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Kamis, 15 Juni 2017

Frozen Coloring Sheets That You Can Print

Frozen Coloring Sheets That You Can Print

hi guys, it's cindy lietz, your polymer claytutor. in today's pct product demo, i'm gonna demoa review, the brand new lucy clay machine, mammoth. now, this is a very exciting tool that i'mgonna be showing you today. it's completely different than anything elsewe've ever had in the polymer clay industry for rolling out sheets of clay. and there's so much different about this machinethat it's gonna take me a little bit to go over it all. so stay right to the end and i will show youthe pros and cons of having a machine like this. now, first of all, this is a machine thatwas designed by jiri strunc.

he is an engineer and his daughter, lucy,is a very talented polymer clay artist in the czech republic. and he wanted to make her better tools forthe polymer clay... for working with polymer clay. and this is one of them. i've also shown you in the previous videosthe lucy clay slicer, and the extruder, and a bunch of their cool products. now, this particular machine is called themammoth m12. now this is the biggest machine that theyhave, this one in particular also has the lucy clay slicer attached to the side of itwhich makes it really really cool.

now what's different about this machine thanany other machine. one of the first things is that the rangeand thicknesses that it can roll in the clay. the way the gaps in the rollers are set up,you can roll as thick as sheet as 10 mm, i mean 12 mm thick or as thin as paper. so that's a huge range in thicknesses of sheetsthat you can roll with this particular machine. just to put it into perspective, my atlasmachine, i'll show you the difference in size here. in fact, the mammoth could eat my atlas forlunch. it is so much bigger than any other machine. they do have a model called the elephant whichis a little bit smaller and a little bit wider (skinnier),

but it still is way bigger than any of theother pasta machines out there. as far as thicknesses and stuff go as faryou can roll them. like i said, the 12 mm is actually 48 playingcards thick which is just short of a full deck of cards. and my atlas machine at the thickest settingcould only do 8 playing cards thick. so that's the difference in the range of thicknessesof sheets of clay. one of the things, i mean there's a bunchof different things that jiri did to this machine to improve on it on what we have inthe market. some of the issues that we have is the handlefalling off, the clamp needing to be on the

side of the machine so that had to be clampedto the side of the table, the rollers leaving black streaks, gears clunking together andleaving line marks, scraper blades that you couldn't remove and so they will get dirty. this machine has fixed all of those problems. as completely... like they say in all of their marketing, theysay it's completely revolutionary... revolutionizes the way pasta machines are being used forpolymer clay, because it's completely different. first of all, the sizes, i mean for this particularmammoth is... you need a bigger space for it so this is... this machine here is notgoing to be for every single person. you need a larger space.

this also works better if it's a little bitlower because of the size of it, you don't wanna be working up near your face. it's nice if the table that you're workingon is lower than your average work table. and the roller width is a lot wider. this particular roller width on the mammothis 10 inches wide, a typical pasta machine is more like 6. on the elephant which like i said... i'll show you a little picture of what theelephant size difference is here. it's a little bit shorter and a little bitskinnier, and a little bit lower but they

have the e12 which means the 12 mm gap inthe rollers is the elephant with the larger gap and the e6 is the elephant size that hasthe gap that is only 6 mm wide, which is still a lot wider than what most pasta machineshave. let's see what else i can tell you about this. other than the roller gaps, there is... on the elephant, the machine is... the rollersare 7, almost 8 inches wide so it's a little bit smaller and still very usable. the rollers are non-stick which means thatthe clay isn't gonna stick to them, the gap space can go...

like i said, it's huge right down to smalland i'll show you how to use those in a second. it's... the gearing system, they don't useregular gears on this machine. they use a cam system and so if you listen,you can't hear anything. there are no gears clunking together. so you will never get those roller lines thathappen. i've done a video on it before explaininghow the roller lines happen on your pasta machine. it's because gears are clunking together andjerking the clay through. that can't happen in this machine becauseof the gears' system. to me, that's probably one of the most excitingparts of it.

