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Senin, 19 Juni 2017

Hello Kitty Birthday Coloring Pages Free To Print

Hello Kitty Birthday Coloring Pages Free To Print

hello we are ladies' code, hello - hello~ cute ashley- beat box so jung - and rapper zuny- today is a very special day so we started v-app at a special place,but where is this? - this is...- drum roll ladies' code dorm! is it alright to do it here? - we cleaned it up- now today's broadcast title "myst3ry 3rd anniversary visit",so we will show you the place thoroughly

please watch until the end also there is a special reason weare doing v-app today march 7th is the 3rd anniversarysince our debut it's already been three years - also three years since we met all of you- really three years seems short and longat the same time we made a lot of memories with lavely we hope to make evenmore memories in the future it's all thanks to you thatwe continued for three years

we were able to do this specialv-app at our dorm then let's greet lavely,we will read the chat now - hello- thank you - a lot of you are saying congratulations- thank you - love you- me too, love you "congratulations""eat the cake, not the decoration" "the cake is pretty."isn't it? we have a lot of cakes sent from you all fans from different countries sent cakes

and also from korea,so many and pretty cakes - thank you so much- thank you, how can we eat this? we should just keep it forever - display it- since she ate it let's eat we will eat this and go to sleep,and this flower.... ashley's mother sent this, deliveredjust now. so touching! - there's a card here- we didn't read yet congratulations on youranniversary, zuny, so jung, and ashley thank you for staying healthy,and go strong!

love you. i love you too mom. - i want to see you, thank you- thank you for putting my name first i know, my name was the last a lot of people are congratulating us,thank you so much also press lots of hearts i just remembered something about this doll the manager saw this dolland said this doll is too pretty - he said i'm not this pretty- prettier than you? yes, he said this doll is prettier than me

- i think that's right...- no, no! - anyway- since today is a special day we prepared a hashtag talk.we will talk about the topic, first. - the topic is first- first topic is first autograph event this weekend we had our first autographevent at suwon, daejeon, and coex it's been a really long timeso i didn't know what to expect anyway it was so good when i got there we met all of you and talked up close i was really happy to talk aboutthings with you all

right, it also rained a lot during our travel we got food from a resting place,like hot dogs - and rice cake- sweet buns walnut cake too we ate while feeling theexcitement from meeting everyone the, what was it the next day we were consideringeating with our managers but the answer was that weshouldn't hesitate and just eat so we ate ramen, gimbap, what else

she had hangover soup,dumplings, udon - sweet and sour pork- we really ate a lot - right- please call her eatzuny anyway maybe that's why webarely ate the next day also at the autograph event, therewere a lot of high school seniors it must be a tough and hard time now thank you so much for coming to see us - fighting- fighting, seniors "come to daegu too"

- i want to go- me too - we want to go, director- we would like to go we want to go to busan and ulsan too also maybe because of the autograph event do you remember the first autographevent after our debut? yes, when we were singing "bad girl" i still remember that time a lot there are a lot of people we metfor the first time a lot of people stayed with usfor a long time as well

but back then i liked to... memorize everyone's name i would write it down on mynotebook to memorize i remember that, i think i becamecloser to those people too we saw a lot of peoplefrom back then on saturday it felt really strange the fact that we knew eachother for three years - it almost feels like family- right, it's the best like siblings

also sorry for not guessingyour age correctly i thought the youngest therewas about 26 years old but people were much younger,i was so surprised let's just say 15 years old, no matter what - what else was there?- just... it went by so fast, it was ourfirst autograph event too it was really hectic people kept coming back and forth after it all we were...

- what kind of emotion is this?- it was just really surprising there was just a lot of people it was a very open locationso many people were taking photos so it was...very new, but also good then what was different from the firstautograph event and now? - more relaxing?- is that why you look so good in photos? there were a lot of prettyphotos of zuny from the event - thank you for such pretty photos- i was able to relax more i was also able to talk with fanswhile signing autographs

looking at people's face, talking, andsigning, i can multi task but before, i would have toconcentrate on signing first i couldn't look up at people's faces i was also very nervous in thebeginning, people were so close what do i talk about? but now... - i can say hi, do high five- we became friends, closer any particular fan you rememberfrom the event? i had one this time, a fan sang us a song so jung, should i sing you a song?so i said yes!

