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Kamis, 13 April 2017

Coloring Book For Adults As Seen On Tv

Coloring Book For Adults As Seen On Tv

(jang star entertainment) now that i'm in jang star entertainment i'll be able to become a star soon. no! you can't be a star! the best music producer, jang star? nice to meet you. i'm jang star. out of the way. mr. jang, i want to be a star. - you know who they are, right? / - of course i do.

bam and gung! bam, bam, bam! gung, gung, gung! a dummy from jeonju and a punk from daejeon. i turned these guys into stars! you can tell if someone's a star by how they do a photoshoot. - pretend you're doing a photoshoot. / - yes. pleased to meet you!

1, 2... no, you can't shoot! you have no potential to be a star at all! you guys want to show him? swag! show him. hello. we'll pump up first. ready.

we're ready now. 1, 2, 3. enhance my abs. and make me taller. - just a bit. / - like this. just a bit. let's start your training now. - try singing a song. / - yes. ♪ i believe ♪

♪ that you're ♪ nothing! there's nobody around you! where's your vocalization? so teach me vocalization. this is our agency's top vocalization trainer with the greatest vocal range. jjaparoti! jjaparoti? stop! my ears hurt! his voice cracked my cell phone screen!

what are you doing? i didn't hear anything. only a little punk like you can't hear it. it's the 23rd octave. - it was? / - let's start class now. this vocalization can make you realize what's really important in life. jjaparoti! ♪ re, mi, re, re, do, mi, fa, sol, sol, sol, la ♪

what's that? what's really important? what's really important? nothing to it! your vocalization isn't important here! then teach me what's important. you've been talking out of your butt. what did you just say? - that you're talking out of your butt. / - no! you can't be star! a star can't be unrefined.

our top trainer in manners.... jjanti! jjanti? hello, i'm the trainer on manners. i'm jjanti. a star must always act classy. you're very classy. such a cool reaction. let's start class. what did you do last week?

i saw a musical on the weekend. oops! musical is unclassy! it's not musical? musical. you have such good pronunciation. so what was most memorable in the musical? in the last scene, the orchestra played...

orchestra is unclassy! it's not orchestra? orchestra. - right. / - i see. then what's your favorite genre of music? my favorite genre of music is... trot medleys! he loves trot. what is that?

♪ the rainy honam line ♪ ♪ on the south-bound train ♪ mr. jang, what is this? what do you mean? you're a star now! (manga teacher) i don't want to be in class. man, what a drag! so annoying! geez...

shoulder throw! half point! - suji... / - of the judo team! i hear it... i hear it... i hear a lullaby. snore, snore... - what's with her? / - i don't know. why is she like that? what should we do today?

let's play all night. it's me, sunshine! shall we start class now? students, please write this down quickly. it's... hurrying... and... rushing! he's such a creep! soyoung. isn't that the teacher's diary?

- let's steal it! / - alright. "thank you for being by my side." must be a love letter! class, what are you doing now? bring that back now! oh, so close. "i'll always be your reliable protector." - cringe! / - stop reading that, students! "i love you, my students."

what the... gosh... i was going to read that to you guys myself. i love you, my students. teacher! are you well? it's going... it's going... it's going down! powerful student! what did you just throw?

i wrote you back. teacher, heart. oh, it's touching. heart racing. suji! i fell into his pace... please be quiet! - how many languages was that? / - seriously. time to shine again!

i'll continue with class now. let's shoot the teacher with this. yeah! here i go. it's, it's... something didn't feel too nice. one more time. oh! it stings! what are you doing, students? bring that to me right now!

no! - give it! / - i said no! hey! the love bullet has arrived. i totally fell for him. students, time to shine again. let's continue with class now. - i don't want to have class. / - yeah! hey, looks like the teacher bought new shoes.

- we should stomp them then. / - okay! teacher, looks like you got new shoes. yes, i got a new pair. it's... it's, it's... brand new. then we should stomp them! students! my shoes are getting dirty! it's scuffed up! stop it, students! wipe, wipe.

time to make them, shine. (despicable train) passengers, there are zombies infected with the despicable virus on board this train. survivors should move to the front car to be safe. despicable virus? it's tough for office workers to get by on their salary. but don't blame society. blame your parents...

for leaving you no assets! so despicable! if those zombies bite us, we'll become despicable too. we should hurry to the front car! can we make it to the front? this man... i saw him on tv. ranked number 1 in the world in taekwondo. it's jang yunseok! let's trust this man and go.

1, 2, 3! what's with his voice? low block! drive punch! spinning back kick! i survived! what happened? what was that? that voice. we can live if we become despicable. then i'll go first.

