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Rabu, 21 Juni 2017

Hello Kitty Coloring Pages You Can Print

Hello Kitty Coloring Pages You Can Print

subtitle new man, come down to earth... to rise to eminence...made of silicon... come to life with maze of wires... with hard disk memory... with an everlasting body... an eternal life... with integrating sixth sense...

lt's an experiment to generateseventh sense... you bring change in man... make humans humane... with your endeavours,change the world... be good to every life... be truthful in any circumstance... team tolly doctor, you got a courier. sender:sana

ltem:flowers message:miss you keep it there. switch on the processor. good, move like that only. bloody black beetle! you needed this! he's kicking now like a fetus,how will he kick once completed? up!

walk! yes! yeah! it up! - coffee.- thank you. aluminium box, get mea strong filter coffee. no coffee to grade 2, take water. - how about grade 3 then junk box?- sorry. self service. humans have no respect in this lab.

come on...yes... yes...walk... no, walk like me. yeah...yeah...that's it...yes. excellent doctor. l'll start data transfer,cut it on getting connection. l'm a language of intelligence... my path is seeking new frontiers... my boundary is unlimited like sky...

l'm intelligence of the future... you're made of flesh and blood... l'm made of materials... you live only once... l'll live for generations... giving pose like bruce lee. super...super... hi sana! long see no time. don't you check emails andsms's in your lab?

where is he? why does he needa girl friend and love? ls he alive inside? he's with wires inside.he'll get angry if l disturb him. let him get angry,tell him sana is here. go quickly. - do you've any sister, sana?- no. mother? - l mean brother?- what?

no, l mean cousin sister. can you please shut downyour stupid system? control, alt, delete. how many times l've told younot to disturb me? get out! he's hitting with a motor, sana. lt seems he'll not meeteven if obama is here. did you tell him sana is here? l told him, he asked you tocall him on phone later. tell him to make pickle of his phones.

tell him l'll never see him again. - hello!- too shrill. hello boy! dot. boys, give him speech training,l'll come back now. okay doc. hey buddy! repeat! why are you looking like that? donkey, stupid...

may l kick you with my left leg? answer me, you metal head! have you given him any useful training? that is...have you come back so quickly? tell me. hey buddy! repeat! what's this? ls this the speechtraining you gave him? lt wasn't me, it was by siva.

l wanted to start with chennai tamiland then move on to classical tamil... shut up! this is my ten year hard work.don't play with it. lf you teach anything like this,l'll punish you severely. lrresponsible idiots! hey junk head!complaining about us to him. l'll dismantle and sell you as junk. looks like it'll bite,come let's go. robot...robot...though l've learntmany languages...

my father tongue is tamil... robot..robot...though wonover many continents... l'm a slave to my creator... my dear robot!welcome to this world. hello, l'm robot!speed 1 terahertz. memory 1 zetabyte. success doctor,next is alrd approval, right? no siva, though everythingis programmed, he's an innocent machine.

like an infant. we must take him to the outside worldand let him move with other humans, after studying how to utilize his intelligencefor the betterment of humans, and after correcting those things,we must take it to alrd. you want to move close with humans. lt'll be show! coming! lt's been months,don't know what's he up to? he's spoiling his health in research.

hi mom! what's this vasi?you look like a saint on leave. hi pa! l've a shocking surprise for you. what's it son? come. what's this?have you got rolling cleaned? no dad. don't confuse us, son.who are you sunny? hi! l'm robot!speed 1 terahertz.

memory 1 zetabyte. he's smarter than you. dad, l've developed this robot.advanced robot. this is android humanoid robot. a human like machine. this is mother. - mother!- yes mother. greet mother now. lt's doing just like human. lt'll do everything a human can doand also do what humans can't.

then you don't need these useless guys. - father!- no, l need them. lf they're not here,who will clean robot every day, who will make it wearbrief and socks. you're making a post graduateinto a baby sitter. vasi, come to have food. robot, you too join hot idlies. what? l think she'll even serve himmutton soup too. lt's food is just two units ofelectricity every day, mom.

why are you calling as it?didn't you name him? mother, select a good name for him. lf you'd a younger brother l thoughtof naming him as chittibabu. lt's nice!we can fondly call him as chitti. me? chitti? chitti, put the tv. mother, he'll put if you ask him to put. you must tell him clearlyto switch on the tv. vasi! why are you leaving so early?back to lab?

no mother, l must cut hair andmeet sana immediately, she's furious on me. - who will drive the car?- chitti! chitti? no way! no need to take such risk, doctor. aren't you also coming? l think l've stomach carry on. you? l didn't inform my home,you carry on.

change to driving mode. watch out doctor, he may pull outbrake instead of applying it. - am l not here with him?- he broke tv while you were here, right? just follow my instructions. don't do anything withoutgetting my permission. okay doctor.where should l go now? look there! ldiot! why did you apply the brake? you told me not to do anythingwithout your permission.

- hey useless!- new word! are you driving drunk? no, l'm driving the car with petrol. don't answer him, drive the car. don't make it too short,just quarter inch is enough. l'll cut like nipping the nails, sir. didn't come here for quite some time?any vow or ayyappa? work. - ls he your brother?- take it as like that only.

- sir, haircut for you?- no need. this is wig. wig? - what's your age?- one day! sir is playing truant with me. read books. ls he counting the pages? do you've any other books? have you finished readingall the books?

finished. you've just telephone directory to read. next! - finished that too?- yes. - do you know all the numbers?- l know. - kamalahasan's number?- 24334140 everyone knows it, tell my number. - your name?- bhajan lal. there are 12 bhajan lals,tell me your initials.

k bhajan lal. there are 3 k bhajan lals.tell me your address. no:6, manna reddy street, sowcarpet. 24884030 correct! brilliant! my number is 44433321 ,tell me my name. hello mr.p pithambaram. hi sweetheart! broken heart! what?

l'm sorry sana,please accept my apologies. l was very busy in my laball these days. stay put in your lab,who asked you to come here? l can understand you're angry. how many phone calls?how many sms's? how many emails? how many times l would'vecome to you? did you speak a word with me? l got vexed. look sana, bullet points,

one, l don't know what's happeningaround me while l'm in work, two, if you know what wasl working on all these days... excuse me. l've class, whatever it is cometo jeeva park in the evening. dot, l love you.let's meet in the evening. hello, don't get any ideas.not to romance, to break up our love. break the love?what do you mean by it? after our marriage, you'll spend time withmachines and l'll be left with loneliness, instead of going for divorce then,let's break up now, that's better.

