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Senin, 19 Juni 2017

Hello Kitty Christmas Coloring Pages Free Print

Hello Kitty Christmas Coloring Pages Free Print

(boy) learn & explorewith baby first. subscribe now. hoppy easter! (giggles) (boy) ♪ he's harry the bunnyhe loves to be funny ♪ (children) ♪ and playevery morning ♪ (boy)♪ when everything's sunny ♪ (children) ♪ when the morningcomes to stay ♪ ♪ he loves to play all day ♪

♪ he's the sunniest, funniestharry the bunny ♪ ♪ i'm the funniestsunniest ♪ (children) ♪ harry the bunny ♪ ♪ he's harry the bunny ♪♪ (yawns) hello, everybody! i'm harry the bunny! ahh! i love the morning!

mm-hmm, mm-hmm. every morning,when i wake up... somethingspecial happens... out there. do you know what it is? come here. i'll tell you! (whispering)it's a big secret! do you reallywant to know what is it? it's a big yellow secret!

(giggles) are you sureyou want to know? it's a big yellow,warm secret! something specialhappens out there every morning when i'm juststarting to wake up. something big and yellow and warm rises in the sky! it's happeningright now! ooh! i'll tell you!

the sun rises! mm. it's so warm! the sun is round and bigand yellow and warm! and it risesevery morning! that's one more reason whyi love the morning! say, bye bye,harry the bunny! bye bye,funny bunnies! (humming)

this is my family album. do you want to seepictures of my family? yeah?let's look together! this is my family,on my first birthday. this is my mom, my dad, and me! look at me! (giggles) i'm a baby bunny!

here's anotherpicture of my family. this is me... and dadin the playground. we have so much funtogether. just the two of us. mm-hmm. my grandma and grandpa and me on the beach. grandma bought mea strawberry popsicle.

yum! (sighs) i lovemy family and my family loves me! good-bye for now. maybe next timei'll get to see your family. bye bye, funny bunnies! oh, hello, everybody. i love being outside. hmm...

ohh... what's this? it's a tree. feels rough... and hard, too. knock-knock-knock. who's there? ooh, so many leaves! hmm... huh?

i can't see the top!(giggles) oh! this is a tall tree! (wind whistles) do you here that? the tree is blowingin the breeze. hmm. (chirping) did you hear that? birds livein the trees, too!

(birds chirping) i can hear thembut i can't see them. oh, what's happening? so many leaves! i'm a tall treewith green leaves! ah-h-h-h! i love trees! say, bye-bye,harry the bunny. bye-bye, funny bunnies!

(sighs) hey, hello, little ones,i'm harry the bunny! huh? what's that? hey, that picturelooks like a flower. are there flowersin there? hmm-hmm-hmmm, (rattles) hmm... (giggles) it sounds like...

shake-shake-shake,shake-shake-shake, shake-shake-shake,shake-shake-shake. (laughing) oh! these are... seeds. seeds grow into flowers! let's plant them! (giggles)but where shall i plant them to make the flowers grow?

in our sleeve? no... in our ears?(giggles) no. i know, let's plantthe seeds in the ground! we can make a holeand plant the seeds... oh, and... this is a watering can. water helps things grow.

let's pour some water... and... we... wait. come on, grow! grow! huh... unh-unh... nothing! i'm getting sleepy. ohh... hmm...

(yawns) i feel sleepy. did the seeds grow? (gasps) (giggles) it did grow! into a beautiful flower! wow! it has a green stemand pretty petals and it smells so good. it's a daisy!

