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Senin, 26 Juni 2017

Hot Air Balloon Coloring Pages For Adults

Hot Air Balloon Coloring Pages For Adults

(manga teacher) i don't want to be in class. man, what a drag! so annoying! geez... shoulder throw! half point! angry... angry... i'm angry! i'm happy now.

gulp, gulp. - what's her deal? / - i don't know. hello. it's me, sunshine! students, i'm going to have to nag you today. it's chatter, chatter. - what the... / - what's his deal? soyoung and nina. who said you two could be out late last night?

- so what if we do? what's it to you? / - yeah! what did you just say? say it again! it's encore! what's it to you? this won't do. students, hold out your palms now! why? so you can hit us again? a whistle?

it's dangerous at night. blow the whistle and i'll come running to you. my very own bodyguard! hey! get it together! - sorry. / - students! time to shine again. we'll start the korean class now. i don't want to sit through class... soyoung, let's give the teacher this spoiled milk.

we'll make him get an upset stomach! teacher, you didn't even get to eat from teaching. have some milk. oh, it's so sweet of you. thank you, student. oh, it's... students. this milk is expired! - it's not! / - yeah!

you guys went too far! the student in the judo uniform that's about to burst! what are you doing now? the milk i want to give you is... i love you. oh, it's touching. heart racing. suji! wow, i fell into his pace.

students! time to shine again! so i'll continue with class now. - forget class. / - yeah. soyoung, let's change the time on that clock. yeah! i'll do it. teacher, it's almost time to end class. you think i don't know you changed the clock? put it back the way it was!

why'd you take the battery out? i wish time would stop right now. wow, i totally fell for him. soyoung, let's throw this water on the teacher. yeah, we'll get him all wet. - 1, 2... / - students, what are you doing? enough with the pranks! flowers instead of water. this is our finale.

(despicable train) passengers, there are zombies infected with the despicable virus on board this train. survivors should move to the front car to be safe. despicable virus? miss kim, it's cold out, isn't it? i wish it'd get warm soon. so that... your skirt gets shorter!

so despicable! if those zombies bite us we'll become despicable too. but we can survive if we become more despicable. we need to get to the front car. can we do it? this man! i've seen him around my neighborhood. he's a wino that's always drunk. stand up straight!

let's believe in him. 1, 2, 3! what are you looking at? i survived! what was that? we can live if we become despicable like him. then i'll try this time. - are you confident? / - yes. when i pick out a fish at the grocery store,

i leave it in the cookie aisle when i change my mind. i'm that guy. i'm sorry. sora, you trust me, right? - i will protect you. / - okay. let's go! he's been infected! oh, no! no! he's not infected yet! honey, get it together.

you have to look after me. you came and nursed me every day when i was hospitalized. nurse you? i went to see your nurse. the nurse looking after you was hot. honey, what are you saying? hey. when are you getting sick again?

make sure to go back to that hospital. i hope you get sick for longer this time. honey! honey... there's no other choice. you need to become despicable to move up. - i can't do it. / - get it together! think about your boyfriend who turned into a zombie because of you. alright.

your tongue looks gross! that was weak! be harsher! harsher? who's going to worry about me without you? you always worried about my safety when i drove and you worried that i wouldn't get a driver after drinking. i always called deputy lee from work then. he's so kind.

he dropped me off inside my home. and he even drives me in the morning. breakfast comes included in his fee. hana, we need to hurry! dad, i'm scared! we need to go too! get our stuff! dad, just a second. my shoes are untied... there.

- hey, hey. / - yeah? you call that a second? you hold this a second. and this for a second. and you take the lead for a second. dad! what? just for a second. you said just a second too! - so despicable... / - let's go now!

dad, what if we get bitten? we'll protect our bodies so they can't bite us. i'll wear this... you protect yourself with this, hana. a shield for me. here's your shield. shield... - and weapons... / - weapons... - here's your weapon. / - my weapon...

- ready? / - yeah. i want to use this. give it. they say a parent can never say no to their child. well, i can. that's your dad, song yeonggil! he's so despicable! (knew this would happen) if we win this race we'll be the winners for this season.

good job, guys. yeah. you guys worked hard on fixing my car up. - let's stay pumped until the end. / - yeah. we can win. now this is a nice picture. oh, hello. it's all thanks to your sponsorship, ceo park. oh, really? then can i make a small favor?

yes, go ahead. my son is going to be competing in this race. so the thing is... i'd like you to let him win. what? what are you saying? i'll pay you anything you want. we worked so hard to get this far! you think money can buy anything? of course it can.

what? i knew this would happen! which is why i paid him off. i didn't fix his car at all. good job. - you jerk! is money everything? / - hey! - calm down. / - let me go! hey. do you want to end up like him? i am like him.

which is why i paid him off too. - thank you. / - sure. so what are you going to do by yourself? just give up. i don't need help from the likes of you two. i'll fix my car myself and race. which is why i changed that for a makeup box. a makeup box! go fix your face.

it's fine. as long as i have my steering wheel i can drive anywhere! which is why i changed it into a light! a light? fool. i can change my steering wheel back and put my tires on! - changed them for spiked wheels! / - what?

you can't race in that car. i'll use any means possible to compete in that race. i even wore my racing suit! i changed it for a racing model's outfit! what is this? how embarrassing. whatever. i won't be embarrassed in my helmet!

i changed it for a lego head! what is that? you look like a toy. don't try to stop me. i'm going to race no matter what! you're not going anywhere. which is why i've blocked all the exits. that won't open. which is why i made the door open like this!

which is why i only made the frame open! which is why i made the bottom open too! i made only the frame open for that one too! i can just open this and get out. which is why i made a wall behind there! what is this? it's blocked! all the exits have been blocked. you're not getting out. which is why i made a doghole here!

