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Selasa, 11 April 2017

Christmas Coloring Pages Elf On The Shelf

Christmas Coloring Pages Elf On The Shelf

felicia day: oh, it's live! everybody, hi! this is felicia day. and i and my co-host are hereto present to you vaginal fantasy book club. it's a book club. we read romance novels, and thenwe talk about them while we drink, and that'swhat this is. with me are the usualsuspects.

bonnie burton on the left. bonnie burton: hello. felicia day: and hermoderately-sized wine glass, i see. bonnie burton: yeah, my backwent out, so i'm on a lot of pain medicine, so i figured somewine, not all of the wine might be a good idea. felicia day: no, that'sprobably better. and kiala, who just happens tolook glamorous and amazing

with her hair blowing around. kiala kazebee: hi. veronica belmont: what'sup, beyonce kazebee? kiala kazebee: that'sme, beyonce kazebee. felicia day: and then veronicabelmont, as usual being beautiful and lovelyand big miked. veronica belmont: big mikeded. and moderate wined. bonnie burton: are weall on painkillers?

felicia day: are we alldrinking white wine? veronica belmont: no, thisis usually what i drink. this pretty normal. kiala kazebee: i haveto do this. hold on. ok, you better work,you thing. [laughter] bonnie burton: wow. veronica belmont: beer.

felicia day: what is that? veronica belmont: beer-oo. bonnie burton: wow, you'redrinking beer? veronica belmont: unlessit's wine with a-- kiala kazebee: no, it'sbeer, and that is a simpson's bottle opener. bonnie burton: oh! kiala kazebee: and sometimes itjust goes off in the drawer over and over and overagain for no reason.

veronica belmont: didit say a thing? i didn't hear it. what did it say? kiala kazebee: yeah, it says-- here. veronica belmont: you're windis going to get really distracting. bonnie burton: i know. i'm moving it, i'm moving it.

it's like 900 degreesin portland. here. bonnie burton: i feellike kiala should have background singers. kiala kazebee: wait, hold on. i'm doing it. oh-- bonnie burton: do it again. homer simpson: [laughing]

yes! oh, yes! woo hoo! kiala kazebee: couldyou hear it? bonnie burton: yeah. veronica belmont: anyone elsenotice that i put my ear to my microphone? bonnie burton: yeah,that was me. veronica belmont: like that'swhere the sound was

going to come out. technically, a microphoneis also-- never mind, i won't get into that. felicia day: we are veryexcited to be here. if you are new to us, we'regoing to talk about romance books, so warning. felicia day: i don't know. i mean, some people alwayswander in, and they're probably 13-year-old gamer guys,and like, what the hell?

but that's what we are, andstick with us, because reading about sexy books and elvesand fairies is not-- veronica belmont: you will learnsome things, gentlemen, whether you want to or not. bonnie burton: i guarantee you,gentlemen watching right now, if you read some of thebooks that we're reading, you might actually learn a few movesin the bedroom as well. because these books are veryexplicit in their sex scenes a lot of times, and almostinstructional.

just saying. felicia day: somehave diagrams. no, i'm just kidding. before we start going to thebook, i want to give a shout out to-- so we have forum ofabout 10,000 people on our goodreads forum. check in the link if you'rewatching this later, or go to goodreads and join our group. and we have a very activecommunity of women and men who

meet up on their own to discussthe books that we pick every month. so this month, we havesome shout outs. in june, the vaginal fantasydown under australia met on june 3 and july 1. there was a meetup insan francisco on june 2, new york city. noho, which is north hollywood,met maryland, dayton, ohio, saintlouis, ottawa,

twin cities and austin. they all had meetups lastmonth, which is a lot. that's actually a lotmore than usual. and in july upcoming, beaverdreams, which is a canadian hangout on air. it's happening. i just love giving you guysa shout out it's the best. san francisco is meetingon july 14. new york city is meetingon july 27.

dayton, ohio is meeting on july27, and ottawa is meeting on july 28. veronica belmont: is it possiblethat all different locations, that each differentlocation have their own club name? felicia day: i think beaverdreams is pretty hilarious. veronica belmont:that's amazing! that's so good. i would say even if beaverdreams has a

t-shirt, i want one. felicia day: there's a logo. i've seen the logo. bonnie burton: iwant a t-shirt. i swear i'll wear it a lot. felicia day: oh, and if you'redown in tacomacon, we're all going to be there. and there's going to be a geekand sundry offside of that, and we're going to be playingtabletop games on friday from

2:00 to 4:00 on our location. but where are you guys goingto during comic-con? veronica belmont: oh, boy. bonnie burton: i havelike four panels. well, let's see. one of the panels i'm reallyproud of i'm sure nobody will be at from here because everyonewill be leaving. but on sunday from 4:00 to 5:00,i have an anti-bullying panel, which is kind of coolbecause comic-con's never had

an anti-bullying panelas far as i know. but i'm on other panels, too. look from thursday,i'm on two panels. on friday, i'm on a panel. so i'll tweet out where i ambecause none of you are going to remember this. i don't even remember. i'm just going to be everywhere,so just follow me on twitter if you wantto see where i am.

felicia day: yeah. kiala, you're going down. what are you doing down there? kiala kazebee: i'm just goingto hang out at the geek and sundry site mostly. becca and i are goingto be, um, drinking. kiala kazebee: and buddyingaround, and i will be swapping on people's couches becausei don't have anywhere to stay yet.

felicia day: kiala,let's talk. felicia day: we're going tobe doing all of our big announcement on monday aboutwhere we're hanging out, and the programming. and basically, we're doing anawesome lounge, so people can just come and hang and drinkand play games, and video games, and all that stuff. so all the details will beannounced in the video here and on our forums on monday.

veronica belmont: yea! bonnie burton: yea! felicia day: veronica, what areyou doing at comic-con? veronica belmont: i'm mostlyworking for, like, a hyundai "walking dead" stuff. so i'm going to be at theirparty on friday night, and i'm doing some shootingaround comic-con. i may be covering doing someblog posts for a publication, but i'm not sure.

it hasn't settled yet. i don't have a pass to myknowledge, so i may not actually be going. bonnie burton: didi give you one? veronica belmont: no. bonnie burton: or igave kiala one. veronica belmont: you canhave that one, so now i don't have one. bonnie burton: next year i'llremember just to put both of

you on my guest list, becausei don't know if you guys already have one. veronica belmont: i don'tneed it, it's fine. and then i'll probably hang outat geek and sundry, too, so it should be fun. felicia day: oh, good! yea! bonnie burton: i'm going to tryand hang out at the geek and sundry thing as much as ican when i'm not passed out.

and i may just pass out there. that might just be easier. kiala kazebee: i'm justgoing to stay there. oh, the other things is i willprobably write some stuff for "mtv" too while i'm there. felicia day: oh, good. kiala kazebee: i might dosome work, i don't know. felicia day: veronica,talk to me. i usually have a bunch of extrabadges at the end, so

just talk to me. veronica belmont: ok. i don't know where i'm staying,either, so i may actually be sleeping at the geekand sundry thing as well. bonnie burton: wait, you don'thave a place to stay either? veronica belmont: idon't know yet. i just my flight today, so idon't know what's happening with hotels yet. bonnie burton: all right.

we'll figure stuff out. felicia day: it's actuallyeasier to get hotels this year, i noticed. last year it was a lot harder. it feels like people are scalingback in weird ways. bonnie burton: honestly, i mean,i don't know how many of our viewers go to comic-con, buti'm seeing more and more people that i used to go seethere all the time say they're opting out because it's toocrazy, it's not open anymore,

it's just too crowded. and the panels are a joke. i mean, unless you'reon a panel, you don't get into them. so if you want to wait in linefor, like, five hours, most people don't want to do that. felicia day: well, geek andsundry's going to have a panel on site, but yeah, we wanted todo a hangout, just a place for everybody to justget away from it.

and it's really, really closethe convention center, so you can come in, and buy a drink,and sit down, and play games, and i think it'llbe sort of fun. and we're going tohave community parties friday and saturday. i'm telling you all our plans,but they're all going to be announced monday. felicia day: to makeit really fun if you're a community member.

bonnie burton: and i have leftover ribbons that say vaginal fantasy on it from baycon thati'm going pass out to people that come up to me and say, hey,i really like "vaginal fantasy." so as long as i'vegot those ribbons, i'll be more than happy to give fansthat come up to me an say hi some ribbons and someother stuff. felicia day: oh,that's awesome. bonnie burton: and i have like"star wars" swag from like a decade of workingat lucasfilm.

so if you want "starwars" stuff, i'll just give you pencil. felicia day: looks for bonnie. she's just woman with like ahuge bag over her shoulder. i'm going to start being like,here, have a pencil. have a badge. check out this new movie called"revenge of the sith." kiala kazebee: i don't knowwhat "star wars" is. bonnie burton: you're lucky.

felicia day: so we don't havea "vaginal fantasy" panel on site because therewere no slots. for some reason, something gotreally mixed up, and the put us on a sunday, whichis family day. then they were going to makethis change the name, and it just got to be weird. but we are all goingto be at vidcon. i'm saying this now because i'mactually not available on the 30th of july, or whateverthe last day of july is, so

we're going to push a weekjust like we did this month, just fyi. ok, let's get to the book. which one's the first one? is it the-- felicia day: "firelord's lover". kiala kazebee: "firelord's lover." felicia day: so the theme thismonth were sexy elves, then fay men, right?

or f-a-y. bonnie burton: thisis the first book. felicia day: so the first bookis "fire lord's lover." let me hold it on bonnie so you canlook at this sumptuous cover. here's a description. "in amagical land ruled by ruthless elfin lords, the fire lord'sson, dominic raikes, plays a deadly game to conceal hisgrowing might from his malevolent father until hisarranged bride awakens in him passions he thought hehad buried forever.