[singing about love| that person sang it till the end,with the dance moves it was really touching and healed me - thank you- so cute there's a fan nicknamed jjangjjang,he's back from the army now from the beginning, his cheeringvoice is very loud - people would tell him that he's too loud- i think i know who it is some fans are the same age asso jung, but we talk like friends and there's one who talks in lte speed

- lte, meaning very fast?- so fast we have to talk within a set amount of time it's almost like they memorizewhat they want to say in advance they almost talk like they're rapping and we would be so excited,saying thank you so much i always wish we had more time it passes by so fast, i'm sad.that said, we'll try to meet more often. should we read some of this?there's a lot. "eggs and sweet potato.""i love you."

- i got eggs and sweet potatoes- oh right, she got those as gifts i really like them, they were very delicious - so that's why it smelled- i don't smell! i see a lot of comments with hearts,do they want us to press hearts? i will press hearts now,please press a lot too how many hearts do we have? right now it's passing 56,000 hearts - everyone, let's go with a fight today- fighting! "i want to be close to ladies' code."we want to too, please talk to us often.

it's fun if we get to know each other "let's go to china.""do you want to go to germany?" yes, i want to go to germany,is that right? "please imitate mickey mouse" i thought mickey mouse doesn't talk? doesn't it go like this? how do i imitate it? this is all mickey mouse does,how do i imitate it? please read the english comments

there are so many comments."come to busan." "come to boryeong-si" thank you to the fan whogave us hand cream - "can you see my comment?"- yes we can! who this person gave us wet tissue - thank you- i put it nicely in my room "are you doing any autographevents on the countryside?" we went there twice,but maybe we will go again next week - right?- i want to see you again

why don't we move on to thesecond topic? so our first fan club name is lavely how did that come to be? it's a combination of lovely... ...and our name ladies' code so we suggested lavely,then it got chosen - it was just natural to say it- what were the other candidates? ladish, from back when wewere singing "bad girl" when the fan club was made officially,fans suggested some names

there were about five to tenand one was chosen by vote lavely is a name chosen very fairly i can't remember the other names - it's been a long time for us too- lavely, ladish - it's fuzzy- i think ladies was one - lacord!- right that was one but i think lavely is the best yes, we love you lavely now, should we talk about the next topic?

the third topic is first meeting the first meeting with lavely a lot of you are wondering - how we became ladies' code together- oh, by us? i think some of you are curiousabout our first meeting - so shall we talk about that?- first impression and first meeting i think zuny has the most to say - since you're the youngest- true - just speak honestly, i won't hit you- honestly?

- i have to lock the door tonight too- last time zuny's door lock was broken it was surprising well, i was the last one to join as a member i joined after everyone else ...was done with recording, and choreography for me, that do i say this it was so sudden for me tounderstand what was going on - is this going kind of dark?- there was that but in the beginning,everyone was nice to me

if i say this some might say that i'm lying but really there was nobossing around or anything i think we all went alonglike family since the beginning that's nice. for me... i knew ashley since long ago,since we used the same room we lived in a one room before our debut she seemed very chic and proudwhen i first saw her but once she enters the roomshe becomes a baby to say it nicely, she's innocent

innocent, like a baby, cries a lot sometimes dreams aboutme as a ghost anyway she was very differentfrom her first impression she was kind of scary and... i thought she would slap me - but so far, i've never been hit by her- she wears leather jackets a lot she gives off swag, but she'snot that kind of person i first met so jung in a cafe i thought she was some big shot,wearing a big black sun glass

and she had long, curly black hair she came in and sat like thiswith her sun glass on and she didn't talk so i said hello, she said hello and she kept sitting like this i was guessing if she was older or younger we ended up rooming together,but she's a very delicate person she's just very feminine when i first met her i thought shewas tough and quiet

that wasn't true. zuny... the thing i remember the most - she wore pink, furry sneakers- nike when i saw it - kind of...cute- cute it's quite different from now now she's very sophisticated,one hundred percent seoul - i'm from seoul!- she kind of had that spain feel with her blonde hair and all