- are you confident? / - yes. when i walk my dog in the park and it poops, i don't clean it up. i'm that guy. i'm sorry. - sora. / - yeah. - you trust me, right? / - yeah. i will protect you. just believe in me! honey! oh, no!

he's been infected! no! he's not infected! honey, are you okay? i was supposed to introduce you to my friends! your friend jihye is really hot. i'll go if she's there. what are you saying? hey, does jihye have a boyfriend? dang, i wish i met jihye first.

honey! you need to become despicable to move up. - i can't do it. / - get it together! think about your boyfriend who turned into a a zombie because of you. alright. you have a gut and you seem like an old man! that was weak! be more harsh! remember, honey?

you got on your knees and proposed with a ring. i was so surprised then. how could you give me a ring without a diamond? geez... you're so thoughtless. oh, you're not thoughtless. you're just poor. what do we do now? dad, i'm thirsty. hana, drink this. did you put your mouth on that?

you got germs on it! nobody can drink that now! - did you brush your teeth? / - i did. then you have bad intestines. this really reeks! hana, let's run. we can blind the zombies with this. drop that teddy bear. no! i'm taking teddy with me! it's the only way you can live! - no, i don't want... / - hey!

you think you get to do what you want in life? you never agree to do something you don't like. you think i'm your dad because i like it? - so despicable! / - we did it. hana! dad, zombies! close the door! dad, i think the zombies will get in! hana! block the door with the stuff here!

here, take this bundle. here's a ball. this won't work, dad! that's because you have such a negative attitude! look at me. you think i was good at this from the start? who do you take after? then i want to stay on this side. why are you so selfish?

fine then. dad! i stacked all this. he's so despicable! (knew this would happen) sir. i deposited the money i collected yesterday. good work. anything else going on today?

chairman song of gag group will visit. - chairman song? / - yes. really? hello, sir. hello, chairman song. long time no see. what brings you here? to see how you were doing. gosh! this guy...

don't beat around the bush. get to the point. well, our company needs some money urgently. please lend us $10 million. of course i will. $10 million... then the interest is $10 million too. what? that's too much! don't like it? then just leave.

this guy... if you're going to be like this, i'll tell the police that you give out illegal loans! what are you saying? do you have proof? it's right here. he... i knew this would happen! which is why i bought him jeonju hanok village! park bogum shot a drama there yesterday.

good. if you lend me borrow the money, i'll return this ledger right away. - hold onto this. / - yes. hold onto this, sir. which is why i got him a luxury yacht. dolphins follow me around on my yacht. - like this. / - good. that's amazing. now what?

i have the evidence now. the evidence... bring it! i got the signatures of all your victims on this complaint form! once this is revealed, you're finished. which is why i changed them to celeb autographs! this is zo insung! obama's autograph too?

you fool. i've recorded their testimonies too! let me turn this on. when i think about what he did to me... which is why i stretched the tape. how? you can't tell what they're saying. you giving people money... here...

it's all in this security camera! which is why i changed it for a tissue box. this is a tissue box? go blow your nose, buddy. look here, chairman song. yeah, i did give out some loans. but so what? got any proof? a reporter has recorded everything you just said! where's a reporter? what are you talking about?

which is why i've been recording in here. you're finished if i take this to the police! give me that! - what are you doing? / - take this out! get rid of this. i'll go to the police and tell them to investigate you myself! let's go. hey, hey. you're not going to the cops.

i've blocked off all the exits. which is why i made a way out here! this way will lead to outside! which is why i made this a no passing zone! you can't pass through here. which is why i made it so you can step over! i can just step over! which is why i planted a mine underneath! cross over and it explodes.

which is why i added an emergency exit here! i can go out through here. which is why i made only the wood part open. only this part opens? that exit is blocked. hold on. hey. this can be pierced! i can just break through! which is why i blocked it off with a metal door!

it's a metal door. and there's even a lock on it. you can't get out without the passcode. passcode? is it your wedding anniversary? i guessed right. which is why i didn't throw out your wedding invite! november 23. so it must be 1123.

1123! which is why i made this a karaoke machine! i didn't know this would happen! where are we? (zoom in, zoom out) zoom in. 3 months? is that so? why would you tell me that now?

does anyone else... know about this? please keep it a secret from my girlfriend. well? i'm begging you. zoom out! yes. you can't buy it with no interest for 11 months. it's written right here, sir! you're the only customer that doesn't know.

honey, did you pay for it? i'm begging you! (please go away) where's my man that will love me on this chilly fall night? bingo! mr. cutie guy. allow me to sit here a moment. how do i get rid of this giant ketchup bottle?

i see you have a skewer left. can i eat this? this isn't a skewer. this is a toothbrush. here's some toothpaste... goodness... brushing your teeth... it's too soon for us to kiss. i'll let you have this instead. if she slapped me i could've at least hit her back.

how about i feed this to you. feed me too. she sure is terrible. i don't think she'll back off easily. sure, i'll feed you. you should open your mouth wide. i'm getting sleepy. - excuse me.. / - goodness! excuse me, old man.

old man, please go home and sleep. excuse me, please take away this elderly person. may i help... hey. why is min hyorin passed out here? open your eyes. taeyang is here. beat it! you are a cold woman.

but that's okay. you're charming. who are you? an employee? i'm a part-timer. but my dad has a department store. a department store? which one? a dollar store. but don't misunderstand.

not everything in there is a dollar. beat it. i hate nice guys like you. i have a criminal record, you cow! i ought to kill you... i shouldn't have shown how recklessly i lived. oh, no. i'm suddenly hungry and want instant noodles. i want to eat noodles... - together with you! / - together with you!

you told her, didn't you? this psycho is driving me crazy too. i'll destroy you. i'll destroy you! i feel like a drink after playing the piano. excuse me! bring me a bottle of your most expensive alcohol! oh, luxury guy! you must be a pianist. i enjoy playing the piano too.

are you a web-foot octopus? gosh, it's a fresh one. did you know? i'm very young. you're very foul. i think we'd make a good couple. i think i'm about to puke! does my makeup look good today? it sure looks like you ate a lot today.

i want to be alone with you! i want to headbutt you! stop, stop, stop! it's finally time to choose. i've always loved a man that can dance well. i think cutie guy is the better dancer. cutie guy. goodness! shall we dance?

