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Selasa, 27 Juni 2017

Hot Air Balloon Coloring Pages To Print

Hot Air Balloon Coloring Pages To Print

"everyone dreams of a dream girl." "some admit it, some hide it" "in a mystic state they stay." "everyone dreams of a dream boy." "some admit it, some hide it." "every girl thinks ofa boy in her heart." "how long will one travel alone?" "how long will one stay alone?" "some day she will come..."

" darling." "how long will i stay alone?" "how long will you stay alone?" "some day he will come..." " beloved." "we will meet eachother someday sometime." "everyone thinks ofa girl in his heart." "in love, i will be." "mischievous, i will be."

"that is my dream,that is what i want." "i wait for her all the time." "my crazy heart is restless." "as my groom, he will come." "he will get along themarriage caravan." "as his bride, he will take me." "some one says it aloud,some hide it." "everyone thinks of agirl in his heart." 'praise lord shiva.''praise lord shiva.'

'praise lord shiva.' you and i share the same name, shiva. the only difference is thatyou're god and i'm a common man. lord, today i am goingto start a new life. you must have readtoday's newspaper. who knows how many may haveseen the corner of the 2nd page? where the requirement for anexecutive manager is mentioned. there is only one post,but the applicants are many. but bless only me for it, okay?

lord, when will i get a job... ...earn money, get a wife... settle in life andhave lovely children? when will i tell them stories? then my cute family, will comehere sing praises of you lord. 'praise lord shiva' praise lord shiva. ' get me the job, oh god. and please don't listento anyone else. how much ever they may plead.

greetings, goddess parvati. i won't say anything toyour lord shiva... he doesn't listen to me. this is not fair goddess parvati. a girl has to endure so much inthis insensitive man's world. they have to push their way ahead. they have to do somuch to withstand. come on, let's readtoday's headlines. all kinds of people giveso many lectures.

now, we girls would say thesame thing so politely. but forget it,some don't understand. let's move onto the 2nd page,maybe i'll find justice here. a job! a vacancy for anexecutive manager's post. one post for both man and woman.this means i have a chance. and i have so many degrees andi'm capable. so i cannot lose. but you know mother whowill come in the way? these wretched men! now you are responsible foreverything, goddess parvati.

accept this pooja's devotion. get me this job. you should win goddess parvati... ...and not lord shiva,atleast not this time. going for lunch? go on. - want some water?- no. - want some tea?- no. - do you smoke?- no. - do you chew tobacco?- no!

- do you ogle around?- hey! you don't have any vices, youwill surely get the job. - how is that?- yes mister. dilphek hyderabadi,listens to what the heart says. i haven't been in delhi forso many years doing nothing. mr. dilphek, you got me right! i am number one.i have all the degrees. really? - yes.- then no one can stop you. i am dilphek hyderabadi.what is yours?

my name? shiv. shiv kapoor. pooja, do something, or elseyou will lose this job. do something. think of something! you have a lucky future. don't forget about me. what're you saying mr. dilphek.i will never forget you. mr. dilphek, come here.stop chatting. come here. - he is callingme. he respects me a lot. you go on. - i'll leave.

don't worry. it's time foryou to worry, buddy. papa! papa! papa! hello! who are you? why are you here? please take a seat. okay,you may stand. okay, i'll sit down. take a seat. what's that, in your hand?- these are my degrees. oh, for a job in papa'soffice? -yes. the thing is that some daysago... the ad in the papers... ...for the post of an executivemanager. i've come for that.

oh! how sad! what a tragedy!it's so upsetting. what happened?- during breakfast this morning... ...a very important man calledup on papa's mobile... ...and your job is gone. gone! how can that be? you got a call on your breakfasttable and my job is gone? - where is your papa?- keep your cool. take a seat. don't you want to be successful?very successful? okay. then trust this papa's baby.

and now leave from here. ok! -ok. strange! a daughter of a rich man,and she's so kindhearted? madam, i'm very impressed. - no, no. so, shall i give you this?- what is this? he won't hire me without knowingwhat i am capable of. so, when should i meet you? no. you don't meet me.i'll come to meet you. - doesn't this have your nameand address? - yes, it does. okay. now you leave, or elsei won't be able to help you.

go on. please. ok. - what is it now?- you didn't tell me your name. pooja! it is a beautiful name is shiv kapoor. shiv kapoor. ok. bye!see you bye... don't forget. - no. i will remember, bye go. damn!

thanks for keeping upthe custom of delhi. you crashed into my beautiful car! your beautiful sister crashedinto your beautiful car. brother rajeev, i got a job!- wow! that is great news. that means hard workafter all paid off. absolutely brother,now i am an independent girl. i can take care of allmy responsibilities. here, keep the change and go on! what's the matter? both brother,and sister look very happy?

i will give you such good news,even you'll be in a good mood. yes! - come on, let's givesister-in-law the good news. wait for me. i missed you sister kittu. - sister-in-law! - i have great news! sister! my foot. sister-in-law! - hey, leave me. what are you doing?- sister-in-law? just look at him? you madehim run, so much.

no. - your brother is panting. brother is breathless,because of happiness. i got a job as an executivemanager. - thank god! at last you will be able tostand on your own feet. here, i have stood. now, even you stand.- what for? so that you won't haveto cook dinner tonight. - today, i will treat youto a dinner. - where? at delhi's no. 1 restaurant.

one 'kadai paneer', 1'dum aloo'1'navratna korma'... 'green kebab.' sarso ka saag' 4'kulchas,4parathas and a maharaja pulav. that will be all forthe time being. - very good. wow! this is great! will youtreat us everyday... ...or is this thefirst and the last time.? kittu, my sister is very generous. if she could, she woulddo a lot for us. all that is fine. but pooja you didn't tell us howyou got this post so easily.

tell her pooja. - do you wantme tell the truth or lie to you? you always lie, at leasttell us the truth. then listen.when i reached there... ...all the doors were open for me. before me, many dimwits anddopes had reached there. but who else can havea personality like me? sure! - when i stepped forward... ...the whole staff was impressedand saluted to me. and then they took me to theboss on that red carpet.

and do you know whatthe boss said? go on... - he said... ...such capability!such skill in this country! ' this confidence, this personality!' my dear, where were you till now?' then you should have said thatyou were with us till now. pooja, the boss called you'child'? - yes brother. he was just like a sweet father. and even i started calling him papa.