- also, sorry everyone- we have something to tell you i think we got a call duringthe broadcast, who is it? - so surprising- oh then did they not hear what i said? - about so jung?- not sure maybe a little bit but there aretons of comments about the vibrating "phone call lol."yes. if you were unable to hearmy first impression about so jung she wore a big sun glass and satlike this the first time we met she didn't talk so i was scared,but once i got to know her

she was so feminine, such a woman before polaris i was a traineeat cube entertainment for a year then i joined polaris andbecame a member of ladies' code now everyone, please press a lot of hearts i will be pressing 100 hearts today - you have to do it- yes, i'm doing it then should we move on to the next topic? please introduce the next topic - i'll do it- from debut to now

"bad girl", "pretty pretty","so wonderful" "kiss kiss", and the new title "galaxy",we sang many songs which song is your favorite or is there a song, even if it's not a titlesong, that you want people to hear? so many, i like all of them from our first album i kind of like that kind of hip hop feel we performed that songonce, or twice, with choreography - it was really cool- right

the dance was full of swag - it was difficult to dance with heels on- it was but the song is really niceso if you don't know, please try it personally i like ballad so"won't cry" and from the current album,"chaconne" - right right- everyone, we passed 90,000 hearts! we will pass 100 thousand soon too,i'll press more what song did you like so jung? of course all our songs are good but...

of course all of our albums are good i was going to mention "supergirl"but..."dada la" - i would say that- right she talked in english a lot i think for "dada la" i personallylike the jazz music - the choreography was pretty too- right i wanted to show it much more but we didn't get to perform it a lotso i feel a bit sad and there was an episode...

while recording our album... i could not empathy with the song it was when we recorded "bad girl".wasn't it when we were doing "pretty pretty" -no, it was "bad girl".-really? wasn't it "pretty pretty"? oh! it was "pretty pretty" as it was hard to empathize with the song when recording it.. i printed out the photo of superjunior's choi siwon and recorded the song -which part was it?-like as if tempting him... was it, the youngest prettier thanthe older sister?

after singing the song as if trying totempt someone, i got okay immedietly the composer saidi should have done like that earlier siwon's photo worked what are your favorite songs? please leave comments a lot -songs you like most from our album-i expect many fans would choose... "make me go crazy" right the number of hearts exceeded 100,000

many fans are asking usto hold a concert this year we would like to do a concert either viewers say that they can hearthe voice of our managers “i'll smile even if it hurts","hate you" - “bad girl”-zuny rapped in the song -rapper zuny-which rap was it? [rapping]-did you forget all? it's been a long timesince i haven't sung the song fans are choosing a lot of different songs.pretty"pretty pretty"

“bad girl”, “i'll smile even if it hurts""galaxy", "hate you" fans are leaving many song namesin the chatting room i like "galaxy" from this new album a lot i liked the song fromwhen i first listened to it was there an episode when we were recording any song? when we were recording?... i personally could sang betterwhen i turned off the light as staff could see us if the light is on so if the light is turned off

-i could bring out emotions better-right so i could sing betterwhen the light was off -we could pour our soul...-when i sang a ballad... i couldn't focus if people were seenwatching me out from outside but when i turned off the light and closed my eyes... then i could focus on my feelings the number of hearts exceeded 110,000! thank you!i'll press five hearts too! heart...heart...

i want to go too... - yeah- and... which comments are being uploaded? - we're receiving messages from all over the world- oh! "running man"! - i would like to be invited at "running man"- oh yeah, she's a good runner - oh no, but i was the last one at "idol championship" - okay. then you are not a good runner oh, and someone asked me whether i was embarrassedafter finishing last show or not and honestly, i watched it all over again while taking a shower after the show and you're right. i kicked the toilet seatbecause i was too embarrassed

