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Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

Frozen Coloring Pages That You Can Print

Frozen Coloring Pages That You Can Print

in this video i'll show you 15 epic diy schoolsupplies and room organization ideas, which will surely get you excited and motivatedfor the new school year. hey loves. it's that sad time of the yearagain when summer is coming to the end and school is about to start. but don't you worryguys because this year we're gonna make going back to school so much more fun and exciting.just like nice training clothes make me want to work out more, nice school supplies likebackpacks and notebooks always made me so much more excited to go back to school. sotoday i'm going to show you 15 diy ideas on school supplies and room organisation. we'regoing to be making school backs, backpacks, notebooks, organizers and much more. it'slike an ultimate guide to the diy school supplies,

which will hopefully get you ready for thenew school year. i hope you guys are ready, because we're gonna get started.let's kick off this diy back to school guide with an awesome galaxy school bag! you willneed a black bag or a backpack, masking tape, fabric paint in blue, light blue, pink andwhite. container for the paint, sponge applicators, paint brushes and scissors. i'm going to coloronly the front part of the bag and to get that neat edge i am applying some maskingtape to the part that i want to keep black. i am also going to protect the working areawith a piece of cardboard. dip the sponge applicator into the blue fabric paint andwe are ready for painting! here comes our first galaxy. start making a ring, where youkeep the center clean and blend the color

outwards. this shape kind of reminds me ofa sun, with big blended rays. now take your white color which represents a ton of starsand apply it to the center of the galaxy. blend it towards the blue making light make this transition from white to dark blue nice and smooth we also need some lightblue color. you can just mix some dark blue with white if you don't have a light bluefabric paint. like that. apply the color between the white and the blue for a nice can also add a hint of pink or violet color to the center of your galaxy to makeit even prettier. just a couple of strokes more and we have finished our first galaxy.well, we still have to add stars that will make everything look so much better, but firstlet's decorate this plain bag with some more

galaxies. but wait for it, because the starswill bring this masterpiece to a whole new level. trust me.yup, the stars are the starof the show here. i am first making some big stars using a flat paint brush, by drawingtwo or four crossing lines. in the end add a bunch of small stars by simply drawing littledots. i like to draw more stars in the center of the galaxy and then less and less movingout. see how the stars made this galaxy bag look just out of this world amazing?! i amso happy with the result i cannot even explain it. i love how you don't have to be neat andprecise when drawing a galaxy – it just always turns out so cool. oh and do you remembermy galaxy shoes i made last year?! of course i had to put them on! for the rest of theoutfit i went for some light wash jeans shorts,

black cropped top and a black keep our pencils and pens organized we need a pencil pouch and this one is literallydone in 2 minutes. you will need a 12 by 10 inch piece of fabric, a ten inch long zipper,fabric glue or a glue gun. flip the fabric so that the wrong side is facing up and foldabout an inch of the fabric in along the shorter sides. place your zipper in the center andmake sure the right side is facing up. apply a stripe of fabric glue along one side ofthe zipper. now fold the fabric in and stick it to the zipper like so. make the same thingon the opposite side – apply a stripe of glue and fold the fabric. leave the glue todry completely and flip your work inside out. apply a stripe of glue along both sides likethis. make sure that you have your zipper

open and that the wrong side of fabric isfacing out. once the glue is dry you can flip your work inside out again and you can revealyour new pencil case. i think this one is just so beautiful and i love how easy andcheap it is to make! you can make it from an old shirt, jeans or a piece of fabric.who wants some cute flower paper clips? i love these and they are so much fun to make!all we need are some plastic beads, paper clips and a glue gun. take seven beads andplace them on a parchment lined baking sheet making a flower shape like this. i like usingdifferent colors for pretty and bright flowers. place them in the oven and bake at 450 fahrenheitfor about 10 minutes or until the beads melt. be sure you don’t leave them in for toolong as they could lose their shape. these

look just perfect so let's turn off the heatand take them out. see how gorgeous they look! wait until they cool down and now it's timeto attach them to paper clips. apply some glue on the back of the flower, place on aclip and leave the glue to dry. do this to all of your lovely flowers and look how flippinggorgeous our new paper clips are! i am totally obsessed. i think this diy is hashtag so muchfun. love having these clips as bookmarks too - books look so cute with flowers stickingout. yes guys, i am five and i absolutely lovethis owl backpack. hashtag sorry not sorry. to make it you need a plain backpack, feltfabric in white, yellow and black, a patterned piece of fabric, fabric glue and scissors.start by cutting two big flowery shape circles