- i would its all god's grace. - yes. this is all becauseof goddess parvati. how did she, convince lord shiv? ms. pooja?- who is it? i am that shiv, one withvery high degrees. who are you?- i am shiv kapoor. yes. what are you doing here? i am distracting my mind. it is my friend banta singh's2nd wedding anniversary.

he got me here.that is why i had to come. - otherwise i was thinking ofonly you. - who is he pooja? mr. shiv. - shiv!-yes shiv kapoor. yes. who are you? - they aremy brother and sister-in-law. didn't your father come here?- papa? yes, papa. why? did isay something wrong? no, you are absolutely didn't i tell you? oh yes! - yes, he isthe same. papa-boss. yes, your work will be

oh yes! okay. - how canyou leave just like that? you are pooja's good friend.have dinner with us. - brother! look, pooja has ordered for so much. look at this. - so much food?what are you celebrating? - her new job. - job! yes a job. at such a position,it's my job to employ the needy? - you will employ even me,right? - yes. sure. - fine, now leave. - oh yes.okay, i'll leave. - don't forget. - yes sure.what are you doing?

that's great! first day at joband you are employing others? didn't i say she is very generous? pooja, you shouldalways be like this. he is poor, but he is a good boy.surely, get him employed. sure. this idiot has mademy life difficult. i will have to do somethingabout him. loser! excuse me sir. yes. - may i come in sir? sir... - speak up girl what is it.

sir, i finished everything fortoday and tomorrow also. and i have sent thatdetailed fax too. is that it? good, good, now attendto these files too. of course. just this much.- fine you may go now. ok! - sir, i had a favorto ask. - what is it? sir, i have a friend.he has many degrees. he is very good in sports and heeven does not have any vices.

really? so what can i do?- sir, please employ him. okay send him right away.he will get a job. really! i am so excited. thank you. thank you so much sir. but sir, on what post will youappoint him? i will fire you and employhim in your place. what? - it's not even a weeksince you came here. and you are getting others employed? work sincerely if you want or,i'll have to show you the door.

sorry papa. - what!-sorry sir, sorry sir. ok sir. i am sorry.i am truly sorry sir. i am sorry. i am's nine! it's nine! i am late.just a minute. if you are so worriedabout getting late... ...why don't the two ofyou get up early? both brother and sister are alike. where are my keys?

brother, i'm getting late. please drop me to my office.- have you gone mad? your office is in that directionand mine in the opposite. no, pooja this is impossible. it's very importantto reach on time please. greetings, sir. - bhikhu singh,what are you doing here? i am going to run an errandfor the boss. - to cp? okay. who is he? - it's my boss'scar, and he's his driver. brother, he is going that way,ask him give me a lift.

ok! but only this time, promise. bhikhu singh, this is my sister.will you drop her at cp? - sure. thank you. go on.- thank you brother. see you in the you, bye. bye! ms. pooja! ms. pooja, listen to me!just a minute ms. pooja! just a minute. ms. pooja,listen to me.

just a minute. at leastroll down your window. i am shiv kapoor. i met youin office, do you remember? "hey then i fell for is before me..." "...and i'm after him." - now you can go. - okay. where did he come from?- i have been calling out for so long. you didn't even turn around andsee me. i was following your car. really? - yes. after all howcould you have heard me? you already were in a huge carand it is also air conditioned.

all the windows were's not your fault. what is it? - ms. pooja, didyou read today's newspaper? look. - what is it? your office haspublished such a big ad. how can this happenwhen you are there? now, your father will geta call from a big man... ...and i will lose a job again. you are so don't understand. i have given this advertisement.- why?

to stay in circulation.we have to do it. to deceive the world. okay. - but why do you worry? i am here. i have talked topapa. your job is secure. secure? - yes.- can i go and meet him? papa? - yes, i havean interview with him. give your interview nicely. and no one should knowthat i have recommended you. or else you will lose your job.even papa shouldn't know.

okay, now go.- shall i? - yes, go. thanks a lot.- think before you answer. you? what are you doing here?how did you come here? see, didn't i find pooja, sweets? how did you know, where i was?- your friends were of great help. you have a great friend circle. they gave me your addresseasily. sweets? what's it? - okay.where is your hand? leave me.what are you doing?

ms. pooja when you had put yourhand in mine for a moment... ...since then my whole life changed. what happened?- your papa listened to you. what? - he employed meas the general manager. what? what are you saying? why are you so surprised?this is all because of you. ms. pooja, have some sweets. i have got it from the bengalimarket. please have one. that's it. - why?take a whole piece.

no, i don't eat a whole piece.- i can eat 6-7 together. okay, let's give it to them.- no. not them. - why? give them some. -don't disturb them. - please have some. - why not?we heard everything you said. pooja, we expected it from got a capable boy employed. did you see how generousmy sister is? and you... - not only generous,she is very kind too. brother really, your sisteris so beautiful. oh shut up!

close your sweetmeat shopand let me watch the movie. why are you getting upset?i got a job today. even you have some sweets.- congratulations! i'll have two. yes sure! - give tous too. - yes sure! congratulations, general manager! now just see how thisdilphek hyderabadi... ...will make you enjoy in delhi. thank you mister. actually, my new life startedafter i met you that day.

one thing is for sure, if youhad stayed here that day... wouldn't be here'd still be stuck there. this is all because of ms. pooja. i will always be grateful to her. pooja? who pooja? that manageress what are you saying?you're making the owner an employee. unbelievable! god knows how many needyshe has helped. take my example. if she hadn'trecommended me to her papa...

...would we have been talkingin this air conditioned office. stupid fool! what are you saying? that girl fooled you. that day she got rid of youand took over your job. what? - she is only an executivemanager. that's it. that means the boss is not her papa?- that wretch chopra her father? he is still a bachelor. that means she didn't recommendme? - my innocent boy... ...she is also blockingall your ways to success.

really? so she really fooled me! yes! - and made fun of me! - yes. she turned out to be a big actress.go and call for her. i'll teach her a her. - i'll call her. you scold her. you have a rightyou are the general manager! let her come, i'll show her! i'll teach her a lesson shewill remember all her life. hello! come on in.- what a sight!

not bad. happy!? happy? sit down, why are youstanding. take a seat. how can i sit in front of you?you have done so much for me. you, took my degreesand made my life. you recommended me to yourfather at his breakfast table. i sometimes do. you thought of me and not yourself,in you're mercedes. - never! that is true.- that is great ms. pooja. you made me the general managerinstead of an executive manager.

general manager.- yes mr. kapoor general manager. fantastic! ms. pooja. you are so great! no, no. - will youhave some tea? - tea? i don't mind a coffee.- i don't mind a coffee... get up! i said get up. excuse me... how dare you fool me? shiv!

call me sir! sir! ms. pooja, i was tired ofworshipping you for a job... ...and you fooled me! darling daughter ofa loving father... ...considerate to the needyand queen of recommendation! what all, you have done? in the first meeting you fooledme and took my job! and when that did not satisfy you... went to a five star hotel... ...and gave a grand treat toyour brother and sister-in-law! i went around everywherelooking for you... ...and you were watching thelatest movie in a theater! even then i got the best sweetsfor this hard-hearted woman. so now tell me what shouldbe done to you? should you be punishedor excused? tell me. sir, general manager... ...i accept whatever punishmentyou give me.

you will do what i tellyou to do? - yes, i will. will you marry me?- yes, i will... "the expression in your eyes..." "expresses your love for me." "the way you talk..." "reveals how muchyou love me." "let me come close,let me teach you to love." "let me propose my love, o darling." "you made my heart, taught me to love."