- what the... / - i can get out through here. i'll see you at the race. stop right there! we can't let him escape! which is why i made this doghole a tire hole! goodness! i didn't know this would happen! (look again) hello, viewers.

i'm jung haecheol of look again. what does this look like to you all? just a normal bottle of soju? but to a grandma... it looks like a sesame oil bottle. so depending on the person and their point of view, things can seem very different. first, how does it appear when a stranger talks to you?

to a woman... excuse me. i'm not joining your cult. to a relatively unknown tv actor... gosh, it's cold. yes, it's me. to a soldier... private lee sangeun! dang it... how embarrassing...

to a man... would you like my number? next is a woman in revealing clothes. how will this woman be seen? to a group of guys... hey, man. check her out. i've been looking. when that man is with a woman...

- honey. / - yeah. i can't stand the sight of that. why does she dress like that? don't ever dress like her! - alright? / - alright. to a middle-aged man... the world is coming to an end... lastly, high school yearbooks are seen in different viewpoints.

first, to a woman in her 20s... she and she got a ton of work done on their faces. to a woman in her 30s... she and she married rich men and totally fixed their lives. to a woman in her 40s... she and she had affairs at the alumni meeting. don't go to those! lastly, to a woman in her 80s...

only her and her are still alive. this has been look again! (please go away) where's my man that will be by my side on this cold winter night? bingo! mr. cutie guy. i see that you're alone. i'm also alone.

how do i get rid of this giant bean paste block? i see you're eating cheese. can i have some of this cheese too? oh, this isn't a cheese. it's my phone battery charger. why won't this thing charge? let me make a call. - hello? / - please move away. she's as strong as a wrestling champion.

is she a wrestler? let me poor you a drink. i'm fine. please get lost. - no, i'm fine. / - drink up. - take a hike. / - i want to pour you a drink... indirect kiss! so she was a boxer and not a wrestler. there's a flower here. let's test our love with this flower.

he loves me. he loves me not. i love you! my turn now. i'll curse at her. i'll smack her. i'll smack her as i curse at her. come here. - goodness, i'm drunk... / - get over here.

- goodness! / - mister, go sleep at... mister! excuse me! a big closet has fallen! please take it away! may i help you? goodness. why is there a fairy here fallen from the sky? i'd better steal her clothes before she flees. beat it!

you're quite sensitive. but that's okay. you're charming. who are you? an employee? i'm a part-timer. but my dad gets paid by the government. the government? so he's an official? he's a prisoner. he's called 2068 instead of his name. beat it.

i hate men that look weak like you. i drank black raspberry wine, you cow! i'll bury you... i showed off my stamina too much. i've made my decision. i'm going to make a band starting today. your very own... husband! you told her, didn't you?

should i flatten this stuffed pancake? i'll destroy you. i'll destroy you! i feel like a drink after performing. excuse me! bring me a bottle of your most expensive alcohol! oh, luxury guy! you must be a vocalist. you must be good at abdominal breathing. i'm good at that too.

are you a bullfrog? you're very reliable. you're very disgusting. will you be mine? will you get lost? your charm is overflowing! your belly fat is overflowing! want to go out and buy me dinner? want to go outside and get thrashed?

stop, stop, stop! it's finally time to choose. i've always liked a man that's like an idol singer. i think cutie guy is closer to an idol. cutie guy! goodness... ♪ just like tt ♪ why is twice here? what's with this guy? (large love)

what's taking minkyoung so long? i'm hungry. - honey! / - minkyoung! what took you so long? i got so hungry on the way, so i ate some stuff at the convenience store. what did you eat by yourself? what did i eat again? how could you eat by yourself? let me see that receipt.

what did you eat? hold on... triangle rice ball, triangle rice ball, triangle rice ball... plain rice roll, plain rice roll, plain rice roll... and what's this? cup noodles, cup noodles... how much did you eat there? gosh, i ate so much at the convenience store that i want to eat again here. i've never heard that before.

yes, hello and welcome. - what should i get? / - what would you like? ♪ which one should i eat? ♪ i'll have those. all 8 items here? no, no, no. up to here. - so you want everything. / - yes. alright, sure.

mister. i'd like the special eel rice bowl. but make it this big. our eel rice bowl is bigger than that. oh, i guess my fingers confused you. not this big. this big. - this big? / - yes. - an eel rice bowl this big? / - right. oh... alright, sure.

please have a seat. mister, please bring us two cold beers first. sure. here is some draft beer. what's this? a cold draft beer... just a joke. here you go. now that's a mug of beer.

mister, can you make my eel rice bowl fast... with an eel this big. - an eel this big? / - yes. i'm going to pungcheon to catch eels. hurry back! it's park bogum! - park bogum? / - park bogum! park bogum! i really like park bogum! i'm going to get his autograph.