it's also super strong so the way this isgeared is it's one to two, so for every turn of the handle, you get two turns of the rollerswhich means that it will pull your clay through really super easily. and i have a little bit of a shoulder problemand i don't find using this machine hard at all. there are some things about it that are alittle bit different, the way it's set up, you don't have the typical thickness thingwhere you pull it out and click it from one to the next. it has this big dial here that moves the gears,i mean the rollers closer together. this is a little hard for doug to see butif you turn this dial, you might be able to

see that the rollers come closer together. and because of this wide wide width, if youwere to shove some clay in from one side here, you may push the rollers out of alignmenta little bit so what they've got set up here is these little knobs. so, let me just put it at the largest settingfirst and show you. now you can take a full pack of fresh clay,you've never been able to do this before. usually, what you have to do is you have totake slices off of it and run it through your other machine and it takes a while to conditiona block of clay. well here, you can actually take a fresh blockof clay, and at the thickest setting, just

run the whole thing through. then you would bring it down to a size smallerso what i was talking about with these knobs, what you do is turn this dial this way, makethe gap a little bit smaller, and then to support the rollers from the back side, youtighten this up just until you can feel them touching. when you get the machine, you will know whatthat is. you don't wanna crank down 'cause you'll pushthe rollers out of alignment. but then now i can just do a smaller sizeand you see it just goes through quietly and easily. and you just keep going down to whatever sizeyou want. so you just adjust those to support it andkeep going down smaller and smaller.

and you could see this whole block is justeasily running through. now, i'll go down a whole bunch here and i'llshow you the scrapers and all the stuff that's so easy about it. you can just remove them and clean them rightoff but we'll go through and see how that's like, no effort. oh another thing, i'll show you in a sec. look at that, so easy, and it scrapes it offbeautifully. the other thing is like i said... mentioned about the regular pasta machineshave a clamp that you have to clamp it to

the side. this machine is set up completely different. you can set it anywhere you like on your tableand it actually has magnets on the bottom here. and you can attach them to your table withthese little things i'll show you here. i have it set up a little differently whichi'll say in a sec. now what you would normally do is you'd takethis double stick foam tape that he puts in the case there and these metal plates. you would stick them down to your table soi will stick them down with metal plate with the foam tape, set my machine right wherethe magnets are, right on top of that and

they'll stick to the table. and then you can lift if off your table ormove it if you need the space, 'cause this do take a lot of space or if you wanna cleanup underneath them and that kind of thing. but what i've done instead is i have a commercialgrade cookie sheet that i put down. and it has... it's not a super strong, i don'tknow what type of metal it's made of, but it's not strictly steel. so it's not super strong on there but it'sgot enough of a magnet, it magnetizes to it enough that it sticks quite nicely. it also catches any crumbles that might fallfrom underneath so that works beautifully

for me but you could also stick it to thosemagnets if you wanted to do it that way. alright, so let's go just a little bit thinnerwith this and i'll show you something else. now, when you get down to the really smallsizes, there is a chance that it could start rippling. i don't know if it will... i don't know if i got it at this size yet. no, not really. so it's coming through beautifully still butif you try to go too small, the paper thin, what can happen is it can grab a little bitin the scrapers. so, what you would do, this is as thin asi would go.

this is probably about 2... 1 1/2 playing cards thick. it's showing on here as being around 1 mm. there's little guides here which doug can'tsee there but you would see when you get your machine. but what you can do is take these thin sheetsand run them through. you can also buy these plastic sheets thatthey sell. and you can run them through the machine atjust paper paper thin settings. so i just take these plastic sheets, i liketo stick the clay to the shiny side so let me just lay this down here.

you don't need much clay 'cause it's gonnastretch it out really really thin. the reason why you might wanna use a sheetthat thin is i've done a little piece of translucent clay here, super thin, and you can just makeit so thin and lay it over top of special techniques that you wanna protect and havevery translucent look. there's some very cool things you can do withsuper thin clay. but here, i've got it at a very fine setting,around 1 mm, i've got my sheets here and i'm just gonna run it through. i like to flop it open once it started running. and you can start running this through themachine

and get this super super thin sheets. that. so that's a very cool thing that you can do,and if it gets some clay stuck in it or you've been using it for quite a while, the way youremove the scrapers. and i don't know if doug can see. can you see these little knobs down here? you can't. underneath are some little knobs here andthere's some on this side here. and this is where you remove the knobs. you just unscrew it, and this will removethe scrapers just like that.