"you made me yours, o darling." "we have sworn neverto separate." "it's a new alliance, anew friendship..." "a new beloved,a new love..." "two hearts crazy in love,met under the open blue skies." "every breath you take expresses..." " live for me." "your euphoria..." "i have lost my senses,and so have you."

"my love does that to you." "let's lose ourselves ineach other's arms..." " no one ever finds us." "the secret of your dreams..." "...reveals your love for me." "the way you hug me..." "...expresses your love for me." "let me propose my love, o darling...." "you made me yours, o darling..."

"we have sworn neverever to separate." "reveals how muchyou love me..." it's morning and you still haven'tstopped making mischief. don't spoil the generalmanager's mood. general manager! my foot. only i am the generalmanager of this house. ok. relax. i don't disagree with that. along with the house youmanage my heart too.

i love you. it's strange. i wonder how i sleptalone for so many years? what do those bachelorsbe go through? what? are wives meant only for that? all men are will never change. madam, if we change whatwill happen to you. it is useless to talkto you on this topic. now get up, take yourbath and go to office. or else we will lose this housethat the company has given us.

- come on, get up. - is itnecessary to go to office today? i left my job, now if even youdon't work, what will we eat? we will live on love, on air.and i will eat you! - it is my right.- you don't have any rights. come on, get up. go andcheck who has come. come on, go and check.get up. please! you are very lazy.come on, go and check. fine. c'mon move. who is it?

who are you? - milk! - what? i am the milk maid. my name is kishmish khajura. - take it, please. - yes. how much? - we will settle theaccount at the end of the month. are you new here? yes, we are new here.- okay, tell me one thing... ...will one packet be enough,or do you want more?

no one is sufficient. why? i asked that because... ...the people in this buildingneed lots of milk. no, one is sufficient.- then i'll leave sir. i'll leave. sir... - yes. - please help me. what? - to lift this.- oh, yes. i'll lift it. i'll be dammed! thank you sir. can i say somethingsir? - what is it?

you are a very honorableand noble man. you're very charming. you are worthy of friendship, sir. - really? - yes. so,shall i leave friend? tomorrow morning. - has your friend left?- what? oh, yes she has. she was the milk maid. will you take so longto take milk everyday? you should have escortedher downstairs.

i was just helping her. god knowswhat are you thinking of. she is a milkmaid! c'mon pooja! i very well understand all men. come on, give me the milk. first, you give me what is mine.- what? the night dress youare wearing is mine. come on, give it to me.- come in, i'll give it to you. now. right now. have you gone mad? - totally.- people are watching.

let go of me! shiv, from now on iwill take the milk. that's surprising. he called us here and hehasn't come here, himself. but i don't understand why heasked us not to tell pooja. have they had a fight. - actually your sister is a fightercock. - less than you but. you always takeyour sister's side. she is lucky to havea husband like shiv.

look, here he comes. sorry. what can i do aboutthe traffic in delhi. if i'd a bike, i would've zoomedhere. i get stuck in the car. what is the matter, thattoo a top secret... ...that you called us withouttelling pooja? sit. what is the date today?- 15th december. - and tomorrow? 16th december, so what happened? she stayed with you for somany years, and you forgot? and i remember everythingonly in a few months.

tomorrow is pooja's birthday.- oh yes! i know. what is the plan of action? the plan of action is that,first we will buy a huge cake... ...we will pack some food,buy some balloons... some gifts and then surpriseher at 12 at night. and i'd thought that my husbandgot me to here for fun. i won't go till i don'tsit in the giant wheel. - is this your age to sit in thegiant wheel? - what? - i mean... age doesn't matter to enjoy life.we'll do what she says.

we will go on the giant wheel. come on! - this is very high! i won't go. - come on.- shiv, i am scared. nothing will happen.- you go with her. come on! - are you comingtoo? - yes, i am. if i don't come back,take care of my dog. what nonsense are youtalking? come on. - what it is... - come on!- okay, you go on. - don't send me alone!- i am not. i am coming.

don't take it too high, i am scared. c'mon let's go for a joy ride. what happened? how did it get stuck?- don't be scared. it will soon start. enjoy the view of delhifrom this height darling! break down. there hasbeen a break down. come on, let's talkand spend the night. leila, i'm leila will you be my friend? shiv... shiv kapoor.

and my wife's name is pooja. wife... pooja. pooja, my lovely wife. very sweet girl. - brother-in-law! - yes? - it is 12 o'clock! - i am doomed! happy birthday pooja. yes. happy birthday pooja. o really.

is it your wife's birthday today? how sweet. it is so sad. you are stuck here... ...with me. oh sorry. seema that they are repairing it. god knows how many moresurprises will i get tonight. sure. god knows how many surprises willthis husband get tonight.

pooja, i'm sorry. where were you? happy birthday, pooja, first tell me wherewere you all night? i will tell you everything.and i know you trust me. look, tell me the truth.only the truth. - tell me. - i was inthe office all night. something had come up,that only i could do. i know it's your birthday, but bosstold me & i couldn't refuse.

really? but i was callingthe office all night. - but there was no reply.- all the lines has disconnected. consider that i was in a placewhere you couldn't reach me. wow! nice cake. - who made it?- i did. - shall we cut it? - no! do youthink i'll be so easily fooled? the story is very nice,but tell me what the truth is. - are you having an affair?- what are you saying? do you think i want to dieby having an affair.

trust me sometimes. i havereturned the way i left. what happened?what is in your pocket? watch. - what is this? - a watch,what else? it is for you. a gift! you're upset because youthought i forgot your birthday. but you haven't understoodyour husband. i may do many things... ...but at the end of the day,i know what keeps you happy. - a beautiful present for you.- where did you get it from?

