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Senin, 22 Mei 2017

Coloring Pages Of Animals That Lay Eggs

Coloring Pages Of Animals That Lay Eggs

the term 'easter egg,' refers to a hidden message or joke or in the case of this list, scare in a video game. it was originally coined by atari, after they pointed out a secret message left by warren robinett in the video game adventure. in this list, most easter eggs, are usually visual or triggered events that just add extra scares to the game. they are not necessary to gameplay, but make for a spookier experience. so here are the top 45 scariest eastereggs in games. if you've played star fox, you already know there's a secret black hole level.

however, it turns out there's another even more secret and downright creepy level that isn't even shown on the map. so most people will never know about it's existence. to reach it, you must go to the hard asteroid belt stage and destroy a greenish gray asteroid, that will release a giant space bird. now you have to fly into the giant bird. once you do that, you will be thrown into a warping and waving field of stars and planets. planets with faces that are grinning at you. apartment 3c is an easter egg

added by rockstar games, as a referenceto the 1983 film 'scarface;' as the film takes place in florida and has a mafia-like style. the bathroom in it, is splattered with blood with a chainsawpick up right next to it; another nod to the film scarface. theapartment plays no role in the storyline whatsoever, but it was rumoredto be featured in a beta mission. the laboratory map is medium sized for ghost mode but was also available for new death match in the past. this map is pretty basic and loved by many players, but it still held a weird and creepy picture of a baby near theblacklist spawn.

there's a door with a lot of sparks. if you look closely between the doors, you will see a picture of a baby. there's been no indication on whose baby it is, but many believe it's just a weird easter egg made by the developers. this creepy picture can be found in a vent in the level 'focal point.' from a distance, it appears the man has no pupils in his eyes. but he does in fact have, 'eggs' for eyes; hence the pun easter eggs. huh. see what we did there? this easter egg is also found in a toilet cubicle. the photo

of the person is one of the developers for gearbox. if not for the terrifying chord at the start, players found that several minutes in strange, slow, demonic voices started playing. among some analysis, many audio experts started claiming that the voices were audition tapes for the character captain ash, in the game that were slowed down. it's clear that you wouldn't hear it the first time around, as you were more eager to get back into the action. dead island took inspiration from a number of horror classics, but buried in the jungle was a cameo appearance by jason voorhees. if you can find the

machete wielding maniac, you'll have a hard time killing himsince he's one of the most difficult enemies in the game. his attack is a one hit kill, he can outrun and chase the player all over the level. yes, it's officially not the jason, but his trademark hockey mask, disturbing bedroom and trademark weapon, are proofenough. in the last chamber of the santa maria, there is a pool. staring into the pool for 1 minute,

causes a giant squid to swim by. if this process is further repeated, a cutscene plays and an enormous tentacle comes out of the water. what is it's purpose? and does it tie into the other games? the answer remains a mystery. there aren't many creepier feelings in the wide open ocean, and one better way to make that fear even more scary, than my traveling out of the playfield. a giant squid tentacle will attack the player and cause them to be thrown back to their original position.

in the last courtyard, there is a loan health pill in the middle right hand corner. if you pick it up, you will activate a 'secret watcher.' look above, where you will find two eyes floating in mid-air. shooting them activates a "secret mighty kamikaze,. once activated, the kamikaze will explode itself in mere seconds and it has a huge explosion radius so stand back. the boss in the final level of doom 2 is supposed to be a giant horned demon skull head and if you listen closely,

the beast says in a distorted voice and demonic chant this. now, if one were to reverse the sound clip it will say this. in order to find john romero, you had to enable the no clipping mode. walk through the wall behind the demon head and thenbe confronted by the designer of john romero's head on a pike. lucas arts, snuck this creepy little extra into the western, shooter game outlaws. if you acquired some dynamite in the very first level, you could blow open the 'outhouse' and wander into a secretroom with a ufo. opening the ufo window, reveals several aliens.

in the game jam sessions for the nintendo ds, if you allowed the a6 guitar chord to ring out and not press anything afterwards, a whispered voice, that sounds very much like after some investigation, it was apparently one of the recording artists saying "next" in japanese but the developers had forgotten to remove him. the psycho mantis boss fight in metal gear solid, is renowned for having one of the most innovative player experiences. psycho mantis is psychic and when he reads snake's mind,

he's actually reading the memory card on your console which is still pretty creepy. when he recognizes a game file he'll mention it while demonstrating his abilities. in one of the earlier test chambers of the game, you can find an abandoned room hidden off to the side of the level. much like the rooms found in the original portal. if you stand close enough to one of the graffiti-covered walls, you can hear a kind of disturbing chanting. apparently this is a background character named 'doug rattmann,' who appeared in a comic book set between the two games. he's the only survivor of glados