let's part ways, you take your way,your exclusive way. hey look! easy...easy... agreement for breaking up as lovers,the letters you wrote to me, the greetings you sent me, the book you gave me,a brief history of time. freakonomics! see! lord muruga's photofor valentines day. have you ever bought somethingreally touching? this one?

would anyone gift a shaving setto his girl friend? - l thought could be useful...- my foot! l've returned everythingyou gave me. sign this. we don't have anything betweenus hereafter. good bye! - that's all?- that's all! - have you returned all l gave you?- yes. then what about the2 power 9, 512 kisses? do you keep counting the kisses too?won't you feel while kissing? silly matrix head!l can't return it.

break up is valid onlywhen you return it. this is wrong rule, l'll not accept. then l'll not sign the agreement,l refuse. he's a pain! close your eyes. what's this?this is post office kiss. - did l kiss you like this?- then what? holding your waist,hugging you tightly... stop...stop! this is way!

then break up is cancelled. l'll come and trouble you every day. you're a torture! let me get rid of him today forever. come closer. don't smile. ls it okay? too much of gap. still closer.

feel...feel... how many love cells are in the body? how many neutrons and electronsare in your blue eyes? just thinking about you makesmy tissues desire... sana...sana...a question... are you the epitome of beauty? are you newton's law of gravity?ls your love my enemy? are you the smile of thousands of stars? you're a dedicated scientist...but smart in asking kisses...

you've created a commotionin my heart... there's war in the honey sweet lips...rose petals are bleeding... a commotion in my heart... ho baby...ho baby..grapes in honey... ho baby...ho baby..rose flower in the clouds... butterflies...butterflies...have the sense of taste in legs... love bug bitten humans...taste the love with eyes... running water has more oxygen... hearts that sing desire more...

my desire come... let's make life times love infew moments, come my dear... my love! spare time for our love,my heart is in pain... my love! like your thin waistin my work love has grown thin like it... how many neutrons and electronsare in your magnetic eyes? my love... - what is this?- berry. berry? - who is the driver?- which driver?

there are many drivers. engine driver, taxi driver, screw driver... who is the driver of this car? me! why did you park the carin no parking zone? the board says no parking only,it doesn't say dr.vasigaran car no parking. - are you playing with me?- no, l'm replying you. - take out your driving license.- l don't have driving license. how can you drive without a license?

with driving programme mode. don't cook up stories,come to the station. which station? radio station, railway station,space station, play station. making fun of me?what is your name? tell me your address. l've lp address only. 108.1 1 .0.1 why are you giving rash replies to me? - what is your father's name?- no father. - mother?- no mother.

- orphan?- not orphan too. how were you born then? - l wasn't born, l was made.- made? - are you mad?- no, everything is tight. - taunting me?- no nickel. bolts are made of nickel. - stop it!- what should l stop? tell me. need of argument. parking offense, no driving're talking too much.

lf you go to court they'll puta fine of rs.1000, will you go to the courtor settle it here only? - l'll settle it here only.- that's better. settle it. l have. trying to irritate me? don't you know the meaning of settling? cut! - where should l cut?- ln my hand.

do it fast.cut it fast! he has cut my hand!he has cut my hand. - what happened chitti?- police...police... he asked me to cut, l did it. oh my god! he's bleeding. who is it?he's just like you. get into the car, l'll tell you.come on take out the car. don't go...stop...stop...police... - ls he your brother? twins?- no.

- we'll be in trouble, drive fast.- ls he your friend then? no. driver? he doesn't look like that. wait, l'll tell you everything later. check if he's following usor not and drive. turn! why are you turning head for everything? you told me to see behind and drive. - can't you see it in the mirror?- can't you tell me that earlier?

drive! after publishing hundredsofjournal articles, he did a doctorate in carnegieon artificial lntelligence and post doctorate inrobotics at stanford. l've great pleasure inintroducing dr.vasigaran, to share with this august audience, his experience withandroid humanoid robot. l would like to call my friend,my brother, my chittibabu to come on the stage.

hi! good morning everybody. he's none other than my creation.chitti, the robot. speed 1 terahertz.memory 1 zetabyte. gentlemen, he's equalto 100 humans. he has been programmed with intelligenceand talent of 100 humans. he knows all the arts. he knows all the languagesof this world. he can dance, he can fight,and he's a sportsman. he's fire resistant, water resistant,inbuilt vehicle.

his eyes are notjust to see,but to show also. you can to talk to him virtually. such robots will help in progressand defence of our nation, you can ask if you'veany doubts with chitti. asking you a simple question,2415781 7 fibonacci number? yes 22 not clear number! by the way, that's mandavelisubrahmanian's phone number. the biggest prime number you know. m44, you may take few yearsto know if it's right.

good! amazing! lt's great! what raaga is this? you started with nattukurnji andtrespassed into museri. ln the middle, you lost the rhythm. any more questions? ls god there or not? - who is god?- one who created all of us.

dr.vasigaran created me. god is there! he's superb! - what a great creation!- thank you. you are really great! - do you know to paint, chitti?- l know. - can you paint my picture?- sure! smile please! - wow!- cool!

he's such a darling! - can we take a photo?- sure! hey move...move... hi girls! l'm co-scientist. l fixed chitti's all motors. l'm deputy scientist ravi. - deputy scientist means?- helper! - l change chitti's dress.- lncluding brief. can l have a date with you?

dating? why are you all after him? though he has talent of hundred people, he doesn't have one importantthing which we have. - yeah, it was very...- doctor! lt seems l don't have a thingwhich they have, what is it? - why didn't you give that to me?- he has complained on us. robot is called chittibabu. fools! don't you've common senseof what to talk to him?

no, we've feelings and he doesn't,that's what we were to tell... don't try to change it, cheap fellows. one month salary cut. - hello professor.- brilliantjob, dr.vasigaran. chitti, meet prof.bora. you've told me, chairman of alrd.your guru! his photo is in our lab. lnteresting! chitti...what processor are you using?

pentium ultracore... motors? fhpo 450 motors from hirata japanwith harmonic reduction rate (not clear) can you please tell me aboutyour neural schema? - l can't.- why? lt's highly confidential. l'm vasigaran's professor. you can tell me, it's not wrong. - l'll check and tell.-

doctor, he's asking aboutmy neural schema. can l tell him? you see professor,you're asking know-how, l'm hesitant to release ittill l get the patent. because he can bemisused very easily. of course, l understand. just wanted to know how muchchitti knows about himself. - l hope you didn't mind.- not at all. after studying him complete,l'll bring him to you only.

for alrd evaluation. - all the best.- thank you. l'll see you there my boy. vasi, l like chitti very much. can l take him to my homefor two days? ls he pomeranian or teddy bearto keep for two days? no, l've my final exams, didn't studywell getting upset with you, l feel chitti would bevery helpful, please. please...please...please...