this is too much pooja. i searched hundreds of shopsand you are still not happy? doesn't a husband have any value? this is very bad... very wrong you are upset? i unnecessarilyscolded you, right? okay, no problem. but i don'tlike you always suspecting me. after all how much proof can i give? trust me a little. i amyour husband after all.

hey my darling, you are upset? i keep thinking nonsensewhen i am sitting idle. - my brain works over time.- it's okay, no problem. forget what happened.your birthday is today. come, today's evening is all yours. we will go out. we will roam around,sing and dance, eat food. and we will have fun. now can i go and rest fora while. i am very tired.

okay go on. happy birthday. so sweet. it is nice. something different. of course sir. thank you so much. you work day and night.who were you talking to? to your boss-papa. he is sendingme to a conference. - when are you going? - not onlyme, even you are coming along. - what do you mean? - i mean.what every indian dreams of.

destination, switzerland.switzerland!? - are you telling the truth? - yes. the boss is sending methere for a conference. the conference will beover soon and then... ...both of us can togethercelebrate our delayed honeymoon. did you see how luckymy birthday is? now wait and see what happens. there will be a surpriseevery second. oh my god. you here.

you are here! i was wonderingwhere i would have to look for you. and you are here! leila... shiv,you have forgotten me overnight? your wife, pooja! hi pooja! celebrating your birthday?we celebrated it last night itself. last night both of us gotstuck in the darkness. oh! it was too much. too much. don't you think so? shiv!

last night, in the darkness... diamond watchwas left with you. did you find it? yes, we found it.your\ watch is with me. isn't this the one? oh yes of course. i was so worried. this is a diamond is very expensive. - that's why i was worried.- even we were looking for you.

we were wondering howto return this to you. shiv, shall we returnwhat belongs to her? oh god! i found the impossible. god bless both of you. ok bye! pooja, listen to me. is there anything leftfor me to hear? pooja, maybe you are wrong.maybe it's something else. shiv can explain only if youare ready to listen to him.

what will he explain?i have even met the girl... ...with whom he spentthe whole night. i won't forgive him. i willnever go back to him. enough! you break relationshipsfor trivial matters? nothing happened, and you gotready to leave your house? you don't live life like this.marriage is not a game... ...that you create such anuproar for trivial matters. if you want the truth, then listen. that day shiv called bothof us in the fair... plan for a surpriseparty for your birthday. i insisted to ride the giant wheel. that is why that poor boy agreed. we were unlucky that thegiant wheel broke down... ...and all of us had tospend the night there. when we got down, shivrequested us... ...not to tell you that he waswith a girl the whole night. he said you won't be able totolerate it. and it was true. and you did just whatwas expected from you.

if you have little sense left,then go to your husband... ...and ask for forgiveness from him. not at all. pooja doesn't needto ask for forgiveness. no need to apologize to me. it is sufficient thatshe loves me so much. yes, but she has a differentstyle of loving me. but this is what mademe crazy for her. i know that when youmake me suffer... yourself suffer more than me.

you are in greater painwhen you give me pain. and all this just becauseyou love me so much. but even i love you.i have fallen in love too. "i am your love,your beloved i am." "come meet me." "if you have agrievance or a complaint." "confide in me." "darling, i have fallen in love." "yes, i have fallen in love too."

"with your flowing tresses..." "lowered eye lashes..." "where did you learnto cast a spell." "to sweet talk, you know." "go on move aside,stop troubling me." "euphoric i am." "i am getting restless." "don't laugh at me." "you are mischievous,like a crazy lover."

"the truth about your heart, i know." "try to understandwhat the season's say." "i won't be able to live,alone like that." "don't sigh like this,don't make mischief like this." "don't persist." "come meet me" just keep quiet. mr. lars thekeys please. - just a second please. shiv, how will i spend thewhole day without you? you know that i have comefor the conference.

and it is the matterof just half day. i'll be back soon. till then youdo shopping, eat and go to sleep. and dream about me. your keys, mr. shiv kapoor.- thank you mr. lars. shiv, shiv kapoor. - meghna! you are giving me a surprise. it's been 5 years since we finishedcollege and met, right? really? so much time has passed. pooja, she is meghna. we studiedtogether in college.

meghna, this is my wife pooja.pooja this is meghna. - hi! shiv, you're wife is beautiful. you know, pooja, shiv was themost handsome boy in college. but he never looked at girls. he was always busy instudies and sports. really. but seeing you, i feel thathe had a great choice. because when he chose, he chose you. c'mon please meghna.

pooja, don't believe her at all. even she was a verybrilliant student. and she had a way with words. excuse me. pooja, i mean it. ok. tell me, what are youdoing in switzerland? i have come regarding work. in fact i should leaveor i'll be late. you both are staying inthis same hotel, right? see you later then. bye pooja.

shiv, can't we have dinnertogether this evening? yeah! sure. - wonderful. today's evening will bea wonderful evening. see you then. bye pooja,bye shiv. take care. nice girl. thank god, you liked some girl. now go and come back soon. come on, you also haveto get dressed. hi meghna, what happened?hi, shiv. car broke down.

but where were you supposed to go? i have a seminar to attend.- life is a coincidence. even my conference is in geneva.come, i'll drop you. oh really! - yeah! - but how will i return?- even i have to return in the evening. we'll return together having fun. are you sure? -positive. - great. what are friends for? thanks shiv. - get in. - thanks so much.

geneva, here we come. excuse me, excuse me the city house. you can talk to me in hindi.i am an indian. how nice. do you have this beautiful littlehouse in a bigger size? i want a big house.- i don't have one right now. you will get it tomorrow.- alright. i'll give you advance.i'll come to take it tomorrow. tomorrow at what time?- at sharp 10 o' clock.

i will be there at 10 sharp.ok bye. greetings. alright then. - it was a pleasuremeeting you. see you in india. hello! - oh hi!- shiv you absent minded professor. you are still forgetful. is your work over? - yes. -- what about you? - mine too. - shall we go? - yes, let's go back. we will take 3-4 hours. c'mon. ok. let us go.

you know shiv, i can't believe that... are the sameabsentminded person. you haven't changed at all. it will take a lot of time. please, please try to understand. there is a problem.i have to go back. you can't go from herebecause there is a land slide. looks like there's some problem. you have to do something.

what can i do about it. you have to take me. yes... what is the problem officer? there is a land slide ahead. shiv... how long will it take? the weather is bad. there is a storm.

so it may take seven to eight hours. 6 to 8 hours? shiv, i will die of cold in the car. ask him if there's some placenearby, where we can sit. is there a warm place nearby. where we can sit. yes. of course. you can go... ...backwards to the motel. ok thank you officer.