and is responsible for all the graffiti and junk laying around the lab. there was an anti-piracy message that was hidden in the game sonic cd, for the sega cd. at the title screen you can activate the sound test by pressing "down down down left and right." to see this message, make sure the numbers read 46, 12, 25 after that, you will be taken to this screen. apart from the hellish music, what's more disturbing is the fact that the picture was signed by the devil. the actual japanese text translates to: ghosts are paranormal phenomenon that are often featured as easter eggs

throughout the metal gear solid games; and this ghost was one of the very first scare frights players encountered. if solid snake photographs the second projector screen in the hold 2, then itwill appear. if a player successfully takes a picture of the ghost in metalgear solid hd collection, they will earn a trophy achievementcalled "who you gonna call?" as a reference to the comedy blockbusterfilm "ghostbusters." the normal zombies you frequently encounter in the game usually make some strange howling noises.

however, if you reverse it, it will sound like this. if you play the game after 10:00pm in the evening, the program will whisper your name at random times. it has a large collection of whispered names and uses your game orwindows profile name. definitely creepy for first time players. in the halo 2 song, 'destroyers indication,' in the first meeting of the mausoleum suite, on the halo 2 original soundtrack; a mysterious voice chants. if this mumbling is reversed, a voice is heard saying: there were more hidden gravemind quotesin halo 3's soundtrack too, and some appear

as a reference to elliott's poem "thehollow men." if you travel to another town and reset, you won't get mr resetti, but one of your neighbors will say that they can't reload. if you carry on playing, you will notice your character will have the 'gyroid face.' basically, nintendo planned this into the game, to make sure you don't forget to save the next time you play. in a game such as this, you wouldn't even think for a moment that a stage would be haunted by the slenderman; but it is. at several parts of the level, you will notice him in the background, standing motionless sometimes with tentacles protruding from his back.

if you reach the end of the level and not fire yourself at the target, you were greeted to this. in super mario 3d land on stage 4.4 when mario reaches the end of the level, instead of jumping on the flagpole, run behind it and stand at the gate for about a minute. after a while, a ghostly figure will slowly materialize in the background. it resembles a tall skinny sheet with a mask for a face. it doesn't do anything. it just floats in the background creepily for about another minute before it disappears again. fans have referred to it as a 'shy guy mask' or 'kodama' or even a 'hell valley skytree.'

this face appears on two levels. world of warcraft takes place in a truly massive universe, so there's a lot of room for weirdness in the dark corners. in the town of goldshire, for instance if you're standing in the right spot at 7am, you'll see '6' children running around in a pentagram formation before fleeing back into their home. if you follow them, you'll hear some spooky ominous music and find the kids standingcompletely motionless; still in their pentagram configuration. they apparently disappear at 8pm each day only to

reappear the next morning. when asked, blizzard said that the children are homage to the diablo games; a popular series also from blizzard. in the fenix rising dlc the slab map, search for a recreation area outside. find one of the thrash balls and kick it to a gate that's blocking a hallway towards theelectric chair. kick the thrashball through the circular hole in the gate. a rat will exit the hole and a disturbing locust laughs. once you perform the death row laugh easter egg, if you go to the top left door on themap where the footprints are and shoot it,

you'll hear the sound of a man the showers on the right hand side when looking down the stairs, there's a knife stabbed into the wall. the teddy bears have made many appearances throughout the call of duty games, but their appearance in black ops 2 is anything but creepy. apparently, somehow teddy bears at the mystery box spawn points will scan the room looking towards the left then will quickly drop its head as if it were spying on characters looking like itwasn't trying to be noticed.

shooting or knifing a teddy bear will cause flock to come out of it. however no visible wounds can be seen onthe actual bear. in super mario galaxy 2 in the shiver burn galaxy, use first person mode and look upinto the mountains. there are doing shadowy figures watching mario what'screepy as that they follow mario's every move as they are seeing in variousplaces in the background should you go in the first person mode.hackers have apparently found mysterious creatures as a texture in the game'scode called "hellvalley sky tree." stranger still when hackers have used flying cheats to try and reach the

figures they simply disappear. depending on the actions the player took, certain hauntings would appear in the room. the most common ones include: shadows, veins in the walls, ghost emerging and strange noises. there were also hidden easter eggs such as a head, henry's shadow and therabbit who stares back at the player once they look through the crack in the wall. possession is one of the most useful vigors in bioshock infinite and one of the most evocative, as you get

it for the first time. a beautiful ghost woman is seen seducing whoever you use it against. the strange melodic sound that's difficult to understand. however, if you reverse the audio clip you hear this. this is actually dialogue from shakespeare's romeo and juliet. so now that you know that voice, it leads many of the victims to suicide as shown in the upgraded version of possession. if players went idle for several minutes, the screen would static slightly showing the face of a child or an adult. similar idol scares have appeared in the other games too. most notably fatal frame 3 and 4. the game gives no indication or clue as to

who the the faces belong to. as the player is seen by monsters, they're sanity meter depletes. the lower the meter is when entering a room the more likely a 'sanity' effect will occur. when the 'sanity' effect is over, the screen flashes a bright white. after which everything returns to normal;as the player is teleported to the last room they were in. most effects occur randomly, although some are scripted to appear only in certain levels, or at certain points and are thus classified as eastereggs.