lady cassandra has been raisedin outward purity and innocence while secretly beingtrained as an assassin. her mission is to bring downthe elfin lord and his champion son, but when she getsto court, she discovers that nothing is what it seems,least of all the man she married." all right. so that was the main pickfor this month. veronica, you go first.

what did you think aboutthe book this month? veronica belmont: wait, findthat was the "fire lord's lover?" veronica belmont: gosh,i'm having a hard time remembering. i read them so long ago. ok, hold on. felicia day: oh, god. veronica belmont: shewas an assassin?

kiala kazebee: she was. felicia day: she was thedancing assassin. kiala kazebee: yeah,she danced around. bonnie burton: yeah,like beyonce. veronica belmont:i remember that. oh! oh, ok! yes, yes. i remember this now.

ok. felicia day: with thelong, blonde hair. veronica belmont:i did like it. yes. felicia day: the dude had thelong, blonde hair, and there's a talking dragon. bonnie burton: yeah, and hismistress is a total-- veronica belmont:right, right. veronica belmont: gosh.

yeah. gosh, like i remember the basicsof it, but now i'm having a really hard timeremembering the story. someone else go. i'll remember it. kiala kazebee: veronica, youdidn't read it, did you? veronica belmont: i did! veronica belmont: i read it! i swear!

felicia day: ok, kiala, gofirst, and then i'll go, and then bonnie goes. and then you get togo last, veronica. it'll come back to you. although to be honest with you,the plot was pretty-- it's not an elaborate plot,let's just say. bonnie burton: it really is a-- [snores] kiala kazebee: i'm sorry.

it's really hot in here. my bangs are drivingme insane. so, i liked it. i liked it. i couldn't really get intodominic, because he's-- well, i don't likeblonde dudes. kiala kazebee: especially white,silver-haired blonde. felicia day: wow! kiala kazebee: i mean,i like them.

just it's not like my first,like, thing that i look at, you know? but i just couldn't get intothe long, silky hair. like, i was like that in "lordof the rings." i didn't care about legoland. kiala kazebee: i didn'tcare about him. and also, i thoughthe was kind of a psychopath a little bit. i don't know.

but i liked cassandra. was that her name? cassandra. i liked her a lot. and i actually just reallyenjoyed the book. i thought it was really coolthat it was in london, but then also elves. i liked that part a lot. so this is the one they hadthe different, like, the

shards that they could speak tothe other elfin lords with? felicia day: yes. kiala kazebee: oh,also the dragon. the dragon. veronica belmont: andthe dragon that was kind of a dick. felicia day: she had theselittle orphans that she adopted who were actuallynot annoying. i really liked them.

veronica belmont:they were cute. felicia day: theirmagic was cute. their magic was almostbetter than her dancing assassin magic. veronica belmont: it'sthe finding magic? see, i read it. felicia day: yeah, thefinding magic. veronica belmont: there'sa bug in here, and it-- i got it!

felicia day: damn! bonnie burton: eww! veronica belmont:well, i got it. bonnie burton: you'rea bug assassin. veronica belmont: it was justa tiny-- it was a gnat! it's fine. felicia day: you should havedanced more, veronica. bonnie burton: yeah, i reallyshould have danced. all right, who's next?

are you next, felicia? talk about the book. felicia day: oh, ok. no, bonnie, you go first. bonnie burton: oh, really? i'm with kiala. i have nothing againstblonde guys. just i'm not necessarilyinitially attracted to them, unless they're vampiresnamed spike.

that's about as blonde as iget as far as attraction. yeah, i kind of found him to bekind of a possessive jerk. i get a whole "i couldn't beclose to cassandra because then my dad would find outand kill here" situation, especially when you find outhis dad killed his dog. from the very beginning i readthat sentence, i'm like, i hate this guy. i want the king to die. like, if that was me andif anyone touched my

dog, they'd be dead. so, yeah, i was downwith that. but cassandry bugged me. i don't know why. i mean, i liked her some waysbecause she's in a situation where she has to be passiveand forced to be passive because she has to pretend. she's passive so she can be anassassin in disguise and not just be badass from thebeginning, and i get that.

but i don't know, i just foundher kind annoying. and again, this is what happenswith me when i read books like this, is i tend tolike the side characters more. so you're right, i did like theslaves that she employed. i didn't think they wereannoying at all. in fact, if i was-- this isgoing to be a horrible quote, but if i was going to haveslaves, i'd pick those two for sure. if i'm going to have an elfinpower, i'd rather it be

tactile and interesting anduseful power, not dancing. every time they describedcassandra dancing, either to woo someone or two kill someone,i couldn't get "flash dance" out of my head. you know what i mean? like, i was thinkingstripper dance. and i'm sure it's not. i'm sure it's like a reallybeautiful, elfin, renaissance festival kind of jig, but iwas thinking stripper the

whole time, and it was reallyhard to take her seriously because of that. i wasn't thinkingdita von teese. i was thinking, you know,"showgirls." and that doesn't really mesh well with me asfar as a cool heroine. but i did like thedragon, too. i like the idea that dominic--which by the way is the least elfin-like name i've everheard-- but that dominic-- kiala kazebee: dominic raikes.

bonnie burton: yeah, itsounded more like-- it just didn't seemlike elfin. usually elfin has like a lot ofv's and apostrophes in it, but i don't know. i just didn't like dominic. he's just annoying to me. but i don't like the fact hetalked to the dragon a lot, and that him and thedragon were bros. but, eh.

but i will say the sexscenes were great. i will give it, like a twolegs up, if you will. bonnie burton: because the sexscenes were right away, and many pages, and verydescriptive, and very good. so if you want smut, thisbook is for you. felicia day: it was definitelyracy, which i thought everybody would behappy about. bonnie burton: no, definitely! felicia day: a lot of people inthe forums commented that

they thought that the style ofthe book, which i agree, it was definitely written as sortof, a lot of people said young adult with sex in it. i see their point, because itwas very simply written. the vocabulary wasn't large. the lore was not very deep. there was a lot ofhigh elfin-speak. it definitely was a simplifiedwriting style. but to me, that made it readvery quick and enjoyable.

you're just kind of caught up,and you're not looking for something to change your life orbe like this world that you want to cosplay inor something. felicia day: but it was justa fun, light read. i mean, i really enjoyed it. you never were aware of theseams, except for in some of the world building. i mean, this basically theconcept of the book is that the elves are somehow inhabitinggeorgian england,

so it was kind of tryingto meld those two together with the elf. and i appreciated it, that itwas a period, a historical piece, but i didn't reallyget a flavor of real georgian england. it just felt like you werein this fancy world. veronica belmont: yeah. so this is something thati found interesting. so ok, i definitelyread the book.

veronica belmont: it's allcome back to me now. so the thing that i foundinteresting between both of these picks is that in someways, they're kind of similar in terms of how they'relaid out. in both places, there is thiselfin society that's kind of hasn't been predominantthroughout the history, but has come back or is now existingin that world. so in this book, it kind ofmakes the elves seem-- are they elves or fairies?

felicia day: they're elves. in this one, they're elves. in the other book they're calledfae, which basically are elves as well, but they'reshape shifting elves. we'll get there. veronica belmont: they seemedkind of one-dimensional in a lot of ways. like, you don't get a realsense of the society that they've come from.

all you know is that they'vecome into this georgian england, and suddenly they havetaken power because of their abilities and theirmagical abilities. and there isn't really a lotof description of how that happened, or why they were soreadily accepted, or how long they've been there, or if therewere, i didn't really pick up on that, or kindof continue paying attention to it. that whole battle storylinefelt a little bit

one-dimensional. i also felt like dominicthat kind of character you're just, like-- if you feel this way,just tell her. for god sakes. like, are you really just goingto go around being a jerk to her for therest of your life? just be like, youknow, i really-- earlier on than he did.

i think he could have done thisa little earlier, been like, listen, lady. you know, my dad, not thecoolest guy, so just play it cool, we'll figure somethingout, but i don't hate you. i don't hate you. i just have to kind of put onthis act so people don't freak out, so he doesn't tryto murder everyone. that's all he had to say. it's like one conversation thathe could have had, and i

know he's got some demons inhis mind or whatever, but i guess that's why bookshave plots, because-- veronica belmont: if things areeasy and made sense, the book would just be over, andthere wouldn't be any-- bonnie burton: yeah, if peopleactually told each other how they really felt, we wouldn'thave romance books, we'd have romance paragraphs. veronica belmont: they'd besteam paragraphs, but still. felicia day: the dad wasridiculously maw-hahaha.

veronica belmont: totally,totally. felicia day: there was nosubtlety with that guy. he was just, i'm going to beevil, and i got power, and that's pretty much it. bonnie burton: you know whati pictured the king, the elfin king as? and i know this is going to behilarious, but i pictured him as the ice king from"adventure time." kiala kazebee: yeah, me too.

bonnie burton: because it's soover the top, like, cartoony evil, and also just you wantto make fun of him and his beard, and i don't know. it's just, i don't knowwhat's wrong with me. i couldn't take thisbook seriously. i tried, i really did, butlike half the time i was thinking "showgirls," and theother time, i was thinking "adventure time." so that'seither like a good thing for this book or a bad thing.

i'm not sure. felicia day: i mean,personally i wish-- because i thought that it's coolto have a character who is magically gifted tobe the most beautiful dancer in the world. but the combination of i dancekill, i mean it couldn't just have been an amazing dancer,and that could have made somebody vulnerable tobe able to kill. veronica belmont: georgia ontwitter is saying that in

their group, they were sayingthat she pictured the dance like a river from "serenity."like, her style fighting. felicia day: oh, that's cool. veronica belmont: i think that'skind of a neat idea. kiala kazebee: i sortof like that, too. bonnie burton: what's thatmartial art that's dancing and fighting coppawetta? copa-- veronica belmont: capoeira.

bonnie burton: capoeira. bonnie burton: it couldbe like that. the only time i've ever seen adance that was so beautiful that it killed everyone-- notreal life, but in a comic-- was a sandman comic. i think it was "calliope,"wasn't it? and ironically, shewas a stripper. then muses were strippers, andthen they were holding back their power because theywere in hiding.