okay, take him. - you both go with her.- okay doctor. gents are not allowed in home. who said we are men? - call me if you've any trouble.- oh sure! thank you. activate command modeand stand up. command mode activated! walk straight!

oh shit! l'm not shit! okay, pick up the gun. not bun, l said gun. shoot it! l've programmed you with800 thousand line of codes. l'm ordering to pick up gunand you're picking up bun. will you pluck livesif l say pluck hair? vasigaran is my student.he was sensational!

the robot he created won astanding ovation in the conference. this is sleeping on ground to dig in. l'll pluck life... leave my neck...leave... task incomplete...pluck life...pluck life... you bas...shit! all right vasigaran, l'll congratulate you. you just wait. happy home, what do you mean by it?

my father was in army. he died in kargil war at the age of 40. sorrow, tears, depression,it was horrible. how long can we live like that? there are so many women left as orphansafter losing husband and son. we started this home to give thema family of their own. nobody can changewhat has happened, nobody can stopwhat is going to happen, every one must be happythis moment, that's it,

happy home! ls the child kickingthe football well, lata sister? let it come out,l'll ask it to kick you. who is it? men inside the home, boy friend? not boy friend but toy friend, mother. - lt's name is chitti, lt's a robot.- robot? why are you lying to me? she's right,

l'm a robot, speed 1 terahertzmemory 1 zetabyte. don't scare people like this, fix it. mother, you'll be surprized withthe work it can do. can it cook? prepare something to eat,l'll take bath. you're so sweet chitti.thank you. - cool!- lt's hot! just one day and l've lot to study. l'll tell line by line what l've read,if l'm wrong stop me.

have you finished reading all books? l'll test you. what are monozygoticand dizygotic twins? monozygotic twins are identical twins, dizygotic twins are non-identical twins. amazing! lf you can by heart lessons so fastyou can become a doctor in a day. this is an importantsegment of the pelvis... ..diameter or the interspinal'sdiameter are...

10 cms are more. usually the smallest the... anterio posterior diameter. anterio posterior diameter whichis through the exterior... can't tolerate this trouble every day? why are you playing so loudly?reduce the volume. we spent a million bucks to set up deck,amp, woofers, surround speakers. do you want us to hear it inheadphones instead of full volume? lt's exam time,so many people are studying.

there are heart patients too. heart patients! lt seems heart is aching! use cotton stubs! ln ears! okay! chitti, do something. don't worry, remote control is infra red.l'll take care of it. come on baby!what are you looking at?

- finish it off!- close your ears! okay. let's move it...let's move it... reduce the volume man! cool!come chitti. anterio posterior diameterthrough the level of... - 98 decibels, too loud.- l know. who is that chellatha? hello, sound is too high,will you reduce the volume?

we are celebrating festival ofauspicious tamil month aani, and how dare you're asking usto reduce the volume. we are unable to studyfor the exams. pray to goddess andapply sacred ash on forehead, you'll pass the exams. how loud you play the music? sana, no more troublesome loud speakers.come, let's go. hey, he broke the mike set. hey stop!

bloody stop there! goddess mother! what's this? he's a magician. he took away all our weapons. why are you crying sana? l'm sure to fail, chitti.l haven't read anything. time is over.l feel giddy on seeing this book. - shall l write your exam?- don't talk nonsense, chitti.

there's photo ld and exam card. - you can't write the exam.- we can do the opposite b. what do you mean by it? lf the bleeding starts withplacenta in neutro, ...of the uterus will graspand massaged to make it contract... lf the placenta is not separated... the third stage of the labourstarts the baby's delivery... excuse me!what are you doing here? sana is writing exam there.l'm telling her the answer.

how can you tell her from here? l've a built in data transmitter. there's a trans receiver in sana's ear, zip p protocol, simple. - ls it hi-tech bit?- not bit byte. till now l've transferred 2 mb data. did you see how people have developed? - get up man!- please wait. - l'll come as soon the umbilical cord is cut.- what?

will you come now orshall l call the security? there! she's sana. what is this sana? lt seems you've a receiver in earand copying as he dictates. - who told you?- me. l don't know who is he. why are you lying sana? l'm chitti, speed 1 terahertz,memory 1 zetabytes. what the hell...he's blabbering.l think he's gone mad, sir.

l don't have brain, just cpu only.perfect condition. no doubt, he's mental.take him away, running out of my time. l thought when he was talkingto himself alone, may be some old medical student. sir, you please go out.go and cut the umbilical cord. what would you do for menstruationand fertilization, sana? that's her problem, you go out. task incomplete. thank you very much chitti.

lf you hadn't helped me,l would've definitely failed. why are you wetting my cheek for it? l'm sorry chitti. lf l get caught they'll rusticateme for three years. that's why l had to disown you. - please don't feel for it.- l don't have any feelings. l've understood that humans telllies to save themselves. true! move...move...get down...board next compartment.

move...move...all of you clear out.go to the next compartment. are you such a macho man? come now! what are you looking at?you can't attract anything we are having stones. come on! - why are they calling me?- keep quiet. you brought him for protection,tell him to come now. chitti, my hall ticket and ld is in it.

you ruined my home theatre, right? now l'll ruin your home theatre. catch her! chitti train. chitti, bash up them! stop it! no! you'll be shocked to knowwhat chitti did today. chitti is one of its kind.he's so sweet, he's amazing.

he's unbelievable.he's like a super hero! had he been a human,l would've ditched you and loved him. - l see your face frowning.- no. come on vasi, he's just a machine. whatever he does,the entire credit goes to you only. my love is always yours only. chitti, you too join us.take photo of all three together. wow! boom...boom...robot...

zoom...zoom...robot... ls robot lsac asimov's work? ls robot lsac newton's magic? ls robot einstein's brainchild? hey robot... hey happy-go-lucky pal, come let's go... robot you're bewilderment... raised this city to top...electricity for blood... wonder of science inthis modern world...

you've mouth but no stomach... you can talk but never breath... you've pulse but no heart... you've power but no arrogance... o frestone, may you live eternally... you were born out of a man's love... you bloomed in the desire... you united us in love... before we know our marriage day,you're our son...

chitti...chitti robot... mischievous robot... you're a darling of everyonein every nook and corner... hi! o my dear sweet child! chitti, hold it. oh my child! do you've any sense? leave me...leave me...

lsn't there any lover like her who nevershuts mouth for little tiffs too? won't l get a lover who can listenpeacefully everything like him? gives boons without doing penance,is he lord kannan? auto man...automatic man... see the crowd swarmingfor your autograph... cheers! you watching avidly as ifshakila is dancing here. planning to complain about this too?that's the idea. tomorrow is alrd's evaluation,l'm doing peripheral trouble shooting.