it's raining outside. god its freezing.thank god for the motel i'll call up pooja and tellher that we are stuck here. she would be waiting for me no. go! ok. hello! hotel rouge on, this is shiv. shiv. shiv kapoor.yes, i am stuck in a land slide. i was my wife there, pooja. yes, yes. hello!?

it had to get disconnectedright now? hello!? - what happened? - theline got disconnected. never mind. try again, try again. let me try the go and change. if anything happens to you,your wife will kill me. come on, hello. where are we? hello operator. could youget me hotel rouge on please.

oh... the lines are down... ...because of the storm. well never mind. keep trying,keep trying. what happened? why are you laughing? why am i laughing? you are looking absolutely mad. i mean you are lookinglike a mad gypsy. is it? and did you forget thatyou had become a mad gypsy?

me? when? - yes. in college.did you forget? there was an inter collegecompetition. we danced so crazily. what was that song? i don't remember. jhingalala hu. jhingalala hu... hu. come on dance with have to do it. come on. - shiv noshiv no. shiv no way. it is not your fault, shiv.

what happened between us,was an accident. it happened unknowingly. shiv, don't think that i willinterfere in your life. or i will cause any trouble for you. and why do you think that onlyyou are responsible for this? i was equally involved in it. shiv, i want this to be a secretbetween us. that's why i am going from here.and now we will never meet. we will never meet again.

good bye. i will never forgive you. you broke my trust in one moment? is there anything, i didn't give him? he did not thinkabout me even once. how did you dare to do this to me? do you have any explanation forthe mistake you have made? will you ever be able to relievethe pain you have given me? tell me.

i'll ask you one thing.what you did... ...if i did the same mistake... ...would you forgive me? tell me. would you forgive me? tell me. do you have any answer? you don't. you can never have. there can't be a replyto such a mistake. it cannot be forgiven. and we both cannot livetogether under one roof.

we cannot spend our lives together. we can't breathe together. you will have to regret foryour mistake all your life. you will have to pay a price allyour life for breaking my trust. i want a divorce. divorce! look pooja, if you think,you have gone through a lot. and if you don't, nothing. it is very courageous thatyou took such a step.

perhaps it was right not,stay in your brother's house. that you did not troublethem with your problems. difficulties, troubles,sorrows, problems. all these are a part of life. then why shouldn't a girlface them and move ahead? and make her future. look pooja, there's noneed to tell anyone... ...that you were ever married. or you had a divorce.

you know what attitude peoplehave towards a divorced girl. by the way, in the citywhere you have come... ...this mumbai city. here no one is interestedin anyone's past. here people come to makea new beginning of life. you don't know when, where,at which juncture... might find a messiah. i could never even imaginethat i would find... ...such a nice friendlike you so soon.

it would have been verydifficult for me alone. but if you're there with me,we'll surely find a solution. then get ready. you try and even i willtry my level best. to find a job for you. - okay? - yes. o god! you are great! a designer should be like you!

are you a magician? what are you? i'm telling the truth. i swear. your boss is designer no. 1. see, how beautiful i am looking. isn't it? just like bui bawla. isn't it? tell me. - who is bui bawla?- who is bui bawla?! you don't know. bui bawlais a top heroine. i see!

neha! bunty ganatra must be designingbui bawla's clothes, isn't it? - yes. - he must be. afterall she is a heroine. he must be attendingto her all the time. that's what i don't like about him. last year in the award function,the best heroine's... ...clothes were designed by him. he is always designingclothes for heroines. do we society wives lack anything?

what's so special aboutthis film personalities? what do they have? - what is it? - the filmpersonalities are coming this way. they'll be offended. who are they? - you know rajmalhotra, the film star? his staff. hello, neha. - greetings. -our hero's clothes ready? mr. baban, i was waiting for you. all the song costumesof your hero are ready.

o my god! so many costumesfor one song? seems like he must be changingbehind the tree. their living style is so loud. just see. why does one heroneed such a big staff? everything is for show. slowly. i will have a heart attack. who is this talkative woman? who is she?

this loud mouth. i'll give her a tight slap. no! she is mrs. chana singh. top industrialistmr. gana singh's wife. wife? is a wife like this? what's wrong with herhusband's senses? he took on such a big trouble. tell him to make her wear a veil. the one who gets wooed byher, he will be ruined.

cover your face, we arescared. what is this? - what is he saying? - keep quiet. the old woman thinksshe's still young. by applying so much make up,you count our hero's clothes? you insult our hero. you are blabbering since so long. i don't believe this. what is it thatyou don't believe? this? if i'll make you eat stale food...'ll sit in thebathroom the whole day. she smells. such a big insult of ganasingh's wife chana singh? i am sorry ma'am. hey, get lost. or someone might throwgarbage on you. you filthy old man in white... filthy old man? hey, want to try?

what was she saying? i am leaving.please leave. go away. oh my god. i will fix you. i will complain to raj malhotra. i get you dismissed. enough! enough of jokes. ms. neha, are our hero'sclothes ready? the clothes are ready. but today i have some work withyou. - with us? tell us.

10 days ago, you had offeredme a job of hero's secretary. you know, i would never refuse. but how can i quit bunty's job? but i have a friend. she is very nice. very capableand trustworthy. i can take guarantee for herif you wish. if you could give her the job... send her to the shooting,her work will be done. really? will she get the job?

i can judge a person. that is why we had offeredyou that job. now you are recommendingsomeone else... ...then even she must behaving some qualities. so we promise that the threewill help her get the job. what are you saying, neha?how can i do this job? but pooja, what's bad in it? films and me?! but i don't know anything aboutfilms and the film industry.

good and bad peopleare found everywhere. it is on you, how youtake care of yourself. and as far as theyare concerned... ...i know them very well. they are really nice people. i think your work will be done here. and as far as your wouldbe boss is concerned... ...his staff calls him'hero-ji' with love. he is such a great star!

he is a very nice man. in this glamorous andmodern world... ...he is so down to earth. perhaps that's why somany people love him. what is that film star's name? raj... raj malhotra. "life without love,how can one spend." "there is a lot in yourbeloved's eyes." "sometimes on earth..."

"...comes down stars and moon." "it's a great thing my friend." "a story will be made, in this age." "youth cannot be lived being lonely." "choose a sweetheart." "the night is beautiful." "listen to the heartbeat." "express what you feel." "embraced are the ones,who are lucky."