and then once she's, like, fine,i'm just going to be myself, everyone in the stripjoint died because her beauty was so powerful that theybled from their eyes, and they bled out. kind of like when you see anangel in "supernatural," it's so powerful that you go blind. so i can see it being like that,but at the same time, the way they describe her dance,it such a burning man, hippie girl dance that i can'tthink of it as pretty.

i think of it as, like, allarms, and a lot of-- kiala kazebee: twirling? bonnie burton: like across between stevie nicks and goth girl. veronica belmont:yeah, totally. bonnie burton: you know? and it doesn't seem likean attractive-- and i'd like to know what peoplethink the difference between her death dance and her"i'm a hot elf, and wooing

you" dance. like, how different arethose two dances? i'd like to know isit a lot more hip? is there more jazzhands in one? which is which? felicia day: well, somebodyreferred to it as an ancient elvin love dance or somethinglike that bonnie burton: right. felicia day: that's the dad.

bonnie burton: becauseice king was all excited about that. felicia day: yeah, the ice kingwas all excited about it. we have a lot of mixed feelingson the forum. you know, ariel said that shefound the unapproachable, douchy male love interesttiresome, but then lindsey was, like, i like that dominicwas tender and not alpha-maley. when she wasn't "you aremine" kind of guy,

like i got the call. bonnie burton: he wasin some instances. if any other guy touchedher, he was all glarey. felicia day: yeah,that's true. veronica, what are yougiggling about? veronica belmont: we weretalking about the goth dancing, and so i wanted tobring up that try to dance industrial group video,instructional videos. bonnie burton: i love those.

veronica belmont: if you haven'tseen them, google "try to dance industrial group videoone," and watch that, and then think of herdancing that way. bonnie burton: and "learn todance goth" is another. veronica belmont: learnto dance goth, yeah. bonnie burton: which is great. as a recovering goth myself, i'mimpressed that it's very realistic and very true. veronica belmont: i thinkfelicia is watching it on the

background. somebody's watchingin the background. felicia day: i want to watchit, but i'm, like, focus! bonnie burton: can i aska question of you guys? what did you thinkof the bitchy mistress that was, like-- felicia day: i felt-- bonnie burton: i didn'tcare about her. was she just there to move theplot along, or did you, like--

veronica belmont: yes. bonnie burton: ok. felicia day: i mean, i kind ofliked the fact that she-- i kind of wanted more of her. i thought she was kindof interesting. she was just all out "i'm justgoing to sleep my way to comfort." bonnie burton: yep. felicia day: but shekind of was ok to

cassandra at one point. i was, like, oh, ok, that'skind of cool. she had a couple of nuancestoward the end that i thought kind of interesting. it was cool that she wasn'tas maw-hahaha as the other character. bonnie burton: i do find itinteresting when romance books put mean girls in thereto be against the heroine of the plot.

it's just interesting howthat device is used. either they're used in a comicalway where they're not really realistic, they're justthere to make you hate someone, or they're therebecause eventually, somehow, someway the heroine changesthem or makes them a better person. so i just thought it wasinteresting use of that kind of element, but yeah, it stilldidn't strike me as anybody really interesting.

veronica belmont:go ahead, kiala. kiala kazebee: oh, i'm sorry. i just say, i feel like they dothat with men, too, though. i've read a lot of romancenovels where there's another male love interestthat's there to just spur on the hero. veronica belmont: oh, likepeter in the, um-- peter in the space clonesghost story. felicia day: oh, yeah.

veronica belmont: why did we notmake that joke until now? kiala kazebee: i don't know! veronica belmont: whydid it take us like three episodes later? bonnie burton: we got it. kiala kazebee: it'sa call back. veronica belmont: itwas marinating. it was just marinating fora really lone time. bonnie burton: yeah, it'sjust full circle now.

kiala kazebee: itwas worth it. anyway, sorry. what were you-- veronica belmont: i was goingto say, have you ever met someone who's being nice to youbecause they have to be in like a professional capacity,but you feel like deep down they're probably a mean girl? kiala kazebee: you meanlike you guys? kiala kazebee: youguys with me?

veronica belmont: i went to thedoctor appoint this week with the new doctor,and i was, like, i think you're mean. felicia day: what! veronica belmont: i can'ttell exactly why. she was, like, lookingat my moles and stuff, and i'm was like-- bonnie burton: where are they? veronica belmont: everywhere.

and i was, like, i justget the sense that you might be a mean girl. by the way, you should all getyour moles check every year. it's very important for skin. look for the early signsof skin cancer. i do not have it because i getmine check every year. bonnie burton: wait, whatare the early signs? veronica belmont: well ifyour moles look funny. kiala kazebee: yeah,don't let it grow.

veronica belmont: i've had sixmoles removed all over. kiala kazebee: theychange color. i've had two removed. bonnie burton: what! i have like a melon ballscooped out of my hip. bonnie burton: what do youmean they look funny? they are shaped like clowns? what do you mean? kiala kazebee: theychange shape.

felicia day: if they're erraticaround the edges, and if there's any discoloration,you should go look at them. a fun fact, if you have a hairgrowing out of a mole, it is not cancerous. veronica belmont: really? kiala kazebee: oh. huh. veronica belmont: i like howwe both went, really? huh!

kiala kazebee: ok, speaking of,so i had a dentist this week who i talked to her. and she was fillingin for my dentist. and i was talking about gettingmore ibuprofen, like the big ones. veronica belmont: yeah, thebig ones, the good ones. kiala kazebee: yeah. and she was so bitchy. she was really, reallybitchy about it.

she's like, well, if it were me,if you were my patient, i would give you a differentantibiotic. but [sigh] you're not. so i'll just give youthis, i guess. bonnie burton: wow! that's a hard sell. kiala kazebee: itwas, like, whoa! veronica belmont: so i don'tknow if this doctor has just a

weird bedside manner or what. but, like, you would saysomething to her, and she would kind of look atyou for a second. i don't know if she was sizingme up or deciding what she was going to say. bonnie burton: careful withyour fingers, there. veronica belmont: what,going like this? you're-- well, what kindof doctor was it? veronica belmont: notthat kind of doctor!

felicia day: oh, god, guys! veronica belmont: itwas not that-- i told you, it was thisdermatologist! it was for my moles. bonnie burton: oh, sorry. kiala kazebee: it wasn'ta lady doctor. veronica belmont: no, it'snot a lady doctor. you better be sure you likeyour lady doctor. bonnie burton: my lady doctor,last time i went to go see

her, she's like, you don'twant kids, right? bonnie burton: iwas like, what? veronica belmont: they giveyou the countdown. bonnie burton: yeah, youdon't want kids, right? because you're way past. and i'm, like, wait, what? felicia day: guys, there's astudy in "the atlantic" this month saying that all thosestudies that say after you're 35, your fertility goes down,all those studies are based on

statistics from likethe 1900s. because i'm pretty sure i couldgo on a first date and get drunk and probablyget pregnant. like, i'm pretty surethat could happen. felicia day: you lookvery fertile. veronica belmont: especiallyif she was an elf. bonnie burton: i've gotchild-bearing hips. veronica belmont: bringit back around. bonnie burton: so i did havea questions about the book,

before we start talking abouthow fertile i am. kiala kazebee: i just wantedto say one thing. why is it that your lady examsonly have to be done every three years now? felicia day: do they? veronica belmont: no, it'snot the lady exam. it's the pap smear. kiala kazebee: that'swhat i mean. that one.

bonnie burton: really? veronica belmont: you have toget all of your other stuff checked out, yes. bonnie burton: we're losingall of our male viewers, by the way. veronica belmont: this is"vaginal fantasy." i mean, sometimes we have to talkabout vaginal realities. felicia day: vaginalreality in fantasy. bonnie burton: turnand cough, fellas.

veronica belmont: i'll tell youall about it later, kiala. kiala kazebee: ok, thanks. veronica belmont: i got thetalking to, it's good. kiala kazebee: ok,i want to know. felicia day: a couple peopleare saying we need to freeze our eggs. thanks, guys. veronica belmont: thank a lot. bonnie burton: wait,like carbonite?

kiala kazebee: i love you. i know! that was a "star wars" joke. felicia day: guys, ok,let's just digress. did anybody see "superman?" bonnie burton: yes. kiala kazebee: no, i heardit was boring. veronica belmont:let's digress? like we haven't?

felicia day: ok, listen,i don't like to criticize things. but there's one thing in thatmovie that just drove me frickin' bonkers! and it's like an hour-- bonnie burton: wait let's justsay spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. felicia day: ok,spoiler alert. bonnie burton: mute, andthen when we're done

talking about this-- kiala kazebee: we'llgo like this. bonnie burton: we'lldo jazz hands. felicia day: it doesn't haveanything really to do with the plot, ok? so i will go like this, and i'lllower my hands when the spoiler's over, ok? an hour and a half into themovie, as a young kid, people are beating him up, right?

this is after we'veknown everything. and he's holding a book, aplato book, it was like a generic serial plato. it was the biggest platoi've ever seen art directed onto a book. it was not a real book! kiala kazebee: what? felicia day: it was large. did that not bug anybody else?

bonnie burton: i just pretendedthere was a flask in there, because that's where iwould keep a flask, is a giant plato book. veronica belmont: maybe itwas the collected works? bonnie burton: yeah, maybeit was the comic. felicia day: it was, like, hi,this character is reading plato for no apparent reason. i don't know why itirritates me. bonnie burton: you know what?

maybe he carried a really largebook like a shield to block the blows. felicia day: anyway, ok,it doesn't really bother anybody else. all right, forget it. veronica belmont: i want to knowwhat exactly, when he's flying in space-- when supermanis flying in space-- bonnie burton: oh, spoiler! veronica belmont: no!