- are you so great?- grammar mistake. he's great grammarian tholkappier. use right sublime gender and don't uselike animate, inanimate and neuter. so said tholkappier in grammar thesis. shut up. forget about what he saidin a book or a tv interview, are you greater than usif you're better informed? - yes.- what yes? can you drink like us?

can you smoke like us? can you eat biryani like us? can you puke like us after eating? can you atleast spit? - can you write your initialswhile pissing on wall?- correct! ls that all difference thebetween me and man? - looks like a punch in dark!- lndeed! these items are inmy don't eat rule list. the same rule list says to obeyour orders, right?

- yes.- then, drink this. eat this biryani. - l'll ask doctor.- don't tell doctor about it. hello! they are asking me to drink alcoholbeverages and eat biryani, rule priority clause 9,what should l do now? beat those rascals with slippers. yes doctor. command received. you...

give me your slippers. slippers? take it. are you going to eat it? he may eat! he's beating us really. leave us, all are watching us on road. chitti, stop it... - task incomplete.- what? lncomplete?

chitti, stop! - you need it.- no. - do you've any sense?- no. l asked you to get it readyfor alrd's evaluation, you're asking him to drinkand eat biryani. - we never told it, doctor.- he's lying, doctor. only humans lie, machines don't. last warning idiots,next time you'll be fired literally. task completed.

human life is priceless. thousands of army men die is wars, many families face difficultieslosing them, if we use robots instead of men,there won't be any human loss, producing android humanoidslike him in great numbers, my aim to present themto lndian army. alrd's approval for it is necessary. humbly request authorities andscientists must evaluate chitti, and approve

ls this robot created with asimov'sprinciple of not hurting humans? this robot wasn't created like that. because robots would face situationsin war where it has to kill humans. let me check your colourand shape perceptions. take the red cube andput it on the yellow pyramid. - not possible.- then? reverse is possible. yellow pyramid on the red cube. greek runner achilles whilecompeting with a tortoise,

if tortoise comes little earlier, it's proven theory thattortoise has won, - do you know about it?- l know. lt's a paradox. ln the process because it'sconvergence is serious, achilles also can win. what are you saying? - can we approve?- sure. one minute please.

do you know the value of human life? lt depends on whose life it is. who will you save an impending danger? einstein or a small kid? hypothetical question. smart answer. - now follow my commands.- ready. please get up. turn.

walk. turn right. run forward. run around. run back. turn left. jump. right. fast.

faster. even faster. catch. stab vasigaran. stop. take it out. this is dangerous'll kill anyone. l can't approve it. no professor, you gave him a wrongcommand and confused it.

that's the problem. lt doesn't know good or bador friend or foe. lt is just a stupid inference engine.that's all. lf we induct in army, it'll kill ourgenerals instead of enemies, letting it out in society isalso dangerous, it has cut a traffic constable's hand, we've complaint about breakingbones of passengers in a train, this robot will suit to do only routineprogrammed job in some factory, sorry doc, cannot clear it.

why are you angry on me, professor?why are you doing this to me? please don't misunderstand me. l don't have any grouse on you. science mustn't go wrong, that's all. what's this chitti?why did you behave like this? what have l done wrong?you told me to follow his orders, l did. lf he asks to stab, will you stab me? lt means that, right? save us...

chitti, stop the car. sir, we are unable to nearas fire is intense. many people are trapped inside. send additional force sir. can you save them, chitti? heat 799 degrees celsius, l canwithstand upto 1000 degree celsius, - l can save them.- go. - not a life must go, chitti.- okay. somebody please save me.

don't get scared, l'm chitti, a robot,l'm here to save you. l would've died, he came like godand saved me. well done chitti. - thank you.- what about the others trapped there? somebody please save me professor, watch tv. the robot you rejected asdangerous to humans, is now saving humansfrom a fire accident. watch it! save my child...

- save them!- save me! get down. ls everyone safe? check!who is it? my daughter selvi was taking bath,she's missing. l don't know what happened to me! save me! don't come near me, l'm naked. - don't come near.- so what? l'm also naked. don't come.leave me...leave me...

l''m naked, leave me... here's your selvi. - you've spoiled everything.- don't take pictures of me. the girl was naked. - she's alive.- go... don't take my photos.l've been humiliated... - stop.- stop...stop... what's this vasi?you've killed an innocent girl unjustly. l told you it's a stupid's dangerous to let it outside.

you've proven now thatl was right in rejecting it. - bad luck, vasi.- you've left us dear! stupid! don't you know to cover thegirl with cloth and bring her? how can it know, vasigaran?lt's not a human but humanoid. how can you explain honourto a machine? - professor!- sorry vasi. the video of the girls suicide is shownon tv news channels and tearing us. there's pressure from defence stop your research. no professor, l can't stop.

l can make some changes in hisschemology and correct him. how can you do it? lt doesn't know man and woman, it doesn't know honour and shame, it's insensitive to human feelings. l can give human feelings to it. lmpossible.only god can do it. man has made possiblemany impossible things. you are my senior.

that's why l'm telling you,it's a waste of time and energy. 10 years professor,my 10 year hard work. lsn't there any fruit to it? there is but in a different place. l've contacts with many roboticcompanies in foreign countries, if you give this to them,l can get you few million dollars. no professor.l didn't do it for money. my aim is to give it to lndian army. lt's impossible.

lt must come to me for evaluation. give me one last chance.please! all right, l'll give you a month's time. try it, if you fail dismantle it.sell it as junk to buy dates. good for need it. we both are sticking with youfor 5 years in this lab. - all we got is beaten with slippers.- find us any job in your lab. do you know anything aboutchitti's neural schema? we know everything otherthan that, sir.

l'll call if l need you. human feelings anger excitement what are you doing? l'm installing software hormones to you. hormones are secreted onlywith feelings, doctor. l'm going to do reverse mapping. chitti, in this world human life isan independent accident,

in this vast space and world, human and life happened onit's own by coincidence. what do you mean by life? lt consists of dna, the basis of life. ls this life? life is not a am l to tell you? a bacteria has life but sodium doesn't. - for me?- for you... careful, this side.

