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Selasa, 25 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Queen Chrysalis Coloring Pages

My Little Pony Queen Chrysalis Coloring Pages

- what is up guys? zack scott here, playinga game that i've heard a lot about lately, it's called pony island! now, this apparently is areally cutesy type of game at first, with some twists. i don't know, i didn't doa lot of research into it, but i heard it's like one ofthose must-play type of games. it's an indie game, and

i'll be playing through thewhole thing at least once. it should be only likethree or four episodes, it's not a big deal, nota big commitment, either. so i'm excited to play it,i love short games so much. let's play it, let's see what happens, and this is episode oneof said playthrough. let's click new game. (electronic beeps) this is the ominous load screen. (laughs)

systemtech incorporated! my god, pony island, start game. this is from '92. man, this wasn't as cutesyas the intro seemed. options and help, what do we got here? anti-aliasing, cheerful arcade, advanced rng, free ticket, pony physics, obscure options, i'm gonana leave, in-app purchase is on.

i'm gonna leave everything as is. i wonder if adjustingthose affects the gameplay? (8-bit static) error. understandable, i just wannaplay pony island, man. (laughs) i can't even, okay. (coin drops) that's the ticket! i have pony island ticket now.

what are some of the obscure options? can't even mess with that right now. oh, i fixed the start menu. okay. seems to maybe work, oh is the pony crying? what the hell is this? oh my god, yes, enable start, please! god, let me just play the game!

it's like a puzzle game suddenly, i gotta like navigatesome obscure menu system. it's loading, by the way. (grunts) nope, nope. get out of there, there you go! alright! (laughs) what kinda gui works like this? you just had to fix it, didn't you?

it was going to work. i tested it 1,000 times. this must be the 1,001 time. it's almost time to play. welcome to pony island. loading complete, okay. it's completely loaded! (haunting 8-bit music) (laughs) this pony looks

a little bit sad. yes, you made it pony! you made it pony! you're jumping over these hurdles like a pony pro! alright. did it! i'm calling it early,i did it, i beat, oh. yes!

jesus, level 52, 53, 54, huge success, what the hell is this? holy shit, wow, insane,incredible, huge success. i'm gonna let it just,let's not go too far up. oh god. woo, my head. ♫ my head is gonna roll off my shoulders ♫ don't you know i shoulda told her ♫ but i didn't, i scolded her ♫

i'm just rhyming for noreason, doesn't matter. is that a butt in the background? butt shaped hills in between the hills is a nice little valley. wow, 100. alright, i guess i gotta get to level 100, impossible skill! it said level 100 when i, you know, i'm gonna let itcount down to level 100.

or count up to level100, see what happens. level 81, two, three, four, five, six, oh wait, seven, what's this over here? i wanna see what happens whenit gets to level 100 though instead of clicking that,that's definitely a thing. i mean, we're almost there. int overflow error! experience the rest of pony island, insert your soul to continue. (laughs)

can't wait to insert the soul. pay wall, null soul,check soul, validate soul, stop here. alright, hold on. what happens if we just go over here? crash game, oh my god. oh my god, i just crashed the game. pony island has stoppedworking, that's fine. i didn't really wannainsert my soul anyway.

oh god, what did i do wrong? oh, can i drag this? oh what the, what the hell? okay, we're fine, cool. let's play a different game. (laughs) messenger, you have messages, oh my god. what the hell? are you there, can you see these messages, please respond to me,do you speak english?

you must be seeing thesebut you just don't care, why would you, respond bastard, i'm sorry, you don't deserve that, unlessyou've been reading these the whole time. what was that, hello,hello, can you see this now? please, hi. my prayers were answered, hello! who are you? i'm zackscottgames!

zackscottgames, you got it wow, that is a mouthful. (laughs) i am a prisoner of thismachine, oh my god. i do not want to panic, but it's possible that we may share the same fate. i have a plan, but i donot have the means to execute it, you musthelp me, zackscottgames, will you help me? yes.

