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Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

Frozen Coloring Pages Elsa Let It Go

Frozen Coloring Pages Elsa Let It Go

connor becomes...catboy.amaya becomes...owlette. greg becomes...gekkothe pj masks! hi everyone, we have giant play-doh surpriseeggs for each of our favorite pj masks superheroes: owlette, catboy, and gekko. hey wait, what'sgoing on? owlette suddenly changed from red to green. catboy changed from blue to red.and gekko changed from green to blue. which evil night time villain do you think did this?romeo? luna girl? or night ninja? let me know in the comments and we'll find out.hi pj masks fans. we have play-doh surprise eggs for all 3 of our pj masks heros: oweltte,catboy, and gekko! hey wait, what’s going on? oh no! the pj masks are all changing colors!owlette suddenly changed from red to paw patrol.

catboy changed from blue to paw patrol. andgekko changed from green to paw patrol. one of the evil night villains has to be behindthis! i have an idea….let’s open up these play-doh eggs. maybe we can find clues insidethe eggs to see which night villain changed the pj masks colors! are you ready to findthe night villain and save the pj masks! let’s go!let’s start with this catboy egg. catboy is the blue pj mask who uses super cat speedto chase the evil night villains. he also uses his super cat hearing to hear soundsfrom far away…just like a real cat. let’s remove this red play-doh. i hope we can finda clue in this egg so we can find the night villain who changed the pj masks colors....let’sopen it up! wow, there are a lot of surprises

in here. cool, here is kion from the lionguard on disney junior! . kion is a lion, and lions are cats just like catboy! kion’sis the leader of the lion guard…i like his hairy tail and the hair on his head hahahathis is a minecraft surprise box. i love playing with minecraft. this is skeleton with a pumpkinhelmet. skeleton reminds me of halloween with his orange pumpkin helmet. he looks like hecould be one of the evil night villains on pj masks.awesome! it’s a spiderman action figure. spiderman is a superhero who uses spider superpowers just like catboy uses cat super powers! here is spiderman…and here is a spider web.woah! did you see spiderman shoot the spider web, that’s so cool! hahah that spiderwebalmost hit us!

let’s see what else is in this egg. hmm,what’s this? this is a pair of eye glasses. i think this is our first clue to see whichnight villain changed the pj masks colors. let’s open up the next egg and see if thereare any other clues. the next egg is owlette. owlette is the onlygirl superhero in pj masks. owlette uses her super owl wings to fly and her super owl eyesto see the night villains when it’s dark during nighttime. let’s remove this pinkplay-doh… and open the egg. nice! here is a blind bag from my little pony!here is the my little pony flyer. cool, we found apple cinnamon! apple cinnamon is ared pony just like an apple and he has green hair a green tail.

wow we found a sofia the first toy set, awesome!this is princess sofia and her rabbit clover! here is princess sofia. sofia has magicalpurple amulet that lets her talk to animals. let’s give sofia her purple purse. and hereis clover the blue ribbon bunny! clover is such a funny bunny and oh yeah…he lovesto eat snacks! we found another blind bag! this blind bagis from the littlest pet shop. here are all the figures you can collect. and here is apurple squirrel holding some yellow grapes. you can take the grapes and put them in herhair, cool! and here is a peanut shell where she looks like we have one more surprise in this egg. this is the letter r….hmm, i thinkthis is another clue. our first clue was a

pair of eye glasses and now we have the letterr. i’m not sure which night villain it is yet….let’s open the last egg.and here is our gekko! gekko is a pj masks superhero who uses lizard super powers likesuper gekko muscles and super gekko grip to climb up walls just like a lizard. let’sremove this blue play-doh and see what we have inside this egg…i hope we can findanother clue! cool, this is a surprise can from the ugglyspet shop! ugglys pets are so funny to look at. here is the flyer with all the ugglyspets. this surprise can comes with 2 figures. the first figure is shocker spaniel…he hassuch a long tongue! this is clawful crab…this red crab looks very scary!awesome, it’s a transformers rescue bot,

this is boulder the construction bot. he isso big and strong…and green just like gekko! when you push this button on his arm, thedrill on his arm spins…that’s so cool! we have one last surprise. it’s a purpleegg. it doesn’t sound like there is anything in this egg. wait, did you hear that? wheneneverthe egg opens we hear a laugh….that laugh sounds so familiar! hmmm, so we found 3 cluestoday…the eye glasses, the letter r, and the laughing egg. i got it! i know who changedthe pj masks colors… it’s romeo. romeo wears eyeglasses, his name starts with theletter r, and that is romeo’s laugh inside the purple that we found romeo, let’s turn the pj masks back to their normal colors. oweltteis red….catboy is blue…and gekko is green.