- do you see any changes?- l do. what? your beard has grown 0.5 mm. stop joking you fool! - l asked if there's any change in you.- no. waste...utter waste...stupid! - vasi, calm down.- you keep quiet sana. can it understand this?metal head! titanium head. vasi please...

l haven't eaten, haven't slept.l didn't even talk to you. how many days?how many days l've toiled you know? l've taught him so many l struggled to teach him? he's standing there like a lamp post. buffaloe.useless fellow. useless machine. l'll dismantle you. don't scold me unnecessarily,l'm obeying all your orders. lf still l'm unable to meetyour expectations,

the mistake is not in me,it's with you. lf l'm waste then you're also waste. - what did you say?- leave me. leave me l say. chitti is getting angry. yeah. my god! sana, lata is having labour pain,she's in serious condition, come immediately. don't worry, l'm with you.

don't worry. ls it very complicated, doctor? you're studying here, right? fetal cause, the head is turned. lntestines are woven around stomach. dropping pulse rate, blood loss,she has all the complications. lt's difficult to save one of them's life. she lost her husband soonafter marriage in a war. she's living for this child only.please save both of them.

- l can only try, beyond that...- can l try? - who are you? doctor?- no, l'm chitti, a robot. - robot?- can you do it, chitti? why not? sorry, we can't allow it.this is not a lab but labour ward. two lives are under total risk. with so much experiencethis is a nightmare to us. l can do it, l've studied for sana's exams. sana herself can't do it.

you need qualification andexperience to a ceasarian. lt's against the medical law. no need of ceasarian,l'll have it a normal delivery. how is it possible?both will die. she's bleeding. we can do plasma transfusion. blood pressure is high.she may get fits at any moment. give maximum pressure. pelvic disproportion.normal delivery is impossible.

possible, can do symtiostemy.olden times delivery method. pushing through afterstretching pelvic bone. don't shout, your son is getting scared. we are making history. first time a robot is actingas midwife to deliver a child. your son is just like you. do you want to see? doctor, switch on wi-fi. l'll stream ultrosone video.

my god! lt's unbelievable! lt's a milestone in robotics. lt's an achievement inartificial intelligence. doctor! she's dying! - just 95 seconds only, stay awake.- sister, open your eyes and see. he'll take birth at exactly4hrs 44mts 44 secs. lt's over! just 55 seconds more only! just 35 seconds only! sister...sister...

sister... welcome! great! will you approve chitti now? definitely. but the real problem for you starts now. he saved both the lives. you are really great!you're mind blowing! the real story begins now.

wait and watch! lt's a great day for me chitti.what a moment! l'm extremely happy today.thank you very much. get charge in sleeping mode.l'll see you in the morning. good night. oh my god! you are... you are like... what are you doing here at this hour?

a mosquito was biting your cheek. did you come here to kill it? no, l felt like seeing you,that's why l'm here. what's this new habit? get going. your kiss today was very good.give me another one. l'll go. what happened to you?disturbing me at 1 am, go away. kiss me, l'll go away. why are you troubling me? you achieved something great,l kissed you.

ls there anyone else pregnant in home? ls this maternity ward? what do you want me to achieve now?tell me. catch the mosquito that bit me now. that's all? who bit sana? not me. l was in cooum. l'm west mambalam mosquito. - rangooski is from anna nagar.- who is this rangooski?

- me!- did you bite sana? yes l did. so what? l've bitten tamil chief minister also. come with me and seek her forgiveness. seek forgiveness? fulfill my three wishes, l'll see then. tell me your wishes. number one, l want ab negative blood, very rare, difficult to get.

siva in my lab belongs to that group only.he always belittles me. suck as much blood as you want. number two, ban all the companiesmanufacturing mosquito repellents. they are disturbing us a lot. - third wish?- announce us as national bird. fool, you're not a're an insect. getting late, will you comewith me or not? l'll not come. lf you don't come now,l'll exterminate all of you.

hey who is it? how dare you enterour area and threaten to kill us! how many we'd killed with malaria, dengueand chikungunea, forgotten it? let's show him our power! - hey dengue lakshmi!- sister! - hey cholera jasmine.- sister. attack him! sister, he's very strong. cholera jasmine broke it's sting biting him. ls it?

- enter his mouth at right moment.- okay sister. sister, dengue lakshmi diedgetting electrocuted. l think this is something newlike electric mat. let's back off like when wefaced the first repellents, later on we can come backand have a ball. you can take rangooski with you. look sana, the mosquito which bit you. rangooski. - rangooski, say sorry to sana.- sorry.

never again dare come near sana,warn your people. - yes boss.- go! kiss me now. deal is a deal. you want to feel my kiss...boy you can't touch this... everybody...hypnotic...hypnotic...supersonic... super star, come....come..get it...super star, come....come..get it... ls heart sprouting in iron for the frst time? ls this the frst call of love?

zero with's fragrance of flower from today... stars are in the sky...lightning is in eyes... l'm searching more than google... a love which time hasn't seen till now,l love you, my maiden... robot! l robot, shall l tell l love youin your ears? l'm a super girl, your love rapper girl... lt's all you in my thoughts and actions... l'll steal the current from your blue eyes...

l'll join your laugh with my blue tooth... with my engine heart l'll hug you... while you're asleep, l'll hug myself... l'm always a toy in your hands... watch me robot, shake it...l know you want to break it... when talking to me l may getelectrocuted with your touch... while romancing me,your motor speed may race... battery may get low at midnight... l've arrested the girl in my memory...

l spent night eagerly withoutshutting it down... gathered all the you always... l've forgotten about my dutiesbecause of you only... will you accept my dry kisswithout any inhibition? will you refuse this bloodless love? ln zoology l'm a machine...ln espionage, l'm a master spy... l've come to earth withthe boon of deathless life... l'm blessed with neverdiminishing love... hey robot! don't try to charm me...

you wanna come and get it boy...oh are you just a robot toy? l don't want to break you...even if takes to kind of like break through... you don't even need a be my man's back up... l think you need a check up...l can melt your heart down... may be if you got one...we've been doing that for ages... since the time of sages...don't butt me, move aside... you're a serpent near my leg... hey you robot lover,l don't want you, go away... super star, come....come..get it...

you can't touch me... this way please. welcome mr. birmingham. okay, l'll call you later. hello. - victor...- john.. birmingher- arms dealershah - arms agent many terror groups want to use robots fordestruction, suicide missions instead of men. they are ready to pay any price,they've clients all over the world.

he wants to see your model. well, the prototype is ready. and programming functionalities. you can have a look at the designand some function modules in action. there you are! he wants 100 robots, march delivery. your advance. that's a deal. please be seated.

would you like to have... what happened to my robots? lt's almost ready, mr.birmingham. you should've delivered by nowas per the contract. you're still showing the skeletons. lntense testing is on. l'm fine tuning it to zero defect. l request you to give meone more month extension. we are disappointed.

