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Senin, 10 April 2017

Cat Coloring Pages That You Can Print

Cat Coloring Pages That You Can Print

hey everyone this is mei yu the creator offun2draw welcome to tutorial thursday last week i showed you how to draw iteasy hair straight vs wavy thank you for all your likes andcomments today i'm going to show you how to draw fun2draw cute ldshadowlady because many of you havebeen requesting her if you want to see more advanced drawing as you can seethis playlist for easier manga anime tutorials you can see this and for otherof my fun2draw tutorials you can see this playlist i hope i different art can help you indifferent ways all right to begin let's

draw her being shaped face first i like to draw a curve like that for theside of her face and then underneath here i'll draw a little smaller curvefor her cheek area so something like that all right now for this end i like toextend this and go all the way across the chin and go all the way up towardsthe cheek on the other side something like that i'm making is quitelong let's go across the chin there we go and then go up slightlyfurther round chic

okay i'll stop right around there she'snot going to have her ears showing because i'm going to get her nice hairflowing in front of that area ok so once we have this line let's go into the face so for the nose my fun2draw people have really cutesmall little noses so this is how i like to draw them just a little area likethat underneath withdraw her pretty lips so i'll leave a little gap and then i'lldraw a smile he's really happy so we have this nicebig curve and for the lips themselves i like to draw the top lip first

as a curve above the mouth line that wedrew ok and for the bottom lip very similar but it's a curve that'sfacing the other way just something like that now for those big furniture eyes so thisside a draw a big cheek line there we go just like that and then i'lldo another smaller one on this side here it's smaller because this face is kindof facing to this side so everything on this side of the face will be a littlebit smaller than this side of the face ok now for those big fun2draw eyes solet's leave a big distance from this

line that we drew go up until let's sayright around here so i daughter the spot right there that's for the height of thefender i and now we'll use that to draw the curve and then another curve for the roundedtriangle part of the fun2draw eye ok let's draw one more curve inside andthen i'll shade in this area ok make this part a little bit thicker there we go and now for the pupil i like to make her look back towards youso for the pupil i'll draw a big curve

like that and for the highlight i'lldraw another smaller curve facing this way and to shade the fun2draw eye let'sstart with a diagonal line like this this area between the highlight and thisline will be nice and dark so go ahead and shade that in there now we have a really good contrast ofthe darkness against the bright highlight right now just draw three more lines to completethe shading so we have the first line like that second line is a little bitshorter and then the third line is the shortest

make that a little bit thicker there we go ok and now i just want to add a few littlepretty eyelashes to the side so i drew this curve triangle i'll do another one down here and thenfor fun let's add one more so she's got three they look kind ofpale right now so i like to shave them in for this drawing so they stand out ok so we have these nice littleeyelashes let's go on to this other side here soi'll go a little bit faster this time .

the spot okay i have the two curves to showaround a triangle not for another curve inside just likethat ok and then shade in this side and besure to check back tomorrow for my new fun friday video every friday i try todo something new something fun and something challenging so i hope you guysenjoy ok so i have this side shaded let's make it a little bit darker okaythere we go now for the pupil the highlight coming up and then theshading inside the pupil

so just the diagonal fill it in except the highlight and then the threelines so the first one second one and then thethird line which is the shortest there we go make this a little bit taller and the eyelashes coming up so three dark curved triangles on thesite yeah a little bit bigger there you go and the third one isso nice

ok excellent so we have her face all done and now for her beautiful hair actually you know what before we getinto their hair let's add her eyebrows i think those are quite important so ilike to draw a nice little slanted line just above the eye and to make the frontpart look a little bit thicker girl to another line the back part of theeyebrow is thin so that makes it look very graceful and elegant ok so we have one eyebrow draw the samething on this side but it's facing the other way

okay so something like that and then the thickness at the front ok excellent now we can go into herpretty hair so i like to start with a dot just abovethis eyebrow from this dot i want to go up as a curve go around and then down to make a little bitlonger this is going to be part of the hairthat's kind of in the front and then

