessions and a double pump dunk for travis hyman.

l.a. again. team of the night. out and running. nice backdoor cut. knocked away underneath by andre ingram. it'll stay with sainted. 12 to shoot down 10. >> michael johnson doing a

little ballet move in the air there. a little pureo wet. santa cruz, shooting 35 shots and a score inside. do you see why they average over a hundred possessions a game. they get the ball up the court incredibly quickly.

when they get into the offensive stead, they are offensive-minded to site least. a lot of penetration and aggressive play. everybody looking to score. >> milsap that time and he's at five points and one rebound a game and again, he only played

one game and that was the regular season finale. they lost to iowa by 205 days ago. the roster full of guys who are slashers. guys who like to get to the bucket and finish. not really known for the

perimeter jump shot but what they are known for is getting out and running and putting pressure on the defense. you as a defender have to keep your man in front of you. if you don't do that and thus far, santa cruz has been unable to do that puts a lot of

pressure on your defense and you give up a lot of easy buckets >> there's a couple of guys, playing in this game, that just joined the perspective roster. it's interesting going into a post-season, when you're very tough, at least some chemistry >> you think of hahn a. even

though he played for this team last year, that was under a different coach, urge a different regime. they ran different plays so yes, he's familiar with the environment but not familiar with the way this team plays so he's going to be a judgment

process. i'm a little bit surprised to see him out there, playing such a prominent role. we see him with the basketball initiating the oath. knocked away. he turns it over further second two on one.

shot, no. three guides for l.a. running the floor hustling, leading to a goal tending and an easy bucket there, but again, auto the pressure l.a. puts on you. you've got to get back and you've got to keep ball handlers in front of you right now,

cameron jones, trying to get to the next level. >> can't be careless with the basketball. one thing, it's a very fine line and hard fine line for teams to walk. they want to run, and get a lot of possessions but you can't be

careless with the basketball. several turnovers right now in a row for santa cruz. has given l.a. even more incidents to get up and down and run and get to the bucket. l.a. leading now, by 14. their largest of the game at 8:33 in the first half.

k.c. hill not enjoying it at the moment. 11 santa cruz had turnovers. six for the defenders. loading up guys and roster e decisions there, hannah and both just joining in a matter of a few days ago and milsap with the defenders.

and look where they're going to find this talent. pole adaptation, italy and israel. there's your services are in demand. all the way out in santa cruz. technical call on santa cruz. so hyman steps up and miss, with

cameron jones, getting whistled for the "t" >> usually, a cool customer. maybe a sign of his frustrationlet take a look at the last play. there's jones again. and they deem that, i would imagine, excessive.

i think the referees, they have got to call that. but that's an old school solid basketball play. you wrap up the offensive player. don't allow them to get the shot off. >> bill lam beer did worse than

that. >> i've got bruces from bill lambr -- lambi er . >> they have opened up a 14 point certainly. game one of this opening round and it's not like sainted's offense hasn't been able to knock down shots away.

santa cruz's problem has been turnovers that's why you're seeing this 14 point marginright now, because santa cruz, last five, six times down the floor have come down the offensive end of the floor, and thrown the ball away. they haven't even gotten shots

q. you know you've played against a team like l.a., have you to make sure you're just as efficient on the other end of the floor. right now, you're playing into l.a.'s strengths. you're allowing them possession and by your turnovers, you're

giving them even more looks in the basket. they fired 43 shots. 28 to the warriors. if they can hold on to the ball, they're shooting 50%. here comes santa cruz again. down 14. got t. good patience that time,

even it was a quick shot in the initial office. curry went 16. four of seven from three. six of nine overall. more penetration and again, penetration leads to the defense breaking down and it gives you opportunities for offensive

rebound. they're lucky they didn't get an offensive rebound and a foul. that's usually what happens when a team collects so many offensive rebounds. hill cannot be happy right now with his half court defense because the defense doesn't end

until you garner the defensive board. >> rebound has the story. l.a. with 23 to santa cruz's 12 so we have seen some recently, some offensive rebounds by the defenders that they have been been able to garner and convert. >> and the kick-out.

left wing three. down for seth curry. and you've got to wonder why he's so wide open. i would leave seth to pep trait all night long. last time, it was curry with the wide open jump shot off of the pass.

this time, curry left wide open again. >> he's got 19 now. and nwaelele commits the foul, and the free-throws for mill sap. hannah, with the dribble drive. over. curry and able on knock it down.

milsap true in the first. pee wee garner. love everything about him, his energy, his attitude. does the little things out there. he's just a good teammate. a guy who gets it. one of the things gardener, like a lot of other guys in this

league are going throughout learning process is learning how the game is played at it this level. 24 second shot clock. things are done a little bit diplomatly. the style of play. milsap will go to the before

with a foul. shot clock under 10. a word too strong. the third crack goes down for lance goulbourne. that's his instinct to get second chance opportunities for his teammates and himself on that last exchange.