one particularly, freaky moment was when the game takes control of your game and deletes all of your save files. but you can breathe a sigh of relief, when you realize it's only a 'sanity' effect.similar in terms of fatal frame's idle easter egg, if the controller is left idle for several minutes, the game's audio will go silent and a still image of pious takesup the screen. in the first mission, there's a hidden easter egg that many players didn't know about. if a player started opening and closing the double doors, repeatedly the hud

screen will start to flicker. if the player kept opening and closing the doors for a few minutes the door and table will disappear and alma will be standing inside. if the player wandered through the set of double doors , then the screen would flash white and alma can be heard saying: on the level sanctuary, if players went prone and hid next to certain gravestones, they would hear the voice of girl talking about something. the voices are actually sound clipstaken from davis family vacation. a video introduction to the 8th mission of the game; which takes place after mind the gap. the ghost room is an easter egg found in call of duty finest hour in the level

called 'underground passage.' if players took the right side of the tunnel, they would find a door that cannot beopened with a medpack next to it. by throwing 3 grenades at it, the door willbe blown open. the ghost room consists of no ceiling except for floating candles, and a small p51 mustang flying around. on the ground is a small sherman tank rolling around. atoilet is on the right. a chair with the kaiser bear will besitting and in the center will be a cradle with a coveted sticky bear laying at the foot of it. at first the cradleappears to be empty,

but going up to it and looking inside it, the ghost of a young boy appears sitting in it. hitting the action button when near him, will make him get out and walk in midair posing as a soldier. he doesn't seem to acknowledge theplayer is there and gets a blank stare the whole time. the entire room also appears to be lined with strange pictures and near the stairs there's a browning 30 caliber machine.when the player first comes inside this room, an american voice will say: "this is easily

creepiest thing i've ever seen." a hidden easter egg that sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. you will come across many teddy bears found throughout the 'suburbs' level. some will just be sat and stored on shelves but there was one hidden in a room, that was possessed. it had glowing red eyes and sometimes if you stared at it long enough. you ended up taking damage for unknownreasons. what's worse, if you looked back the bearit would have returned to its normal state. scarecrow does not appear in arkham city, however a boat with one of his victims

in a heap of creepy stuff can be found. in this boat is shipment orders from falcon one of gotham's mob bosses. as aneaster egg, the game goes in the first person perspective, with a thug sitting in a chair and a list that proves that scarecrow was there. already mentioned in our creepy urban game legends list, the ghost of the hitman contracts, appears in the level 'traditions on the trade.' if you pick the lock while nobody is looking, you can go into a hidden area of the hotel.

if you carry on through a dreary hallway, you'll run into a cop that tells you that there's been a nasty accident in one of the rooms. there's a dead body on the floor and aknife on the wall. however when you walk into the bathroom you get to see the ghost in the mirror. you can also see the ghosts appear in the bedroom too. the ghost has no relation to the plot whatsoever. it's not even an achievement or anything like that. what is its purpose in the game? and who it actually was remains a complete mystery. the ghost can also be killed and is said to appear in six different parts of the level.

rockstar included a large number of scary easter eggs in tumbleweed, to supposedly to make the game much more atmospheric and creepy. if players wandered throughout the area they would encounter strange things. such examples include the walls of the first and second floor of the mansion changing color very slowly. random footprints appearing on thestairs to the cellar. voices whispering in the cellar, lightsflickering, faces and spirits appearing and doors closing by themselves. even animals have been seen acting veryoddly, such as the rabbits who appear to be sitting in the rooms even when players approach them.

horses mysteriously disappear from the barn and one lone skinny horse is spotted near the windmill. barking is also heard throughout the area, and if tracked long enough, will eventually lead to the cemetery, where there are no dogs to be found growling noises are considered a rare phenomenon, that is said to occur inside the abandoned alderney casino in beach areas at night. the growls are said to be similar to that of a lion or dog which is further confusing because there are no animalsin grand theft auto 4. others say that the growls come from a ghost that resides inside the casino.