say, bye bye,harry the bunny. (boy) happy easter! oh, hello, everybody, i'm harry the bunny. ♪ la-la-lala-la-la-la-la-la ♪ (low voice) ♪ la-la-lala-la-la-la-la-la ♪ (loud voice) ♪ la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la ♪ its mommy's birthday! we're having a partywith yummy carrot cake

and lots of songs. hmm... i'm going to sing mommya birthday song. ooh... i'm so excited. i'll have cake later. i need to practicemy singing now. for singing i need... huh... music! ♪ la-la-la-la-la-la ♪ ♪ la-la-la-la-la-lahappy birthday ♪♪

now let's pick a song! a song has musicyou can dance to and words you can sing to. ♪ la-la-la-lala-la-la-la-la ♪♪ hey! i know what songi'll sing mommy! it's a special birthday song! i came up with all-l-lthe words to it! (clears throat)

♪ happy birthday ♪ ♪ happy bunny-birthday ♪ ♪ its mommybunny's special day ♪ ♪ let's all cheerhip-hip-hooray ♪ ♪ sing her happy birthday ♪ ♪ happy-bunny birthday ♪ ♪ happy-bunny birthday ♪♪ what a great song! but... if you don't knowthe words to a song

you can always just hum. see you later. i can hum! bye-bye, funny bunnies. hello, everybody!i'm harry the bunny! what is this? what is it? hmm... hmm... is it a house?

is anyone home? (giggles) no... oh, oh, ohh! you can climb up here... you sit here... and you go down here. oh!it's a slide! who can godown this slide? how about... hmm...

a duck? he climbs up here... he sits here. be careful... and...he slides down. (giggles) he did it! he did it! good job, ducky! here comes a dog.

go ahead, doggy! whee,he's sliding! mm-hmm. a duck, a dog, and me, a bunny! we love the slide! whee! bye bye,funny bunnies!! (woman) happy easter. oh, hello, everybody!

look at these. hmm... so many! and so many colors-- a green one. a brown one and a yellow one! oh... oh, they were still and now they're blowingin the breeze!

ah!i got one! is it a fancy hat? no... or...a tickler?! oh, that tickles. i know. it's a leaf! and leaves grow on trees, like this one... and they rustlein the wind.

rustle, rustle! whoosh, whoosh! look. i'm a tree! hmm... huh. (giggles) see my leaves? and when theleaves fall from the tree, you make a big pile... and jump right in!

(giggles) oh, crunchy! (humming) aha! on the trees, on the ground i lo-o-o-ve leaves! oh, hello everybody! i'm playing hideand seek with my teddy bear! he's hiding,and i'm seeking. first, we cover my eyes, like this.

and then,i count to ten. one, two, three... one, two, three,four, five, six, seven, eight,nine, ten! ready or not, here i come! i can't see himanywhere. hmm, where is he? hmm, oh!can you help me find him?

all right! where's that teddy? do you see him? you do? over here? hmm, oh, up here? he's hard to find! how about here?

hmm, oh! there he is! we found him! thanks for helping! okay, teddy,now i hide and you seek! meow, meow, meow... hello, little ones, look! a cat ...

cats say "meow"! meow! (giggles) meow! a fluffy tail. hmm, hmm... (giggles) very fluffy. hmm...and long whiskers. (giggles) that tickles! purrrr!

(giggles) cats say meow, and they "purrrr." oh. do you thinkkitty wants a toy? oh, here's a toyfor you, kitty. she likes it! purrr, purrr, purrr... bye bye,funny bunnies purrr, purrr,

purrr. oh, hello, everybody,i'm harry the bunny! everybody! what a great day! oh, look! a book to color in! hmm...let's look. what's that? are those...

birds? hmm... hello, hello. hey, birds! look, pictures of birds! hmm, hmm... i can color them. hmm...oh, look at this one. and this one. and this one!(giggles)

oh...and this one! birds have wings,to fly in the air. hmm,look, it's a bird (giggles)and it's flying! whee, whee,whee... and... listen to the soundsthe birds make. (birds chirping) cheep-cheep! tweet-tweet!

hoot-hoot! hello, birds. oooh! birds have feathers, and tails, and big wings! (giggles)i love coloring birds. bye bye,funny bunnies. hmm....

hoppy easter!(giggles) (woman) subscribe now.

Hello Kitty Christmas Coloring Pages Free Print