- geez... / - your food is here. what about his autograph? i'm not a child. here's your eel rice bowl! wow, amazing. - please step aside... / - mister... - step aside. / - mister, give it to me. - mister. / - take it. this is huge.

where did you get a bowl this big? that's my tub from home. don't worry. it's brand new. it doesn't matter. - oh, it doesn't? / - yes. this is great. have some soup since it's cold out. soup... - mister. / - yes.

what is this cute little thing? some hot soup... here, take all the soup. great! what about mine? - another big thermos? / - yes. i'm going to a school cafeteria to get another one. - hurry back. / - okay. - this is great. / - how exciting.

let's dig in. let's start eating! 3, 2, 1! let's eat! minkyoung. what are you doing here? hwekyung... he's my older brother. oh, your older brother?

so this is the fool you're dating? - it's not like that... / - you punk... how dare you bother my cute and adorable little sister? i didn't bother her. that's too harsh. forget all that. i want you to break up with my sister. answer me! answer me, punk!

please... stop it. i can't take this any longer. you can't take it? i guess words won't be enough. not the eel rice bowl! why are you eating it by yourself? we're eating it together! where are the spoons?

(zoom in, zoom out) zoom in. what are you doing? honey. i told you not to go over the line. don't! you're always like this! zoom out. pouring water on the noodles.

honey, i told you not to go over the line! oh, right... then i'll pour some out. you startled me. it's not good to eat salty. it's bland! (the escape) hello? is this emergency services? i'm trapped in a tunnel now. please get here soon! alright.

am i going to die like this? what do i do? who's this? hello? hello, is this hong hyeonho? yes! who is this? i'm park yeongjin from emergency operations. hyeonho, don't worry too much. we have all sorts of experts here to save you.

- thank you! / - yes, it's only a matter of time. - i understand. / - hyeonho. what's bothering you the most now? i'm so thirsty but there's no water. - no water? / - yes. if you look, there should be a fire hydrant. yes, i see one! really? but this door is locked.

- it's locked? / - yes. don't worry too much, hyeonho. we have a door opening expert here. i see. door opening expert! yes, i'm key maker jeong yunho. i'll tell you how to open the door. do you have a credit card? yes, i do!

oh! then use your credit card... yes? and buy an electric drill at the hardware store. i'm trapped in a tunnel. how can i go to the hardware store? you can't open it without this. isn't there a way to open it with your bare hands? the only thing i can open with that is this zipper. - gosh... / - excuse me. how about...

i try snapping the door open? - snap it? / - yes. just a moment please. where's the snapping expert? that's me! leave snapping girl group photos to me. i'm yun seunghyeon. you just have to be loud. hey! over here!

then she turns. and when she turns... that's when you snap one. no. i'm not snapping a photo. i'm trying to get this door open. - oh, hyeonho. / - yes. looks like you'll have to break the door open. if you look in your pockets, you should have an emergency hammer which everyone has.

use that and... no, i don't have a hammer in my pocket. - you don't have a hammer in your pocket? / - no. then in the passenger side of your car you should have a bolt cutter. use this and... excuse me! who keeps a bolt cutter in their car? - you don't have a bolt cutter in your car? / - no. gosh...

then i'll tell you the easiest way. in your trunk, there should be a hydraulic bolt cutter. i don't have that at all! - you don't have a hydraulic bolt cutter? / - no. that's like saying you don't have a steering wheel! - hyeonho. / - yes. we can't rescue you if you're going to be so uncooperative.

no! i'm trying to get access to the hydrant... what the... i pulled hard and it opened. - it opened? / - yes. but the hose isn't connected. i think it needs to be connected. oh, it needs to be connected. where's the connecting expert? i'll find you a connection for sure! i'll find you a lady for sure!

i'm night club waiter dok2. so, boss! what's your type? no, forget about type. i'm thirsty. oh, so you're so thirsty for a woman that you don't care what she's like? no... this thing... the valve won't even turn. i've turned a turntable but never a valve.

- you have to turn it? / - yes. where's the turning expert? wow! turn! turn! 1, 2, cha, cha, cha! when you do a turn, hold your partner's hand and slow, and viva. at the front. madam. no, i'll call you honey from now on.

no, what do you mean partner? i'm here alone! you're alone? i'll get you a girl right away! where are you, boss? in a tunnel! oh, tunnel night club! bye! they're hopeless.

are they going to help me or not? what am i going to do? i need to hang in there until the rescue team gets here. just a bit longer... - hong hyeonho, can you hear me? / - yes, i do. - can you hear my voice? / - yes, i do! is this emergency services? this is lee sanghun, the anchor of tonight news. we're going to go live in a bit.

but i have a few questions for you. hyeonho, who'd be the most worried about you? well... my dad at home. - that's weak. it lacks impact. / - what? listen up, hyeonho. it's not your dad at home. i'll say it's your dad in heaven. my dad is in heaven? i'm sure he's in a better place.

where did you just send him off to? and where were you off to before the accident? on my way back to my dorm. that's weak. it lacks impact! you weren't on your way to your dorm. you were on your way to haeinsa. i was on my way to becoming a monk? would you rather be dead then? that's even worse!