- you are going to love us. right?- yeah - i think i will be doing it again- me too... it will be okay. right?i hope so... because we'll be doing it all together we can kick the toilet seat together [other language] - hello- "you kicked the toilet seat? i'm so sorry for the toilet" by the way, do you guys know about the video? we upload 15 seconds of video in instagram everyday - did we upload it today? was it no.12?- yeah i think it was no.12

we upload videos everyday and today's video was quite fun the video was about sailor moon, mickey, zombie and all...oh, and yesterday's video was about zuny's cleaning - hope many of you will enjoy it- by the way, can you show zombie again? can you show us one more tine?in front of camera... - be scary- i'm even wearing a red cloth right now i might look terribly scary - isn't it zombie?- bend down a little bit more [indistinct talking] - what else?!- "zuny's handsome"

please check our instagram and facebook account since we upload videos everyday - please give us hearts- yes i'm gonna give 100 hearts today okay. then... - we're going to reveal our house now!- oh my god! finally! let's reveal our dorm.shall we...? you might have seen our living room very often through instagram videos. so we're going to reveal our personal spaces

- that's right- we're going to show our room hang on, but let me tell you this. my room is more like... hmm... a messed up space? let me introduce so jung's private space! - all the best!- can we start from the closer room? then it's zuny's room oh, and we are going to upload today's "beauty and the beasts" picture - at our official fan site instead of sns account- yeah. not in sns so we're going to play rock paper scissorsto select the beauty - who's going to be the beauty? let's see...- i practiced rock paper scissors so hard

you can check out our pictures if you join our official fan site let me tell you this. the picture will be really awesome.i promise you - i know i will win this game. so both of you will be funny- no, it will be funnier if you lose - you're the highlight among us - ashley's funny - so... shall we go to zuny's room now?- gosh, i'm so nervous! - let me be a camera man- shoot us nicely please - wow, can you use it like that? it's amazing- hang on, it's moving please record clean and neat spots only - wow, does it have selfie function too?- yeah

let's go!so jung, let's go together - come on- i'm so excited! let's check out zuny's room! everyone can tell it's my room it's so easy to know that this room's belong to zuny - can you sing that song? - [humming] not this song. what's the one from "*love house"?(*korean interior program) - i have no idea... anyway!- this is zuny's room umm... first of all... - please do not show this side- oh okay. i'm sorry

let me explain these pictures first this one is printed in a wood panelto remember ladies' code that's right. we went together and this is a picture of my brothers and sisters.isn't it cute? - and this is...- is it your brother? this is not my baby - it's my youngest brother- juwon! what a cutie pie! seriously? i thought it's your picture - it's juwon- he's so adorable. oh, here is an air cleaner

this is for my fresh throat and voice and this is a picture of us - that's right- i kept all the pictures here oh, and i made it by my do i call it...? - is it a candle?- yeah. i can place a tiny candle here i decorated it with real sands and... ta-da!these are my mickey figures! wow! i think this one is the original one and this one lost his nose. i dropped it and his nose was gone...

- oh my god...- and this one is... this is my favourite. it's black & white mickey mouse and this one is... - there is a pinocchio version too- wow, that one's cute and this one glows in the dark and these are...oh! and this one is... - i got it from a vending machine- wow that's adorable even though i only have two pieces,there is a kitty collection too - god, it's broken- zuny, you have so many books

- oh my god!- what was that just now? what was that just now? where is it? anyway, these are from *one piece(*japanese cartoon) actually i had plenty of them but... - by the way, did you read them all? the books?- of course really? that what's contained in this book? it's a story about being worried for thousand timesto be an adult - okay. let's call them as a part of decoration- oh! and my designer friend made this calendar for me

she used my pictures to complete this calendar - wow... your friend is really talented- yeah she made it for me. and... hmm... and this is my bed! zuny sleeps there everyday! yay! i'm here too! this teddy bear is my only friend and i got this monkey in hongdae by winning a balloon game - wow, you're awesome!- and...