you know supermanflies in space. it's not a spoiler. bonnie burton: whenyou do that, it's like you're trapped. it feels like we're trappedin the webcam. veronica belmont: what is hegetting thrust against? like, what is he-- felicia day: no, there'sno physics there. kiala kazebee: what is hegetting thrust against?

veronica belmont: that's thesecond time i've that sentence incorrectly in my life,in the past two weeks. that's not what i mean. i mean, you have to getthrust to push off of. bonnie burton: thrusting? veronica belmont: i saidthe same thing! bonnie burton: yeah,thrusting? superman thrusting? veronica belmont: alot of thrusting.

a lot of superman thrusting. kiala kazebee: no, iknow what you mean. remember, this is the thing iwrote my paper on in college, about that it's like pullingyourself up by your own bootstraps. you can't just push yourselfthrough space. you've got to push. you know, for every action,there's and equal and opposite reaction, so he's got to pushsomething that way for him to

go that way. so is he just farting hisway through space? veronica belmont: he is fartinghis way through space. he had a few chicken tikkamasala burritos, and he is farting his way through space. bonnie burton: maybe it wassuperman's own smugness that keeps him flying, becausei hate superman. i think he's a jerk,but that's just me. felicia day: no, he'snot my favorite.

but i could go on andon about that. bonnie burton: honestly, icannot wait for him and wonder woman to break up in the comics,because i am team wonder woman, and i will followthat lady anywhere, and i can't wait till shekicks his ass. because i hate thatthey're dating. kiala kazebee: well, theyboth love america. bonnie burton: they're dating inthe comics right now, and i frickin' hate it.

felicia day: i haven't beenreading it, but you don't like him better-- bonnie burton: i lovewonder woman. i love wonder woman. she's awesome. felicia day: steveis like, mmm. i love wonder woman because ineverything i've seen her in, whether it's an animated movie,or a comic, and of course lynda carter was like myrole model forever, in the

'80s, '70s and '80s, so i lovewhat she represents, and i love her as a characterand a hero. i'm pissed off that there stillisn't a wonder woman movie, and i would have lovejoss whedon to write that like he was supposed to. felicia day: he alreadywrote it. they didn't do it. bonnie burton: yeah, i betthey're kicking themselves now, post-avengers.

they should have let him doit, and it pisses me off because she's an amazingcharacter, and she's great, and we're never going to see heron the big screen because there's too many people runninghollywood that don't think that anyone will wantto watch a girl that's not covered in latex. felicia day: yep. well, we can do on like that,but let's talk about elves. bonnie burton: oh, yeah.

so speaking of powers,though, what would be your guys' elfin power? because that was a big thingin this book, that everyone that had elf blood had somesort of elf power. felicia day: i'd like tocreate icing at will. felicia day: i'd like to beable to frost anything. bonnie burton: you want tobe the frosting queen? felicia day: yeah,just frosting. felicia day: it's like a minor--so if you're half

human, half elf, youhave a very-- so her slaves, basically, orher servants, one of them could dress hairand like form-- veronica belmont: oh, my god. felicia day: --spider webs intoawesome, intricate stuff. bonnie burton: yeah,that was cool. felicia day: you couldn'tfind anything. bonnie burton: that was cool. that finding anythingis great.

if you've ever lostyour car keys, finding anything's awesome. felicia day: true. kiala kazebee: that's prettycool, because one of the things i would want is to neverhave to do my hair, and just have it look amazing. like, be able to get outas the crystal-- veronica belmont: are youfishing for compliments? kiala kazebee: no, no.

no, i'm talking about, like, theeffort that goes into it, because i have really curlyhair, and it's crazy, and so there's a lot of stuff that hasto be done to it for it to look normalish. and i would love to be able tojust get out of, like, the fairy pool and have my hairjust look fantastic. and also that i don'twant to sweat. kiala kazebee: and i want to beable to eat everything and be very slender.

bonnie burton: now you'rejust being greedy. kiala kazebee: mine areall very shallow. but elves are beautiful. and i think that's ok. well, aren't elves supposed tobe pretty no matter what? so you're already wasting apower on prettiness because i think if you're an elf, you'realready pretty, so you don't have to worry about that, so iwould go with the other two. kiala kazebee: oh, ok.

well, then i also just want tobe able to talk to animals. veronica belmont:that was mine! that was going to be mine! kiala kazebee: ohgod, i'm sorry! see? veronica belmont: you tookall of the things. kiala kazebee: i tookall the powers. veronica belmont: nopowers left for any of the other elves.

bonnie burton: are yousure you want to be able to talk to animals? because i feel like animals,a lot of them are probably really whiny and talkative, soyou're going to have like a lot of chipmunksand squirrels. felicia day: i don't think theanimals are going to have that much good to say. i just want to behonest with you. it'll be like talking tosomebody you really don't want

to talk to, and you'reat lunch. and you're like, i can'tget out of here. you really wanted to catch it. veronica belmont: hi. hi, mom. hi. hey, ball. ball. got a ball?

gonna feed me? eat? food? walk? can we walk now? can we go for a walk? oh, is that a bear? is that a deer? is that a squirrel?

bonnie burton: yeah,that's exactly-- veronica belmont: i said bear! like my dog would ever seea bear in san francisco. well, they might. my dog sees lots of bearsin san francisco. kiala kazebee: isthat a paper? can i lay on it? can i lay on this? can i fit in this?

bonnie burton: i feel like if icould understand why my dog was saying to me, or not evensaying, just thinking. there are times when i look atmy dog, and she's looking at me, i know she's callingme a dumb ass. i know she is. it's just in her eyes. and dogs love you no matterwhat, and so do most cats. not all cats. i feel like most are going tobe like mean girls and just

make fun of your outfit and yourhair and everything, and they'll be like the mom thatwants you to hook up with someone, and you're not hookedup, so they constantly remind you that you're singleand a failure. that's what i feel likecats would do. kiala kazebee: oh! bonnie burton: but dogs, ifeel like dogs are more accepting, but i feel like dogswould constantly talk to you about food.

it would be like that friendwho can't stop talking about food. felicia day: anyway, ok. what do we do now? oh, yeah. bonnie burton: so, wait. what's your elfinpower, felicia? felicia day: oh, veronica,come on! veronica belmont: it wastalk to animals, and

then kiala took it. kiala kazebee: sorry. bonnie burton: i thoughtyou didn't want to talk to animals! felicia day: you said thatit would be boring. your dog would be boring. veronica belmont: no,i didn't say that. felicia day: your dogwould be boring. any dog would be boring.

they just want to eat,they want to sleep. veronica belmont: i still wantto talk to them, though. i still want to know. i want to know whatthey think of me. veronica belmont: i want themto know what i'm saying to them perfectly, also. felicia day: so basically youwant your dog to understand and speak english. veronica belmont: basically.

felicia day: that wouldbe better, right? veronica belmont: i guessthat would be better. would that be better? i don't know if i want otherpeople to know what the dog is saying to me. felicia day: oh. veronica belmont: i think iwant to just be able to telepathically communicatewith my animals. instead of that, i would wantall animals to treat me as an

alpha animal, and they wouldlike as soon as i walk into a room, they sit and behave. that's what i want. i want dogs to follow me aroundlike i'm their queen. kiala kazebee: i wantpeople to do that. bonnie burton: a tall pieceof bacon that they love. veronica belmont: ok, so emiliseon twitter sent me this old far side comic. it's "donning his new caninedecoder, professor schwarzman

becomes the first human being onearth to hear what barking dogs are actually saying," andit's a picture of all the dogs, and they're going, "hey! hey! hey, hey! heeeeyyy!" bonnie burton: oh, mygod, that's true. and i have to admit, i couldn'tto that anyway because my dogs will sleephalf the time.

look at her, she's snoring. she sleeps. veronica belmont: my dogis also sleeping. felicia day: cubby is a reallygood sleeper, too. it's really sad because i tookhim to the vet, to the wash, and i got his leash back, andthey put the dog's name on the leash to track who'sleash it is. and on his leash, they puttubby instead of cubby. bonnie burton: ohhh!

felicia day: maybe a littlewide of the beam, cubby. and i was very upset for him. kiala kazebee: that's mean. bonnie burton: so wait. so what are some otherelfin powers? because you can't have anythingthat's too extreme because it's not likethe avengers. it's not like you can, you know,control the weather. felicia day: because basicallyany kids, any half-human kids

who had too much power thatcould rival him or the other elfin lords, they pretended totake that to the "fairylands." bonnie burton: the farm. in the book, they reveal thatthey just kind of bake 'em and kill 'em. bonnie burton: yeah,that's so funny. every time they say fairyland,i'm like is that where all the dead pets go to? felicia day: rainbow's end?

rainbow bridge? bonnie burton: it's like, ohyeah, we took your pet boa constrictor to "fairyland." felicia day: to the farm. bonnie burton: to the farm. i don't know, i feel like it'sawesome that if you have elfin blood, you're already hot so youdon't have to worry about that, low self-esteem issues. but i feel like--

i don't know what. i think cooking stuff, like thefrosting things are good. that would be a good one. felicia day: it's not reallythat good, guys. if you could really have apower, i think eavesdropping or being able to controlan animal. kiala kazebee: that'swhat i said. i said have themdo my bidding. felicia day: yeah, thatmight be good.

veronica belmont: controlan animal? felicia day: no, that's rude. kiala kazebee: ask them to dostuff, and then they do it. bonnie burton: they havethem do your bidding. like it'd be cool if youwere in charge of all ravens or something. veronica belmont: i would askthem to do things nicely, and maybe if they were into it. kiala kazebee: i thinkthat's what i mean.

like, please help me, i needyour help, please, animals. veronica belmont: animalfriends, come to my aid! and they'd be, like, yes. bonnie burton: i'm picturingveronica having her dog make all the beds. veronica belmont: he just wantsto jump on all the bed. felicia day: with their paws. what about changing people'shair color with a touch? kiala kazebee: ooo!