79 had combined field goal attempts. that's a lot of. another tap goes down and l.a. continues to control the boards with kotzur and shawne williams in the act there. l.a. doing a great job crashing the boards right now.

right now, 15 offensive rebounds, and we haven't even reached the five minute mark here in this second down quarter. that's a lot of rebounds in a short period of time. nwaelele spins out. here comes l.a., up 11.

in rhythm. long range. not there for turner. knocked out. l.a., another chance and a drive and finish. terrance williams with the red sea parting. >> entirely.

two easy right there. that is what we would call matador defense. ole! find ourselves within 13 point margin. deep in the second quarter. l.a., clicking on all cylinders. the tap-out leads to the

penetration and from another angle, coming at you. l.a. dominating on the road 57-44. game one of this best of three. of this series. want to find out who the nba prospects are. check out the prospect section of nba

to learn about tomorrow's stars of the nba. >> kotzur out of nc state, and here's what we have seen from him so far. strength. width and relentless pressure on the defensive end. how about the initial post up

the initial pump fake. the high-low. you run out on him, very under control. the pump fake leads to the dribble drive and then does a good job of catching in trask, and finishing plays. never tries to do too much and

recognizes his strene the. not a great leaper. not a great physical runner and sprinter of the floor what he does do, he carves up some nice room for him with his rhythm and strength and he's able to finish in trask. nice soft touch

>> you saw five boards for him. part of the reason lead is + 12 here in the glass. goulbourne, the finish that time, and the lead now, and 11 for l.a., got to get some stops right now if you're santa cruz, and on the other end of the floor, you've got to run a good

offense. make sure you get shocked every time down the floor. santa cruz, kaiser permanente. became one of this best of three. opening round series. >> another turnover. we have seen a lot of offense

here in the first half. turnovers killing santa cruz. 13 turnovers and we haven't reached half-time yet. not a good trend moving forward. for the home team in particular. still though, they fired a lot of shots, 89 now combehind shots between the two teams.

>> i think we have got to get used to the phrase, lay-up by l.a. because that's what's been happening all night long on that last exchange yet, another one getting into the heart of the sanely warriors defense. pee wee garner being boss down a 59-49.

lob. too strong. out of bounds off l.a. looking to dump the ball inside that time to shaun williams. a little bit too long of a pass, and the defense. slow to rotate. but got their eventually.

good pass skip ahead. baseline drive, spins out. cameron jones back up. no, and rebound for magette. here they come with terrance numbers again for the defenders. williams gets to the line. seth curry, a little disgusted with that call.

you see him back on d, trying to make a stand. ooh. looks like while he was reaching. looks like he got all ball that terrance williams, on the drive. you've got six points on three of 11 shooting.

not shooting a great i clip or a high percentage, you see the pressure him and his teammates put on santa cruz warriors. you've got to get back and get penetration. williams set a franchise record, 50 points in a game. his 31st.

against idaho. that's a pretty shot. for terrance right there. >> i'm going to miss the lay-up, and go out and knock down a long-ranged three. with a defender draped all over me. the degree of difficulty,

matters to him. nice behind-the-back-pass dribble. here he comes. behind the back pass dribble? behind the back dribble >> either way, he was in the open floor, with nothing but rim >> keep an eye on santa cruz and

their turnovers right now. yet another turnover that led to an easy defenders' basket. we talked about how they wanted to finish up strong. cameron jones with the nice it's what he does. getting to the basket and finishes.

number 9. a vet of the santa cruz warrior team. and we stalked about the defenders putting -- we talked about the defenders putting pressure ourar teario. number 17 gets the loose ball. in transition, the steal leads

to the bucket. d-fenders with a 13 point margin shooting 5 of 8 from the field. the off the steal and in so he does a really good job if you playoff of him and knocking down the perimeter jump shot, and moving without the the nice pass inside with the

easy finish right now. c.j. williams rolling. he shoots 44% from the arc. you mentioned his ability to get for the ones rim. goulbourne to the rim. >> if can you mix in a little perimeter jump shot right now, goulbourne is the second leading

scorer 12. 7 rebounds, and cod, the answer heavy on offense here in the first half. 66-53. l.a. plays the higher game, of this first series on the road, which leads them to playing the second and third game potential

low at home. that's where you get the home court advantage but you've bothered to get through this first game. to set up the advantage. looks like they're doing just >> cameron jones to make it 66-55.