- oh! i need to show you this one- oh yeah my sisters gave me as a giftand it's really amazing press the sleepy mode - if i shake it like this, the lights are on- can i turn off the light for a while? - i can turn it on and off by shaking it- wow! it's so cute! it's cute. right? oh, let me show you another mickey collection i have mickey hats too this sleeper is mickey mouse too. and...

i have plenty of mickey cloths too.but let me show them next time i wanted to show you something elsebut i can't find it right now - i think it's gone - what's that? my friend made a magazine cover for me.she's the one who made my calendar i think my mom took it.oh! it's there! eureka! my friend made it for me too - she made it like a magazine's cover- wow, that's so pretty! i know the behind story of this pictureit was taken in a cafe. right? oh yeah. it was taken with the cafe's white wall

she said she needs a model - so i went to help her - wow, that's so pretty - this is really awesome- how is it? you're receiving generous comments right now - some people are jealous on mickey mouse too- really? - yeah- oh! and here is an album of me wow! are you okay to reveal that one? it's my high school graduation album.let's find my picture - can you help me to hold it?- it's going to be a jackpot!

- i'm so sorry for other graduates...- i can't remember my class let's guess. i think it was class no.4 oh yeah. you're right - he's my teacher. hello~ - where is zuny? - i'm here!- oh my god! zuny! is that you?! it's out of focus right now.let's wait - zuny, you're so pretty!- can you see this line? - oh my god, you're so pretty- i wore jeans and a white t-shirt you look so pretty

i'm sorry friends... wow, you revealed your graduation picture! - you're awesome!- and i'm so into this now days. it's a sticker and... - i like to collect stickers - give me back my sticker! - i like to do calligraphy now days- oh yeah and if i have a chance, i would like to give you all as a gift - oh, and i have a mickey mouse phone case too- that's cute - zuny's room is filled with mickey mouse- these are my perfumes - and there are various medicines for my health care- oh my god

are you okay? by the way, i don't think i need to showmy cosmetic refrigerator. right? - so i'm done now - guys, i'm so sorry. please hold on... let me hold it - okay. let's move on- shall i take off this one? okay. where should we go now? the next room is... - wait- [humming] - wow~- when did you decorate your door? - i think she did it before an hour- no way!

honestly, i did it yesterday we were told that we're moving out from last yearand i've been keeping this stickers for past two years i didn't want to waste it... but since we didn't move, i just used it i used it yesterday for today's show - wow- you've plenty of things! - you decorated it so well- from where shall i start? - there's a huge sized audrey hepburn's picture- yeah. i'm a fan of her so here is audrey hepburn and here is another audrey hepburn! - oh, that cushion is very unique - it was for my birthday gift

my sister made it for me and sent it from america it's my mom and puppy kiwi's picture hello mom - i greet her mom everyday- she sent me to hug it everyday isn't it good? - can you give an excuse? - for? they say it looks like you cleaned everything in all of sudden - ashley! ashley!- okay... so the next one is... - this is my collection- wow...

- since when did you arrange them like that?- it was always here i really love lip i like to collect them i'm wearing mac's so chaud color right now i'm just telling you for thosewho're curious - wow... there are plenty of them - these are my perfumes i have few accessories with a picture it's time for my sailor moon collection now first of all, it's no.1 after that...

ta-da~ - that's really a lot!- i couldn't open this one because i received it today isn't it pretty?it's so hard to open the package right now - she almost cried after receiving it- i still have to buy two more pieces for it i still have to get sailor uranus and sailor neptune this collection will be perfect with them.this one's pretty too. right? - it's on top of my flowerpot- gosh, that's so cute! - did you put them up by yourself?- yeah wow, that one is really cute

this is sailor puzzle and i haven't opened it yet hope i will play it one day... and i just have cosmetics and a laptop on my desk it's for make up and computer only - do you study?- no... my brain is going to die soon.i must start studying... and i like to sleep with this lights on.i'm scared of darkness... so... if not this light, i use this's my favourite i like to light candles. i feel very relaxed

