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Selasa, 06 Juni 2017

Coloring Pictures Of Hello Kitty And Her Friends

Coloring Pictures Of Hello Kitty And Her Friends

in this video i will show you ten adorablegift ideas that everyone would love to receive. these are perfect for christmas, birthdaysor any other occasion. investing time and thought in presents is really what turns alittle present in something big and meaningful, because it shows that besides the object you'realso giving a lot of love. hey loves! december is just around the cornerand i'm so excited about the christmas lights, yummy food and hanging out with friends andfamily. but this is also the time when we stress out about the christmas gifts. butdon't you worry, guys, because i've got you covered. in this video i'm going to show youten affordable and epic diy christmas gift ideas that you can make for your loved ones.these are also perfect for birthday presents

all year around and of course you can totallyjust diy them for yourself. i'm not going to lie, i'm probably keeping one, two or fivegifts for myself. okay, i hope you guys are excited, take your crafty spirits out andlet's get started. for someone that loves ice cream and deserts,an ice cream sundae box is a perfect gift! to make it you need a gift box and a bunchof ice cream related things like cones, cups and toppings like candy, sprinkles, honey,ice cream scoop, little spoons and decorations. now we have to package everything nicely.for the cones, take some cellophane and roll it like that to make a cone shape. secureit with a piece of tape. put in a few ice cream cones and make a bow on top using ribbon.pretty cute, right?! next let's make three

little bags of sprinkles. here i have bluecolored sugar. i also have this beautiful colorful confetti. yum! in the third bag i'llpour a bunch of pearl confetti. to decorate the bags cut a small piece of colored cardboardpaper, fold it in half and punch it on the bag with stapler. this makes the bags lookso festive and pretty. i think packing the cone and toppings into the diy packages addsso much to this gift box. fill the box with other ice cream related goodies like thisice cream scoop. you can fill the handle with sprinkles! when you make yourself an ice creamyou can quickly add some sprinkle yummines on top of it. so cool, right? i also got thesethree little jars, which i decided to fill in with some sugar covered chocolate candy,gummy worms and honey. you can use different

dressings like chocolate or caramel sauce.and of course besides candy you can use chocolate chips, crushed cookies or chopped nuts, driedfruits and chopped dark chocolate for a bit healthier options. just think about the favoritesnacks of the person the box is for. i'm adding two little notes in the box as well. on thefirst one i wrote ice cream sundae in a box and on the other, bon appetit and i addeda raffia hanger to both. to make sure the spoons won't scatter all around the box, let'stie them together and make a bow. we are finally ready to put all these goodies into the box!i think it looks extra cute if you add some tissue paper on the bottom – i scrunchedtwo pink pieces andâ popped them in. you can make so many different thematic sundae boxes.if you're making it for someone that eats

very healthy you can put in a bunch of differentyogurt toppings, like granola, crushed nuts, seeds and so on. the options are endless.i think an ice cream sundae box like this will put a big smile on the face of whoeveryou'll give it to. pimping up plain clothes is a great way tomake amazing gifts at affordable price. here, i transformed a plain sweater into the mostadorable cat sweater everyone would love. all you need to make it is a plain sweaterthat you can get for very cheap, scissors, pink and black felt, ribbon and fabric glue.start by outlining the animal you are going for. i decided to make a cat so i need a pairof pointy ears, eyes, nose, mouth and whiskers. cut all the shapes out. be creative and makeother animals of your choice, like a dog or

bear for example, you can have so much fundesigning the sweater. for the nose i am cutting a little pink heart from a light pink pieceof felt, just to make our kitty cat sweater even more cute. here's how it looks when weput all the pieces together. hmm... something is missing – a little pink bow, so let'squickly make one from a piece of ribbon. place the ribbon around the pointer and the middlefinger and lead the bottom end up and through the opening between the two fingers. tie bothribbon ends together in a knot. take the bow off your fingers, trim away the excess ribbonand you are done. these ribbons can be used for so many diy projects but today we areusing one as a fashionable accessory to our kitten. all we have to do now is glue thepieces onto the sweater. fabric glue is completely

washable and should last many years. i amso pleased with how this cat sweater turned out! making a present like this is so muchbetter than just buying a fancy expensive piece of clothing in a store. it really showsthat you took time and put effort into creating a present for someone you love. plus it'sway cheaper for you! this is such a fun and easy diy project that you can totally makefor yourself as well. a great christmas or birthday gift idea forany age is this beautiful picture frame. you need an inexpensive picture frame, acrylicpaint, paint brush, glue and some fake flowers. fancy picture frames can be quite expensive,while you can get such plain ones for a dollar or two and you can pimp them up yourself.i decided to color the frame in green and