- then temple it is. / - no, that's not what i meant... and what's the best thing you've done recently? best thing... i quit smoking. that's too normal. it lacks impact! you didn't quit smoking. you cut yourself off from the world. i cut myself off from the world? what's the thing you want to do most

when you get out of the tunnel? i'm all dirty now. i want to go to a bathhouse and get scrubbed. i'm going to say you want to get your head shaved. you've made me into a monk. save us, merciful buddha. avalokitesvara. - don't be ridiculous! / - we're going live now. the safety in korea has crumbled again. we have head monk hyeonho on the phone

who became trapped in a tunnel on his way to haeinsa after shaving his head in his decision to cut his ties with the world after his father's passing. go ahead, head monk hyeonho. how am i a head monk? he is being modest and lowering himself by calling himself a regular monk. i'm not saying a single word from now on. - you're not going to say anything? / - that's right.

he'll be starting asceticism of silence now! what are you saying? i'd like to ask all the government bureaus in korea to hold off on the rescue until head monk hyeonho becomes enlightened and reaches nirvana! why would they hold off? when am i getting out of here? (real sound) hello!

we change the daily onomatopoeia to be more detailed and precise. real sound is back! - two! / - two! now we'll review what we learned before. first, the sound of ketchup being squirted out. the sound of fireworks. very good. so...

what's the first sound we'll learn today? here it is! the sound of eating beef soup at the da office. what is this? what's this? - it's been changed. / - what is this? - it changed. / - what is this? (minsang debate) what is all this? what the...

get off me! let me go! get off me. who are you? i'm the host of minsang debate, song jungeun. the nation is in chaos after the reveal of the influential choi sunsil's corruption. that's why i have minsang and daesung here to talk about this matter. why is it this skit?

something's gone wrong... we ended this skit ages ago. why are we doing this now? - minsang. / - yes. this isn't minsang debate. it says minsang debate up there. this is minsang debate 2. a completely different skit. don't be ridiculous.

alright. so we've looked into both of you. here are the files. files on us? why did you dig up so much on us? goodness... it's an empty box! minsang, your hobby is basketball? yes, i enjoy playing basketball. i was always very active as a kid.

activist comedian yoo minsang... - what? activist? / - is on my left. - what do you mean left? / - daesung. - you're from daegu? / - yes. that's the same hometown as her. and pro-park comedian kim daesung on my right. - how am i pro-park? / - you two... have such different colors, which makes me excited about today's debate.

first, leftist minsang, say a few words? - leftist? / - so... what do you think of this situation? why is this skit back? why? why this one? why are you doing this to me? how about this? ask daesung first, who is very interested in politics. - oh, really? / - yes.

then aspiring politician daesung, go ahead. how do i get out of this? - minsang. / - yeah? you know choi sunsil, right? yes, i know choi sunsil. - you know her? / - yeah. - you're close with choi sunsil? / - what? - would you say you're friends? / - what? everyone, it's been revealed that

yoo minsang is friends with choi sunsil! what? me? and what was decisive was that he lost his tablet pc recently. what? i did not lose... don't joke around or you're dead meat. oh! look at that! he's showing off his power! how is this power?

no! don't be ridiculous. no. i've never seen her and i don't know her. never seen her and you don't know her... that sounds familiar. you sound exactly like that woman on the news! did she tell you what to say? so that yoo minsang who is suspected of being choi sunsil's friend can explain himself, we'll give him 10 seconds of free speech.

in 10 seconds, his mic will automatically shut off. i only get 10 seconds... it already started? how should i explain myself? this is ridiculous! look here! this makes no sense at all. look. if i'm the influential one... "i'm the influential one!" he admitted himself that he's the influential one! yes, yoo minsang has acknowledged that he is the influential one.

hey! he's fixing up a presidential speech! minsang, are you done fixing it? turn his mic back on please. - no! / - let me ask daesung this time. aside from choi sunsil, there's a lot of talk about park's three aides. daesung, i'll give you 10 seconds to talk about the three aides. - go ahead. / - no, you don't have to...

the three aides... this is nuts. think about it logically. the three aides and i... "the three aides and i..." "actually made up the four aides." that's what he's saying. what? what's wrong? geez, you startled me. how could you leak a precious gag concert script? i think it's been delivered to someone just fine.

daesung, have you revealed everything? alright, turn his mic back on please. nothing was revealed! what are you saying? alright. so that one of the four aides, kim daesung and the influential yoo minsang can get some rest, we'll have a quiz. it's a true or false quiz! if the spelling is right, hold up the o. if it's wrong, hold up the x.

are you ready? first, kimchi stew. oh, this is how it goes? this spelling is wrong. that's not the right spelling for stew. correct! dish washing. now this is the correct spelling. - this is right. / - correct!

choi sunsil gate! man, i knew you'd do that. oh, come on. not that. - not this? / - yeah. then "park geunhye gate" is correct? gosh! viewers, minsang's opinions are totally unrelated to gag concert director jo junhui.

i just want to emphasize that these are minsang's personal opinions. mentioning director jo again... he still works here? alright then. many people in the political world are abuzz about whose "gate" this really is. now these two will heatedly debate about this matter.