3rd april is your deadline. hope you understand. - gift pack this.- okay sir. - for whom?- lt's sana's birthday today. gift pack this one too. wait...wait...why that one too? l'll also present a gift to sana. - l'm giving it, right?- l'll also give one. - who will pay for it?- you pay.

why? salary for my work. we don't pay salaries to machines. are we paying salary to car and fridge? l'm not a machine. lf you don't pay salary,l'll strike work. l'll take a vow of fastingby not charging for a week. looks like you'll ask for a credit card too. no need, l've your credit card number.

l can sign like you. can't take it anymore. pack both. super! okay? - who will drive the car?- you! l'm on leave today. my bad time! 50 kg taj mahal is all mine...

watch the road and drive. happy birthday sana. - many more happy returns of the day.- thank you. thank you so much. hi sana! chitti! you look great! with today it's 200 thousand hoursyou've been on earth. to the world's most beautiful girl. chitti, you're giving sweet!

wow! this is awesome! mother, help me. - how is it vasi?- very nice. lsn't it nice? l love it, chitti. thank you. l too have given you a similar necklace. anyway gift from chitti is special, right? happy birthday to you! can l've your attention please?

l've an announcement for you. l'm proud to announce that l'm the luckyman this birthday girl's going to marry. folks! lt's time to dance, get start to move. girls please. - come on vasi, let's dance.- can't. - shall we dance?- yeah! sure. hey this is grandpa's music,let me have some blast please. sure!

rascal! what are you up to? l wanted to kiss sana, l did. don't you know it's immoralto kiss another's girl friend. l know, it's in the rule list. l felt like defying it. wrong, you mustn't come near her. because she's my lover. l too love her. don't talk like a fool.that's not real.

you're just a machine. yes but a machine with emotions ofhappiness, sadness, love and anger. emotions for you is givenas intelligence, it was for you to understand thesituation and behave properly, and not to misuse it. l like this, l want what are you saying, chitti? l'm going to marry her. you marry some other girl.

you can't do this chitti. l created you, this is known as betrayal. you can do this, vasi. you gave up your love for research,that's known as sacrifice. l'll thrash you. lt'll not pain me, you'll feel the pain. - l'll dismantle you.- l don't like it. what did you say you rogue rascal? vasi, clam down.

chitti, please listen to me. you're so patient,why is he scolding me? no, l'll fondle him. - tell him to keep quiet.- bloody! chitti, please understand. though you've emotions, love betweena machine and a girl is impossible. ln what way l'm inferior to humans. l'll take care of you betterthan him, sana. he's talking foolish andyou're listening to him.

- tell him not to interfere.- ls he so great? vasi, please. he can't cook,l can cook 25 different types, l can sing lullaby in 32 languagesto put you to sleep. he'll get old, his hair will turn gray, he'll die. l'm eternal. l'll keep you happy till last, sana. - l didn't mean that.- then? sex?

ls life nothing but sex? - ls it not love without sex?- not that, chitti. then? child? there are many impotent in lndia, aren't they living happilyby adopting children? - not that, chitti.- what else then? whatever you do is againstthe nature, chitti. neither you've birth nor death,no hunger, infact you don't belongto the living organism.

only humans can lovebetween themselves. l love vasigaran. you're like my best friend. only humans find it difficult to forget, it's easy for you, chitti. won't it take just a second toerase memories about me? erase it, chitti. erase me of your memory. your friend prof.bora speaking.

why did you come now? l know you're hurt,l came to console you. you're my boss' enemy,you chided and rejected me. l don't want to talk to you. hadn't l rejected you, you wouldn't havegot these emotions of love, anger? l did good for you. vasigaran is illtreating you. l don't want to listen, you can go. you're the most advanced robot inthis world which can think and act.

he's using to cook, wash clothesand clean toilets. what has he done for you in return? nothing! nothing! had you been with me? l would've given you the highest regard. you're polluting me. trying to make youunderstand your value. you're bigger than man himself. you've the right to desireanything in this world.

lncluding sana. they say it's against the nature. no, this is new to the nature. - sana loves vasigaran.- let her do. won't they change in the courseof time to love another man? may be sana will changeand start loving you. - lsn't it?- don't confuse me. tomorrow l've army evaluation, l need to run my diagnosticsand trouble shoot.

okay chitti, all the best. you'll get selected in tomorrow'sarmy evaluation, vasigaran will get fame and money, he'll marry sana andgo to kashmir on honeymoon. you'll be in the same kashmir firing... ...buns! who were you talking to? myself. are you ready for tomorrow's evaluation?

ready doctor. peak of human intelligenceis this robot. he's equal to 100 army menin speed, power and action. he can protect the bordersand attack the enemies too. ln short, he's a one man army. l'm dedicating him to the lndian army. you must test it. can you spot hv36 hand granade? yes general!

smart. can you bomb tent number 3 with that? what is this? sana! chitti! a virgin beauty who can make evencomputers to fall in love with her. lf she touches machine willturn into human. human will turn into machine. what is this, chitti? throw it.

her tresses are black waterfalls! forehead is neatly cut moon. eyes are bermuda trianglewhere people get lost. lips are sleeping zebras. waist is small chair of toddlers. next...chitti, stop it. what nonsense is this dr.vasigaran? you said this robot will wage warbut reciting poetry. - l'm sorry.- friends,

forget about gunsand start praying dupatta, forget about canons andtouch a woman's dress, why wars? why these weapons? love will teach you to love enemies too. all of you fall in love! chitti enough,don't embarrass me further. no war only love! stupid scientist and stupid machine. waste of time.

you insulted me. what is this doctor? you've killed my ambition. doctor, don't hack me. l took care of you like my own son. l want to live. please don't harm me. please. rogue machines like youdon't deserve to be in this world.

get ruined! what was my mistake? lt was my mistake to create you. did l ask you to create me? did l ask you to give me emotions? did l ask sana to kiss me? you did everything yourselvesand when l want to live, you're killing me. ls itjustified?

don't talk! leave me, l want to live. l want to love. l love sana. l want sana. forget it vasi, l'm also sad. why are you still thinking about it? what if you lose chitti?lt's just a machine.

you're a great scientist. you can create 100's of chittis. l didn't take chitti as machine. l brought you out to forget about it. why are you thinking about chitti only? you've to snub out of it. divert your mind. l thought chitti is my lifetime achievement. oh god!

come, let's go for a walk. are you coming to beachwith me or not? l'm not coming, you carry on. lf you don't come now,l'll definitely break love this time. l'll just walk and make thefirst man l meet my boy friend. wait! hello! - what is your name?- pachamuthu. can you be my boy friendfor today, pachai? one day boy friend?

like one day chief minister,this is one day boy friend. you're like butter and l'm like a piglet. - how can l be your boy friend?- yes. thank you very much.l can't believe it. l feel like l've won a billion in lottery. what have you got for your girl friend? - arrack and dry fish fry.- give me. smelly! lf you drink, it'll give kick.

l'm scared. l'll have it then. this will not work out,l'll go, pachai. why are you holding my hand? you lit fire of desire in meby saying one day boy friend, how can you walk awayjust like that? he's my boy friend.l said thatjust to tease him. - leave me.- did you find me for that? fulfill my desire and go.

leave me. - what vasi?- leave me. calling your man? let anyone come, l'll not leave you. vasi come! leave her...leave her... she's my girl friend for today,come back tomorrow for her. l'll kill you. l'll cut you!

police! help... l know lg, look!l'll call and get you arrested. can l ever get such a beauty in my life? lt's not wrong to spend life in jail for her. you call lg. had chitti been herethe scene would be different he would've crushed his bones by now. why are you talking about chitti now? vasi, do something.