- gross! / - shall we dance? luxury guy! what's with these guys? (the most sensitive people) yes, mom. you didn't see me in the drama yesterday? i was the first passenger to get off the bus. next week? no, i'm not in the show next week.

okay. i'm sick of being an unknown actor. when will i catch my break? excuse me. yes, miss. just a moment. gosh, why i can't i get this knot off? - knockoff? this is real! / - pardon? no, that's not what i meant.

i meant to say that this is too tight. like when your clothes are too tight. - was that directed at me? / - pardon? you said my clothes are too tight. it's actually a trend to dress like this! oh, for real? it's real! yes! it looks real. it's not that it looks real. it is real!

yes. i can't recognize the difference anyway. - can't recognize. / - pardon? you're talking about me, aren't you? how so? you teased me for being an unknown actor. it wasn't like that... i'm sorry. i didn't know. of course you didn't know. even my parents don't know what shows i'm on.

that's not what i meant... calm down, sir. hello, monk. - i'm not a monk! / - what? then why'd you shave your head? because it's hot! then why are you dressed like that? it's just a matching outfit! and i go to church!

yes, i see. here's the menu. go ahead and pick something. that sounds like a buddhist prayer! ♪ which one should i get ♪ ♪ eenie, meenie, miney, mo ♪ i'm picking something from the menu! yes, i see, i see. recommend something for me.

the chef recommends the sweet pumpkin salad. i can eat meat! why would you recommend a veggie dish? just get me a steak! one that's dripping with blood! alright! alright! gosh, what's with everyone today? all the customers are weird...

excuse me! mister... you can't sell these in here. i'm not selling these. i bought them to eat myself! why'd you buy so many? 1 for $1 and 5 for $3. that's why i bought a lot. oh, that's pretty cheap. cheap?

this is an expensive luxury brand! yes. i wasn't talking about that. alright. so what would you like? i really like fruit juices these days. i can't think of the name. i'm sure you can't think of my name. i get so little screen time on tv! no! we're not talking about that. alright. then... is it grapefruit juice?

alright. what size? - a large, right? / - yes. sure. a large. i am not a large! i am a medium! yes! that's not what i meant. - i didn't bring my wallet. / - really? i'll come back again. sure. go ahead.

this is why i'll never excel. i'm not an xl! i'm a medium! are you blind? oh, come on. you've never seen him before. - of course you've never seen me! / - no... i'm never on tv! - no, it's not like that... / - forget it. i have a temper. why would i go to a temple? i go to church!

what's wrong with all of you? everyone stop! i'm at my limitation! imitation? how many times do i have to say? this is real! that... gosh i'm about to burst! my clothes won't burst! i still have plenty of room! that's not what i meant. ma'am...

- monk. / - what? i am not a monk! what is your deal, man? i'm an actor! an actor! you may not know me but i'm an actor too! why do you keep looking down on me? nobody did. what? i can tell it's so obvious. you can tell? this is real!

i'm just trying to work hard and get some praise! appraise? - you want to get this appraised? / - what? fine! it's a fake! but it's a high quality knockoff i paid a lot for! that's not what i meant... gosh, i can't breathe! i can breathe just fine! i am not holding my breath now! want to see?

no, no. don't come out. don't come out? i'm not on enough as it is! how can i come out less? what's with all of you? gosh, i can't do this. i am not buddhist! i'm christian! that's not what i meant! why are you doing the buddhist bow?

is so insensitive! (the escape) hello? is this 911? i'm trapped in a tunnel now. please get here soon. am i going to die like this? it could happen. i should call home. hello? big sis, i don't think i'll make it home today. you at the lan center?

no, it's not that. what are you doing now? i have a nose patch on. if something happens and i die... that feels better. what feels better? sis. i'm hanging up. have a good life. hyeonho... hyeonho!

yeah, what is it? - bring up the parcel from security. / - hello? sis... sis! i'm going to kill her. what if i die before 911 gets here? what's this? the facilities division for this place. i'll call them. we build them strong.

this is jeong seungbin of the facilities division. the tunnel has collapsed. - the tunnel collapsed? / - yes! - why? / - what? the ground shook and the tunnel collapsed. - the ground? / - yes! the ground shaking is the geology division. i'll transfer you to them now. don't transfer me. hello?

we love the ground. this is lee changho of the geology division. i said the ground shook and they transferred me. - the ground is shaking? / - yes. calm down for now. is there anywhere you can take cover? there's an exit. but the door won't open. - the door won't open? / - yes. that's on the facilities division. i'll transfer you.

no... excuse me... yes, this is jeong seungbin in facilities. the door won't open. - oh, the exit door won't open? / - yes. why won't it open? that's what i want to know! - you want to know? / - yes! - burying in the ground? / - no! burying is the geology division's responsibility.

i'll transfer you. yes, this is lee changho of geology. i wanted to ask something and i was transferred. oh, what would you like to bury? i'm not burying anything! will you guys take responsibility if i'm buried here? - seasoned green onions? / - what? planting green onions is on the food, agriculture, and forestry committee.