so there's a little bit of clay there andthen you just wipe it off with a baby wipe. get that right off of there and look at howeasy it is to clean your pasta machine. that's another thing that's always been hard. in the past, we've had to take apart machines,sometimes the machine would never go back together. and now, you can just add them like that. i'm in a very awkward spot here. you just tighten them back on, and then you'reready to go. like that. actually, i should've showed you those scrapers. they're completely unique, these ones are3d printed scrapers, this is the one thing

i would still like to see them improve a littlebit, because there is still clay that will grab a little bit. i'd love to see these made out of nylon insteadof the 3d printed but they're amazing and they're designed to sit perfectly on the rollerso that they're really flush and go in perfectly and easily. so that's very cool. and then you can see on the end here, justa sec, i'm just going to... this is awkward from this angle. and it just takes a few seconds to attach theseback up.

so that is really cool. now, what else do i need to make sure to tellyou about? oh, another cool thing that you can do withthese machines, though i didn't really see the need for it because i like... i have no problems just using the crank. one thing that you can do is it also comeswith a little adapter. i'll turn it this way here. and you can remove this handle and where'sthe adapter. here. you can remove the handle, put on this adapterand use your power drill as a motor.

so you can just hook up your power drill likethat. i won't do it 'cause it's gonna take me afew minutes to set that up. and besides, i think the battery's dying onthere. but you can use the power drill to run yourmachine. he's talking about getting machines... i mean, motors that you can attach. but currently, this is the system that youcan use if you want a powered machine. now, lastly, i will talk about the slicer. a lot of you have seen the slicer before.

many of you have the slicer, the slicer isused for slicing polymer clay canes. i've got a cane, actually, my little ziniacane in there. and it's nice that they've got this designso that it will actually attach right on the end of the mammoth so that you can not haveto have two big tools on your desk. they can all attach together and the way thisslicer works is there's a little protective magnet here and you can... there's a dial on the inside. you may not be able to see my hands in here. but i'm going to just move the tray forwarda little bit and then take a little slice.

you can get paper thin slices, perfectly-slicedcane slices. so this machine will do that beautifully. from what i hear, jiri's got an adapter kitso if you already own the slicer, you can attach it to the mammoth. i believe the mammoth is the only size thatyou can add the slicer to. i don't think you can add it to the elephantbut you'll have to look that up to be sure about that. what else can i tell you? it's really quite an amazing machine.

it's completely different than the other machines. like i said, it's easy to clean. so i'll just give you the pros and cons now then, iguess. the pros are that it's super easy to clean,there's no gears so it's easy to turn, there's no line issues, the rollers are non-stickso you have no black streaking. they're really wide rollers so you can getlarge amounts of clay in. the gaps that you can get, the different sizesare unlimited between 12 mm. all the way down to a half a millimeter like paper thin, whichis amazing. it's silent, it's super strong, i don't thinkyou can break this machine though i wouldn't

bother trying. it's too expensive for that. what are the other pluses? the scrapers are super easy to take off andput back on so that is beautiful. the cons that i would say would be the pricingis quite high, most people, unless you're a professional artist or one of those peoplethat must have the best of everything, then it might be out of the price range foryou. the mammoth is currently at $520 without theslicer. the slicers are in the $200 range so i don'tknow if there's gonna be a break for it being

added or if you'd buy that separately. i'm not totally sure how he's gonna handlethat. the smaller... elephant, with the smaller gap, the e6,is down to i believe it's $390 so there is... and then the other elephant, the mid-rangeone is like with the larger gap, i believe is four something. so they're fairly expensive, but they're durable,they're beautiful. there's nothing like them on the market andwhat would be the other con? the other con i guess is this little fiddleything, having to adjust the support for the rollers, is kind of a pain but once you getused to it, it's easy to work with.

also, if you have it at a larger size, you'reonly just doing minor adjustments just to support it. and you're mostly working in the smaller amountsanyways from most of your techniques. you're not gonna need it at that super thicksetting unless you are conditioning clay straight from the block. and you can see that, we went straight froma large block to a paper thin piece of clay in a few seconds without any kind of hassleat all. so i hope you are really impressed with thismachine, it's now available. up until now, he had just a few of them outthere and now he's got lots of them available.

you can find out more about them at www.lucyclaystore.comand he has a store for the us as well as an international store. so you can pick them up and have one of thesebeautiful pieces in your studio. alright, so i hope you enjoyed that. if you did, do let us know if you like thisvideo. don't forget to subscribe to our channel. we've got so many videos, product reviews,lots of cool things that you will want to learn about in the future, and if you haveany questions, suggestions, and product demo ideas, make sure to leave those in the commentsection below.

alright, so we'll see you next time and byefor now.

Frozen Coloring Sheets That You Can Print