and... these are my polaroid pictures.i like to take pictures and see them - so these are my pictures...- ashley, you're being called as otaku - that's right! - "you don't have any books" these are my cloths and most of my cloths are black - yeah. most of them are so dark- i have some red cloths here - she has three red cloths. she likes modern styling- i have grey cloths too oh, and i displayed some sunglasses.i like to wear them - i like hats too- you look pretty today. take a look

can you show us from the distance? you look pretty today that shoes is very sensible - oh~ you look pretty!- anyway what else do i have...? anything else? - but that's true. right? it's good to like sailor moon- yeah - but that's true. right?- yeah i'm not shy about it at all we are the one who have to be shy

okay. so i'm done with my room!let's go to so jung's room now - shall we go?!- you can check comments from here i have nothing much in my room... - actually i pasted that sticker- oh really? - which one? this one? really?- oh yeah. it was zuny's room and she pasted it i pasted it and i changed my room... - i tried to take them off but it teared off. so...- thank you. it looks really empty up here anyway, i really have nothing - and i hope you won't shoot my closet...- okay

- can you tell us the direction?- you can come to this side - it's so cold here!- i like to keep my windows open how does it look like? i like sunglasses. so i have plenty of hats and sunglasses here it looks like an earplug but actually it's a headset - guys, it's a headset- seriously?! - really? then where is the cable?- there is no cable. because it's an earplug - hey! i believed you!- i sometimes listen to music with it - anyway...- no wonder... she's an weirdo...

so i have many sunglasses.some fans might know about it you know that i love leopard. right? i have lots of things like this your headset is very famous here oh, and this one is really precious this is so jung's favourite mini wine bar! - it's my mini wine collection- it's so jung's bar! - [indistinct talking]- so these are... these are my favourite wines and...simply they are alcohol

i keep them like this because i really love them by the way, can i introduce this one very briefly? it's very amazing - you know what's purifier. right?- "can i have one bottle?" it's called wine purifier.can you see this? i'm so sorry but i really want to show you this.if i press this button... - the wine has to be there but...- did you drink them all? - yeah... i'm so sorry- when did you drink?! i think there might be a single drop of wine.anyway, if i press the button here...

i'm so sorry. it's all gone... - i think they're all evaporated- where are they then?! so this is called wine purifier.i always keep it in my room "i'm not going to buy!" this is our album and these are wines and this side is... - it's a wall- wow, pictures are pasted like a stair i didn't know how to paste them.and most of pictures are sent from our fans i received it during recent activities

and this is the last one.all of them are given by fans and... a drawing?! we took rest for long period of time. i think it was over a year and half so i started to find some interestand i found this coloring stuff so i tried it at first - that's so pretty! - i just did it whenever i was bored or free - i can do it for 3~4 hours very easily- i bought it with so jung but... - i couldn't even finish it- where is it? - i think it's at the back of my bed- anyway, it's my second drawing

- the very first one is placed in the living room. and...- is that an art work too? yeah i'm doing it right now.i started it ages ago but i couldn't finish it it's being kept like this for months.i must complete it as soon as possible awesome - my canvas is totally empty- okay fans are saying that you might hidalcohol bottles in the balcony and closet "is there soju bottles too?" i can't walk inside the balcony.there are alcohol bottles here

i think i can show you this one - ah~ i like accessories.- wow~ there are necklaces and earings... i really like something sparkling there are many. i'm wearing this for today. "wow, so jung loves earrings."yes. i like to see these things. i get many watches, too.i think i like accessories a lot. nice~ - "that's like a secret terrace"- i can't show here to public

ah! do you guys remember my shabby accessory case? so, i won't show that case to public - ah~ can we go and see it?- no. it's the same. - is it the same old one?- yes so, are we done, so jung? there it is. but can we just shoot only here? - here are only clothes. just clothes, everyone.- i can see some liquids there - hurry - here. there are just a few. here is our fans' gift... album