this part of the hair will go downtowards the side of the face and then eventually i'll go down towards thebottom ok so we have this nice big curve line let's draw another nice looking line soi have a smaller curve now and from this i want to go down it's okif you pass the eyebrow and then go down and then from there just go down so she's got this nice pretty hair do going across that part of the head fromhere

i want to start another line by the eyeand then it's slightly wavy and just draw that part of the hair going to do ok but not to long you know what you're a little bit of theinside part of the hair just in this area to make it look like the hair isactually growing on the surface of her head and it's not just like this hollowpiece of hair ok once we have this area i want to drawsomething similar on this side of the head so have a curve and then another curveis going to come around and disappear

behind the side of the face that wecan't see so like that before i get into the upper part of thehead and then into the nice here in the back let's draw her awesome headphones sothis is how i'm going to do it from this part here ok so you can see extend this and i'llgo around a curve around until right around here ok i'm going to make this line curvebecause her head is curved and round

so this is going to make your drawinglook more dimensional so just a nice big long curve ok now let's draw an oval like that right by where her ears aregoing to be and then the design inside will simplify some things i like to makethis a little bit simpler so more of you can follow along for thispart of the head full i'll draw another curve line like that and then one morecurve inside like this ok so once we have this now let's go upagain i want to draw another line that's very similar to the big curve andjust go down

now this side or this part of theheadphones would also show a little bit on this side of the face because thehair is kind of pulled away so you'll see a little bit of the headphone righthere just poking out and then i'll draw another little line for the design ok so now looks like she's got bothsides of the head felt okay now for the top so we need to draw those triangularcat-like ears for the top part of the headphones so let's start here go up alittle bit and then go down just like our little rounded triangle shape okay to show the dimension so it's notlike a flat triangle

i'll draw another side just as then onegoing down so like this and just extend that allthe way down towards the base like that k on this side do something similar so i have thistriangle and then the thickness and she's got these designs inside thetriangles - let's draw a circle like this above this i'll draw smaller circle kand then a smaller circle inside for

extra detail and then a dot on top ok so once you have this design willrepeat that for the other ear ok so we have the circle draw anothersmaller circle above and then the bigger circle has a very small circle insidelike this and the small circle above would just have a little dot like that inthe middle so that's how i like to simplify thedesign for this drawing okay excellent so we have her hip those now we cancontinue with her here so from this part here behind the ear draw a curve comingdown towards the circular part of the

headphones and it's going to be hittinga little bit and it will come out again like a nice long wavy line like that ok excellent you guys so we have thebasic lines for her hair all done i'm going to go back into the hair afterhave more of the body done because i have her pose and the arm and is goingto be blocking some of the hair so let me draw the body and the rest ofher first and then we'll go back into the hair ok so for the body let's draw just a small little area forher neck and i really like the shirt

that she has so let's draw a simplified version ofthat this is the front of her body so i'm drawing it as a little curve and then a line going down for this side i like to draw her arm so this arm isgoing to be straight you have a cute little pose so this armgoes down like this and then just repeat the same thing on the other side likethat it once we have this kind of longrectangular shape for the arm let's draw a small little hand comingout

so that's part of the thumb and then therest of the fingers i'll just summarize it into a little triangular point and dividethe fingers for this pose you're only going to see a few of thefingers not everyone ok so i have these fingers here and once we're done withthe arm let's go back into the body ok so from under the arm i'll draw apart of the back like that and then draw a curve going around toend the top ok now for the shirt let's draw a cute little crescent moon do you know which character is on her shirt comment to tell it's from one of myfavorite animes

ok so we have this little crescent mooni'll draw a little dot for the nose and then for the eye this side of the eye go uplike that basically just draw a really simplified version of a fun2draw eye so ihave the round triangle shape and then inside i'll just draw a little cutepupil and a highlight so cute ok of course your body's a little bitturn so you're not going to see all of the face on the other side i'll just draw a little bit of it comingthrough so i have the other eye alright so we have thecute little eyes i love the shirt and