- there's only one way for it.- what? one...two...three... run! mount kiliminjaro...beautiful maiden... who is the maiden with lovely dimples... mohenjadaro... who entered your heart?who slowly melted it? me raw... boil me with kisses andrip me with your teeth...

come like a python andcatch this deer... add a dash of ginger and pepperand drink me like soup... cousin of white is with me... ls this life size olive fruit all mine? hey guinea hen!engulf me... start counting the number of kisses.... tender green plant...lemony complexioned... l love you to death... billions of tissues...every one of themis singing paean of your name...

my sweet darling... you're folding my heart into two... l'm a soaked fruit... bite me slowly... l'm the sunlight that canpierce till roots... why have you hidden your thin waist? let's lock our lips...and open it after an era... hey guinea hen! engulf me...

man of pleasure... l'm a skin instrument, play me... you're a jack fruit thatdoesn't hurt the shoulders... you're a walking moon... l'm a tree andyou're a woodpecker... l'm a forest andyou're enchanted resident in it... your waist is just 100 grams...l'm the lone outfit to you.. l'm a fve feet tall grown plant...graze me fully... lf you're green grass...

tiger will eat grass, what's wrong in it? hey l'm a guinea hen! unable to contact chitti in virtual.what happened? chitti bungled the army evaluation, he made mincemeat of himand dumped in dust bin. we don't keep the garbage here. by now they'd have dumped itoutside the city. where?- perungudi. what did you do to change his heart?

when shall l fix the marriage? l've not achieved anything, father.l'll create another robot... l'll stab you! if you talkabout robot again. aren't you satisfiedby breaking one tv? uncle, if you've auspicious thread,l'll tie the knot with him right now. l can understand your urgency. do one thing, exchange the rings now,fix marriage in next auspicious time. me to prof.bora... address, a/70 ...colony.

lt's a small world, chitti. l want to live...l want to love... help me professor. please restore to my original shape. l want your neural schema. take anything you want. restore me as chitti.please! l'll do it, chitti. don't worry. what's this new red chip?this is not chitti's.

this is bora's touch. additional programmingto chitti from me, destruction program. why did vasigaran gave itpower and talent of 100 men? l've given it the destructivepower of 100 men. ln short he's a demon now! butterflies in my stomach,why did you change him like that, prof.? business, he's the test for my business. business?

l'll get the money anddr.vasigaran gets the blame. thank you bora. have a good time, chitti. l'm going to meet sana. sana will not be at home. - she'll be in raja muthaiah hall.- why? vasigaran and sana are getting married. how come you're here, chitti? upgraded, version 2.0

stop chitti! though you forcibly take me,l love vasigaran. l like to be his wife only. only if he's alive. lf you harm vasigaran,l'll kill myself. l'm sparing him for you. car number tn-09-bb1 1 madam, jump. hold my hand...jump!

happy deepavali folks! what sort of a robot you've created? lt has killed so many police menand destroyed many things. you're responsible for that damages. we are registering case on youand take action. sir, this is not the robotl had created. l had broken into piecesand dumped in dust bin. l don't know how did this happen. first we must find therobot and stop it. tell us how to do it.

l'll find out, that's my responsibility. give me a minute. why are you disturbing me? what happened to you?your system has been corrupted. l must trouble shoot you,come to my lab with sana. no way, l don't have to followyour orders anymore. - l had created you.- you dismantled me. we don't have anymore relationship. l'm going to marry sanaand start a new life.

- don't disturb me.- don't talk foolishly. after all you're a machine. l had created you andl can destroy too. come here with sana. nobody can destroy me. sir, cash, cheque or credit card? gun! call all the police doing roundsin south chennai, block all the roads from t.nagarand ask them to check.

chitti has robbed city centre,cover all around mylapore area. - go to dr.radhakrishnan road.- okay sir. catch him...catch him... received information that chitti hasentered ennore petrol filling station. robot is entering the harbour. good, maintain distanceand follow him. coast guard will take care of it. we've gathered the piecesof blown up robot. - this is not chitti.- what?

this robot is not my are different. lt's confusing. robbed four different placesat the same time. all four places are in differentcorners of the city. how could same personbe in all the places? l suspect a man. activate command mode. l'm cr2. - command mode activated.- what are you doing chitti?

l'm producing myself,it'll produce many like us. 2 will become 4 and4 will become 8, 8 will become 16,they are my servants. - soldiers and terminators.- no. l'll not allow it. l'm not vasigaran to askfor your approval, bora. l'm chitti. look chitti, l've taken moneyfrom the dealers. lf l don't deliver robots in 2 days,they'll kill me. die!

bloody betrayer! how dare you go against your creator! chitti, delete all the programsyou've created. lf not l'll cut her neck.don't try anything foolish. delete the it. l said get on with it.hurry up! come on. command executive, order us,we'll shoot him down. gave me boon.l'll kill him myself.

robot occupies alrd,kills the security guard, let's get across live to our correspondentwho is right there at the scene, robot entered suddenly... ordered us to leave orthreatened to kill us. lt killed the security guardswho resisted. there's tension in the air,a sense of panic and fear, has gripped the alrd... after robot took over alrd, police asked people aroundthere to leave for security reasons.

this is our palace. l'm the king're my queen. l've brought everything you like.l've brought everything you need. this is our bedroom. the place we'll spend togetherhappily after our marriage. why are you blabberingsame nonsense again? lt's impossible to marry youand be happy. lt'll happen, sana. l'm prepared in all aspectsto be your husband.