"plenty there is inyour beloved's eyes." "belong to someone,let someone belong to you." "in your eyes fanaticiseabout your dream lover." "in memories, lose yourself..." "...forget everyone." "sleep in the shade of tresses..." "...kissing moist lips." "in your eyes, capturethe colourful sights." remove.

remove quickly. i hate make up. just a moment. will youhave some patience? have fruits, hero-ji.- no food from home? chicken and all. - no chicken. you have to be fit. there's so much competition. look at all the old heroes.dharmendra, my favourite. jitendra remained fit for40 years eating fruits.

and even his staff isfit for 40 years. stop talking. tell babanto get the car. the car is ready, hero-ji. but you have to go andcome back again. all this programs, schedules,problems... the secretary left everything. what have you thoughtabout that, hero-ji? it becomes a problem whensecretaries become producers. from where shall we finda responsible person?

we won't appoint a wrong person.our hero-ji is so simple. he will make his life miserable. then from where should i find a man? it can be a woman, isn't it? a woman? can a womanhandle this job? i don't think it's possible. of course this is possible. when i can manage everythingfor you... ...then why can't a girl handleyour dates, schedules, accounts?

everything is possible.- possible. absolutely. but if we find a trustworthyresponsible girl... i don't mind. but where shall i find her?- we have found one. you have already found one? pooja, ms. pooja! - where is she?- just a minute. pooja... hero-ji.hero-ji this is ms. pooja. hello sir.

hero-ji this is pooja. ms. neha, our designer bunty'sassistant, has sent her. she is perfect for the job. why are you talking in french? talk in tamil. hero-ji, she's a very good girl. you just take her interview. good luck! my girl. -so you... - sir, i wantto tell you before hand.

i don't thinki'm qualified for this job. i don't know anything aboutthe film business. then how will you handle this job? i don't know. neha and your staff told me that... meet you. so i came here. then what do you know? i have some management skills. i know to operate computers.

i know a lot about accountingand programming. that's all.- that's all? that's too much. the knowledge you haveis enough for this job. assume that your job is confirmed.- yes? - yes. when my staff said that you aresuitable, it is confirmed. no problem. now tell me, what cani treat you with? with sweets.

here, hero-ji. offer sweetsto ms. pooja. - great! here, have sweets.- eat. no pieces, take a full one. take a whole sweet. lucky are those peoplewho can eat all this. no taunts, hero-ji. you can eat two sweets tocelebrate her arrival. not two. do one thing. eat everything.

keep it in the car. you join the job from tomorrow.- ok. - yes sir. good luck. good morning producersir. don't worry. our heroji has appointeda new secretary... ...and she must be on her way. oh jesus christ... our pooja has come.

now all the mess will be solved. good morning, madam.- good morning, maria. everybody listen. please come. she is ms. raj's new secretary. now you can ask her whateverdoubts you have. hello good morning.- how are you? greetings. what are you doing, baban?

the shift is at woke me early morning. i know. but there are somany things besides shooting. which you have to do by yourself. this house is so big. so manypeople have come downstairs. who will attend them? and you don't have anyone.- then what are you all for? but there are some thingswhich we can't do. only you can do them. and one thing is such...

...which only you can do. we can't do it. for example? - for example... signing documents... cheques.who will do all this? you do it. - no way. don't trust the world so much. the world is very mean. the whole thing isthat money is everything.

let me say my dialogues. yes, go ahead. shall i go and take abath? - yes, go. but come soon. - i will. come and see, how eagerlythe world is waiting for you. disappeared? you said thatthere's a big line. there's not even one person here. there were many people. i think maria mixed salt intheir tea instead of sugar.

so the producers ran away. maria!? - your service sir. now will you stop flying? baban said that someproducers had come to meet me. where are they? a girl cast a magic spell. she cut all the vegetableand mixed it in such a way... ...that everythingbecame wonderful. if you say all the dialogues,what will i say?

tell me clearly, what has happened? pooja! pooja such a wonderful girl. she handled all the producersin such a way... ...that i was shocked. i swear by god! my judgmentcan never go wrong. this girl is absolutelysuitable, heroji. really? - yes.- where is she? meaning? - workingon the computer. is the work over?

it's going on. good morning sir.- good morning. sir, the dates whichwere in a mess... ...they have all been adjusted. the money received againstthe shooting. their accounts have beenfed in the computer. appointments and discussingwith the directors... ...have been fixedduring lunch break. so that you are not disturbed.

now you have to read someagreements and sign them. all the work is done? - yes. is there no other work? - no. then why do you need tocome 30 days a month? you come just one day. one day. - yes. whatis the date today? today... - it's 1 st. then do one thing. we'll meeton the 1st of next month. you can pack up. - what?- you may go.

what are you saying, heroji? you ruined our happiness. with her intelligence, pooja didsuch a good work so quickly. and you are not praising her. you ruined everything. it's not fair hero-ji. spoiled her joy. she has done the wholemonth's job in one day. what will she do restof the 29 days?

you did one day's job... you will get onlyone day's salary. this is not a world of goodness. the previous secretary used todo the same work in 60 days. heroji used to make incrementsin his salary. that is why he became a producer. and pooja did all thework do quickly... ...and you don't appreciate it. where shall i go and break my head!

i am so sorry pooja.sorry. sir that's not nice. heroji is laughing.- why are you laughing? that poor girl! andyou are laughing? i'm just joking. and you are talking aboutbreaking your head? idiot. stupid. - thank you. where were you till now? i appreciate your choice. great! okay, tell me one thing.

how many years contract shalli make for ms. pooja? - 20 years, 25 years?- of a lifetime. make a contract of lifetime. does a secretary work like that? a wife does such a work. they do it for each other. did i say something wrong? you always say wrong things. what did i say? - come out,silly boy. i'll tell you.

excuse me. excuse me sir. do you have any sense? come out. don't feel offendedof what they say. i'm lonely in life. so they alwaysbuild castles in the air. they are good hearted people. by the way, you handle- everything in just one day. i'm impressed. you know, since a few days,i was in a dilemma. i didn't know what is rightand what is wrong.

but now i feel that everythingwill be alright. you continue your work. pooja, don't feel offendedfor anything. now that you have come.i think it will be great fun. the work will be done properly.days will pass in joy. and season will changewithin no time. god bless my child. cut it. one more. raj, give me just two minutes.

chinni, please come here. sorry sir. sir. yes, pooja. - sir, mr. mooraniand mr. surma had called. i think they want to discussthe date with you personally. then i'll meet them. tell mewhen have i to meet them? whenever you say. i'll tell youthe program. - yes, tell me. i am sorry. i am really sorry. raj, let's do one more rehearsal. if i go wrong this time,i'll be scolded a lot.