what are you talking about? i'm so annoyed! - atomic? / - what? that's kim jongun's responsibility. - i don't think i can transfer... / - good-bye! why can't they do their jobs properly? what do i do? who is this? - hello, is this hong hyeonho? / - yes, that's right!

is this 911? - this is gag insurance. / - what? we don't ask questions about your health. anyone can get insurance from us. this isn't the time for me to join. most people say that but it's good to take precautions. so how about it? i don't need insurance! i'm about to die now! - you're about to die now? / - yes!

then i recommend getting life insurance. if you suffer stress disorder you can get $100,000. - $1 million for death. / - good-bye! why is this guy trying to sell me insurance? this is nuts... now what do i do? who's this? - can you hear me? / - yes, i do. can you hear my voice, hong hyeonho? yes, i do. is this 911?

this is lee sanghun the anchor of "tonight news." we're going live in a bit. but i have a few questions for you, hyeonho. let me ask you some personal information. how tall are you? 168cm. - and your weight? / - 74kg. - no, that's too much. / - what? listen up, hyeonho.

you're not 168cm and 74kg. you're 47kg. but that's so low. you haven't eaten for a few days in that tunnel. that's why you lost weight. i got trapped today. your family... did you talk to your father? my dad passed away 2 years ago. - good. / - how is that good?

what about your mother? my mom's still alive. is your mother home now? no, i think it's just my big sister now. we'll say your mom left home. why would my mom leave home? because you're so poor and she couldn't take it anymore. we're a wealthy family!

- you're wealthy? / - yes. we'll say there are many daughters. but there's only one daughter. then i'll say you're a daughter too. why am i a woman now? hyeonho, in case you forgot. you are 168cm and 47kg. you're a very slim woman. see? makes sense. - do you want a beating? / - we're going live now!

the safety in korea has crumbled again. she became stuck in a tunnel trying to find her mom who left her poor family of many daughters. we have miss hong hyeonho on the phone. miss hyeonho, your mom left home due to poverty. you have something to say about that? we're doing very well! you're doing well so she shouldn't worry? she's trying to make her mom feel relieved.

i'm really going to die here. but she says she'll die without her mom! ma'am! are you listening to this from somewhere? viewers! please send your donations so that the great daughter hyeonho can escape poverty and find a new life. those that wish to send a donation to hyeonho can contact this number.

everyone in korea is rooting for 168cm and 47kg miss hong hyeonho who is in that tunnel with her frail body! forget you! when am i getting out of here? 3 weeks? i didn't know. two lines.

the date... daughter! you had this yogurt drink? this is 3 weeks expired! yeah. it didn't smell when you drank these? how could you not smell this? how many did you drink? why'd you have so many?

you should've checked the expiration date. my stomach... hurry and go poop! (large love) what's taking minkyoung so long? minsang! hey, minkyoung. what took you so long? i saw a chicken skewer stand on the street.

so i bought some. why'd you buy chicken skewers? but i bought this. the chickens really are skewered! it really is a chicken skewer. let me get one. this is my dessert. oh, i see... thinking of dessert makes me want spicy rice cakes.

is that how it works? - alright, let's eat. / - yeah. put that in there. i'll eat this later. - welcome. / - this looks good. what should we get? what would you like? spicy rice cakes, rice rolls, fritters, fish cakes and blood sausages,

sure. your rice cakes... plating your rice cakes first. no, one of this, this, this and this. - this entire thing? / - yes. - all of these? / - yes. alright. sure. how much is it? $300.

here you go. thank you! thank you. here's $600. what's this for? for my food. - you want two of all these? / - right! make that for me. so...

some fish cake broth... broth... just a joke. you can have it in this. that's better. i'll pour it in. great. just have it all. - really? / - yes.

i'm going to enjoy this. mister, we get this much more, right? of course. let me buy the cart bar next door. hurry back. this looks great. let's eat. i'm so excited. oh, right. - something really funny happened. / - what? - you know yeongsik, right? / - yeah.

he sang at karaoke and... - hey. / - what? what did you just do? i just burped. am i even your girlfriend? why are you so mad over a burp? you had hamburgers without me, didn't you? a bacon tomato deluxe burger. you added two slices of cheese too?

incredible! i can't trust you. let's break up. you're dumping me because i ate a burger? fine! do whatever you want! aren't you going to stop me? nope. you'll regret it. i won't!

fine. i'm leaving. i regret it already. - i told you that you'd regret it. / - yeah. i'm sorry. please sit down. - your food is here. / - here it is! it's twice the amount. mister, where did you get all this? i took out a loan and bought the other cart bar. - minkyoung, let's have fish cakes first. / - yeah!

- mister, got any soy sauce? / - here it is. use the brush to add some on the fish cake. we're going to eat this much at a time. - just a joke. / - right? - you'll need this. / - yes! - nice! / - great! i can use a paint roller! - mister. / - yes. - what about mine? / - i'll get you one.

i think they're painting a house nearby. - hurry back. / - okay. - yeah! / - this looks great. what should we eat first? let's eat... go, go, go, go! - let's eat. / - minkyoung! - dang it... / - so here you are. hey, buddy. i told you to stop following us. are you insane?

yes, i am insane! for minkyoung. minkyoung saved my life. my car brakes went out and i thought i'd die when i hit a big tree and the car stopped. that tree was minkyoung's leg! i was just waiting in line at a restaurant. no, minkyoung. all 5 airbags went off. i brought something for you, minkyoung. i had these specially made. custom-made shoes.

wow, so pretty... i made these myself. dough flake soup. wow! that looks great! minkyoung, so this is your choice? love is so hard! - when did you make this? / - eat it later. after the dough flakes are bloated. great! - this looks good. / - hey, wooil!