1:28. here they come without numbers. , tab being a little careless with the basketball right now and jones adding to his perimeter jump shot. jones right now with 10 points. hill, showing a little life on last one with that turnover, we

talked about turnover ratio, one of the best in the league. rare to see him turn the ball there's curry, finding jones. from the baseline. jones say driver. with aspirations of playing at >> at the line, good on the magette, 80% foul shooter.

does such a good job of holding on basketball. one of the best if not, the best want i believe he is the best. has a turnover ratio in the d-league. he's number one. turner comes off the before, and gets four more 3's a game.

tied for two in the league . >> that tells me, they're always going to run a good office, and get good shots. their offense won't shoot them in the foot. it all depends on what they do on the defensive end of the floor.

their is odd going to be something you have to know cotend with. >> jones, the kick. and rebound l.a., those are shots he normally makes. we talked about his struggles all season long. the jumper is there. sometimes

another bucket by williams. that time from long range. 9 second difference. came and shot as we wind down the first half that has seen 102. that's 102 in terms of combined field goal attempts. shot clock at 6.

here comes curry on the drive. scoops it up and in. >> a nice little hesitation. what he did to get low by. was change speeds. keeps the confidenter on his heels, able to take advantage. how about the block that time by goulbourne and oh.

not there for goulbourne. and a crack at it. in and out. 71-59 had at the break. a 12 point lead the two seed, los angeles d-fenders. c.j. williams from out. curry with a big first half for santa cruz and underneath.

hyman get together done and goulbourne. good first half in santa cruz. pedestrian first round of the d-league playoff list. game one, best of three. and the two-seed d-fenders, leading warriors, 71-59. both of teams shoot at a high

cliff. we have seen more than a hundred >> we saw an awful a lot of turnovers by santa cruz warriors, coupled with l.a.'s prowl on the offensiven. >> c.j. williams, 14 points to lead l.a., seth curry welcome michael 21.

d-fenders playoffs here in 71-59. game one of this best of three opening round d league series. prevent stover alongside 5 year nba everywhere, the president of the nba development league is dan reedy. dan, first off, the headline for

me say record number of nb assignments to the d league this year. how was that received in your office? one of the many unique things about the d league is the playoff sleeked process. the higher seed picking the

lower seed. explain that to some of our viewer who is may be watching the d-league player for the first time and were there any surprises to you in the way the selection process went down? >> we wanted to be innovated and try something different.

the top seeds are over 50 games in the regular season, get to choose their opponents from the bottom seeds if are a number of reasons, mostly, because the rosters are so variable in the d league, the 8 seed may be the team you don't want to play. if you're number one seed, you

earn that opportunity. and there were some surprises. the 7 seed this year, was the perron verb ial team that no one wanted to play. >> obviously right here, we had a two-6 match. dan, rio grande valley has won two of the four champs.

much parody in that league. why is that in your mind? >> l yeah, we have had three team that is finished 3 and 19, when we had no idea who was going to win their division until the last game of the that's what you want, as a commissioner of a league.

it's the highest it's ever been. the quality of play, the number of nba caliber players has never been higher and you can see, these games are barn burners. all these players and coaches. >> when you consider where they were last year, there's a couple teams.

and there's five back. talk to me about the consistency. while adding some new teams to the fold in the playoffs >> yeah, there are always some new teams in the playoffs. it's interesting. even though you see a lot of

roster turnover in our league, oftentimes, you see those same teams come back, year after year, and i think that speaks to the quality of the organization from the ownership down. the coaching staff, the players. our teams have right to returning players from previous

those are the teams you consistently see whipping year after year >> we have stats and highlights in the third quarter coming up nba playoff time. presented by taco ball. game wop, in the best of three. l.a. by a dozen on santa cruz

and pretty impressive offense. let take a look at our boost mobile fit-half highlights. c.j. williams 14 in purple. showing you his ability to finish watch the basket. off the steal. very active and when you playoff him, give him a little bit room

to hop. he makes you pay with the soft touch and on the other end of the floor, seth curry, the step-back and the runner off of one leg. the pass from hahna to curry. for another long-range three. warriors' problem is they have

got to limit their turnovers and make sure their offense doesn't shoot itself in the foot. >> curry has 21. three in double figures. a dozen for goulbourne. 10 for jones. l.a. with four in double

figures, led bite 14 of c.j. we get set for the start of the third quarter here of this team one in santa cruz, and the comparison of the two start guards here. c.j. williams, we mentioned the 14, curry, the 21. >> cuppy doing a good job of

running the offense. five assists to go looping with the 21 points, and let's face t that's the adjustment he has to go through right now. he's not tall enough to play the off guard as we take a look at the game. saturday against l.a.