bonnie burton: oh, so good. that would be good. veronica belmont: why wouldyou want to do this? would you just go aroundtouching people's heads. kiala kazebee: you have atrade, maybe a skill. bonnie burton: yeah, i think itwould be an awesome trade. i'll be your first customer. i think that's awesome. do you know how hard it is?

it's so hard to go fromblack to brunette. veronica belmont: would youcover all my grays? kiala kazebee: oh, yeah. veronica belmont: can youjust do touchups? bonnie burton: or blackto blondes. platinum blonde me, felicia. felicia day: i could totallyplatinum blonde you, and then be, like, oh, i don't wantthat tomorrow, boom. bonnie burton: i wantblue, or pink.

kiala kazebee: and yourhair's not damaged. felicia day: i really want toshave my head on the side and have that sort of faux hawk. veronica belmont: oh, thatwould be so cool. you should do that. kiala kazebee: oh,that skrillex? bonnie burton: do it! veronica belmont: yeah,do the skrillex. felicia day: shave here, andthen the long thing.

i want that so bad. veronica belmont:i've had that. i got that haircut out ofvidal sassoon in 2002. felicia day: did it look cute,or did you regret it? veronica belmont: my friends-- i don't even want to say whatmy friends called me. kiala kazebee: whoa! veronica belmont: theysaid i looked like a nazi youth or something.

veronica belmont: i was, like,guys, i look cool! felicia day: that's because ofyour white power tattoos. veronica belmont: that's becauseof the swastikas all over my skull that were revealedby that haircut. no. bonnie burton: do you guysremember when cyndi lauper a la "time after time" video whereshe had her shaved on this side with the hashtagmark or whatever? the hashamark?

and then it was allcool on this side? i did that. kiala kazebee: you did? i did that, and very poorly,in high school, so my dad called me "cat fight" for amonth because it looked like i'd gotten in a cat fight. felicia day: awww! bonnie burton: he called me catwoman because he's, like, yeah, cat fight.

i'm, like, thanks, dad. but yeah, that's the thing. when you try to do hair styleslike that, you kind of need professional tutelage. felicia day: you definitelywant a professional, and especially if your coloring yourhair in bright colors, which i love as well, butyou got to have somebody professional do it. you know what i did, thought?

for comic-con, i bought piecesof clip-in hair. bonnie burton: are you goingto do hair extensions? felicia day: you want to see? felicia day: i'll show youwhat colors i got. veronica belmont: i swearto god, this is a book club, you guys. felicia day: i got this color,which is a teal. veronica belmont: oh,the colored ones. felicia day: this, whichis more of a turquoise.

and then i got plum. bonnie burton: oh,plum's good. kiala kazebee: on melissa elfmanit looks look amazing. felicia day: so it's likea dark blue, a dark green, and a plum. you just put one in your hair,and it makes you look like you're-- you know. bonnie burton: how long isyour hair now, felicia? felicia day: it's sortof about here.

i want it to be longer,but i went in, and she cut too much off. but it's long enough. bonnie burton: there's a trickwith those, because i used to wear those a lot. the trick with that is that youwant it underneath your hair a little bit, and trim itso it's exactly the same length as your hair. felicia day: ok.

i don't want it likea straggler. that would be really creepy. bonnie burton: i don't know. you could braid it, and thenyou'd have an elfin war braid. felicia day: that's true,i could do that, too. bonnie burton: it's likedominic in her book. full circle. felicia day: oh, full circle. kiala kazebee: therewas a book?

felicia day: let's do casting. let's do casting. we had a lot of suggestionsin the forum. also, simona-- oh, we forgot to talk about theending in this book, which is my biggest problem withthis book in that-- basically, to spoil it-- if you don't wantto be spoiled-- bonnie burton: wait,which book?

felicia day: this is a bookclub, so basically. bonnie burton: wait, what areyou talking about now? veronica belmont: theending of the book. felicia day: so basically, hekills his father because he comes into his own, and gets theblack magic, and picks up the scepter, and basicallykills his dad with the help of cassandra. but he looks so much like hisdad that their solution to not pissing off the other elfinlords who live in england is

to basically pose as his dad. veronica belmont: forever. felicia day: forever. which is not a goodplan, right? veronica belmont: it'sa terrible plan. i totally agree with you. bonnie burton: it'sa bad plan. veronica belmont: i actuallythought while i was reading the book, i was like, that it'sgoing to be so annoying

for the rest of their lives. they have to lie for therest of their lives. bonnie burton: they won't. veronica belmont: it's like ifyou've even hidden something from someone or had a secret,and it just sits on the top of your brain, like, every wakingmoment until it comes out or something like that. i would just feel like that'show it would be all the time. felicia day: yeah,like i would get

drunk and tell somebody. kiala kazebee: you know,he's not the king. veronica belmont: well, theslave girls already know, so that's already two. felicia day: the slave girlsalready know, and then the rebels already know. they're all, like,winky-winky. how is it not going toget out tomorrow? veronica belmont:they're screwed.

isn't that sort of, not aninside joke, but a reference to royalty, that royalty holdsso many secrets, and there are so many chances of people havingto have impostors. because kings or princes woulddie unexpectedly, and they didn't want to lose their realm,so they had to sneak in an imposter. i mean, that's kind of likea regular thing in royalty fiction, where they always haveto have either someone impostering the other one sothey could keep their realm.

kiala kazebee: why isveronica dancing? veronica belmont: i don'tknow, it just looks fun. bonnie burton: are youdoing an elfin dance so i'll shut up? veronica belmont: maybe. i was thinking, there was anarticle about-- it wasn't queen victoria, or itwas like, victoria-- one of the english queens,queens of england. they actually thinkit was her.

there was like a boy from thetown that she was staying at when she was a girl, and she gotlike the consumption and died, or the plague. veronica belmont: and then theyreplaced her with a boy, and she was actually a man fora whole reign, and that's why she never married. who's that? kiala kazebee: that wasqueen elizabeth. veronica belmont: wasit queen elizabeth?

felicia day: no! kiala kazebee: i readthat whole thing. veronica belmont: yeah, it wasvery recent, and so they want to exhume her remains. felicia day: that's bonnie burton: ridiculous! veronica belmont: and do dnatests on them to prove it. bonnie burton: also didn'tthey have a female pope? wasn't there a popethat was female?

felicia day: there secretlywas a female pope. veronica belmont: was theresecretly a female pope? she was a female, butshe posed as a male, and she was a pope. veronica belmont: badass. bonnie burton: butyou know what? that exhuming thing, i feellike this is the paul mccartney thing all overagain, isn't it? veronica belmont: we exhumedpaul mccartney?

felicia day: we all knowhe's dead, right? bonnie burton: that paulmccartney was replaced with a paul mccartney look alikehalfway through the beatles' reign? i never heard that either. bonnie burton: areyou serious? that's like a big conspiracytheory. kiala kazebee: that paul isdead, and you play the record backwards, and "abbey road,"there's like something weird

about him crossing the street. bonnie burton: well,you probably had a life in high school. the rest of us-- kiala kazebee: yeah, the restof us just studied. you know, i used to study theback of the duran duran, the one with union ofthe snake on it. bonnie burton: ohmy god, me too! i was, like, oh, this hasto mean something.

it's a map. bonnie burton: yeah, totally. i was, like, come on,that cover song, that's got to mean something. kiala kazebee: yeah, totally. bonnie burton: oh, ilove you, kiala. felicia day: so what aboutcasting, guys? we had a lot of suggestions. katie for giggles suggests, "i'dlike to see will wheaton

as dominic." [laughter] veronica belmont: what! felicia day: veronica as cass. felicia as the mistress! what! bonnie as the femaleelfin lord, and kiala as lady varney. veronica belmont:see, i told you.

i was doing my elvishdeath dance. bonnie burton: what am i? i'm an evil what? kiala kazebee: lady varney? felicia day: i don'tknow about that. bonnie burton: will wheaton? will's too much like abrother to all of us. veronica belmont:orlando bloom. orlando bloom as dominic.

bonnie burton: yeah, that'sall i could picture. veronica belmont: aslegolas, taking the hobbits to isengard. felicia day: whatabout lee pace? because he's got the sameelf thing going on. a lot of people said chrishelmsworth, which i was, like, no. bonnie burton: no,he's too buff. felicia day: too buff.

bonnie burton: you know, thething with elves is aren't they supposed to be skinnyand aquiline? bonnie burton: and scrawny andfemale, almost androgyny. you want androgyny,of course, because they have to be pretty. so you have to havean androgynous, skinny, blonde dude. bonnie burton: i mean, i wouldsay james marsters at the beginning of his reignas spike, but

even he's too masculine. i can't even think of anyonethat's blondes that's-- you know, everyone alwaysthinks i'm going to say benedict cumberbatch, and i sawa picture of him assage-- assage! massage. veronica belmont: julian. julian assange? bonnie burton: julian assange.

and it looked awkward. seeing him blonde alwayslooks awkward to me. veronica belmont: whatabout orlando bloom? no one's with me on that one? kiala kazebee: that's who ipictured, orlando bloom the whole time. felicia day: i thought cassandrawould be maggie gyllenhaal. kiala kazebee: oh, that'sa good one!

bonnie burton: well, yeah. veronica belmont:she's too old. felicia day: well,young maggie. like maggie gyllenhaal in"secretary." because cassandra, she was a virgin. but once she got her bottomsoff, she was into it like nobody's business. kiala kazebee: wow! felicia day: she was, like,ready to toss those hoops up

at any point. bonnie burton: tossthe hoops up! could we start usingthat as slang? kiala kazebee: tossyour hoops up. bonnie burton: i just recentlyrewatched "thor" because it's back on netflix streaming, soi was going to say jamie alexander for cassandra, butjamie's so badass, maybe she should be the mistress instead,because she has like a harsher--

bonnie burton: she has a muchmore serious-looking face than a softer face. i don't know who could play-- maybe the lead, maybe ninadobrev from "vampire diaries?" she could play cass? felicia day: she's kindof like the go-to brunette, isn't she? a lot of people in the forum-- bonnie burton: no, my go-tobrunette is eva green, but eva

green's too old. kiala kazebee: i've beenwatching "orphan black." felicia day: i love that! bonnie burton: that girl. felicia day: love that! she's kind of strong, though. like, she's a strongpersonality. cassandra's morelike a little-- bonnie burton: well,you've got kenzi.