- this looks great. / - where'd he go? why are you here again? you should pay your protection money! who are you to charge me for that? beat me up all you want because i won't pay! looks like words won't be enough. get over here. - you won't pay? / - excuse me! why are you tormenting this man?

who are you? why are you doing this? just use your words. this is really ticking me off. - hey, trash all the food. / - yes, boss. what? trash the food? - hey. / - what's your deal? - minsang, let's eat. / - yeah, alright. just don't beat me up.

(like a family) so why are we all at the movies? father, i got some free tickets. i don't see soyoung. she went to academy. she's studying very hard these days. hurry! geez! just cut academy like i did. what? you're here? where?

- where? / - behind you! you little brat! hey, why is everyone here? why are you here instead of studying? study, study, study! i'm sick of studying! younger sister-in-law, your midterms are next week. you should study. don't be like that, sister-in-law!

is she a machine that just studies? she says she's tired of it now. well, if soyoung does well on her exams. i was going to take the sisters on a trip. you little brat! get your butt to academy! geez! i don't want to go! dad, i want to watch a movie. movie! be quiet! someone quiet this girl down! dad, give me $3,000 so soyoung can quiet down.

why do you need $3,000 for that? to send her on a temple stay for mute training. how does that cost $3,000? to offer $2,500 to a temple! i'll wish that you have a son, dad. pay up! honey, don't be ridiculous and hold the tickets. hyunjung, did you just give my son an order? i raised him better than that.

my son is the first boy in korea to wear a disposable diaper. mother, i wasn't disrespecting him. mom, don't say anything to sister-in-law now. she's clenching her first. sister-in-law, the trip! - alright, alright... / - geez... dad, why are you here? i'm here to watch a movie. what about you?

i came to see a movie too. i got a girlfriend. i'm right here! daesung, it's me. (special guest kim gyeongae) i told you before. this is my girlfriend. say hello. hello, father. oh... hi there.

dad, don't speak informally! my girlfriend is 2 years older than you! sweetie, i want to tell you this in front of my family. spend the rest of your short life with me. dentures. daesung! - only have eyes for me. / - okay. ♪ look at me, look at me ♪ dad, we're going to see the movie!

what's with that fool? dad, don't be mad. let's go watch the movie. i hear the star of the movie did the action scenes without a skunkman. auntie, you're so ignorant! it's not skunkman. it's stuntman! - read a book for once! / - yeonggil! you're mouthing off again! what? i want yogurt.

dad, i want yogurt. - yogurt? / - yeah. did you hear that, dad? give me $5,000 for yogurt. how does yogurt cost that much? to go to greece and have greek yogurt, and i want to bike ride on a beach in santorini. ♪ pay me so i can go ♪ don't be like that, big bro!

you shouldn't ask someone for money when they get shocked at loud noises in the theater! both of you please stop! honey, just go buy some popcorn. daughter-in-law! what did you just say? no, mother. i'll go buy it. stop with the buying already! is using money all you think about? here. go fry these up.

mother, how can i fry these now? why'd you ask her to do that, mom? she can't even make rice properly. i'm sorry. i was going to buy everyone dinner since i'm not at cooking, but perhaps you'd like to cook instead. give me those. i'll fry these. why would you fry those? you go, daughter-in-law! be quiet!

this is a movie theater! we're always fighting! i'm going home! dad... what? you can't make it? but i already got the tickets. what do i do? then would you like to watch it with me? ♪ i watch the same things as you ♪ (1 vs. 1) quiz show 1 vs. 1!

we have lots of contestants today. let's meet the first contestant. i'm from l.a. my weight could kill you. i'm kilogram. why do you do that? it's hip hop. don't do that. i said don't do that! here's your first question. fake paper money that look like real bills

that should never be used. what is this? here's the answer. should never be used. toothpaste made with humidifier disinfectant. don't mess with stuff we put in our mouths. ♪ yo, the consumers brushed without knowing ♪ ♪ it became a huge headache ♪ ♪ you're all shameless ♪ ♪ if you knew and sold those, you're all monsters ♪

why do you keep talking about this stuff? that's why i don't use toothpaste. - i use this. / - it's toothpaste. no, it's... stop messing around! i told you not to do that! here's your second question. a freshly caught fish that's edible. what do you call this? this is the answer.

here's a hint. it ends in seon. ends in seon. ♪ on dates you take a cruise ♪ ♪ the flight to jeju-do is domestic ♪ ♪ such a refreshing horizon ♪ ♪ fix the working conditions at the fire department ♪ that's great, but why are you talking about this? - our fire fighters work very hard. / - yes.