, tab at midnight, come to you from l.a., the toyota center in el segundo, california. that's where we'll be coming to you on saturday even, technically, sunday morning at midnight. for all you cinderella fans out >> for game two.

if necessary, game three would be a tuesday night also in los angeles. this is game 1 and it's been good so far. 71-59 l.a., here's comes he's in double figures. magette the steal. >> not the start you wanted, if

you're casey hill coming out of the locker room. hu15 upon mets on discuss, ho you you were going to improve the second half and you immediately come and turn the ball over and not get an opportunity for a good look at the bucket.

turnover by l.a. as well. >> magette steps out of bounds. brett stover here if you're l.a. tab you get game one on the road and you get two opportunities to wrap up the series at home, that is a huge advantage to say the least.

>> and a little unorange county docked way of going going about achieving your home court advantage. you do have to perform on the road in the first game of each series if you're the team with the home advantage. so it's a little bit different

kind of approach, but you've mentioned it, once you've cleared that hurdle. , tab you get to go back home now, with two games to win one on your home floor. that's where the certainly kicks in. you've got to handle your business.

l.a. doing just that. >> curry, 24 now in the game for seems like l.a. is satisfied with him knocking counsel perimeter jump shots. they're slow to get out to them, so they can't be too worried about the perimeter jump shot. what they're trying to do is

take away everybody else's offensive game. curry, again with the hot hand. 27 for curry on 10 of 13 from the field. 7 of 10 from the arc. >> if you score bumps like the 3's allow you to co, certainly find yourself back in this ball

game quickly. 27 for curry. they were down by 9. oh. he's rolling now. the hot hand, and you've got to wonder what l.a.'s thinking on somebody should probably call that young man.

71-67. it's a 4 point game and a three. finally, the defenders get an answer for curry. and and it comes at a perfect time for ingram. andre ingram, known for his shooting and his defense dog a really good job of stopping,

locking down other teams' scorers and defense has come a long way. >> nwaelele slithers in underneath, and it's 74-69. kotzur the drive and finish. >> entirely too easy. the 112 field goal taoisms prior to that bucket being made.

a make that 113. too easy when you allow any penetration to get all the way to the rim. offering up resistance. >> magette the steal, picks the pocket of curry and lay its home >> same story again, defensive steals by l.a. but it's really

the carelessness of santa cruz and now, all five starters for the defenders in double figures >> cameron jones, the score there for santa cruz. 78-71 to begin the third just like the start of this in deep and l.a. , tab trying to get into the

80's there. long range one, too strong and here come the warriors. >> good find that time. jones, finding nwaelele. and you oneer why is curry so good? l because he has the ability to knock down shots in know traces

education in the half court set. all he needs, folks, and appellant ate daylight and surprisingly, he's been getting defenders, and the defender's defense, slow to rotate. spins out for nwaelele. twine now for curry on 11 of 14. >> that's pretty efficient.

you the rest of the offensive players for the warriors that have really not done a good job of holding on to the basketball and making sure their offense gets shot every time down the that being said, they are only down six, with plenty of time left to go.

>> shot rattles out. santa cruz with the ball, down two possessions. trailed by a dozen at the break. they have trailed by as many as 15 in the game. goulbourne tries to stick it back, got rejected and here comes the defenders.

>> certainly rebounded but he had a hard time, finishing among the taller, longer, ph, lengthy bodies. goulbourne has to find a way to get that up to the rim. terrance now with 13. lead back to 8 for the jones wants to get to the

bucket. that's a tough shot for him. friendly rims here in santa cruz. cameron jones, using that to knock it down. terrance williams, again, this one short. rebound for nwaelele.

sainted in the second half here early in the third, has done a good job of limiting. as we see the hot hand. jones again, from the corner. santa cruz has done a good job of limiting l.a.'s penetration. right now, l.a. is forced to not a lot of drives to the

basket. another one, settling for the shaun williams, misfiring. nwaelele let well lets it off. curry wants it. not there. tap try. no. and out of bounds to los angeles

leading by three. and a flurry here to gip the third for jones and santa cruz. >> and we have talked about his ability to finish around the rim by the dribble drive what he's working on is that perimeter jump shot. gets him in the corner, he

knocks it down. jones with 17 points on 8 of 13 shooting. 80-77. approaching the mid point of the third. terrance williams, strong. he was going to the basket. we talked about how the last

four, five ex changes, l.a. settle for the jump shot. not that time. good recognition by william tell us adjust their offensive approach and get the higher percentage shot. thea last three times on the floor, by lance goulbourne.

just unable to finish. we see williamings on the drive that time. defense unable to offer up any resistance. l.a. off the long rebound, with the numbers. in transition. it's kotzur.

and cameron jones, i should say any of the defenders. trying to get back to the offensive onlot, unable to coso. so strong, good finisher around the rim. weak side for terrance williams. >> perhaps a little too quick on that trigger was nwaelele.

terrance misfires. shorto a three. and one and done for the i keep using first and last names, just in case you're just joining us. there are three williams starters for l.a., shot short from jones

>> and all three contribute as well. so we've been mentioning their names quite readily here tonight. 5:27. third quartered. game one opening round d-league playoffs clear

they've been been out scored by five here in the third. and a pace from the opening tap here of game one of this best of three opening round series between the two seed l.a. , tab and 6-seed santa cruz. something we talked about throughout the game.

in the d-league. no one seed gets to pick their first round of bonus. then the two seed, and the thee, and the four is left with whoever is left. that's the reason in the opening round, this is a two against six matchup.