from white felt. we will need those for theeyes. i like using felt for this because it's thicker and as you cut it you already getnice clean edges. take your black felt and cut out two medium sized circles. these willbe the pupils of the owl's eyes. to finish off the eyes we still need four white circles,two small and two even smaller ones. this will give our owl the cutest anime eyes. insteadof felt you can also use velvet, faux leather or just any kind of fabric that you find athome. our owl also needs a beak – simply make it by cutting a triangle out of an orangepiece of felt. i also decided to give my buddy some claws, so i am cutting two orange halfcircles to represent them. the last part that we need before we assemble our owl, are thewings. cut two six by four inch pieces of

fabric. fold it in half and then fold onecorner in like so. apply some glue to keep it in place. now fold in the remaining threesides that still have that freshly cut edge. we are doing this to get neat edges all aroundthe wing. and as you can see we get two lovely wing shapes too! they look like a rectanglewith one corner snipped away. now we are ready to put together our miss owl. using a gluegun or fabric glue simply stick the parts on your backpack. i am starting with the eyes,which are probably my favorite part of this backpack. they make our owl look like a poorlittle baby, don't you think? here comes the beak, which i am placing on the upper partof the front pocket. this baby also needs some wings so she can fly. omg, how cool wouldthat be?! a flying backpack that would take

you to school in a minute. i hope they inventone really soon. on the bottom part of the backpack we have to stick our little owl legs.and if you want you can also make a bow so that the owl will be a proper girly girl.i showed you how to make a bow in my hairstyles tutorial so check it out there if you haven’talready. and our owl backpack is complete – looking stunning! this one is great forall of you my younger viewers, or maybe you have a little sister and you can make onefor her. but i actually really like the backpack and i am totally gonna rock it! here i amwearing a dress that has a bunch of little flowers on and my favorite boots that areso warm and comfy. love this outfit for fall and back to school.just like us, our cell phone also has to get

ready for school, right? for this epic alphabetphone case you need a cheap empty phone case, some sharpies and a ruler. basically we willbe drawing horizontal lines inspired by the notebook and then we are going to fill itwith loads of letters. i am starting with a row of s-es. like sara, so creative. drawanother line above and fill it with any letter you want – i went for v. in the end youwill get this awesome tribal design made out of letters. i like to switch the markers forevery row for a nice explosion of color. and there you go! this phone case looks so cool.from far away you don't even see that the pattern is entirely made out of letters andlines – it just looks like an awesome aztec print. an epic back to school diy for ourphone, right?

having a nice weekly planner makes it so mucheasier to keep track of all your school tasks, sport and free time activities. for this beautifulweekly planner you will need picture frame, some wrapping paper, a normal white paper,scissors and paint plus paint brush if you wanna pimp up your frame. i got this pictureframe for very cheap and i decided to give it a little makeover so it will fit my roombetter. take out the glass and everything so that you're left only with a frame. ifyou want your paint to stick better to the frame you can sand it first, but this stepis optional. now it's time to apply a coat of a furniture primer. you can use it if youhave it, but don't stress to much if you don't. a primer acts as an adhesive for the paint,but you can totally make this diy without

it. ok, our frame is finally ready to getdressed in this pretty pink color. i love doing such complete makeovers to things, likewith this picture frame. now the entire frame is painted so we have to leave it to dry the meantime let's make our planner. you can hand-write all the days of the week onwhite paper or you can print them out as me. cut out rectangles so that you have each dayof the week in one rectangle. besides monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, saturdayand sunday i also added one called random. that is where you can write ideas or thingsthat don't have to be done on a particular day. once you have all the days of the weekcut out, it's time to stick them on a piece of wrapping paper or any kind of paper youlike. make sure that the background paper

is the same size as your picture frame. gluethe little white rectangles on in the right order – just like the days follow each otherin a week. the final step is to assemble this planner slash erase board. take your frame,which is now completely dry and looking gorgeous! place on the glass piece, followed by ourdiy planner sheet and the back of the picture frame. fold down these pins that keep everythingin place and look at this fantastic planner board that we've just created. this is sucha useful thing to have in your bedroom and on top – it looks absolutely stunning. everyweek you can wipe off the activities of the previous week and then put down a new plan!an amazing room decorating piece that will help you keep track of all of your weeklyplans.