- a debate? / - get started! why would we debate? friend of choi sunsil, yoo minsang, may go first. why you little... i'm not! you're not? so you're not the one that should be investigated. - there's someone else? / - what? shut your mouth.

oh, one person? there's only one important person? just investigate one person? and who might that be? - what are you saying? / - is it... yes, we'll stop you there. that was quite the heated debate. then lastly... what are your outlooks on this situation that has put the country in mass hysteria?

please say a few words each. first, one of the four aides, daesung. go ahead. why do you keep asking questions? are you a da? yeah! are you a da? he'll go to the da office and tell it to them! you're going to the da office to tell them, right? look at that.

he's saying that he can be questioned at the da's office with his arms crossed and smiling. he's shooting lasers out of his eyes. then the influential one and choi sunsil's friend, minsang will say a few words. what is this? why is it this again? why am i last? - national government? / - what? the prime minister should quit?

then who should the prime minister be? i didn't say that! i said me! - me? / - me. - you'll be the prime minister? / - what? everyone! minsang has nominated himself as the prime minister! hey! - so candidate prime minister yoo. / - what? any last words you'd like to say?

why are you doing this? i didn't become a comedian to do this. i feel a sense of shame. what am i supposed to do now? why would you look that way? - i see. / - what? see what? minsang debate will continue again next episode with the energy from space. thank you!

(poor yeonggil) everyone. are you all enjoying gag concert? yes! - are you having fun? / - yes! great. this time it won't be a gag. we just want to tell you a story about what actually happened. next to me is yeonggil.

and this actually happened to him. without any overacting or exaggerating, we'll show you exactly what happened. if you ever go to an airport or terminal you've probably seen a place that sells coffee. but some also sells rice rolls and noodles. - you've seen these, right? / - yes. this is a true story that happened to yeonggil here. one americano please.

- that'll be $3. / - here you go. - your coffee. / - thank you. next customer. one rice roll please. i'm sorry but we're out of food. - then one coffee please. / - sure. here you go. i should get some coffee too. i said we're out of food! this actually happened.

yeonggil, i was next to you in the airport then. you were with me. you wanted to get coffee. - but then you got told off. / - yes. in the end, the misunderstanding was cleared up and as an apology, the vendor gave him an extra-large coffee for free. i actually paid for it. i tried to make it more interesting.

now for our second story... i don't know if we should tell you... that's a bit... how do you know what i'm about to say? why are you so worked up? why are you overreacting? - no, no. / - someone you know here? no. just stay still.

the second story we'll tell you actually happened before yeonggil became a comedian, when he wasn't famous at all. this happened with his niece. hey. you have to get to the dentist. let's go. i don't want to! it'll be harder on you if you get cavities! no! fine. if you go to the dentist, i'll buy you

ice cream afterwards. - let's go. / - ice cream? - yeah, let's go. / - i don't want to! i said i'd buy you ice cream! - no! / - i'll buy you ice cream! hello, is this the police? there's a kidnapper. i'm not going! you scumbag!

leave that child alone! - it's for real. / - yes, this really happened. it was a misunderstanding. don't feel sorry. this actually happened. he was even taken to the police station and as soon as the cop saw yeonggil he was like, "not you again!" that never happened. so our last story actually happened recently.

this happened to yeonggil in the subway. sometimes you see some elderly folks on the subway that ask you for money. i'm that elderly man. hey, give me a dollar. student, give me a dollar. - this actually happened. / - yes. and i heard you were wearing your most expensive outfit that day.

where were you off to? - a wedding. / - on your way to a wedding. yet that old man came running back, handed you $10 and told you to hang in there. next episode, i'll tell you the story of how yeonggil was mistaken for a gangster. (the most sensitive people) yes, chief. i didn't get the promotion again?

yes, i see. good-bye. how am i still a deputy at 40 years old? when will i become a manager? this is so annoying. i can't believe i got a zero on the exam. i would've been better off guessing. i have the worst grades in school! man, the team i root for always loses. where are they now? in last place!

last place? - excuse me. / - yes? you were talking about me, weren't you? how so? - you teased me for being last at school! / - no... a poor student shouldn't be eating here and should go home and study? when did i ever... i didn't manage to say all that.

don't manage? that was about me, wasn't it? what was? you told me not to be a manager. i'm mad enough that i didn't get promoted! - i never said... / - forget it. validate my parking ticket so i can go home. you've been drinking. - you should get a driver. / - be a deputy?

i've been a deputy for 7 years now! how many more years do i have to stay a deputy? - that's not what i meant... / - i'm so angry! don't be like this. gosh... welcome. wow, what a pretty outfit. i'm going clubbing with my friends in gangnam. oh, a club in gangnam? - why are you so surprised? / - excuse me?

can't i go clubbing? i didn't mean it like that. forget it. why is this so dirty? i'm sorry. i'll get you a new one. this isn't right. - this isn't right? / - excuse me? oh, it's not right for me to go clubbing because i'd ruin the vibe there? that's not what i meant.

see the dim color? - dim? / - what? i am not a dimwit! don't treat me like a fool just for failing one exam! you should apologize at once! okay, i'm sorry. it was my fault. what am i doing at this age? that's right! i'm still a deputy at this age!

so what about it? quiet, sir. someone nearby might report us. see? gosh... did you get a complaint? what are you talking about? - i'm not a cop! / - huh? i'm a taxi driver! oh, i see.