then decorate it with artificial flowers.if you are giving it away for christmas you can switch the color to red and decorate itwith snowflakes for example. but i wanted to make a frame that you can have on yournight stand all year around. i applied two coats of paint to get it nice and opaque.wait for a few hours or until it is completely dry and we are ready to glue on some can buy such fake flowers on the internet for super cheap. i still have a lot left frommy hair accessories and school supplies tutorials, remember? i put five flowers on two cornersof my frame, but you can stick them all around the frame if you prefer. in any case the pictureframe will turn out gorgeous! put in a picture of you and whoever you are giving this frameto – your friend, mom, grandma and i guarantee,

you will melt their heart. i mean... who wouldn'tbe absolutely blown away by receiving such a special and thoughtful gift. every timethey will look at this beautiful picture, they will remember how lucky they are to havesuch a special person in their life – you. every chocolate lover would be thrilled toreceive these home made chocolate bonbons. they are very quick and so much fun to need some silicone molds, chocolate and toppings like sprinkles and mixed nuts. firstwe need to melt the chocolate. i’m doing that in the microwave so i have to break thechocolate into the microwaveable cups. i have some milk and some white chocolate. yum, yum!you can also melt your chocolate over the stove. once the chocolate is melted, pourit into the mold – i have this heart shaped

one, but you can find so many other cool designsin a store. flatten the chocolate with a spoon and then add toppings of your choice. i havesome shredded coconut, chopped hazelnuts and sprinkles for the first three. i want to makemore than that so here comes another row of chocolate yumminess. here i am also usingsome blue sugar and pines. let’s now make some white chocolate bonbons. wait what?!i figured that i overcooked mine, so white chocolate rest in peace. but we're not goingto stress about it for too long because i have some milk chocolate left. leave themto cool completely, you can also put them into the fridge for a while. time to takethese babies out of the molds! look at this perfection! omg i'm so proud of myself rightnow. totally tapping myself on the shoulder,

no shame. they look so professionally made,right? i'm gonna try this one. no girl these are not for you, these are for the gift, theylook so good i just wanna eat them. put them in a jar or a pretty gift box. decorate itwith some ribbon to make it more festive! you can personalize it for a friend that youare making them for. for example if that person is all about healthy living use 70% chocolateand top the bonbons with healthy stuff like nuts and goji berries. these are such a yummyand awesome gift. ear hats are a huge trend and you can actuallymake them yourself! i'm going to show you how. all you need is an inexpensive hat, twobuttons, thread and a needle plus some yarn. first we need to make two pompoms. wrap theyarn around the palm of your hand about hundred

times. trim the excess and take the yarn ballof your hand. take a short piece of yarn or thread and wrap it around the yarn ball end up with this bow shape. with scissors cut through the loops on both sides. the bowshape is gone and we end up with a fluffy yarn ball. time to make our pompom nice androunded so just have fun with scissors and play with it until you are satisfied withhow it looks. there we go – this one is looking pretty posh! but since all the animalshave two ears, we have to make the second pom pom, which has to be of the same sizeas the first one. our two balls of fluffiness are ready and we can attach them to the hat.thread your needle and make a couple of stitches for each of the ears. if you want you canjust use fabric glue. since my pom poms are

quite big and heavy i figured that sewingwill probably work best for me. make a final knot inside the hat, snip away the excessthread and the first ear is done. do the same for the other one. just by adding ears, thishat looks so much prettier than before, right?! you can totally finish here or you can giveour bear a face like me. for the eyes i am using a couple of white buttons to match theears. sew them on a hat using black thread, which will represent the pupils. besides beingan awesome gift idea, this project is also great for up-cycling your old hats and refreshingyour winter wardrobe. i will definitely make another one for myself if i give this hataway because i just love it so much. for the nose and mouth i am using yarn and fabricglue. make a little oval shape for bear's

nose and a wave for the mouth. here we haveit, our mister bear hat all done and looking epic. this diy is really inexpensive, butso unique and special. the lucky person who receives a gift like that will surely feelspecial and appreciated. you know what guys i was thinking that noneof my friends have birthdays in the next days and i am feeling pretty hungry so i am justgoing to dig into the ice cream box. i have to give it a little quality control to makesure it's good enough as a gift, right? i am taking two scoops of raspberry sorbet whichis so good! a little whipped cream never hurt nobody, so let’s put it on top. time forthe toppings! i’m going for some honey first, because raspberry sorbet can be quite sourand we need to balance it out with sweet honey.