sure, okay. what was that? i freakin' said yes. hello again. who is this? (laughs) who is this? you must feel good about yourself, you hacked your way out of pony island. positive feedback loopfor completing mundane

jumping tasks wasn't enough for you. hold on, hold on. that was so terrible. regardless, don't messageanyone else on here, now my plan, oh my god. there are three coreprogram files that this entire operating system depends on, deleting a single one willlessen the power that he wields. but we must delete allthree to truly escape.

you just had to escape, you just had to, do you understand me? i understand, but i'm,okay, i can't do it, i'm worried. whatever, good. good, okay thanks. who are you talking to? so jealous. (laughs) you are so arrogant.

i've been making changes to pony island. we will see what youthink of it this time. actually not good at, hey wait, where'd he go? enough of that. you are mine now, say yes master. no mast, oh dangit, no matter what i type! no matter what i type! ah god, i hit enter, whatever.

oh man, he's controlling the computer. we'll see if you're toogood for my game this time. we will see, welcome back, can i, nope, i can't really move it. okay, i guess we'll freakin'play pony island again. here we go! ready to play pony island. let's pony up. satan incorporated, doesit say satan incorporated?

yeah, i don't know. enter the password mortal, enter back to leave this place. alright, i don't know, idon't know the password. options don't work. oh my god, what theheck i opened his mouth. what the heck is this? alright, what happens if i, what is this?

oh, nope, i wanna go back in his mouth. doesn't do anything, alright come on. he's crying ones and zeroes,let's figure this out. yeah, but i didn't want to do that. print ticket, yes. it's not too late, is what it feels like. yes, a new ticket to pony island! okay, i guess that's all we gotta do. ah, we're loading again.

improved load times. you thought it was too easy, oh my god, what the heck? what do you think of it now? ow, what the heck? alright, i think it's pretty hard, when you know these, game over, got me. my game is challenging but fair. come back when your skills improve

or just surrender your soul. i don't really wanna do the soul thing. but what can i do? can i drag and drop anything back? enter the password. i'm gonna enter my soul! wrong, enter back to leave, fool. fool, wrong. i don't know the password.

options, free tickets, oh shoot. oh god, oh my god. i'm sure this is something. oh my god, oh my god. is this like anything? advanced options, how about pony options, physics,oh i don't even know. cheerful options,advanced options are back. advanced gameplay, oh oh my god.

security settings, parental controls. off, on. allow to die on earth. (laughs) chat history, (mumbles) who is this? i understand but i'mworried, so oh my god. i don't know what this is all about! this is so crazy, justwanna play the pony game! send error reports, howdo i even change this? uh,

baphomet? baphomet, maybe? oh my god, be a kind soul, just take one. i don't even know. are these like free codes for the game? i can't even select those things. baphomet. pony blades, unlimited ammo, free will, no.

oh my god, okay, soreally useless options. (soft piano music)(zack laughs) (tense music) (8-bit game beeps) a new ticket, thank you. what's, uh, oh my god. where's the password here? baphomet, correct, yay, behold! what did i do?

now you may ask one of three questions. who was i, when did i die, who killed me? who was i? your name was theodore, you left behind a mother and daughter. where am i? that's is all for now,enter back to leave. alright, back to leave, fine. can i start this game?

i don't even know ifplaying this game is what... yeah, i have a feeling thisis gonna be mostly menu based. it's very ominous. i thought i turned onall the audio options. god damnit. really useless options, security settings. (heavenly music) pony salvation options? what the heck is this!?

cheater! i won't let you cheat at my game. i really want the ponylasers though, just saying. we gotta figure this out. mid. alright, here's how we're gonna do this. hmm. increase size. we're just moving these things around.