then no whiskers alright so that is a simplified versionof her shirt and now for the pants for this drawingi'll give her some cool jeans so i like to curve down towards the lake so i havethis curved line let's go down into this leg here this leg is going to be bent so we havethis line and now i'm going to bend it for the front part of this leg i'll start it right around here we'll go down towards the knee and thenbend along like this and then curve at

the ankle to end the pant lake ok so we have one leg all done i'll draw a line in the middle here forthe pants and then the other leg will be straight so from this side now this part of thebody i'll go down ok and of course without the band solet's just keep going down like that and then this part of the leg comes downfrom behind the other leg ok and then the skinny little ankle atthe bottom ok excellent you guys keep going

so we have the pant legs now for herclothes shoes from this side here you will look like a little triangularshape for the shoot so i have the top side and then a little curve for the toein the shoe ok i'll leave it like that go back tothe he'll go down slightly from the heel just connect that and then for the souland the top just draw a little design and one more line ok so that's why wayto are really simplified cartoon shoot for this leg something very similar solet's draw the line curve the toe area ok go across and then the heel toe areaand then the soul inside with the design on top

ok excellent now for these jeans if youwant you can just leave it like this so it kinda looks like tights but if youwant the genes to look like well denim jeans then there's a reallygood way to make that kind of texture so i have this little curve for thepocket alright so i have this line now i justwant to go down follow the direction of the lake andthen bend it and just go all the way down towards the cuff of the pants so like that and then draw another linegoing down towards the ankle ok so that's how you can draw some easyjeans

step by step ok so we have the body formost of the body now i like to get back into the hair sowe have all of this done i like to go into some more layers onthis side so just draw wavy lines again to complete more layers in her hair so enter may be right around there andthen draw another line to make this point for the end part for this sidethis line here we could end it like that and basically just repeat these wavylines to finish the hair on this site so i have this piece right here

and then i won't draw anything in heredon't want this going to look too busy instead i'll just draw some simple linesin the back just to indicate that she has the hair piece in the back there nowfor the side this part of the hair i like to havecome out from behind this line for the cheek so draw a long wavy line coming out and so i have this nice little curve let's make a little bit more wavy orsomething like that and make sure this end is around the same level as theother parts of the hair

just repeat the wavy lines for the hair i think iwant to make another layer just four more volume right here andthen this arm is going to be hidden in so just for one more layer in the hairlike that and for the arm i'll draw a little bit of it ok so i have this line just going intowards the hair so it's hidden so we don't have to worry about that have thisline here and then another line just and then just complete this shape forbehind okay good job you guys so we have thebasic shapes now for the hair kind of

looks a little plain to me so let's add some more details and morehair texture starting from this part in the hair ilike to draw a curve lines so this line came from the tip here and then justcurve around just repeat similar lines just follow the direction of the hair tokeep it flowing and looking smooth but meanwhile you're adding more texture tothe hair ok so there's another little line canadd a few more in here and i'll add some going towards theheadphones it's a good idea to add a few littlelines underneath the headphones too just

to make it look like the headphones areactually sitting on top of her hair and that's what you will have a little bitof these little crease lines on the hair so that's a good way to add more realismto dry can't you another will line and thenover here let's do a few more ok just like that and then in thesepieces will add a few ok so i have a wavy line if you one here i'll go to the side let's go from theend now for another little wavy line just to break up this space another little line and maybe one more

ok good job for following along everyonethere you go and if you want to see more similarvideos like this in the future then hit that like button the number of likes on a video reallyhelps me determine if i should continue a type of video or not because i have somany different types of requests so this really tells me if more of youwant to see more of this particular type of video to learn how to draw in colormore beautiful cartoons with my fun2draw ebooks and my fun2draw apps they makegreat gifts for birthdays and holidays links are in the video description

Cat Coloring Pages That You Can Print