- they need better treatment. / - true. things must be hard for you too, minsang. oh, you didn't have to... throw the cap away for me. this is for me. drink it all! stop messing around! let's meet the next contestant! good to see you, il hoseon.

i haven't seen that outfit before. - i got a hoodie. / - oh, a hoodie. hold on... what happened to the back? where's this part? my ears got so cold. what about your back? - i'll make one for you too. / - stop that! did you eat by yourself?

stop it. don't mess around. here are your questions. continue the songs i start to sing. here we go! - ♪ my hands are cold ♪ / - ♪ and so is my back ♪ don't mess around... next! it's a famous song! - ♪ i hate money ♪ / - ♪ but i'd love some ♪ - give it to me. / - stop messing around!

next! - ♪ i really want to ♪ / - ♪ give me $10 ♪ - you said you hate money. / - stop messing around! - want me to make you a hoodie? / - stop it! - stop messing around! / - you ate by yourself. this contestant has memorized every wrong answer to be on our show. this is jeong yunho. nice to meet you. i've memorized these answers 100%.

i think i can take the prize money today. that's great. i'll give you a test. this was from last year. this is used to give cookies and bread volume... baking soda. amazing. i really hope you win. we'll start with the easy questions. this is the first one.

it's about education. who are taught by teachers at school? i don't know that one! that wasn't in here! that's because it's so easy. how do you not know? you know. kids in uniforms on the bus get their bus pass scanned and it says what? you know this!

oh! this is a transfer. give me one more chance. forget it. try to get this second one right. here's the second question. what animal do you ride in horseback riding? that wasn't in here either! but it's so easy! the actors in historical dramas ride these. - what do they ride? / - their manager's car?

no! not that. - do you know what a colt is? / - yeah. yes! what do you call a grown up colt? oh! mr. colt. no! what do you call it when a colt grows up more? oh! hey, sir colt. no! not that! it's all grown up! really big! what do you call it? oh! ceo colt.

why would you say that? i'm giving away a free lunch here! - i'd like a free lunch. / - stop joking around. - it wasn't a joke. / - stop messing around. let's meet the next contestant. 1st place is mine. jung haecheol, let's go, go, go! i'll answer everything right. great, haecheol. please just let me finish before answering.

this is a question about snacks. - puffed corn... / - your teeth. no. let me finish. - to make puffed corn... / - a punch in the mouth. no! i'll do a different one. it's about nature. - clouds... / - "love in the moonlight." - way up there... / - park bogum? no! don't do this. i'm getting tired.

even my agency gave up on me. - marriage agency. / - what are you saying? a fortune teller said i'd get a girlfriend this fall. false hope? - my face... / - looks like pig. if a girl asks to marry me first... - hidden camera prank. / - hey! let's meet the last contestant! i go to the hospital these days, i'm lee byeongwon.

hello, byeongwon. what will you do if you win the prize money? i'll go to mojito for a glass of maldives. you've switched them around? my friend asked me to borrow money. i told him no. because i have my own fry to fish. - fish to fry. / - fry to fish. - fish to fry. / - my mom told me to be careful.

she told me peatedrely. - repeatedly. / - peatedrely. repeatedly. - kidding me are you? / - are you kidding me? kidding me are you? - hey! / - i'm massaging your shoulders. just answer the question. italian astronomer, physicist and mathematician who said the famous quote about earth,

"and yet it moves." who is this scholar? i know this one. answer! oigalile galilei. what on earth is that? that's wrong. switch it up again! galgali lileioleili. what on earth are you saying?

- are you kidding me? / - kidding me are you? time to clarify things. how did you first meet kim minkyoung? - don't be ridiculous! / - just tell me. don't mess around. kids like this. they fold colored paper into various shapes. what is this called? i used to love this as a kid.

ingfold perpa. what is that? it's all wrong! fix it up right! perfold ingpa. all wrong! - it was all messed up. / - that was wrong? dang, i was going to sing a song if i won. what song? mama's "big resignation."

it's big mama's "resignation." ♪ time for a massage, kidding me are you ♪ this has been... - sang minyoo. / - yoo minsang! - 200! / - 200! - 250! / - 250! i'm sorry. we're trying our best. then don't just watch and help! - you must... / - you have to.

the current time is 8:27. zoom out. - 250! / - are the rice rolls ready? 250! you still haven't finished making 300 rice rolls? the bus can't leave because of the rice rolls! why would i make rice rolls? forget this. i'm not buying. - you must... / - you have to!

what's with this couple? make them all by 8:30. (can't take it back) honey. hurry. you don't have to. i'm going to buy you clothes today. you even get clothes for me. you're the best, sora!

- honey, honey, honey. / - yeah, yeah, yeah. then how was i when you first met me? got to stay focused! i have to think back 538 days. i must remember! i don't remember! one wrong word and i'll never hear the end of it. yes. almost. - almost. / - that's right.

you were so pretty when i first met you that i almost kissed you. you can't do that! - i almost kissed you again! / - there are people! - honey, these clothes look great! / - yeah! - this looks really nice. / - yeah! let's get this! honey, this looks nice and so does this one! this place has so many nice clothes. you should try all of these on.

when will i try all those on? am i a model? i'm a model. try them all on! sora, which one should i try first? this one? put this one on. how do i look? pretty good, right? no. this isn't the fit i wanted! same outfit as won bin yet you look so different! it's all because of your gut!

you're going to quit drinking starting today. no! i almost had to quit drinking from buy clothes! i'll pick one out fast and get out of here. sora... how about this one? are you a manuscript? then... this is nice. how about this one? are you a leprechaun? if you dress like that, people will chew me out. why can't you dress properly?

you're going to make me look thoughtless too! that won't work. it's so hard to go clothes shopping! i'll convince sora. i don't need clothes because i have a lot at home. - oh, you have a lot of clothes? / - yeah. then why do you always wear this? is it sewed on to your body?

no... this shirt is really comfortable. oh, so you're comfortable around me now. is that why you don't care what you wear? - it's not like that... / - then... - just wear what i pick for you. / - yes, ma'am. this looks nice. oh, this is nice. i'll try it on. - it looks good! / - how's that? it looks really nice on you.