>> that's why you're also seeing saw falls -- sioux falls goes up against a team no one wanted to play. and you see why. up 1-0 in that best of of of three serious l.a. , tab responds with either a bucketer a defensive stop.

and you see that time, again, another turnover by santa cruz. not even getting looks to the throughout the course of the night, if that habit persists. you find your office really struggling and a huge advantage goes to the other team. right now, l.a. playing to that

>> l.a. turn its over. thompson, knocked away from behind and a foul on shaun this is game 1 mere in santa game two will be in l.a. on saturday night. midnight eastern here on cbs sports network. if there is a game three, it

will also be in l.a. and it will be tuesday night. thompson short on the first. >> showing you the extent of his shooting struggles right now because shooters and reputed shooters, guards who are known for their shooting, knock down free-throws.

no matter what's going on the in the course of the game with their struggles, they were usually, consistently effective on the free-throw line and there he is, missing, too. so it shows you the importance of the brain, the mind, the confidence level that he's

operating at right now or lack thereof. really, really struggling, i think it it might be in his head too much. subsequently, what normally falls just isn't right now there and possession. >> his jay's have been reigning

all night long. and his teammates have done a great job at getting him the ball. how about magette that time, with the quick blow-by: that time, pulled up with a nice, it 10, 12, footer. we know he has a nice, soft touch.

that was a tough finish. >> 32 now for curry in a rare miss from long range right straightaway. c.j. williams >> what offensive patience. if i'm open, this is going up, coach. that time, williams, the great

defender also knocks down 3's, and shows you where that representation comes from. >> lead back to 11. double dynels from l.a., mid range, won't go. one and done for the warriors. they had gotten it it to three, and now, they're back down by

11. shot no and a foul. and we're anything the other way. 3:42 in the third, and l.a. leading ninety one-80. you see the defenders in c.j. williams. nobody on him and no conscious.

38 of 77 for l.a., 32 of 64. >> good look. got on february inside. good finish but an even better pass that time by seth. finding a streaking kotzur with the two. finally, in the last couple of moments, the pace has slowed for

a moment to give everybody a chance to catch their protect >> oh. i think that's a temporary thing. i think l.a. is just waiting for the fourth quarter to start and they can put it back into fifth gear, get in the left lane and

continue doing what they have been doing all night long. put on the gas, and putting relentless pressure on the opposing team. >> 92-82. late stages of the third here's curry again, he's got 32 upon points.

float its up on a pass. kick out corner. thompson. you bet. >> and that's got to make him feel a little bit better about his game. good swing that time. nice patience from the warriors

and after a night andlet face t a couple weeks of struggling, shooting the basketball. michael thompson knocks one down. >> offensive foul. 2:42 in the third in game 1. turner here, defended by ned. and he gets tattooed.

walks off a little bit wobbly, but appears to be okay. download the nbad-league. for scores, stats, scheduled and live game action. president of the santa cruz warriors >> who's a good doggie? >> that is a beautiful dog.

is that a bulldog? how did he get in? well, when you belong the vice-president, the president of the santa cruz warriors, i don't think you're going toet go a lot of resistance. had a heck of a year again for two years in a row.

great success in the in the middle of the north west. played for the title last year, and a long one goes down for ned. , i guess he's okay. >> you mentioned earlier, all season long, ned has struggled with an array of injuries.

learning how to play with the physicality that is american basketball, whether it be the nba or the d league. a little different than across the pond. >> shaun williams, throws that one away. thought his teammate was

actually, a player on the before. 92-88. alessandro, another minirun here, and a drive and a miss, and a tap in for 32 and it's 92-90. >> and you can see, cameron jones, getting to the bucket and

the teammates know it. they don't give up on the play. they crash the offensive board. that time, the big fella, the recipient, and the beneficiary. it's going to be goal tending, and it ties the game at 92. and game one. and you can see the crowd in

full voice right now. we miamied it earlier o. this crowd gets lathered up. makes for a really tough environment. if you're the visiting team. and foul, picked up by thompson. put the shot clock here at 14. ion what the call was.

but l.a. , tab put the shot clock back. rebound, and a stick-back attempt for hyman and he will be at the line. a lot of biggs inside for santa cruz, but not one of them blocking out. leaves a lot of room for the

defenders to come in. you see, crashing the offensive second chance opportunities. a rebound usually leads to lay ups and fouls. and this crowd is going to make it tough for you. l.a. has their advantage, had their opportunity with a

substantial lead. made a how many mistake of allowing the home team back in. now, you have to deal with the crowds. hyman missed them both. had and terrance williams. got a block-out because of that second looks at the bucket.