kiala kazebee: shouldcould act it. felicia day: oh, no, shedefinitely could. kiala kazebee: her personality, she could do that. bonnie burton: kenzi from "lostgirl." she could play-- a lot of people say emiliaclarke, because she is a natural brunette. i actually would buy that. definitely.

wow. kiala kazebee: daenerys. is anyone else saying anythingfor domininc? because i posed that as aquestion on twitter, if they had any dominic suggestions. kiala kazebee: i kind of thoughtof matthew goode in "the watchmen" when theydyed his hair blonde. do you know what i'mtalking about? like what's his face,the bad dude.

but that's it. that's all i can think of. otherwise i just thoughtof legoland. bonnie burton: what elsedid goodreads say? there weren't any queries? felicia day: amelia clarke. shailene woodley. she was in that--what was she in? she was in that ufo teen thing,"roswell." nina dobrev.

emma watson i also thought,and that was another popular one. amy acker, and tatianamainsley, or maslany. veronica belmont: i don'tknow anybody's names. felicia day: emma watson,hermione. i actually buy that one a lot,although i don't want to think about her having-- bonnie burton: emmasaid harry lloyd. kiala kazebee: well,isn't tatiana the

"orphan black" lady? felicia day: yeah, tatiana. no, veronica neveris into casting. kiala kazebee: i know. bonnie burton: well, youdid the best one. you know what? orlando bloom works. i mean, that's the thing. "lordof the rings" was kind of, like, made us always thinkof elves in a certain way now.

veronica belmont: i don'thave an imagination. felicia day: yes, you do! bonnie burton: shut up! are you trying to tellus that you're more fact than fictional? kiala kazebee: oh, nice! veronica belmont: i seewhat you did there. felicia day: has anyone seenpictures of kate of the girl from "lost" with her wig on?

i'm very not happy withher as a redhead. veronica belmont: what girl? bonnie burton: what? who? felicia day: the girl from"lost" in "the hobbit." the one that married-- damn it. felicia day: what's her name? i have these of her from "thehobbit," and she has a red wig

on, and it doesn't really-- bonnie burton: it's the girlthat was with sawyer in "lost," yeah? kiala kazebee: kate. felicia day: kate. veronica belmont: evangelinelilly? kiala kazebee: i hate her. kiala kazebee: i'm sure she'sa very nice person. i'm sure she's a lovely lady.

bonnie burton: didn'tshe marry someone? i thought she married someonefrom "lord of the rings." didn't she marrydominic swain? or not dominic swain. hah! veronica belmont: i thinkshe looks pretty. you don't think shelooks pretty? felicia day: i don't likeher with that wig. she's so much prettier thanwith that color hair.

veronica belmont: ikind of like it. felicia day: really? well, that's just me, then. veronica belmont: that's ok. we can have differingopinions. kiala kazebee: i'll have tosee a picture of her now. bonnie burton: maybeyou're a gingerist. felicia day: well, i saw her inperson once, and i thought she was the most beautiful thingi've ever seen in my

life besides olivia wilde. but i just feel like the redhair doesn't do her justice. kiala kazebee: oh,olivie wilde! veronica belmont: you know whoi think is the prettiest person i ever saw in reallife, who i was just floored by? the girl who plays maggieon "the walking dead." felicia day: oh! she is--

veronica belmont: i interviewed her, and oh my god! i was just, like, i amstaring at you now. like, it was really creepy. you know how i get wheni get creepy. it was, like, turn on veronicacreepy mode. bonnie burton: creepy veronicais awesome veronica. veronica belmont:you're pretty! felicia day: ok, let's quicklygo over the alt picks.

the book was called "lord ofthe fading lands," and it's the number one in a five-issue, five-book epic series. and if you like romance, thisis a bit commitment, but it's very good. veronica belmont: talkabout cliff hangar. felicia day: it's "afantasy-romance that features fairy king rain tairensoul, a man tormented by age-old grief.

a thousand years ago, the womanhe loved was slain in battle." oh, let meclick on that. "the woman he loved wasslain in battle. in his rage, he laid wasteto half the world. now his people are dying out,and the evil mages of eld are rising again. when rain hears the call of hislost soul mate, ellysetta, he journeys to the neighboringkingdom to fine her, where he claims a woodcarver's daughteras his mate.

he scandalizes the nobility ofher country and rouses the interests of the wicked wizardof eld who come seeking her in order to get at rain." all right. anyway, that's the book. it's very-- veronica belmont: look at him. bonnie burton: there he is. felicia day: it's verykevin sorbo-ee.

bonnie burton: he is. that's the thing with covers. covers are either great-- veronica belmont: ilove kevin sorbo. bonnie burton: he lookslike kevin sorbo. felicia day: he's amazing,though, and one of the nicest guys i've ever met. bonnie burton: he is, he is. and i have to say, kevin sorbo,especially when he was

in "the middleman," i love himin that playing like a-- felicia day: that wasa great show. bonnie burton: yeah, becausehe played like a james bond-type agent, so he waskind of hot in it. but he still hasthe same hair. he still has that featheredhair thing going on. felicia day: he'sgot good hair. yeah, i just saw him twoweeks ago in ottawa, or three weeks ago.

kiala kazebee: really? veronica belmont: ididn't picture him that way on the cover. like, the way he looks on thecover, i did not picture him in my brain. bonnie burton: ididn't, either. felicia day: yeah, i don't likehim in a t-shirt, either. i mean, we're in likea fantasy land. bonnie burton: muscle shirt.

veronica belmont: he's got likemy shirt on, basically. you know what he looks like? he looks like a really heavyduty journey fan. kiala kazebee: who is it? veronica belmont: he's goingto like metalfest. bonnie burton: metalfest! felicia day: whoread this book? did everybody read it, ordid nobody read it? bonnie burton: yeah,i read it.

felicia day: what did youguys think of it? bonnie, you go first. bonnie burton: i thoughtit was all right. i mean, i didn't hate it,let me put it that way. i did not hate this book. but you're right, it iskind of a commitment. i found myself, my mind waswandering a lot when i was reading the book and also you'reright, i just didn't picture him as heis on the cover.

and i know i should be much moreadult about this and not care so much about cover art,but it really bugs me because sometimes when i'm reading abook, and i'm trying to figure out who's who, especially ifthere's a lot of characters, i'll look at the cover of abook again to try to get a feel for it again, and itkept throwing me off. but i don't know. i mean, it was a good story. it was ok.

i don't regret reading it. let's put it that way. veronica belmont: that'sa good indicator. bonnie burton: i don't know if iwould continue to read books in this storyline, but ithought it was fine. i know know, am ibeing horrible? felicia day: no, no. i agree with you. i think it's very interestingin that it's an epic fantasy

that is just basically arounda romance, versus like "kushiel's dart," which was allabout the adventure, and the romance is integratedinto it. but it's not likethe main focus. the main focus of this is theromance, but it's a very rich, epic world. i think the world buildingwas much stronger than in the main pick. felicia day: but iagree with you.

i think i read up to book three,and then i was just, like, it's too-- first of all, i thinkthe first two books need to be one book. it should have been editeddown because it ends very abruptly, and people inthe forms were, like, what's going on? why did this end? the lead character is veryinnocent, almost irritatingly

so, but she gets betterthe more she learns. but in the first bookespecially, she's dating this 1,000-year-old guy who killedhalf the earth, and she's, like, "you're got to go throughthe front door because that's just rude to gothrough the balcony." bonnie burton: i know, right? felicia day: you killed millionsof people, but get your manners and wipeyour feet, sir. bonnie burton: it's so, like,you don't tell a god to put

down the toilet seat. you just don't. felicia day: yes, exactly! bonnie burton: you know, you gotto realize at some point that the relationshipis not equals. that's the thing that bugsme about this, too. to me, i really love romanceswhere you can tell the two characters, at some point inthe relationship, consider themselves equal to eachother, and that it's a

partnership. and it's not like i dominateover you, or i trick you into something. and this one, i wasjust, like, ehhh! it just felt awkward. felicia day: but the whole arcof the five books, which is like thousands of pages,is them becoming equal. eventually. felicia day: eventually.

bonnie burton: butnot in this book. but this book especially, it's avery uneven power structure. you're totally right. what did you think, kiala? kiala kazebee: i, uh-- what? i-- it's like really interesting,really good-- it was an awesome book. bonnie burton: did youread the book?

kiala kazebee: i didnot read the book. felicia day: ohhhh! bonnie burton: fake it. fake it. kiala kazebee: you know what? you know what's funny? when you talk about that, withthe god and the thing to be unequal, there are these booksby anne bishop, the "pillars of the world" books.

felicia day: oh, wedid that last-- we didn't read those. but those has to dowith the fae. and one of them comes across-- i'm not going to spoil anythingin case we do read them-- but he comes across,and he has a romance with a lady. and it is about her learningthat that's not what she wants, because she wantsto be his equal.

he doesn't treat herlike a person. anyways, i didn'tread the book. bonnie burton: i feel like thatjust goes with dating an immortal, doesn't it? like, if you're human-- or even if you're not a human,but you're like a normal age, let's put it that way-- and you end up hooking up withan immortal, it's like dating a grandpa, or a greatgrandpa, or a

great great great grandpa. kiala kazebee: well, yeah, butif we're going to read a book about it, you want it to be,like, if it's going to be the central romance, you want theimmortal to find something awesome about them. like in "thor" withnatalie portman. i mean, they don't really getinto why they love her, other than she's like a scientist. felicia day: that was nota strong relationship.