i'm coming from volunteer traffic directing. oh, directing traffic. - please have a seat. / - hold on. why is this so dirty? i'm sorry. i'll get you a new fork and cups. - cuffs? / - what? i don't have handcuffs! i'm not a cop! yes, i didn't mean that... the bathroom is that way?

the door's broken. you can't get in. can't get in? oh, i can't get in a club? pardon? gosh, your phone dropped. that's right! my grades have really dropped! who are you to talk about my grades? it's not like... i don't promote this kind of behavior... - don't promote? / - what?

that's right! i wasn't promoted! why do you keep bringing it up? geez! - calm down! / - gosh... i wish someone would take these people away... why would you look at me and say that? i am not a cop! it's not like that... i meant... do i have to explain this with urgency? - emergency? / - what?

why are you bringing up emergency to me? - i'm so offended... / - sir... sir! gosh, what's with this day today? father... goodness. hello, pastor. i am not a pastor! then why are you dressed like this? i'm having my graduation photo taken later! oh, it's a graduation gown.

isn't that a bible? it's just a clutch bag! - oh, really? / - don't assume. why do you keep saying father? i'm talking to my father on this bluetooth headset! yes, father. i'll call you back in a bit. bye. oh, so that's what it is. i'm sorry. - have a seat. / - forget it.

please recommend something on the menu. how about this lunch special? this comes with a dessert made of peach... preach? - pardon? / - i don't preach! i'm not lying! yes, i believe you. - you believe? / - yes. why would you say that? i'm not a pastor!

- it's not like that... / - forget it. i'll have a pork cutlet and a coca-cola zero. zero? that's right! i got a zero! what did you do to help me? what's with you all? this is very troubling. it can't be denied. denied?

i got all dressed up! why would i be denied entrance? i can't believe this place. okay, i'm sorry! sorry. i should just quit this restaurant job. - quit this job? / - what? if i quit my job, are you going to be responsible for me? sir, i'd say we're both at around a certain age...

stop preaching to me. i've never preached! why do you keep calling me a pastor? why do things keep getting twisted? i don't understand the problem! not understanding the problems is why i got a zero! gosh! i'm never coming here again. fine. everyone out. don't come here again. don't even show up around here!

oh, i shouldn't even be around a club? i don't think you realize how sexy i am. look here... don't go up! - don't go up? / - what? oh, i shouldn't move up? i should stay a deputy forever? look here! yes, sir. - jesus? / - what?

why are you asking for jesus? you think you can take me for a ride? - tithe? / - what? why would you bring up tithing? geez! this guy... is so insensitive! sorry. i was meeting a friend. i'll call you later.

- ♪ i didn't pick up earlier ♪ / - ♪ sorry ♪ - ♪ i was meeting a friend ♪ / - ♪ shy, shy, shy ♪ - ♪ we shouldn't meet now ♪ / - ♪ sorry ♪ ♪ i'll call you later ♪ ♪ don't be afraid, it won't last long ♪ ♪ i'll let you call me baby ♪ (1 vs. 1) quiz show 1 vs. 1! we have lots of contestants today.

let's meet the first contestant. i'm from l.a. my weight could kill you. i'm kilogram. why do you do that? it's hip hop. don't do that. here's your first question. i said don't do that! here's your first question. when a member of society uses their authority unfairly to change social order for personal gain.

this should disappear from society. this is the answer. - should disappear? / - yes. reckless driving on the freeway. the freeway isn't your own private road. ♪ yo, reckless driving is so dangerous ♪ ♪ they don't know how to drive safe ♪ ♪ other drivers are about to explode ♪ ♪ listen up, you can't come back ♪

♪ right before an accident ♪ why do you keep talking about this stuff? it's important not to drive recklessly on the freeway. but also, people should drive defensively. really? how do you do that? don't just look in front of you. look other places too. like where? - look both sides! / - stop that! i knew you'd do that. stop messing around.

here's your second question. what do you call someone who receives the best service and treatment at department stores or airports? this is the answer. - best treatment? / - yes. who's really calling the shots? okay. what that person does. ♪ glares when the reporters question ♪ ♪ arms crossed in front of the juniors ♪

♪ denies all suspicions ♪ ♪ what we want are proper answers ♪ alright, but... you were about to say that "it's hip hop," right? because it's frustrating. frustrating? if you're frustrated, say it here. everyone wants to know. who is frustrating you?

you can give a name too. who is it? tell me. why are you glaring with your arms crossed? uncross your arms. uncross these. don't do that! let's meet our next contestant! good to see you, il hoseon. hello, minsang. - that's a nice looking scarf. / - yes.

let me see. what brand is this? this is a banner! "tires cheaper than shoes?" want one? i have a lot. - you keep them all. / - oh, yeah. don't wear that! here are your questions. try to guess the title of the songs i sing. here we go!