williams with 18. he's their leading scorer right and that's just a big momentum killer. here's jones, shot clock under 10. takes the screen. and a tap-in. i don't know if it's goal born

or jones but they got the sounds like they gave it to cameron jones. jones with 21. and doing what he does best. getting to the rim. off the mark that time for terrance williams. here comes santa cruz down one.

time 30 seconds of the third, and a 12 second dumps between game and shot. >> a little isolation here. hyman tries to keep an elusive curry in front of him. curry, not the quickest guy out there, but like all good guards, does a really good job of

changing speeds keeping the defense off balance. we know what he can do from the free-throw line. heck. he makes jump shots at a high percentage with defense on them. first lead of the game for sainted.

96-95 with 15 seconds left in the third. down to 12 seconds and a shot. count it. wow. how do you leave him open and then how do you foul jump shooters. apday i think ram with the knock

caught napping there. i know you try to take away the dribble drive, but you've bothered to get out to shooters, and most importantly, you close out under control so you don't foul jump shooters. that's a tough shot in the corner.

don't bail them out by sending them to the line. and it started the clock. so 6.4 officially here. down town, lee seconds. pee wee garner let its off. and the finish. for goulbourne at the buzzer in 99-98.

terrance williams anything back nwaelele into the act. briefly, the warriors finally got the lead. nba d-league, presented by taco bell. this is how the third quarter ended just enough time for garner to have a pretty feed

inside. goulbourne running down to meet the buzzer. auto a one point game. nba d-league playoff games continue through april. make sure to check out all the action, and the nba d league's youtube channel.

we'll have all the action on is the night, here on cbs sports network beginning at midnight eastern. technically, that's a sunday morning game here on cbs sports network in the east. for our west coast fans, 9:00. still easily manageable time.

there's no college basketball anymore. so it's nba as they wrap up the regular season, and it's all about the d league. get your fix no matter what time it is. nba d-league presented by taco and this time for turner.

>> we talked about their ability to get to the bucket. how about the inability for the warriors to stop penetration. way too many easy buckets. they briefly led late. and l.a. came down and got a 4 point play. how about pee wee garner, second

time in this game. he looks to find goulbourne. rewarding the pass with the finish. that means pee wee garner gets another assist. >> milsap whip its up and in. , tab a minute deep. fourth quarter.

garner, right in the corner. nwaelele, no. weak side, milsap. santa cruz contends to run their spread offense. guys in the corner. again, there's that simple not a lot offense of passing and movement being employed right

now by the defenders they're very content with keep together simple and putting your head down and getting all the way to the rim and the warriors, happy to play along. ned turns the corner, shakes the defender and scores. good strong move that time,

taking the contact, being able to stay strong. they carve out a little space for them and kind of just brushed off the defender for the easy, two. >> nwaelele rattles one in. 105-104. here to play in game one.

i would million we're not anything to see that much defense here, it's anything to be whoever's got the ball last. another interior lay-up for the defender. how many shots to the rim tonight from kotzur and company. here's gadder ph garner.

curry, had it taken away. the deficit by ingram. milsap up ahead. >> one of the reasons why l.a. shoot at such a high clip. 50% is because of just that easy buckets. shooting a high percentage shot. foul there on williams.

see what they can do. >> puts his head down, doesn't push off. just holds his position to nedovic, and on the otherren, milsap with the nice pass and the finish inside. kotzur with 18 points and five boards as we go deeper into this

gardener, ahead looking for his teammates. that time, finding the big fell a leaving the two at the line. he's got a soft touch. >> free-throws only 60%. one of the best, if not the best, assignment players we have had.

just one of these guys you can depend on, plays hard, good teammate in the court and in the locker room as well. looking for a guy, stale working on his game, and alerting how the game is played. he shows a lot of positive signs.

>> santa cruz gets it back here. you see all the assignment players. goes for the history. 173. back underneath for nwaelele and we're all square again at 107. 8:40 to play. here's santa cruz.

pretty. pretty by turner. and you almost don't blame garner right there. anybody who wishes to have 7, 8 dribbles and has the ball that long is going to be able to operate and go wherever they want in the basketball court.

as you see gardener. this team's fill just isn't there right now. one guy cannot stop the penetrator. you've got to have help, and rotate and offer up some kind of resistance right now. the 101 game just isn't working

from a defensive perspective. how about that over the back. >> gets away with it. unbelievable ball. 111 a piece as we go under 8 minutes. >> i know how to spell. there's a d in defenders. but we're not seeing a lot of

defense right now. from either team. don't blink in this one. kotzur. no >> look at that. no block-out >> milsap puts it in. >> it's a fun game to off, but

it's the kind of game, if you're a fundamentally sound coach, it's got to drive you a little bit borgers right now. here's the last exchange. milsap with the pass. on the miss, and then then you see, just not giving up on the the two point l.a. lead.