bonnie burton: that wasn'ta good, strong-- veronica belmont: oh, felicia,you've got a lock on bonnie's frame, apparently. sorry. thank you. bonnie burton: i am prettyfun to watch. veronica belmont: thank you,athelon in the chat room. bonnie burton: oh, is someonesick of watching me? felicia day: no, iagree with you.

but the thing about a lot ofthe forum members said they love this book more than themain one because i think it has a deeper lore andstorytelling. it was trying to do somethinga little bit longer lasting that way. but a lot of people said i lovethis book despite not wanting to like it. they had that sort of thing,like, why am i liking this? why am i really liking it?

i know i shouldn't like it. veronica belmont: that'show it was for me. felicia day: whatdid you think? veronica belmont: i started offthe book, and i got into the first two chapters, andi was, like, uhhhh! i was doing the thing wherei'm kind of skimming the paragraphs, and i was, like,i don't like this. this is not sinking inwith me right now. and then i started reading more,and i actually really

enjoyed it. and i think it was for thatreason that you said, that the world building felta lot deeper. i actually liked thatshe kind of brought him down to her level. because at first, he was so overthe top, so alpha male, so "i'm rain tairen soul! blahh!" and it was, like,ok, give it a rest, guy. we all know you're a big deal.

whatever. felicia day: you killedhalf the world. ok, got it. veronica belmont: you're theman who scorched the earth, blah blah blah blah blah. veronica belmont: so she kindof brought him down a few notches, and i thought it wasactually very sweet the way he tried to do things by the bookand follow the traditional courting rules that her parentskind of set out, and

he tried to put everyoneat ease. i know that might not be exactlyhow it would have worked out were this to be areal scenario, but i thought it was kind of sweet and cute,and i thought their romance was very tender. i thought his weird, freakybrain sex was kind of weird. you can just have weird, freakybrain sex all the time. like, wouldn't you just do thatall the time and never worry about anything?

felicia day: the last book, hewas, like, dancing fire into her vagina and stuff. veronica belmont: yes! veronica belmont: like,all these things! like, you just do thatall the time. veronica belmont: once you havethat, i mean, it's hard to go back. felicia day: it'shard to go back. bonnie burton: i feellike that it's, you

know, that's a-- veronica belmont: you don't goback to missionary after you get the fire crotch situation. bonnie burton: yeah,fire crotch-- kiala kazebee: i don'tknow if i want that. bonnie burton: theydon't want that. that does not sound good. that sounds like somethingthat needs an ointment. i don't want that.

kiala kazebee: that'swhat that guy called lindsay lohan that time. and it was all sadand upsetting. felicia day: i know,it was really rude. what a dick. the guy was a jerk. veronica belmont: but i'mtalking about actual fire in your crotch. felicia day: it stillsounds painful.

kiala kazebee: i stilldon't want it. veronica belmont: thisis a different thing. bonnie burton: that soundspainful, veronica. that does not sound sexy. even glitter down thereis not good. you shouldn't even think fireis a good metaphor. like, burning loveis one thing. but fire in the crotchis not good. that's like sledgehammerto the groin.

i feel like that wouldn'tbe sexy either. veronica belmont: no, thatwould not be sexy. but anyway, it was a hellof a cliff hangar. i mean, that was some bullcrap right there. felicia day: the first two booksshould have been one book, and it should have beenedited down, i think, and a lot of people also said that. i also think that thebad guys are so bad, and they get worse.

i mean, if read forward, and alot of people on our forums did too, if even gets more-- youkind of keep reading even though you're, like, whyam i addicted to this? it's just almost likei got to see it. and the bad guys just get sobad, and they're so mean and so awful, and you're just,like, god, this is such a caricature, i can'tstop reading how awful these guys are. kind of hilariousand addictive.

bonnie burton: it's almostlike a soap opera, right? felicia day: it is! bonnie burton: that'show soap operas are. soap operas are not necessarilyon point with reality, and so bad guys areextremely bad, innocent people are extremely innocentand naive, and victims become more victims. felicia day: yeah, this is asoap opera equivalent of "game of thrones."

bonnie burton: yeah,yeah, basically. felicia day: like, it's sansa. and she's sansa in thebeginning, but she gets better toward the end. you know what's so funny,because i'm such a huge "game of thrones" fan, it's hard forme to not have "game of thrones" sneak in to bookslike this that i read and compare it. and it's horrible.

i know i shouldn't do that. it's not fair to any author tocompare it to other books, because that's not cool. felicia day: well, yeah. bonnie burton: but it happens. did you have any casting? anybody have any castingsuggestions for this book? kiala kazebee: oh, i did! no, i'm kidding.

that's a joke, becausei didn't read it. bonnie burton: kaila just pickedon the book cover. who would you cast? kiala kazebee: james mcavoy. and? michael fassbender? kiala kazebee: and jenniferlawrence. felicia day: always fassbender,or cumberbatch. bonnie burton: alwaysfassbender

kiala kazebee: fassbender bonnie burton: i'm moving awayfrom always choosing cumberbatch because i'm worriedthat i'm going to get a restraining order. kiala kazebee: oh, my god! do you know how long i had toscroll through pinterest the other day to get pastyour cumberbatch? bonnie burton: i'm sorry. kiala kazebee: your cumberbatchpins, your

cumberpins? bonnie burton: you know, we allhave our ways of coping with anxiety and depression-- kiala kazebee: and pinterestis very soothing. bonnie burton: and for me,pinterest is my warm blanket. it's my safety zone. and when i can't sleep, and ihate myself, and i hate my life, at 3 am i do nothing butpin pictures of cute guys. i would say 90% of them arecumberbatch, but i put some

ewan mcgregor in there, too. kiala kazebee: and ilove you for that, because i love ewan mcgregor. bonnie burton: but yeah, i feellike i'm being an idiot with my cumberbatchesand oats, so i'm trying very hard to-- kiala kazebee: no, bonnie,you pin as many cumberbatches as you want. i'm just giving youa hard time.

bonnie burton: in general. i mean, on twitter too, i'mtrying very hard to scale back my unhealthy obsession slashidiotic teeny bopper. kiala kazebee: there's girlsthat i follow on tumblr who are as obsessed with cillianmurphy right now, and i love him. but every single, like, so manycillian murphy pictures. kiala kazebee: i'mjust, like, uhhh! felicia day: i don'tget that one.

kiala kazebee: youdon't like him? bonnie burton: cillian murphykind of creeps me out because of his eyes. veronica belmont: yeah, hekind of creeps me out. kiala kazebee: i just thinkhe's beautiful. felicia day: he's pretty,but i think he just looks like a magician. bonnie burton: yeah,he does, he does. we had this discussion beforeabout him, that he's so unique

looking that he's almosttoo pretty. it's almost like whenyour eyes-- kiala kazebee: he wouldbe a good dominic. bonnie burton: yeah,he might, actually. felicia day: yeah, hewould be a good dominic, with blonde hair. kiala kazebee: becausehe's pretty. bonnie burton: yeah, he would. felicia day: i thought jasonisaacs would be a perfect

rain, and i actually just saw acouple people on twitter say that, which i did at first. i had it written down. but yeah, i thought jasonisaacs, and then the red headed chick from "gameof thrones." kiala kazebee: which one? bonnie burton: yeah,which one? veronica belmont: oh, ok. kiala kazebee: whichred headed chick?

felicia day: well, the warrior,the one in the north. veronica belmont: isn'the kind of old? kiala kazebee: oh, i hate her. veronica belmont: jasonisaacs is kind of old. kiala kazebee: youknow nothing. whatever. she doesn'tknow nothing. felicia day: kiala, what! kiala kazebee: shedrives me insane. i loved her on "downtownabbey." i did.

veronica belmont: youdo not hate her. no, you don't. kiala kazebee: i do. veronica belmont: nope. noooo. kiala kazebee: oh, yes. oh, yes. veronica belmont: noooo. bonnie burton: oh, fight!

kiala kazebee: shedrives me crazy. veronica belmont:she's adorable! kiala kazebee: no, she's not. she's really pushyand needy and-- veronica belmont: it'sa character! felicia day: it's a character. i mean, if you readin the book. kiala kazebee: she shot himbecause he went away. veronica belmont:she loved him.

kiala kazebee: he'sa dick, but-- veronica belmont:he betrayed her. kiala kazebee: i know, but youdon't have to shoot him! veronica belmont:i'd shoot him. with his mouth hanging open allthe time like that, like he's catching flies in there. big wuss. kiala kazebee: i don'tlike either of them. i like her as an actress.

i just don't likethat character. i know. i don't like any of thedudes on that show. they're all very weak. bonnie burton: oh, veronica,i love it when you do things like that. veronica, i want to thisveronica tirade. we don't get enoughveronica tirades. felicia day: veronica, go.

go, tirade. veronica belmont: whatam i tirading about? kiala kazebee: i don't know. what? i interrupted it. veronica belmont: i'm justlike, i'm john snow. veronica belmont: that'sall i was doing. kiala kazebee: john snow,you know nothing, ok? veronica belmont: ok, wait.

what is this sorcery? veronica belmont: that wasan image macro joke. bonnie burton: someone pleasemake an animated gif of that. veronica belmont: thatalready exists. well, not of me, but thatis an animated gif that already exists. bonnie burton: now it does. kiala kazebee: i havelike no light here. bonnie burton: oh, you know,i failed to mention

this in the last book. veronica belmont: turnto the light, kiala. turn to the light. bonnie burton: can i bringsomething up that i forgot to mention in the last book? and i wanted to ask you guysabout it, because i think you collectively have all readenough books where there's elves in it, and i haven't,so i have this question. are elves supposed to bevulcan-like, where they don't

have human feelings? because i thought inthe book that-- felicia day: i don't think so. ok, but listen, here's the thingabout this book, which we haven't actually talkedabout, and i have to point it out. before we end, we have to talkabout the shape shifting. bonnie burton: oh, right. oh, sorry.