- did i say an album?- it's actually a calendar - here's a calendar - ah~- ah~ so cute~ - ah~ that's so cute~- it was young. when i was younger... - this is a picture of my younger time- really - oh my~! this is a heart attack.- it was when so jung had blond hair that's right - oh gosh. it was when i was younger.- really i was young. these are pictures of my younger time. oh gosh. look how young i was when i was on the way to work. a picture of way to work.

besides these guys know that i love movies. - i have a beam projector- wow~! when i come home after work, i turn off the light there are about twenty zombie, i connect this to here and watch the zombie movies. i sit here to watch it with wine from the wine purifier that's how i spend the end of the day - right. so jung really loves watching movies.- that's right - a film and wine - i've been too busy with working to watch them, but later i'll watch many films since there are people who wants to seesee my accessories, i'll move to my room

- go go go! - go go go! - accessories? i don't have many. crying see the room that isn't cleaned up - what was that?- we're in zuny's room all of a sudden for my accessories... is it okay to show them? - this is my case for accessories- what are there inside? there are many hair pieces that i don't use.i bought these recently, i still don't use them. when zuny wore that one, we told hernot to wear it again and here are bracelets

ah! this was a gift from ashley's mother - is that your only watch?- well... - there are three more watches here - is that the end? - the end?- ah~ there are some necklaces here i don't really wear them i don't really like a necklace - so, this is the end of the tour of our place- seat over here how do i do this? how can we look better?ah~ like this? but this... - i can grab this like this. like this.- but doesn't it hurt your arm? - it's okay- how about taking this off?

- how do we take it off?- no. i'm okay. - are you sure?- okay so, we're done with touring our dorm and it's time to say good-bye already? do we have to wrap it up? - it's already been more than an hour- that's right but... was it fun for you to tour around our dorm? was it fun? maybe we'll show you around here with more details next time

after all the upgrades...we'll have more upgrades for so jung's bar. did you see na-rae's bar on tv these days? i was also thinking about opening my own barlike park na-rae's bar everyone, please look forward to it~! i miss you~ - look at those hearts- 200,000 hearts~! - wow! - 200,000!- wow~! you're the best! i'll press more hearts after when i read the comments - i hope you enjoy our show- i know

- was it fun?- my arm is getting hurt. wait~! should i just go like this?do you want me to turn this way? thank you. okay... - it's time for use to wrap up- don't go~ - don't leave us- "don't leave. don't leave. and don't leave me~!" i'm glad we're working for promotionsduring our third anniversary of debut we could meet some of our lavely today.and we could communicate with them. so, we are so happy were we were on our promotion whenit was our first anniversary?

- i think we never had such an opportunity - so, this year is very special to us you guys also made it more special - thank you-thank you really. we had a very meaningful third anniversary. please leave us commentswhat you guys want to see from us maybe there'll be something on our next v-app - something fun- there might be something fun - please share your thoughts as many as you can- and we almost forgot to tell you a very important thing we gotta do a rock paper scissors gamefor making geek faces for one i'll tell you how to do this

after the rock paper scissors game,the winner gets to be... - the prettiest... - the winner is the prettiest.and the rest of two will... you know we can do this well. - that's right - let's do that we're so good at- okay - wait - let's just begin the game rock paper scissors! - wow! i really won!- no, no~ i had a late toss - mine was late, too - isn't that right?- no~ everyone, please make fair judgement. - hurry- i had a late toss wow~! i used to be good rock paper scissors.for 100 battles, i won 100.

- but, i get to lose on such day- the talk we had yesterday became true - really - zuny always lose the game on such time- i didn't really know i could win i used to be really bad at rock paper scissors we're going to post the photo we're taking nowon our fan community - please check the photo on our community- look forward to it~! - see who's gonna be on the photo- it's so sad. we're gonna shoot the photo right away. here. it's said you tossed your hand late. everyone, look forward to the photoof making geek faces for one we were so happy and glad that wecould communicate with you on our 3rd anniversary

let's meet up on our next v-app episode, everyone - please look forward to us- really - i love you~- i love you~ - love you, love you~ lavely and ladies' code have been together for 3 years.let's always be together in the future. love you~ i love you~ - bye bye~ see you again~- bye~

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