they have led virtually, the entire way. deep in the third. very deep. at 96-95. now, gardener, as we take a look at them on the offense end. splits the double team. draws the contact.

able to play through it and you see why coach casey hill, very fond of this young man. likes having him out on the five in double figures for the warriors tonight. for l.a., they have got 7. at one point, have you to start listening.

if this guy's a righty, i'm being to send him to his left. i can't allow the offensive player to continue on play to his strength. i've got to make it as difficult for him as possible. obviously, a little easier the than did, but i don't even see

the approach being taken where guys on the defensive end are thinking out there. they're just playing up and down, and allowing the offense team to move freely and with a team like l.a., so talented, that could be a recipe for disaster. >> eight now in double figures

milsap. 114-111. he got one of two. gardener i think abouts it up, with 7:10 to play. opening round series in the nba d-league and fouled by milsap. >> jordan: gardener, such a luxury to play w a point guard

like that. it allows the rest of his team out on the floor, to move without the basketball, to be very aggressive, away from the ball and your movement will be rewarded by a guy who wants to just dive people to death all night long.

gardener, coming in and very affectedded with the pass. something you don't see that often. but take a look at the big fella. leads to cameron jones carrying the ball, and the foul on the d-fenders, and oh.

that started with the big fella. playing like a guard out there. jones knocks in and it bears repeating. l.a.'s over the limit here. so could see a lot of froes potentially for the warriors down the stretch. williams, find himself back in

the ball game as we approach the under 7 mark here. i should sakes we already passed. we're at 6:57. and how about the magical finish? >> joan, put santa cruz up three, and the top is about to

come off of this place. c.j. williams fouled by cousin. largest lead of the became at three for the santa cruz we see cameron jones in sometimes a wing and a prayer is all you need. jones, able to finish the trick williams at the line for l.a.,

8 feet for im. 7 of 11. and they put magette back in. gardener, that's not really his he has the ability to streaky at times but not really known for dead eye shooting. cousin, entrance into the game. warriors find themselveses with

the lead. fouled by kotzur and he'll be at the line when he william back. 117-116. circus shot for jones, and a big night for him in game 1. midway, fourth quarter. the 6 seed santa cruz. trying to take in one, at home

against the two seed. week-long cornel of the masters, continues with masters on the range, live on cbs sports network. the 24 hour home of cbs sports. no tiger this year. scott repeat his title from last year phil mickelson gets

involved. >> billy hof had a great round, and you mentionedad olmochenco scott, only one shot back. how about couple. still on the leader board, still get together done. big fan of freddy. 16 tonight for gold born on 7 of

13. knocked in the first. and the lead to two. realized, he was inn the fully blocked out, not giving up on the play. finishes up with the loose ball, the missed free-throws. he's got 15-8.

push affinity off. i believe the call was. on cameron jones. i take that back. he obviously worked foul. but i sought official signal the other direct. i obviously, was wrong. 4 point lead.

game one tomorrow, game 1 here. and of course, can having champs. out to a 1-0 lead. iowa. terrance williams float its up and in. more buckets in the painted area, for the defenders all

night. the lack of interior defense by the santa cruz warriors. curry's been quiet as of late. a three. santa cruz with ned. >> he's not out there on the look for him to be inserted quickly as we get into the last

four and a half here. ned being heard from. 10 point, three of five tied it otherwise. i'm taking this myself. able to knock that down. been quiet for most of the starting to show some signs of life here, in particular, the

second half, more specifically, here in the fourth. santa cruz, shot, no. and that was a good channel by guzman that time. we talked about how it got an easy bucket. that one was contested that time, subsequently, led to a

turnover. putting it it up on both ends, giving his team a second chance opportunity with the offensive rebound and that last rebound gives him a double-double on the even. curry knocks it in. mid range.

he timely steps up when his team needs him the most. and the penetration by terrance santa cruz, leading by six. got it. boy, he's getting timely buckets, when his team need its most. what i like more importantly, he

can go stretches without touching the ball or making shots but it doesn't take him out of the game. so when it it does come to crump time and you need to make seth curry, despite not doing it often enough, he's able to turn it on and off.

and there's that man again. curry, off balance. and you just have to wonder, how many 3's does this young man need to make before you go out and cover him? i know he does a good job of being elusive. but you've got to stick to this

young man. 41 points. 9 of 14 from behind the arc. after being behind for most of it's the santa cruz up 11. >> back to santa cruz, nba d-league presented by taco bell. we are into the post-season. l.a., santa cruz came to

saturday midnight easter and series ship to los angeles if need, will be in l.a. on tuesday who's going to take 1. santa cruz trailed almost the entire first three quarters. yet, they have bothered the lead here. deep in the fourth.