♪ you eat so well ♪ answer. "delicious guys." no! next one. ♪ hands up in the air and wave them left and right ♪ ♪ then to the side ♪ ♪ go back and forth ♪ answer! intense training. next! ♪ 1 plus 1 is cutie ♪

♪ 2 plus 2 is cutie ♪ answer! an f in math. that's not math! ♪ always, always, always ♪ oh, my fly is unzipped. - it's not like that! / - it's not? this contestant has memorized every wrong answer to be on our show. this is jeong yunho.

nice to meet you. i've memorized these answers 100%. i think i can take the prize money today. that's great. i'll give you a test. this was from last year. it holds a lot more information than a barcode. this two dimensional grid... qr code. amazing.

i really hope you win. we'll start with the easy questions. this is the first one. what do you call it when a hacker takes information? i don't know that one! that wasn't in here! that's because it's so easy. think about it. let's say someone got into your sns page

and saw all your private photos? what do you call this? it starts with an h. horrific! wrong! a stranger finds out your name, age, job, phone number and all that stuff! it ends in ing! oh! speed dating!

not speed dating! please give me one more chance. there's a second question. try to get it. your second question! what do you call a job that guides tourists at a tourist attraction? that wasn't in here either! when you go on a trip, this person does all the planning for you.

all you have to do is enjoy them. oh! lucky me! you're out! let's meet the next contestant. i will answer every question. 1st place is mine. jung haecheol, let's go, go, go! i'll answer everything right. great, haecheol. please just let me finish before answering.

here i go. this question is about a fish dish. - cod... / - metropolitan city. no, no. the food. - daegu pork intestines. / - no! different question! it's an emotion you get when you like someone. fill in the blank... - unexcused absence. / - no. not cutting class. i'm...

- a fatty. / - hey! don't mess with me. i've been on this show a long time. aged pork? stop messing around. i have a fiery temper. - charcoal fire. / - hey! stop teasing me and calling me a pig. i'm always drinking because of you. to cover the porky smell?

i'll let you off this time. let's do better next time! voting. we should always do a good job at that! geez! let's meet the last contestant. i go to the hospital these days, i'm lee byeongwon. hello, byeongwon. what will you do if you win the prize money? i'll go to mojito for a glass of maldives.

you've switched them around? i went to a gathering recently. you know. an end party year. end party... a year-end party? i went to an end party year. we had it at that place on subway line 2. it's on line 2. simwangni station. - wangsimni station? / - simwangni. it's wangsimni station.

- kidding me are you? / - are you kidding me? - kidding me are you? / - hey! i'm massaging your shoulders. just answer the question. this is a luxury fiber made from goats found in kashmir, india. it's soft and locks heat well. what is the name of this fiber? here's a hint.

i've worn this before. answer! cashreme. what on earth is that? it's all wrong. switch it up! shcamere. kidding me are you? - are you kidding me? / - kidding me are you? - hey! / - time for the next question.

here we go then. here's the next question! what is the name of the world famous ballet troupe that's part of russia's bolshoi theatre? i've seen them before. ibalsho bollet. what on earth is that? that sounded strange. fix it up right! bolleti shobal.

- that was wrong? / - yes. dang, i was going to sing a song if i won. what song? hyunseung and hyuna's "jang troublemaker." it's jang hyunseung's... ♪ so kid me you can't ♪ - ♪ time for a massage ♪ / - get off! this has been... - sang minyoo. / - it's yoo minsang!

(movie little television) the camera is rolling. the broadcast has started. hello. we are movie stars lee sanghun... - song yeonggil... / - and song wangho. i bet you're all wondering why three big movie stars are internet broadcasting. whether it's cooking or eating in front of a camera, communicating is huge these days.

that's why we prepared a movie that you can communicate with. please post a lot of comments. we'll get started now! a communication movie? totally excited. soon, the boxing between the eternal rivals, lee sanghun versus song yeonggil will start! you'd better prepare yourself today, yeonggil. you're never getting this champion belt.

they are boxers but what's with their bodies? what? did you prepare something? hey... what about mine? wow! - hey. / - where's mine? - here's yours. / - i have one too? give it. oh, come on... hurry and take the photos. fitness trainer sent 50 moon balloons.

50? thank you! ready... fight! left! left! he didn't even get hit. again. do it for real. it's okay. yuck. i'll send moon balloons so please stop. big puncher sent 100 moon balloons.

100? thank you... yeonggil is an amazing fighter. sanghun's really strong today. why do they only do that during breaks? i can't just sit here. - what? / - sawadikap. sir, raise your hand if it hurts. wow, that feels great! we should do something like that.

don't worry about it. hey. focus. does that really help you focus? let me help you focus. - here. / - what? ice? - hold on... / - hey... snap out of it! patient in white sent 1,000 moon balloons. 1,000? thank you!

it's the last round. prepare yourself. don't make me laugh. - hey! charge in! / - here i go! nice! there's such a difference in weight. doesn't it look like yeonggil should win? forfeit! - what was that? / - yeonggil wins!

why a sudden forfeit? this story makes no sense. it's lame! left the room. left the room. left, left, left, left... left the room. i knew this would happen. they all left because of you! let's be honest, yeonggil looks like a better fighter! why you...

i wasn't going for real. i'm a good fighter! i'm probably the best celebrity fighter. - kim changryeol has entered the room. / - what? lee hun has entered the room. - kim jongkook has entered the room. / - gosh! - what will you do? / - what's going on? lee sanghun has been invited to the chat room "meet me at the rooftop." good sirs! i'm sorry!