- perfect size. / - sir, it looks really good on you. yes, you have a pale face so it really suits you. - would you like it wrapped? / - sure. wrap this up. - no. / - sure. we're going to look around. where are we going now? no. i can't deal with this anymore! yes. i'll just tell her we should buy something here. sora.

the clothes here are nice. let's buy some here. - oh, you like this place? / - yeah. because of the clothes or that girl? just wear what she picks you and go on a date here! that won't work... yes. i'll just do what sora says. honey, there's a lot of nice stuff here. - this looks nice too. / - let's get this then.

no. the one before was better. come here, honey. - put this on again. / - but i just tried this on. - it's a hassle? / - that's not what i meant... are we here to buy my clothes? this is for you. - oh, so you don't like this? / - no... then we're going to keep walking around until we find something you like! you'd better stay sharp!

i was super focused! (movie little television) the camera is rolling. the broadcast has started. hello. we are movie stars lee sanghun... - song yeonggil... / - and song wangho. i bet you're all wondering why three big movie stars are doing this internet broadcast. whether it's cooking or eating in front of a camera,

communicating is huge these days. that's why we prepared a movie that you can communicate with. please post a lot of comments. we'll get started now! a communication movie? totally excited. i should chop some wood to feed the family. my axe! oh, no!

you... i am a mountain god that lives in this water. he came out of the water looking like that? my axe! oh, no! why are you crying? he came out of the water but he's not wet at all. what are you going to do? what's that for? no... nit-picker sent 50 moon balloons.

50? thank you! mountain god! my axe fell in the pond! - is this gold axe your axe? / - no. - then is this silver axe your axe? / - no! - then is this iron axe your axe? / - yes! my axe is the iron axe! he'll give him all 3 axes for his honesty. so obvious. is the iron axe really your axe?

yes! you're arrested for illegal littering! and you threw water on me earlier. that's abusing the elderly. wow, now this was totally unexpected. nostradamus sent 100 moon balloons. 100? thank you! stop dancing and get in here! i'm a greedy woodcutter.

so this is the pond that changes an iron axe into a gold axe? "gold axe and silver axe" is such an obvious story. why are they still doing this? so this is the pond where the fairies bathe? nice transition into "fairy and the woodcutter!" a fairy! i'll steal the fairy's clothes. give me back my clothes!

not until you have 3 kids with me! then i guess i have no choice. i know this story too. i got him! you're arrested for stealing a fairy's clothes and for blackmail! the mountain god was on a stakeout? chills! fairy tale nerd sent 1,000 moon balloons. 1,000? thank you!

here you go. that must've been tough, miss fairy. put this on and go back up to heaven. why is he helping her get dressed? lee sanghun is so tactless! i was waiting to see. this is annoying! left the room. left the room. left, left, left, left... left the room. oh, come on! you blew it, sanghun!

why are you blaming sanghun? am i supposed to strip here then? expose myself? shin dongyeob sent 10,000 moon balloons. 10,000? thank you! (manly men) hey, man. i heard you were dumped. everyone knows! who said that?

stop being ridiculous! come on. i already know. she even texted you. "it's been fun." that's what she wrote. if she writes, "it's been fun," are we broken up? she was just complimenting me that she enjoys dating me and that i'm good to her. i must've been so nice to her for her to write that. i heard she avoided you once on the street.

if she avoids me, are we broken up? she was embarrassed because she wasn't wearing makeup. she's very feminine. you're so optimistic... hey, man. i wasn't going to say this, but did you look at her social media page? she's meeting her boyfriend's parents this weekend! really? why didn't she tell me?

- better tell my mom to get ready. / - kiyul... taehun. should i go to my ex-girlfriend's wedding? how much gift money should i pay? why would you pay money? why would you go? get it together and find someone else. guys with small faces are popular these days. should i get a meridian massage to become popular? you're being ridiculous again.

you think a meridian massage will shrink your face? use your head for once! you shouldn't try fixing your face. - try fixing your heart first. / - i think this should work. oh, please. i'm out, man. - like gong yoo. / - always on that nonsense... how do i look? doesn't this hat make my face look small? it looks like your brain's too small!

no wonder. how annoying. what's this? i'm so annoyed. i'm going to dump my girlfriend. why? we went to a jumbo shrimp festival and ate grilled shrimp. i should dump her, right? - over that? / - why? whenever i peeled a shrimp

she gobbled it up. then shouldn't she pay me $1 for peeling shrimp? that's the humane thing to do. shrimp! shrimp! whole shrimp! if you've ever seen that commercial. was that an impression? my bad. anyway, she ate my shrimp

and i became furious. i should've stopped her from dipping and eating my shrimp. - what? / - it's a rhyme. she said, "honey, you're good at peeling shrimp. you must've peeled a lot of shrimp." want me to peel your face off my fist? gosh! i was just a shrimp peeling robot.

what is he saying? she must've saw i was upset. she went, "have one, honey. ah." i should've bitten her fingers too. - that's it. i'm out of here. / - where to? to get my $1 or dump her. time to settle this. good luck, man. - he's serious. / - get this hat out of here.