the only possible explanation for the growls is the echoing sound of thunder from a storm or it could be one of the hobos who lives and sleeps in the old casino. the haunted baby stroller, with no visible owners; it's placement could be a reference to children in the game. it's haunted because it tends to move by itself; and when you shoot it, you can hear a little girl's voice saying 'mommy' if the player takes a helicopter to the 'statue of happiness' in liberty city, they can walk through a door with a plague that reads "no hidden content this way." after you climb up a giant ladder through the center of lady liberty,

the player will find a massive beating heart suspended by chains in a red-tinted chamber. a lot of unanswered questions remain. is the statue alive? why is it suspended by chains? and why isit even there? it's weird, disturbing and very confusing? in the one shot room, located above the breechshot spawn; a player can throw a grenade up onto the rafters to knock loose a painting; which will fall onthe wall opposite to the room entrance. next to the portrait, there is a small scrap of paper that can only be destroyed

with the snub pistol. once the paper is destroyed a small orb will appear on the cog located on the painting wall. small papers identical to the first one will then appear near all the paintings on the map. destroying a paper will change the nearby portrait into something gruesome. once all 8 of the papers are destroyed, return to the one shot room and find thecog fully lit, with all 8 glowing orbs. approaching the painting will cause a reaper to phase out of it, scour through a book and return back intothe painting. shooting the painting, will teleport youto a secret tomb, where you have to fight

the 'rebirth' on a one on one dual. the rebirth's health far exceeds any standard multiplayer character and spawns with two random weapons, everytime you enter the room. while killing the 'rebirth' does not reward you with you with a unique medal or a weapon skin set, it does count as a kill towards your score. it can sometimes drop a booshka, which is the only way of getting one in this level. uboa is a secret easter egg in the japanese freeware game yume nikki. where the player controls a girl while she dreams. the game is very explorative and could at face value be considered barren, but there are spooky secrets underneath it all.

when in a certain npc's house, there is a 1/64 chance that when you flip the light switch off, uboa will suddenly appear. it's a startling effect to be sure, but the entire house changes. you can't leave the house, you can't turnthe light back on; and the only thing you can really do is touch uboa since he stalks you around the room. or stab him with your knife effect. at barts department store, if the player gazed at the nearest mannequin at the right before the enemy shows up, the mannequins head will slowlyturn toward the direction of the player

and remain in that fixed position. now the idea was for the player to wander away from the mannequin, so that itwhispers: this in turn, will entice the player to turn around and notice the head already turned "your dead" once players enter the changing rooms, things turn sinisterly evil. for starters, strange supernatural forces are present. often doors locking themselves, locker doors opening, or lights exploding. the hidden easter eggs here are the doors the players will wander through. if players attempted to go back,

the doors will violently close with no explainable reason. the game never mentions that the level is haunted in any way. there's no reports on the matter. there's no dead children anywhere. in fact all the player has to fight are crawlers and addicts. in the new mortal kombat, there's a place called "the krypt," where you can gain prizes such as alternate costumes or fatalities. the place is creepy enough, it consists of a dark graveyard / swampland; divided into sectors and you gain prizes in one sector

by activating torture devices to killpeople such as iron maidens and racks. players have stayed far away from thekrypt and for obvious reasons. screamer's. these disturbing demons willsuddenly flash on screen for a split second, seemingly at random intervals which caused a lot of fear amongst the gaming community. when on the roof where the plane is assembled, the player is required to have a sniper rifle such as the barrette m82a1, or the dsr 50. they must proceed to the far end of the roof to left of the runway. if the player scopes in on the firework display in the distance,

a distorted picture of what appears to be russman's face will flash up on the screen for a split second. why this happens and to what purposeremains a mystery. when you start doom 3 and wait, you will be given an intro with lots of text about the advancement of the uac. near the end for a split second, a zombie skeleton face, with one eye missing in a wide open mouth will appear on the planet. you must have a quick eye, because itlasts only a second. while wandering the toilets of the first few levels, there will be many mirrors placed above the sinks.

however one of them reveals a terrifyingeaster egg. the first few levels you will encounter rooms with the pentagram symbol on the floor, surrounded by candles, where demons spawn from. the rooms have key pads to get into them, but some doors have key pads that are broken if you look closely you will see text saying something. when it blinks the text quickly changes and says something like"hell waits 2 kill you" the first bathroom you can enter is on the right hand side and a man exits from it.

if you venture to the far corner of the cubicles you're here strange whispering, almost as if the vent of air is whispering something. the fact that most of the uac staff claim that unexplained things are happening ties this easter egg together. the game boy camera allowed you to take a picture of yourself and edit it while in the exhibition. it was rather useless because the game boy screen is very small and the screen resolution was grainy and did not supportcolor. it didn't sell very well and had manycomplaints from users who had pressed the "run" button.

the "run" button, was meant for a mini game but it wasn't the type of mini game that you would of expected. pressing this button would make the game freeze and show you a number of vandalized and creepy faces

Coloring Pages Of Animals That Lay Eggs