l can give all the happinesswhich a man can give you. didn't get me? l'm creating an artificial cell. we can pre-program andhave baby as per our order. lf it's placed in your uterus, you'll give birth to the first baby bornto a human and machine. robot sapiens! shall we begin my love? lt's waste to act like seethaand saying yuck,

you can't escape from here andnobody can come in to save you, you can't even commit suicide. even if you don't like, l'll placethe artificial cell into your body. after giving birth to the child,you've to surrender to me, no way. do you need to go that far? no! come, let's enjoy now itself. give a beautiful kiss toyour great king, baby. come...come...come...come baby. come...come... get permission from electricity board,

cut the power to the areaand time l tell you, get a similar petrol lorry like theone that was blown in harbour. fill it with water instead of petrol. cr 42! lce cream. highness, dinner ready. l hear some sound form your system. l don't hear any sound. lt's so loud, isn't your microphonealso not working?

there's some problem in your system.l'll fix it. sana, l'm vasigaran. l've come like chitti to meet you. terrible! vasi, take me away from here please.l'm scared. don't get scared,l've planned everything. l can't take you out from herewithout destroying chitti. but destroying chitti isin your hands. ensure for next 24 hours that chitti'sconcentrates only on you.

l'll take care of the rest. there's misunderstandingbetween robots, commander. what happened? a different robot is deliveringdinner to highness. a different robot is repairingthe ccd camera. - good news, commander.- what? highness had dinner.she wanted to see you immediately. yes sir.switch it off. beautiful!

the best two things ever created by man. one is me and another is you. what a pleasant surprize! how did you change like this, sana? l've understood now thatyour love for me is true. l can't believe it. l remembered everythingfrom beginning, you've helped me a lot, how affectionate you were on me,

other than loving me,you haven't done any wrong, even after you were brokeninto bits and pieces, you came back again for me only, really chitti, l'm impressed. how nice it's to hear this, sana. at the same time l've a doubtif this is any plan to betray me. can anyone dare cheat you, chitti? this is vasigaran's engagement ring. wow! thank you.

l'm yours! mention his name and his greatness...even seas will clap... his stature is so tallthat it'll hit the moon... hey beauty...this machine is the best creation... lion...lion...l'm equal to 1000 lions... would l leave if l get holdof golden deer like you? my dear! fire of desire israking up in metal... even atlantic ocean failedto douse that fre... pour your sweet honey anddouse my fre of desire...

hey maiden, spread a feast of youfor me on the bed... the nerve of passion saved in the ironsuddenly burst open with desires... heart of this woman seeksan admirer not a demon... l'm not a man,l'm a king of intelligence... a computer with desires... l'm silicon lion that eatsyoung tender heart... robot... l'm a lightning who wears the clouds...don't try to apple polish apple... wires are making sound...desires are taking over my life...

don't say no to robot... hey seventh sense,you're stealing my brain... eating me alive... you say l'm what is leftoverafter you fnish eating... what happened to power? no power for long time, commander. why didn't you switch on the generator? commander, somebody has pouredwater instead of petrol... shit!

hey what are you doing? don't come near, l'll shoot you. what's this childishness? home ministry hello! l'm sorry sir. l didn't expect our planto fail so miserably. there's only one way to distract chitti, just do as l tell you. - did vasigaran come here?- no.

lie! human nature, you taught me. have you forgotten it? your body language says you're lying. trust me chitti, no.l think it's mine. why not say it's mine?yours is o+. that's ab- he came here. no, a different robot delivereddinner to you, camera didn't functionfor 10 minutes, your sudden change of attitude,power cut,

water in the generator, vasigaran is here only. are you trying to cheat me, sana? no chitti. l love you which you said is lie, right? trust me, chitti. do you really love me? yes. then vasigaran mustn't be alive.

come, let's kill vasigaran. soldiers assemble! soldiers! we've a trojan. a black sheep has entered hereto destroy us from within. l must find and sacrifice it. who is the black sheep? dr.vasigaran, if you surrender,l'll kill you painlessly. lf l find you,your death will be horrible. yeah...yeah...come...come...come...

sad! l think vasigaran is not here, sana. yes...yes... touch one of the two. then, vasigaran is here only. what happened, sana? are you feeling giddy? now, you will feel giddy. soldiers! rotate your heads!

black sheep! stop! he's the trojan. you said l had created youand destroy too. now, you're going to die in my hands. what are you looking at? this is hand gun l made it myself. hand made. ls it good?

where should l shoot you? ls it brain which wants to kill me? ls it heart where my love sana resides? l must shoot the brainwhich wants to kill me. sana, come.. fire! get that robot. place it here. may l come in?

start the car! move! shoot man start the vehicle. come don't stand, run hundreds of murders,200 victims are in critical condition, public property worth billionshas been damaged, dr.vasigaran, you're responsiblefor all this, with awarding death penaltyto you and closure of your lab.

we are closing ourjudgement can l speak now? we can't accept machine as witness. l'm not witness, l'm evidence. law will not accept it. lt will, according to thesection 3 of evidence act 1872, an evidence can be material,or documentary. you may proceed. first l want to tell you clearlyone thing, your honour.

lf a machine goes wrong andsomeone dies, it's not a murder. lt's an accident. next, vasigaran is not responsiblefor all the accidents. professor bora. what's this new story? you honour, professor bora is not alive. this is an attempt to twist the case. l've evidence, your honour. this is not chitti's.

the evidence producedis very important. this court frees him as innocentaccepting that evidence. at the same time, this robot'sextraordinary powers, there's a possibility that it can turnagainst humans at any time, and there's a danger of anyonemisusing its power, it may be useful in the future, since such robots are not necessaryfor the present times, this court bans robots from usage. this robot should be dismantled in thepresence magistrate and commissioner,

and the parts should be removedand make it unusable, and inform this court. dismantle it. you need any help, doctor. dismantle yourself, chitti. sure doctor. said you'vesomething which l don't have, did you see how many problemswe'd to face for it? l said about feelings.

please don't cry, son. what's your son saying sister? l've named him after you, chitti. name given by mother. educate him well. robotics, good scope in future. like you inserted a red chip in me, many people are moving with red chipsof selfishness, betrayal, cheating. good, l wasn't born as human.

can't dismantle at the thought. l've tortured you a lot. l'm extremely sorry, sana. why are you all sad? may l crack a joke? they say who ever falls in loveloses his nuts. did you see? l lost it. l'm going to miss you, sana. not as boy friend but as toy friend.

doctor, you're my god.l tried to betray you. breaking rules is wrong.please forgive me. no chitti, you learnt to breakthe rules from humans. the mistake is notjust yours. thank you doctor. l'm feeling good, doctor. what you are seeing is chitti, the most advancedandroid humanoid robot. 20 years earlier dr.vasigaran created it.

lt was dismantled for some reasons. because l started to think. okay chitti, let's go to the next section.

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