besides flower paper clips i also like theseribbon ones. to make them we need paper clips, ribbon and scissors. cut a piece of ribbonof your choice, fold it in half and slide it through this paper clip opening. then justlead the two ribbon ends through the loop and pull to tighten. snip the ribbon endsdiagonally and you are left with a beautiful paper clip, which can be also used as a bookmark. i got a little bit obsessed with those, not gonna lie and i made a bunch of them usingdifferent colored ribbon. these are just so cute, right?!small containers are always handy for organizing your desk. you can use them to store tape,paper clips and all these bits and pieces that would otherwise lay in your drawers orall over the desk. for an awesome beaded bowl

you need an oven friendly cereal bowl, oiland plastic beads. pour some oil in the bowl and distribute it all over with a paper wipe.throw in a bunch of beads and distribute them in one even layer, like that. place the bowlin the oven and bake at about 350 degrees fahrenheit for 10 to 15 minutes or until thebeads start melting. when beads melt they stick to each other and form a bowl of thesame shape as your cereal one. take your masterpiece out of the oven and let it cool completely.thanks to the oil we can now easily separate the beaded bowl from the cereal one and weare all ready to decorate and organize our desk with this awesome bowl. i decided tostore tape and paper clips in mine and i love the pop of color it gives to my desk.pencil holders are great for storing pens

and pencils, but these puffy paint pencilholders are also super cute to look at. we need some all purpose glue, shaving foam,acrylic paint, jars, glasses and something to mix with. first let's make a puffy paint.put some shaving foam in a glass. i have three glasses since i am making three puffy paintcolors. pour in some glue. squeeze in some acrylic paint and mix all the ingredientstogether. the more foam you mix in, the puffier paint you will get. i am happy with how minelooks! pour your paint into a plastic bag and make a knot. then you can just snip awaythe corner of the bag and you're ready to decorate. alternatively you can put your paintin these squeeze tubes like i did. these are empty glue bottles that i've used up. i likethem because they have a precise applicator,

which is perfect for writing with a puffypaint. to make my pencil holders totally back to school appropriate i am decorating themwith numbers and letters. this one will have numbers all over. puffy paints have infiniteother uses as well – decorate windows, phone cases, even make jewelry, wall dã©cor andso much more. on the other jar i decided to write a bunch of letters. and here's my letterjar all done, looking awesome! i really want to make a tribal aztec print one, i thinkit would look so cool. but these two holders are more than enough for now. they keep mypens in place and my desk clean and tidy. i came up with this awesome back to schoolroom decoration idea where you make your pencils look like a bouquet of flowers! and i'm gonnashow you how to make it. i am using some coloring

pencils, hot glue and pink daisy flowers.all we have to do is apply some glue on the back of the flower and stick it on the pencillike so. easy peasy and so adorable. you can do this to any kind of pencils, pens or sharpies.i like using coloring pencils because they add an additional pop of color to this comes the last flower and i am ready to put it on my desk! how pretty is this pencilflower bouquet, right? i've never seen something like that before and must say i am prettyproud of myself for inventing it. taps herself on the shoulder, good job girl, good job.of course this diy school supplies guide wouldn't be epic without an emoji school bag, so let'squickly make one! print out emojis of your choice to the transfer paper. you can makethem as big or as small as you like. i went

for rather bigger statement ones. you willalso need a school bag, iron, scissors, and emoji print outs. start cutting your emojisout leaving about quarter of an inch of paper around them. transfer paper diys are so awesometo make as they take little time and effort, but the result is always amazing. i like howyou can make personalized gifts, like funny shirts and stuff for your friends in a sec.once all your emojis are cut out, place them on the bag with the front facing down. i amgoing for nine emojis all over the front of my bag. time to iron these guys in place!here you just need to follow the instructions for your transfer paper, because they candiffer, between different producers. then let it cool completely, before you can peelaway the transfer paper. this is the best