- yes, why not? pooja, wait.- please hold this. - i'll begin my dialogues. - no,let's begin from my dialogues. okay, you say. i am so happy today... look. their life is great. they hold each otherwhenever they want. they must be having fun. enjoy!

hey raj, having fun? but i have heard that anita hasan affair with someone else. if not the heroine,the secretary will do. look! a beautiful dame! whose secretary is so beautiful... ...why does he needto look elsewhere? raj, how many hours duty doyou make your secretary do? is it 24 hours? mr. chinni, where is my bag?

where is my bag? come here. really having fun, ha! what are you doing? why areyou revealing my secret? by such talks, i will losethe little chance i have. 'let the secret remain covered' he is like us. did you think i justdropped from the sky? i have the same you have.

even i have it. tell me something. are youstaying in this hotel? yes. we have booked a suite. won't you invite us? we will have beer andenjoy ourselves. and i will alsodo your job. - job? job. you all go, i'll be there. what is the suite number?

420. raj is here. wow! what a room! but the room number is beautifulthan the room. room no. 420.- suite no. 420. how sweet. sorry. hey raja, where is she? who? why do you need thatwhen i have this?

- what? - what do you mean? i'll explain to you what i mean. you scoundrels! you talk rubbish? don't you have any other work?this is what you do? you come to harass girls? haven't your parents taughtyou anything else? you talk rubbish? you rascal! i'll beatyou black and blue. you will not be able toshow your face again.

you talk too much! you are very fond of having fun. you want girls! just wait. i'll give you! did you enjoy or do youwant to have more fun? no, stop it. then tell me, when willyou leave the hotel? - today. - right now. - very good. - go soon. - yes, we will.

room no. 420, wicked people. you will have to apologize toall those whom you insulted. i'm waiting for you all. heroji, where are they going? where are you going? wait. youdon't have to go anywhere. you will have to watch theshooting before you leave. no, mr. raj. - pleasehave some fun. how can i let you go just like that? come, wait for the shooting.for my sake.

i'll introduce you to the entireunit. he is our director. greet him. and she is our heroine. greet her. 'pranam'. and he is our makeupman chinna swamy. greetings. - greetings. not like that. touch his feet. take his blessings. you wanta villain's role, don't you? do it.

bless us. you did not meet her. meet her. she is... greetings, pooja. greetings, ms. pooja. - ms. pooja? sister pooja. that's good. but try somethingnew. make it spontaneous. sister pooja, lord be with you. lord be with you.

you have so much respect for women. come for the shoot will have to come. ms. pooja. where is ourshooting tomorrow? our shooting is in the graveyard. the scene is of buryingthe corpses. surely come. we won't need duplicates.please do come. please do come. don't make me angry. if iget angry, i'll push you. sorry.

mr. chinni, stop laughing.set my hair. what are you writing? what are you writing? - nothing. let me see what you are writing. i knew you would do such a would resign. you girls have the same mentality. you get so angry okay, do one thing. go to thekitchen & break all the vessels. your temper will cool down.

the way you cooled your temper... beating those people. there was no better waythan what happened. but was it necessary to do all this? look pooja, whatever peoplewrite or say about me... does not makeany difference to me. because my life islike an open book. but i know that it makesa difference to you. you cannot bear this.

because you are not used to this. so i did what i had to, andyou got angry with me. you ended up giving a resignation? please don't misunderstand me. i don't want this tobe repeated again. tomorrow they might say anythingabout you and me. let them say. i am not one of thosewho back out. what?

what do you think? you wouldresign, and i would let you go? god has made us meeton the right time. we both are single. if we wouldn't meet here,where would we go? why not try to know each other? but you don't knowanything about me. neither do i want to know. you listened to what i had to say. and you didn't even slap me.that's enough for me.

see how beautiful youlook when you smile. always keep smiling. the phone rang on thewrong time. when i have to say something nice,mr. chopra always calls. i'll solve it. yes, mr. chopra. yes, all the arrangementhas been done. yes, the packing is done. we are not going to australia? then?

switzerland. oh my god!chopra sir you are great. mr. chopra, i have a request. confirm one more ticket. note the name. pooja. no. it is confirmed. how can i...pooja, i just love switzerland. i have travelled all over the world. but there's no placelike switzerland.

i just love switzerland. switzerland is paradise. switzerland here we come. why don't you want to go, pooja? after all what's the harm in it? and then, you are goingthere on your duty. pooja, how long willyou fear like this? till when are you going to sufferthinking about your past? avoid it?

you will have to walk on thesame paths once again. on the same paths, you willhave make new memories... ...and wipe off the old ones. you will have to be bold. and move ahead. don't stop yourself. don't stop, pooja. life is giving you achance once again. you will have to begin life afresh.

you will have to go. excuse me sir,what will you like to have. a glass of champagne. - sure sir. and mr. raj malhotra. a glass of water. - sure sir. that lady sitting on seat no. 3 b. ask her what she wants. orshe won't order anything. no problem sir. - thank you. excuse me madam. would youlike to have any thing?

nothing. are you sure. - thank you. - okay. leave me. what are you doing? this is a flight, and notour bedroom. leave me. you will not stop being naughty. leave me. shall i? - here. - alright. - i'll be right back.- where are you going?

- come back soon.- i'll be right back. hi! -hi! - i am really sorry. are you newly married? yes. just a few days ago. we are going to switzerlandfor our honeymoon. every indian's dream. yes. are you also going for thefirst time? - no, i... yes. even i am goingfor the first time.

i have heard that it is paradise. we could go anywhere we wished. but i believe this place is verylucky for married couples. and i have heard that lovershave a nice time here. i am very lucky. because my husband isa very nice person. are you married? i... no. then perhaps you may notbe able to experience...

...the exuberance of that place. because i've heard thatthe place is such... ...that visiting that placewith your mate... ...leaves behind such memories... ...which you cannot forgetyour entire life. then even if you try hard toforget those memories... cannot get over them. "if you have a grievance,a complaint if you have." "confide in me, but come meet me."

"those moments how can i forget." "the past troubles every moment." "how do i tell, a difficultsecret it is." "tomorrow never comes,today is everything." "darling come close, talkwith a smile..." "don't keep quiet." "valley of flowers." "snowy paths." "o darling, they are all for you."