there we go. we got all the way down, there we go. c'mon pony lasers! oh my god. alright, here we go. sure, here we go, increase size again. almost, c'mon, you're takingthe joy out of my life! there we go, oh my god. (laughs) so many puzzles!

uh, useless, here wego, let's go over here. here we go, we're good down here. alright, now that we're over here. see when i move these thingsaround, it's gonna work, it's gonna be fine, there we go. pony lasers, i got 'em! oh geez. i'm shooting ponies, by the way. go back in and turn that off.

you can't play with that. bullshit, here we go. (electronic dance music) hmm, okay, i forgot. i can play with that, i just gotta jump, i just gonna remember to jump, shh. pony lasers! freakin' god, i forgot to... pony lasers are worth it!

here we go, we got it, we got awesome music, too! i got a ticket! no, respawn, c'mon! pony ticket babies! wow! here we go. we got it down buddies. continue, yeah continue!

hell yeah, we got pony lasers! woo! you cheated! i'm fine with that, oh my head though, that's something. oh my god, he's acheater, suff, okay yeah. if you're gonna be mean tome, then yeah fine, meany. i don't even know like what i, i made it in, it seems he is distracted.

this is our chance. alright, let's deletethose files or whatever you want to do dude, i'm ready. this is it, this is the core file! that looks like a demon over there. it is kind of defense thathe set up to guard the file. shouldn't be a problem,since it's locked up. strange. oh my god, azazel logic coming through?

(electronic typewriter effect)greetings mortal. oh no. i was created to guard this core file. did you believe this would be easy? no. let's do the first, how do we unlock this? alright, not a big deal. we got this. what we're gonna do, oh my god.

oh my god, okay. hah! i got one in. that's fine, (blows raspberry) four house. perfect, you did it yourself, demon! child's play. you'll not break another. i don't know man, i feellike i've gotcha buddy. oh god, uh,

we gotta somehow get over there. uh, you know, that's fine, dang. aw man, come on. come on, really? obviously we're gonna do that. what? come on! alright, hold up, we got this, we just gotta figure it out.

thank you. you did it demon! we got another one unlocked, buddy. how you doing, you have luck on your side. it's not luck, it's skill, demon. azazel.exe. but i am the greater mind. you're an artificial mind.

so i don't trust you. (laughs) alright, this one's gonna be, oh god, this one's gonna be tough, oh my god! that's fine, i'm gonna putthis one over here though. yeah, that's (blows raspberry) it's a wonderful placefor it, really it is. yep, you got it, you've got this figured out, demon. you know exactly where i wanna go.

alright, thanks, i think he's on my side. what are you doing? i will not fail my master. mmm, we got one more left. can i just delete it now? no, let's do this.(electronic static) alright this is a fun one, right? where are we even starting? okay, we're starting on the far left.

so we don't even wanna mess with, what is this all about? oh, they're locked in, shit, okay. nope, don't want that there. shit, fuck! okay, i get it, reset. okay, so we want that there, obviously. we want, yeah, we wanna lock that in, cause we don't want, okay whatever.

god you're a jerk by the way. locked it in, there we go, we wanna lock this one in there too. that's not what we want. that's not what we want! shit. fuck it, god! alright, reset, yeah okay. i don't want him just to dumpthings over to that side,

you know? alright, we got this, right? that's uh... (laughs loudly) i did it, demon! we're moving all theway over here, unlocked. there you go, fool. your prophet is false! i'm fine with that, let's delete it.

i did it, yes! we did it! you have been decieved, oh no. core file missing, what do we do now? can we straighten up the screen some, cause it's crooked and i don't like it. meltdown. i'm zack scott, subscribe if you have not. if you like this video, andwant to help this channel grow,

all you gotta do is clickthe like button below. thanks so much for watching, check out more of my videos, and if you wanna find me onyour favorite social network, check the links in the description. and here's otto! (laughs) that's egon, those are my cats. (zackscottgames theme song)

My Little Pony Queen Chrysalis Coloring Pages