- that's mine. / - geez, what a bunch of losers! two men whining over being dumped by a girl. you've never done that, mister? never! it's over once i break up. i don't even remember the name of my ex! maybe i should try to pick up a different girl. - take a shower first. you stink. / - i stink? sena! why do i still stay up all night thinking of you?

why was your decision to hate me so absolute? why are you so tough? he's really struggling. myunghoon, what happened? i asked her for my $1. she said, "i can't believe you. i don't have any money for you. and i have something to tell you. i'm seeing someone else."

so then what? i was shocked and said, "you're lying, aren't you? you're lying that you don't have money!" she really was lying. i got it. you're the true manly man! (the demon) this is it. i can sense an incredible evil presence here.

- it's a strong presence. / - stay calm. is this for both men and women? men and women? no, it isn't. it's for tigers! tigers! geez! it's a demon. it's a middle-aged man demon! come out of him! come out! the demon is out.

show us your true form. now! the middle-aged man demon! a lot of sporting goods here. hey, a skateboard. if i kick it, is it a kickboard? kickboard! hey, a ping pong net. hold on... if i walk with this net... net-walk.

sounds like network! a weight and a bokken. hey! put those down and don't do anything weird. why do you keep butting in? you really need to learn to weight. want me to beat you until your bones are bokken? bokken, broken! stop it! listen up.

what does a woman do when she has on a really expensive belt? garter belt. guard her belt! garter belt! you're not laughing now... but listen up. when you fasten your seatbelt later, you'll crack up. why are you laughing so hard? want to guard my belt too?

hilarious! what a relief. i think the demon is gone. i'll go check. hey, man. are you okay? it's dangerous here so you should run. - what are you hiding? / - what are you saying? - you hid something! / - what are you saying? - what is this? / - i'm putting sand in. sounds like what are you saying!

the demon is back! come out! hey. get over here. - do you like kicking the ball? / - sure i do. yeah? then i'll make it happen. it's ice. i said i'd make your cheek cold. want your eye to be cold too? how about your stomach?

hey. don't worry about him. here's a step-counter. here. look, it's 10,000. see 10,000 sounds like step-counter. look at the 10,000! get it together! geez... hey, demon. you don't know? don't underestimate middle-aged men. you kids try to look cool in front of your girlfriends

by going fast in reverse and spinning that steering wheel. we like to spin things too. hold this. exercise equipment at the park. you have to spin these. now this is how middle-aged men go in reverse. and you kids wear denim on denim outfits

wearing denim for both your top and bottom. we like to wear matching outfits too. a custom hanbok! i had it made the same color of mud. now this is the mud on mud look for us! (serious kingdom) according to the serious records of joseon... during the rule of king serious, it was said that laughter made the nation silly

and so the serious era began... despite laughter being banned in this nation, you dare make the people laugh? i'm going to find the criminal and punish him. - we're innocent, sire! / - be quiet! the mastermind is among you for sure. who is it? sire, it is said that he made people laugh with a korean poem. - a korean poem? / - yes.

fine. recite a korean poem. but make it unfunny and serious. the topic will be things found in the market. you're first. go ahead. alright. i'll do a "safety first" version. "safety first?" yes, i'll do dried fish. dried fish? alright. dried...

i'm the best fighter in this school! how dare you? you country bumpkin! fish... death from going to the national training center! beat this man! not quite there. i'll do a good one this time. i'll do sorghum. alright. sorghum...

shh! son! shh! is your mom next to you? then just listen. there's $100 behind the photo in my bedroom. that's my secret stash. don't tell you mom. sorghum... death by being on speaker phone! beat him again! you in the middle. you're next.

i only have to be as funny as him, right? yes, just be at least that funny. yes. i'll do words that went down in history. historical quotes? first, i'll do burner. burner? alright. burner... michelangelo made the statue of david with his weary body. he looked at his statue and said something that would go down in history.

burner... did i make it too realistic? - not quite there. / - we have a winner! i don't think we'll see him on this week's episode. you're up last. skip this guy. skip this guy? looks like you're confident. i'll do the english subtitle version of korean historical dramas being shown in hollywood.

- historical drama subtitles? / - yes. i'll do malt. - they have it at the market. / - like malt syrup. - right. / - alright. malt... we must find out! i'll hit the streets and find out what the people want and want to purchase. i'll go see with my own two eyes.

- malt. / - eye shopping! - beat this man! / - eye shopping! try to make your jokes more classy. eye shopping? what was really classy wasn't it? don't criticize. i'll do mung bean. like mung bean pancake. - mung bean? / - yes. alright. mung... i'm being honest.

he looked exactly the same. i was shocked. like he was made from your mold. his face looks exactly like you, sire! - bean... / - decalcomanie! - beat this man! / - decalcomanie! i'll do young radish last. - young radish? alright. / - young radish. young... don't make me angry!

that is our nation's national treasure! give it to me. give it to me now! radish... my precious! - my precious! / - beat this man again!

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