we also have to check out how the sprinklescoop works! mmm nice, i'm going to mark it as approved. all we need now is some dã©corand an ice cream spoon. how pretty is this snowflake! you can make decorations like theseyourself. cut some shapes of your choice from colored paper and stick them on a toothpick.after a quality control has been performed, i can totally approve this ice cream box asa perfect gift for any occasion! i love it! happy birthday! if you need some small and inexpensive presentsto give to your friends – these candy bonbons are perfect. to make them you'll need somecandy, ribbon, cellophane, tape, toilet paper roll, wrapping paper and scissors. start bywrapping the craft paper around the roll and

secure it with a piece of tape. fold the extrapaper on the sides inside the roll like this. pop the candy of your choice into the opening.take your cellophane and wrap it around the candy roll. secure it in place with tape.make two ribbon bows on the sides and you get a perfect bonbon shape. how cute are these!?make a bunch of different colors and give them to your best friends or you can use themas stocking fillers. easy, inexpensive and totally adorable little gifts, i am in love! anyone that loves beauty and likes to pamperherself would be happy to receive this moisturizing body scrub. you need a bowl, a jar, essentialoil, food coloring, sugar and coconut oil. pour quarter of a cup of melted coconut oilinto the bowl and add a cup of sugar. add

a few drops of essential oil, i am using peppermintand mix in a bit of blue food coloring. mix the ingredients together really well. if youneed to you can still add sugar or oil at this point to get the perfect consistency.pour the scrub into a jar. to make the gift prettier you can decorate it with stickers– write on a name and stick it on the lid. i also decided to wrap a piece of white raffiaaround and make a bow. what a gorgeous little present right?! especially in the winter whenour skin gets dry it is really important to exfoliate and moisturize. this scrub worksperfectly because it does both – removes dry skin and death cells plus moisturizes. now let's make some marble bowls which area great decorating and organizing piece for

any age. we're gonna need some clay, a bowl,dough roller and a gold fabric marker. roll the colors of your choice into strips likethis. i have white, green, violet and yellow. now you need to twist all the strips togetherand the more you twist, the more marbley your bowls are going to be. i want my design tobe quite full so i decided to roll my clay again and then twist it like that. just playwith it so that the clay colors mix together. when you feel like you have a good pattern,form the clay into a little marble ball. place it on the flat surface and use a roller orsomething rounded like a vase or a bottle to flatten it. just as you would be bakingcookies. place the clay on top of the bowl and let it dry. here i made another one. forthis one i swirled the clay even more so i

got an even more marbley rustic look. i decidedto put it inside the bowl and make the edge even more wavy, by folding it in. my clayis air drying so i just have to wait for a few hours for my bowls to dry and harden,but you can bake them and speed up the process. for the finishing touch color the edge ingold or any other color. you can use a marker or acrylic paint to do that. ta-da the marbledishes are all ready and a perfect gift for a friend, your mom, grandma or anyone thatlikes cute room decorating pieces. these are great for storing jewelry, or anything elselike keys, pins, you name it. what is better than drinking a morning coffeeor tea from a mug made by someone very special to you? diy mugs are a cute and super easyidea perfect for all ages. to make them you

need a white mug and some porcelain markers.this one would be perfect for a birthday gift. i started with a party garland and some balloons.first i like to outline the picture in black and then i'll add some color. plain mugs arevery inexpensive and the markers will last you forever, so you'll be able to make a lotof gifts using them. all you have to do is transform yourself into a creative mug designerand make some awesome drawings on the mugs. i am really not that good in drawing, so don'tjudge me. but that is the point of diy-ing! you don't have to be a picasso to make a giftlike that. i also decided to add a little quote – "smile it looks good on you". notjust smile, the person i'm gonna give this mug to will probably laugh every morning whendrinking coffee, thinking about how terrible

drawer i am. feel free to leave your mug inblack and white but you know me – i love color so i had to spice it up a bit. lookingawesome! now on to the other mug! i wanted this one to be more winter related so i'mwriting on "baby it's cold outside". i don't know about you guys but boy it's been gettingpretty cold here in norway lately, so this totally feels appropriate. on the bottom partof the mug i am drawing 3 penguins – poor babies freezing in the snow. start with anoval for the body, horizontal number three for the face and two lines for the white belly.using yellow marker make a beak and their feet. and since i am making fantasy penguinsi am coloring them in green, pink and blue. this diy doesn't take more than five minutesand you get such a nice gift! just perfect!

to make your mugs dish washer proof we haveto pop them in the oven for the marker to harden. follow the instructions for your markersas they can be a bit different. i have to bake my mugs at three hundred fahrenheit forninety minutes. voila, here they are all finished and looking awesome. i love how you can beso creative with these mugs. you can make so many awesome designs. drawings, patterns,quotes... sky is the limit. quality control is needed again so let's make some hot chocolate.little bit of milk, a teaspoon of cocoa powder and whipped cream to make it extra deliciousand festive. every time your friend will drink from the mug that you made, he or she willbe reminded how special he or she is to you. and that is a priceless feeling.