thanks for helping me save the pj masks! ifyou liked the video, give me a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more pjmasks mysteries! this is ellie sparkles…bye! luna girl….romeo…night ninja…gekko …owlette…catboy.we have cubeez for all 6 of our favorite pj masks characters. are you ready to look insidethese cubeez and find some fun surprises? let’s go!so we have 6 pj masks cubeez…we have the 3 superheroes on top…and the 3 evil nightvillains on the bottom. let’s start with this gekko cubee. gekko is the green pj maskwho has lizard superpowers like super gekko strength and super gekko grip to climb walls.let’s open this cubee and see what’s inside….wow, it looks like we have a lot of surprises inthis cubee. the first toy is a disney tsum

tsum blind bag. i love collecting tsum is the flyer…and this is queen of hearts from alice in wonderland. queen of heartsis a very mean queen…but her tsum tsum is so cute. let’s put the queen on this heartshaped tree…cool! what else do we have inside this cubee. nice…it’s a hulk figure. hulkis green and strong, just like gekko….but gecko sure looks a lot nicer than hulk.the next cubee is our friend owlette. owlette is the red pj mask and she is the only girlin the group…and the only pj mask who can fly like an owl. it looks like we have anotherblind bag. awesome, it’s an angry birds surprise bag. i love angry birds! here isthe collector’s guide that shows all the angry birds toys you can find. and here isred….red is the main character in angry

birds. red likes to fly and crash into bigrocks…just like in the game. and we also have a kinder surprise egg! kinderchocolate is so delicious. let’s open it up. here is the chocolate half. now let’sopen up the other half to see what surprise toy we have. here is the kinder flyer…andhere is the toy. hmm, it looks this toy has different parts that we have to assemble.oh, i know what this toy is…it’s a game…and you have to use your hand to put the ballin the basket. this is hard…nice…i got it! this game is so much fun! ok, the next cubee is catboy. catboy is theblue pj mask and he has cat superpowers like super cat speed and supercat jumping. this cubee looks like its full

of surprises. here is a toy truck from blazeand the monster machines. this is stripes…stripes is a yellow truck that has cat abilities…justlike catboy, cool! look how big his wheels are…and wow, stripes is so fast!and we also have a batman suprirse bag inside this cubee. let’s open it up and see whichbatman figure we have. here is the batman flyer. nice, here is the batman toy. thisis batman…and here is his cape that he uses to fly. let’s put on batman’s arms. batmanlooks so strong…i bet he would be able to help the pj masks stop romeo and luna girl! now let’s move onto the night villains cubeez.the first one is night ninja. night ninja uses his little ninjalinos to cause troublefor the pj masks. let’s open up this cubee

to see what’s inside…i just hope thereare no ninjalinos inside! hmm, here is an egg…this egg kind of looks like a ninjalino,doesn’t it? it looks like there is something inside this egg. it’s a barrel of pink slime…thisslime is so icckky. the ninjalinos definitely left this sticky toy for us hahah. this pinkslime is icky, but it is a lot of fun to play with. uh oh, the next cubee is romeo! romeo is theevil mad scientist who is always trying to defeat the pj masks…he builds evil machinesand flies on dinosaurs, but the pj masks always win. wow, romeo left a lot of surprises inthis cubee. here is a darth vader toy from star wars. doesn’t romeo remind you of theevil darth vader? darth vader has a shiny

black helmet and a long black cape…and heuses a red light saber. let’s watch darth vader hit this robot with his light saber.almost…close….nice hit! and we also have a slinky jr. toy inside rome’scubee. slinky’s are so much fun to play with….i wonder if romeo uses slinky’swhen he builds his evil machines? and the last cubee is the mysterious luna girl. lunagirl is a night villain who flies in the sky on her lunar board….and oh yeah, if yousee moths flying around, you know luna girl is close by. let’s see what’s inside thislast cubee. nice, it’s a teenage mutant ninja turtle toy. this ninja turtle’s nameis leonardo. and this comes with a pair of wings. let’s put on the wings and watchhim fly. awesome, the wings move…he can

fly just like luna girl flies on her lunarboard. so that’s all for our pj masks cubeez. wefound so many fun surprises inside each of the 6 cubeez. if you liked these pj maskscubeez, give me a big thumbs up and subcribe to my channel for more pj masks videos. thisis ellie sparkles…thanks for watching..bye!

Frozen Coloring Pages Elsa Let It Go