one of the main reasons why they do have their 9-point lead is because their defense has done a much better job of delivering penetration, finishing around the back, in which l.a. was doing, and able to rain that. aspect of the offense. and we see a shot clock

violation. very uncharacteristic. and we see the frustration. the first violation of the even. we see the frustration. curry, talk together over with make sure that's the last time they will get a shot up. >> 1:50 remaining.

santa cruz by 9. there's williams. got to get out well and cover it. i know that's a long range shot. he shot it from san jose, which is still defending the guys who are known for knocking down three shots, and this is the

most number of total points scored by the warriors. the previous record was 130. they surpassed that, looks to add more. you've got a 6 point lead. no need to rush your offense. takes every second off of that shot clock that's possible.

that's a tough wop at the end of this shot clock. you want to get a good shot off. it would of course a huge three. they get it to three. instead, alessandro ball. 50 seconds remaining. leading by six. >> if you're anything to foul

right now, you don't want to foul that young man. at this point, no. shot clock. 10 to the rim. and a foul. realizing curry wasn't going to pass the ball. they had no option but to foul

him. not a good shooter, a great shooter. he's anything to knock these cuppy, tonight, they go 2 of 2 mentioned how their defense has picked up in the second half. one of the indication is, this late in the game, they are not

in the bonus. 43, a season-high for curry. couldn't the scoop it up and in, and the rebound for jones. 34 seconds and a 7 point only. >> those are the kind of baskets l.a. was making in the became. they remember finishing. this time, though, it it seems

that the warriors' defense picked up intensity a little bit finding resistants, on the way to the rim, the defenders are. and you can see this whole crowd of santa cruz playing a role here tonight in this cop test. loving what they're seeing right now want took them a while.

better late than never. they trailed. virtually, the entire three quarters and rightfully so. they are that the opposites playing well. their defense was not existent. l.a. had their way with them for three quarters of this match up

here tonight. but they were inn the able to separate and close it down. 43 points, 9 of friendship. 10 point lead. before the series shifts to l.a., rio grande valley leads 1-0. and santa cruz and this one,

about to go up 1-0. we mentioned what i good position if l.a. were to have one this game, that that would be in, anything down to l.a. , tab 2 games to whip one. they have got two games on their home court and they have to absolutely win both if they want

to continue on in this post-season. a lot of different scenarios. fans here m loving it. after a great regular season, being treated to an incredible first-round matchup here at home. one shot left for curry.

44 for seth curry. 17 for goulbourne. 15 for cousin. 17 boards to go with the 17 points. >> remind me of the roberta flack song, killing me softly. doesn't get a lot of attention, but plugs away and helps his

team win. two warriors get double-doubles in what's going to be a gale 1 win. terrance williams, with 27 points here in what's going to be a game. and our taco bell play of the i would imagine it would have to

be on the offensen of the floor. and that man, number 13 for the santa cruz, seth curry made an unbelievably effective from the long range jump shot. but he's also done a good job of getting his teammates involved and finding them in places where they like to operate.

seven assists. how about cameron jones, showing us more and more every time we watch the warriors play. known for his driving ability, and finish around the basket. you seen him knock down some corner jump shots today, and it's the defense that he's

played in the fourth quarter that's changed the course and outcome of this game. we all know about last year's final match up. rbv the eventual champs against this santa cruz warriors team. after losing, they have had a lot time in the offseason.

they're trying on get back and win it this time. >> a.j. kennedy, 26. the vipers championship to, games to none. talk unfinished business coming back here for santa cruz. and they will call off the dog and santa cruz will take

you want to talk about someone who really made a name for themselves says, and epitomized what the d-league is really all about. the membership guy leading scorer gets called a week before the playoffs starts. gets called up by the lakers

and plays well for them, but you figure if you're coach, that was a huge los, you've got your leading scorer and he was your point guard. well, emerge does, a guy by the name of -- you don't remember? glen rice jr. averaged 13 points in the

regular season. 23 in the playoff, and 33 in the time and he gets picked up, drafted in the nba, finds him himself on an nba roster. game over. 140-127. santa cruz takes game one. final thoughts?

>> incredible because they were really struggling on the defensive end. found their range, got the ball. move around the horn on the they move down the stretch and that's why they're winning this great effort by the santa cruz warriors to hang this had all

game 2 will be in los angeles at midnight easter, late on is the night here on cbs sports it's elimination game. defenders down one game to none in this three-round opening series. what a late charge. join us for game 2.

saturday midnight. from our entire crew, i'm brent stover. for highlights, features and more, go to

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