last but definitely not least i'll show youhow to make these epic gloves or hand warmers, which is probably my favorite gift idea ina bunch. and no worries if you don't know how to knit because i have no clue either,tweenzies! you will need some yarn, ice cream cup, glue gun, bobby pins, knitting hook anda needle. before we start knitting we need to make a simple knitting loom. start placingpairs of pins around the edge of the cup like that, leaving about half an inch between eachpair. if you don't have an ice cream cup you can use a bigger coffee cup or any other hollowrounded object. time to take our glue gun and let's apply some glue over and aroundeach pin to make sure they will stay in place while knitting. when all the pins are gluedin place we can proceed to the fun part – knitting!

take your yarn and this is optional – astraw. thread the yarn through it. straw makes it easier to wrap the yarn around each pin.leave about five inches of yarn hang loose and then start wrapping the yarn around eachpin. make sure that you have loops on the outside and the connecting line of yarn onthe inside of the loom. when you reach the first pin, just continue with one more rowabove the first one. see how quickly you can wrap the yarn around the pins using a straw?!the second wrapping row is finished so it's time to take the hook and pull the bottomloops over the top ones. grab the bottom loop – the one closer to the cup edge – pullit over the top loop and over the pin like that. if you don't have a hook you can easilymake one from a piece of wire or you can pull

with fingers too. go all around the loom untilour first row is finished. time to again wrap the around the pins – but from nowon we only need to wrap them once, because as you can see, we already have our firstrow of yarn from before. when all the pins are wrapped take a hook and pull the bottomloops over the top ones. these are the two steps that you need to keep repeating untilyour glove is long enough: wrap the yarn around the pins, pull the bottom loops over the topones. then again wrap the yarn around the pins and again pull the bottom loops overthe top ones, it's that simple! you can make the gloves using only one color of yarn, oryou can make stripes of different colors. i decided to make a green edge on these glovesso i need to switch the yarn. this is very

easy. snip the pink working yarn, leavingabout five inches extra like that. take the green yarn and thread on a straw. now simplymake a knot tying together the pink and green yarn like that. then continue the same twoeasy steps as before. this time using green yarn. wrap the yarn around each pin and thenpull the bottom loops over the top ones. and that's the whole story, it's really easy,you really have to try. i love this quick loom knitting technique because it is so simpleand it only takes about two hours to make a beautiful glove! especially this time ofthe year, when it gets dark so quickly i love cosying up on the couch wrapped in blankets,watch some tv and knit these gloves. i find it really relaxing and therapeutic. call megranny, it's like "granny's beauty corner".

after twenty two pink and five green rowsi believe this glove is long enough so i am going to pull the bottom loops over the topones for the last time and then we'll make a finishing crochet row. to make it you canuse a crochet hook like me, but the knitting hook from before or a piece of wire wouldwork just fine too. pull the first loop from the pin and onto the hook. take your workingyarn and wrap it around the hook like this. now you need to pull the first loop over thesecond one and off the hook. add the loop from the second pin ontoâ the hook and againwrap the working yarn around the hook. as you can see you have three loops on the hook.pull the middle one over the third loop and then the first one over the third loop. continuethis step until you take all the loops off

the pins. i feel like i'm saying "hook" hundredbillions times now, but i really want you guys to understand. let's repeat: take theloop of the pin, wrap the working yarn around the hook and you're left with 3 loops on thehook. pull over the middle one and the first one. then repeat the step. when you reachyour last pin, the glove will come off the loom. you are left with a little loop andthe working yarn which we have to trim leaving about five inches of extra. lead the yarnthrough the loop and make a couple of knots and stitches to make sure that the glove won'tfall apart. we want it to last many years. i am using a big knitting needle but you cantotally make one using a piece of wire. on the opposite end of the glove you still havethis first yarn end peaking out. make a few

knots and stitches to secure your work. idecided to make an extra knot where we switched the colors just to be sure. now we can snipaway all that extra yarn hanging out. push the knot from the yarn switch inside the gloveto hide it and we are all done, and ready to admire these adorable hand knitted can make them for yourself or you can give them as the most beautiful and thoughtfulgift ever. switch up the colors and you can make these gloves for anyone – girlfriend,boyfriend, grandpa and i guarantee they will be overwhelmed. home made gifts are much more thoughtful,unique and special then the store bought ones. take some time this year and make gifts foryour friends and family and show them how

much they mean to you! you will melt theirheart, because with home made gifts you don't give an object – you give love. these were my ten diy gifts ideas perfectfor christmas, birthdays or any kind of day when you want to tell your friends and familythat you love them. let me know in the comments, which of the ten ideas was your favorite andalso give the video some love if you want more christmas related videos, maybe a roomdecor or something like that. let me know... that is it for today, thank you so much forwatching and i'll talk to you really soon. oh and before i go, don't forget to checkout the christmas videos, i did last year. bye! please subscribe

Coloring Pictures Of Hello Kitty And Her Friends