part of the diy, revealing how awesome bagwe've just created! i love how my emoji bag turned out. i kind of have a temptation todecorate all my bags and backpacks with different emojis, because i just think they look soawesome! here i paired my bag with some patterned pants that are super comfy, totally like pjs,white shirt and navy slip-ons. besides all of that awesome goodies that we'vejust created we also have to give a lil' makeover to our boring notebooks! for the first designwe need to have a cheap notebook, white paper, mod podge, and a paint brush. apply a thinlayer of mod podge all over the cover of your notebook. you can also use double sided tapeor any other glue here. place the white paper on and voila - an awesome snow white notebook!just kidding, we just got ourselves a blank

canvas that we are now going to decorate withcolorful pineapples. take the acrylic paint of your choice, paint brush and a black pen.squeeze two paint colors close together and swirl it a bit with a brush to create a nicemarble effect. i went for pink and yellow here. dip your thumb in the paint and pressit on the notebook! next i am combining yellow and blue. dip the thumb in and press it downfor some pretty green, blue and yellow pineapples. continue making these around the entire notebook.i already love how it's turning out! leave the paint to dry completely. take a blackpen and add a bunch of leafs on top of each pineapple plus some random pattern like squares,waves, lines or v shapes on the pineapple's body. this represents that texture which pineapplehas. talking about personalized notebooks

– this one has your fingerprints all over– now that's unique and one of a kind just like you are! just have to decorate my finalpineapple and my notebook is all done! i am in love with this colorful pineapple can totally make it on canvas for an awesome wall dã©cor! i will probably make one formy room because it just looks amazing! how about an instagram notebook guys? puttogether an instagram profile on an a4 page on your pc. i used some of my favorite pictures,a quote, plus i wrote on a subject and a school year. of course you can personalize your instagrampage completely to your liking and once you are happy with how it looks – just printit out. ok, from now on the process is very straightforward – all we have to do is stickthe instagram paper sheet on the notebook

cover. use mod podge, glue or double sidedtape like i did. stick on some tape strips and place the printout on. here we have ourawesome insta notebook. i haven't seen anything like this before and i like how you can personalizeit with your favorite photos and quotes. i bet this one would win the school's coolestnotebook award if such thing existed. last but not least i will show you how todecorate and organize this beautiful binder. to dress up the cover i am using some coloredpaper, big circle puncher, three small hole punchers of different shapes and double sidedtape. with a big circle puncher cut out a bunch of colorful circles. you can also dothis with scissors if you don't have such puncher. once you have loads of these circlesready, take a small puncher and make one small

shape hole in each of the circles. you cantotally make this diy without these, i just happen to have these punchers so i thoughti might as well use them. i have a star, flower and a heart. all of our circles are now readyso take a piece of double sided tape or a glue and stick them on the binder cover. wewill get this colorful baubles design and i love how the small holes make the baubleslook nice and 3d. the last circle coming in and here we go – the front cover is lookingsuper pretty. now i can show you a few tips on how you can organize your binder! firstlet's make a little folder or a pocket on the back of the cover. cut one side of thepaper diagonally like that and stick it on the inside of the binder using some washitape. such folder is very useful but also

cute to look at. binders are handy becauseyou can use one for many subjects. but it's important to organize it well so you don'tend up mixing all the notes of different subjects into one giant mess. for a simple binder organizerstart by writing down subjects on small rectangle pieces of card stock paper. once the nametags are ready, just stick each of them on a bit thicker paper using glue or double sidedtape. make sure to stick each tag a bit lower than the previous. this way you will havethe overview on all the subjects as soon as you open the binder. there you go! now youcan have your notes organized and together for each subject and you will never end upwith a mess where all the notes get mixed up. trust me i've been there and it's reallyfrustrating. such binders are also a great

relief for your shoulders, because insteadof carrying a bunch of notebooks to school everyday, you can just carry one binder andhave everything in one place. now you guys are all ready to go back to school.don't forget to rate the video and also tell me in the comments, which of the 15 diys wasyour favorite. i wish you all an awesome start of the school year, be excited, have fun anddon't worry too much. thank you so much for watching this video and i'll talk to you soon.bye! buying school supplies can really hurt yourwallet, especially if you are picky with the designs. making things yourself can save youa lot of money and as i show in this video you can make so much cooler school suppliesat home than you could ever buy in a store.

Frozen Coloring Pages That You Can Print