(can't take it back) sora, it's great to be here at this department store. yeah. the makeup here is great. - really? / - yeah. - it really is nice. / - hey. it's seolhyun. - honey, honey, honey. / - yeah? who's prettier? seolhyun or me? got to stay focused! no! sora needs a reality check!

one wrong word and i'll never hear the end of it. yes. dead! seolhyun's beauty is dead when you're next to her. then i'd better let seolhyun live. gosh! you're a lifesaver! oh, right. i have to buy some basic makeup. basic? pick some stuff out.

then you'll buy me toner, essence, eye cream, whitening serum, regenerative cream, lotion and moisturizer? toner, lotion, cream... i almost got my pockets cleaned out! that's right! let me reduce her spending. sora, don't get small stuff like basic makeup. pick out something nice. there's this one cream i really wanted.

- what is it? / - this. - this? / - yeah. get it then. - it's $320. / - $320? does it have gold flakes in it? yeah! it does have gold flakes! that won't work. what do i do? yes. i'll put some fear into sora. sora, let me see that.

look. this has some really severe side effects. shouldn't you test it out first? you're right. sora! sora! the side of your mouth is up to here! - it went up? / - yeah! this works instantly! amazing lifting!

- honey, we finally meet. / - who? the item of my lifetime. buy me everything in this brand! that won't work either! i'll turn sora's attention towards something else. i hear this is the new cream that came out. wow! lipstick! goodness! that lipstick color is gorgeous! then should we get lipstick?

yeah. tint, oil tint, lip crayon, lip gloss, or lipstick? which do i get? - l-lipstick! / - lipstick? then... which color? pick one out. sir, we're having a 50% sale on cologne. don't miss out. sora, colognes are on sale.

i need cologne. - yeah? / - let's go. excuse me. i'll be using the cologne. can you recommend one for me? then how about this one? i don't think so. then, this is a cologne i really like. how's this? wow, that's really nice!

- right? / - yes. the distracting scent almost sent me to my grave! yes. let me ask sora now. - may i see that? / - sure. sora, this smells really nice. smell it. it would really suit you. - right? / - yeah. that girl would really suit you well. i guess i shouldn't get in the way.

how nice! this won't work either. that's right! i'll buy sora a perfume. now that i think about it, i don't need cologne. i'll buy you perfume. can you recommend a perfume? - this? / - yes. sora, smell this. how's that?

pretty good. - good? / - yeah. - nice, right? / - that's enough. i think this stuff smells great. how nice. - do i stink? / - huh? it must've been hard to put up with my stench! thanks for letting me know! i'll spray this perfume on!

let's get out of here as soon as possible. - really? / - yes. - then how about this one? / - this one? let's see... oh! that's no good. this one? gosh... nobody uses this anymore. i do. - that's the perfume i use. / - no... do you hate it that much?

do you hate the perfume or do you hate me? oh! you hate both! i was super focused! (like a family) gag construction, stop the redevelopment! stop! stop! many people are against the redevelopment and are having a hunger strike to protest. gag construction said that

they would go through with the project and everyone is watching this situation unfold. he's gone? i thought i was going to faint! sister-in-law! what if someone sees? don't be like that, sister-in-law! why did you make me go on a hunger strike? i'd rather shave my head. dad, i don't think i can take this any longer.

how about we quit this and go? they're going to tear down our fine home to build an apartment! i will never let that happen! we're staying out here all night. all night? that won't do, dad. give me $20,000. why do you need $20,000?

to buy a goose down jacket. why is it so expensive? i need to get a canadian one. all my friends have one except for me! pay up. don't just sit there blinking! hwisun, i'll get you that money. mom, you don't have any money. i'll go sell honey tea to the protestors.

when i die write this on my tombstone. "died selling honey tea." honey, why would you sell honey tea? honey... sell sandwiches too. geez! father. they'll compensate you two times the amount. so how about you just give up that house?

why would you bring that up now, sister-in-law? then let's give up this house and all move in with sister-in-law. stop the redevelopment! stop the redevelopment! ♪ love and honor ♪ ♪ without leaving a name ♪ yes! sing! let's keep doing this until i get 4 times the money! dad, that won't help.

doing this against a construction company is like throwing an egg at pork! pork? why is this girl so ignorant? hey! it's not pork! it's throwing an egg at a rock! why did you bring up pork and make me all hungry? - geez! / - i'm here, dad. dad. - i thought you're against the redevelopment. / - yes.

you should've called me then. yeah. let's protest together. then i'll take the lead. repeat after me. okay. we oppose! we oppose! we oppose the disbanding of i.o.i! ♪ so, so, so ♪ ♪ so, so, so, so... ♪ i.o.i? that's ridiculous!

did you just badmouth i.o.i in front of me? why don't you just curse my parents instead? you disrespectful little brat! did you just hit me? give me $3,720 so i can get an mri. how does an mri cost that much? so i can get cosmetic surgery at the hospital too. i want to live the rest of my life with a baby face! pay up, dad!

don't be like that, big brother! don't ask a man for money when he's about to go up higher than the high-rise apartments that'll be built here! geez... what's with you all? always talking about money! you should protest properly! get out of here! i'm not moving a step from this spot! dad...

let's go. i represent the construction company. i'd like to know the terms of the settlement. let's talk about those terms. together we'll watch a movie, dine and go on a motorcycle ride. ♪ whistle ♪

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