felicia day: so basically, theelves, they can shape shift. they can shape shift, orthey have these pets called tairen, right? that's not how it worked. felicia day: no, thetairen were dying. veronica belmont: pets! felicia day: they're pets? felicia day: they wereshape shifters. he could turn into one, right?

veronica belmont: yeah,because the tairen is inside of him. felicia day: yes, ok. so he has a cat? but it's not just like changinginto a werewolf. veronica belmont: it wasbasically a species. bonnie burton: it'sthis cat, right? felicia day: it hasa spiked tail. it lays eggs.

it's telepathic. and it breaths fire. and it has leathery wings. this is a dragon. veronica belmont: thatsounds about right. kiala kazebee: that'sa dragon. veronica belmont: it'sa dragon-cat. bonnie burton: you and kindof see it on the back. look, you can see iton the back cover.

kiala kazebee: oh my god,it's a cat-dragon! veronica belmont: it'sa cat-dragon. it's basically a cat-dragon,which is the greatest animal of all time. veronica belmont: a tairen wouldnever allow itself to be a pet, felicia, because it isthe most majestic beast. bonnie burton: i bet it's gotlike the best hairball. veronica belmont: flyon the earth. bonnie burton: that's got aboutthe worst hairballs.

i don't want to pickup after that. kiala kazebee: it'slike a dream. it's a dream for me. bonnie burton: it's litterboxmust be huge. kiala kazebee: it's litterboxis the world. bonnie burton: is the world. veronica belmont: the worldis its litterbox. felicia day: oh, my god! but just admire, guys--

admire this author who was,like, just screw it. i'm going to create elves. we have elves, and humans, andbad mages, and then there's going to be a cat-dragon, andthat's going to be a huge part of the series, and people aregoing to treat this seriously, and you do. you don't really make fun ofit until after you stop reading it. you're like, was thata cat-dragon?

bonnie burton: i feel likethere's probably a whole deviant art page is dedicatedto the end times of that dragon. i need to find those. felicia day: oh, god! it's so funny. and yet, when you're reading it,you're just feeling sorry for them because they'redying out. you don't think about--

you don't really put twoand two together. felicia day: not untilafter veronica calls it out like it is. felicia day: i want somebodyto photoshop you as a cat-dragon, veronica. bonnie burton: me, too. veronica belmont: me? oh, that'd be an honor. kiala kazebee: can i be ridingthe veronica cat-dragon?

bonnie burton: and can we allget this on the t-shirt? veronica belmont: whoever makesthe best kaila riding a veronica cat-dragon t-shirt,i will buy you a t-shirt. a picture! whoever makes the best kailariding on veronica as cat-dragon image, i willpersonally buy you a "vaginal fantasy" t-shirt and mailit to your house. kiala kazebee: thisis a good one. veronica belmont: it isofficially a contest.

felicia day: you know what? i will not make youpay for that. veronica belmont: well, justknow that i'm willing to. bonnie burton: that'squite the challenge. felicia day: oh, my god. i have to agree with felicia. any author that can go tothose bounds for world building and development andcreature creating gets a certificate of awesome.

bonnie burton: because it's soeasy to slip into the normal, everyday, well, this is whatelves are supposed to do, and this is what dragons aresupposed to do, and this is what shape shifters aresupposed to do. when you throw that out thewindow, i mean, that's why i liked nina bangs's t-rex shapeshifter books so much. felicia day: this is much betterthan that, though. bonnie burton: it is, it is. but the reason i liked it wasn'tnecessarily because it

was good writing. it was because itwas unexpected. it was original. bonnie burton: i like to readbooks where i can't predict, even based on the cover, i can'tpredict what the hell i'm about to read, and iappreciate that no matter how outlandish it may be. so kudos to the author for that,and cl wilson, i hope that you get lots ofcat-dragon fan

art because of this. felicia day: yeah, hehad a tairen soul. and he was the only one. ok, so thank you, row inferno. rain, the leader of the fae,was the only one who could shape into a tairen. otherwise, they just co-existwith the fae-- felicia day: the cat-dragon. bonnie burton: what'swrong with kiala?

kiala turned intoa music video. kiala kazebee: sorry! bonnie burton: it's likedark in kiala's, and then now it's-- kiala kazebee: i can justturn my light on. you talk, felicia. bonnie burton: it's like abeyonce video in there. where's the backup singers? felicia day: oh, god.

well, we're wrappingup, anyway. ok, so guys, next month weagree on another theme. what is our theme, guys? bonnie burton: uh, weren't wegoing to do a man love man? felicia day: in celebrationof the supreme court-- bonnie burton: pride week. felicia day: --overturning ofdoma and pride and all that stuff, we're going to do agay "vaginal fantasy." bonnie burton: free times.

felicia day: is that offensive? no? did i say something offensive? veronica belmont: no no. i was just, like, yeaaa! kiala kazebee: yeaaaa! bonnie burton: it's pride. it's pride romance. veronica belmont:pride romance!

felicia day: our main pick isgoing to be "tipping the velvet," which i've actuallywanted to read. i've read it years ago. veronica belmont: i love thename of this so much. felicia day: what? veronica belmont: the name ofthis book is so amazing. felicia day: "tippingthe velvet?" kiala kazebee: because weknow what that means. veronica belmont: we knowwhat that means.

bonnie burton: wink. felicia day: winky winky. kiala kazebee: it means holdinghands with a lady. holding hands. bonnie burton: it's not whati pictured, but ok. felicia day: and then ouralt book is going to be "sword'spoint," whichis by ellen kushner. kiala kazebee: i know whatthat means, too. felicia day: "swordspoint."that one has a man/man.

but, you know. you guys are going to likeboth of these books. they're really, really justawesome books, and i'm excited to talk about them next month. guys, do we want toleave anybody-- oh, if you're in san diego,come by the geek and sundry off site. all the information is going tobe up on monday, and all of us are going to be thereand at vidcon.

kiala kazebee: yea! felicia day: check it out. veronica belmont: also, i'mgoing to be at nerdtacular this weekend in utah, ifanyone's going to be at nerdtacular. bonnie burton: wow,nerdtacular. veronica belmont: nerdtacular,yes. bonnie burton: that's awesome. felicia day: anyone else?

bonnie, kiala? anything else? ok, good. bonnie burton: i'm in the middleof writing a couple books, so i'm kind of, like,in the middle of my house, surrounded by craft supplies. you could probably see lumpyspace princess behind me. kiala kazebee: i love that. should i show that off?

i want to show that off. veronica belmont: yeah, yeah. lumpy space princess. bonnie burton: i mayor may not be doing winter times, but-- kiala kazebee: you can. veronica belmont: like,i guess, whatever. kiala kazebee: lumps. lumps.

bonnie burton: veronica, youdo that really well. veronica belmont: thanks. thanks. kiala kazebee: you can'thandle my lumps. bonnie burton: this is lumpyspace princess from "adventure time," so i'm doing someof those crafts and some other crafts. i'm going a craft book. i guess i can just goahead and say it.

i'm pitching it, so i don't knowif it'll get published or not, but it's a craft bookwhere i'm matching retro crafts from the '70s withretro cocktails. veronica belmont: oh. felicia day: oh, i love that. bonnie burton: right? so you can do a craft thatdoesn't really exist anymore that people mostly don't do. so it would be, like, macrameand margaritas,

decoupage and daiquiris. veronica belmont: you shoulddo a mai tai one because we just got back from hawaii andwe bought a ton of rum, and we're going to be practicingmai tai recipes. bonnie burton: oh, maitais are great. felicia day: that'smy favorite drink. veronica belmont: what? felicia day: my favoritedrink. veronica belmont: mai taiis your favorite drink?

bonnie burton: is it really? felicia day: that andlava-- what is it? lava things? veronica belmont: lava flow. felicia day: oh, my god. i'm going to hawaiifor christmas. felicia day: i'll haveto get a mai tai. bonnie burton: i like hawaii. i think hawaii's awesome.

i went one time, and all i didwas, like, buy kitschy hula girls and get hit on by reallycute nigerian guys. felicia day: what'swrong with that? bonnie burton: it was awesome. let me tell you something. i don't necessarily havea waify figure. if you put two dita von teesestogether, that's my body. felicia day: that sounds good. bonnie burton: twoof them together.

not skinny at all. and i will tell you that yeahfor nigeria, because they appreciated me, all of me. so thank you, nigeria. kiala kazebee: yeah, jamaicais like that, too. i went there with my mom, andshe got off the boat, and the men came up to her. and they're, like,"you're so fat! i

love it!" [laughter] kiala kazebee: shewas so happy. bonnie burton: i needto move to jamaica. let's move to jamaica. do i have to go outdoorsall the time, or can i just stay indoors. kiala kazebee: sitinside and drink. veronica belmont: you mustfear the evil day star. i will say, thought, if anyonewants to find me, i'm usually

online, so usually twitterand pinterest. if you follow my pinterest, iapologize because it's mostly going to be cumberbatchand bookcases. so that's benedictand bookcases. that's what you should do. kiala kazebee: mine's not, soyou should follow mine. bonnie burton: yeah, ok. felicia day: all right, guys. we'll see you next month.

and we're going to be delayed,so i'll post the date. it'll be august, uh-- i'll post it. anyway, go to the forums, checkit out, and if you are participating in a local,meet up as well. bonnie burton: wait, wait. i do want to say, if anyonerecords this-- i hope to god someonerecorded this-- felicia day: no, it'sgoing go work.

bonnie burton: --records this,post it just in case google loses it like theydid last time. felicia day: no, it'sgoing to be fine. veronica belmont: it'sgoing to be fine. felicia day: it's goingto be fine, bonnie. bye bye! veronica belmont: it willdefinitely be fine. felicia day: keep smiling. kiala kazebee: bye, guys.

veronica belmont: bye!

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