"the flowers have thorns." "winter burns." "what burns me, day and night." "breeze chilly and cold..." "...the wind is saying..." "...don't burn like this." here baban, your clothesfor the schedule are ready. thank you so much. no, i should be thanking you.

just one word from me, and yougot pooja such a good job. i didn't do anything. one gets what one is worthy of. really, she has becomeour family member. not just a family member,she's become a life time member. what slipped out ofmy mouth that day. shut up chinni. "come and meet beloved!" neha, everything is alright,don't worry.

your boss bunty alwaysadvises me... wear ordinary clothes. only pastel shades, you know. wearing ordinary clothesgives you peace of mind. the heart never goes astray. and most important of all isthat you mind your words. hey... hello. how are you? how is yourfilm world doing? you make such good films.

you people are so nice. isn't it? are you'll shootingfor a song again? oh sure, get lots of clothes made. make as many pairsof clothes as you wish. change as many clothes as you like. change among trees, amidstmountains, wherever you like. why should i bother? right? so, can i take your leave? my two kids must be desperatelywaiting for me to return home.

and my husband must be waitingfor me in the prayer hall. my darling when would you come,when would you come? good day. her husband must have gone bonkers. baban, pooja told methat this time... are going to some hillstation for a shooting. yes, to naini hills. india'sbest hill station. whenever we have gone there... ...some incident hasalways occurred.

let's see what happens this time. "tie the anklets round my feet......then see me dancing..." yes sir. my hero raj malhotrais coming here for shooting. oh yes, you are going to shootin naini hills this time. - where is the manager? - why? what work do you have with him? i want to speak to him. i want to speak with him in private. his cabin is that way.

thank you welcome sir. manager... hello! hello. tell me. i am raj malhothra's right hand man. his fellow helper. i am his driver. my name is babban. i came to inquire about his room. is it secluded? -i don't understand. that is done... i swear on god...

his fans trouble him too much. he is a simple man. he doesn'twant to be bothered. don't worry baban, i havemade all the arrangements. you won't have any complaints. thank you very much. you must have watched his films. no, i don't watch films. you live in india andyou don't watch films? manager, even you area little... different.

it's nothing like that. i used to watch them before,but not anymore. but what can one watchnowadays anyway. they don't make filmslike before anymore. the heroes and heroines areno more like yesteryears. even the stories are notlike they used to be. they made such good films before. i used to work for yusufkhan in those days. india hasn't seen a heroof his calibre again.

i left yusuf and joined this hero. all films of this hero are hit. he is choosy about his films,that is why i am with him. even to choose his room,i have come first. he will come later. don't worry, you will haveno complaints. - thank you. by the way, when isyour boss coming? he must be on his way. welcome!

it's cold here. - yes, a little.but it will be fun. last time i had a lot of chicken here. always thinks about food. excuse me sir... - yes. sir, mr. raj malhotra haschecked into his room. you wanted to meethim personally, didn't you? i'll speak to him over thephone. you may leave. can i speak to mr. raj malhotra?

who is that? i am the manager of this hotel. just a minute. your call. who is it? - the hotel manager. thank you. sorry. yes raj malhotra here. - hello sir! my name is shiv kapoor. sir i am the manager of the hotel.welcome to naini hill. just wanted to checkif you were comfortable.

if you need anything,please let me know. of course. your hotel is beautiful. and i can see signs of yourgood management everywhere. thank you sir. sir once again, if youneed anything... ...please let me extension number is 16. if i have any problem,where else can i go? thank you. thank youvery much mr. manager. nice guy.

and anyway, i am findingeverything, very nice today. i am the same, everythingelse is the same... ...yet everythingseems so different. my eyes have always fulfilledother people's dreams, pooja. for the first time, they havedared to dream for themselves. are they doing anything wrong? you cannot just smile and avoidwhat i'm trying to say. you will have to answer me. oh! so you want to say somethingbefore giving me your decision?

you want to talk about your past? but i don't want to hear about it. but if saying it reduces theburden on your heart... ...and makes it easier for youto take a decision about me... ...then i don't mind. go ahead. but remember, whatever you saywill not change my decision. tell me. tell me, pooja. i am a divorcee. i once loved someone.

and we separated. i'd told you, it makesno difference to me. it won't make a differenceeven to you... ...if you stop living in the past. forget the past. what is today is the truth. now tell me quickly, yes, or... yes? because i won't takeno for an answer. i'll do one thing.i'll pack-up the shooting.

we'll leave quickly and makearrangements for the marriage. not at all. that's not right. we'll finish the work on handfirst, and then leave. get dressed quickly, the entireunit must be waiting for you. even i'll go to my room, finishmy work and come there. pooja thanks. - no its ok. we'll do one thing. we'll have a small party inthe hotel lawn tonight. just for us. we won'ttell anyone anything.

you meet the hotel managerand organize the party. what did the managersay his name was? excuse me. - yes madam. i am pooja...- yes, with mr. raj malhotra. yes, with mr. raj malhotra. yes. mr. raj wants to havea small party... ...on your lawns tonight. - yes. - i wanted to talkto you in that regard. i want everything to beperfectly organised. of course madam, but itwould be better...

...if you speak to themanager in about it. no... i've spoken to you,that suffices. by the way, who is your manager? mr kapoor. - mr. kapoor. his full name? mr. shiv kapoor. - shiv kapoor. he's new here? - yes,he joined a year ago. where is he from? - from delhi. where does he live here?

he's been given a cottagebehind. he lives there. he must be living with hisfamily. - no, he lives alone. alright. just ensure that everythingis perfectly organised. yes ma'am thank you. madam, he's our manageryou were inquiring about. strange! she was making somany inquiries about you just now. now she left without talking to you. fall in love andknow what love is.

make someone laugh sometimes,and cry sometimes. wow! why does the moth preferto get kindled? if you want to know this,kindle yourself and know. you are the moth today,but where is your flame? who is she? where is she?-it's a secret, don't let it out. why ask him about his love. come here and i'llmake you my lover. wow, baban! wonderful!

what's happening? just one moment of darknessand everyone disappeared? where are you all? are you alright? i am the hotel manager. the electricity has failed. thelights will come very soon. oh, so you are the manager,the man in charge here? shall i tell you one thing? you have made good arrangementsfor the party.

thank you mr. shiv kumar. you remember my name! i don't forget namesonce i hear them. and then, you have a nicename. shiv kapoor. i think that's what i'll callmyself in my next film. you look very happy, andhave also thrown a party. - what's the reason?-that is what i cannot reveal. but i just can't keepthis to myself. i'm thinking of tellingyou how i feel.

so that i can relax. shall i tell you? - say it, sir. if saying it pleases you, say it. you won't tell anyone, will you? not at all, sir. - promise? i am in love with someone. and the moment we leave from here,we're going to get married. congratulations. with whom? the lights have come!

and even she is here. pooja, you must havealready met him. he is the manager of thishotel, mr. shiv kapoor. look how meticulously hehas organised our party. he's really good. why not ask him to make thearrangements for our wedding too oh i am sorry. seeing him, i felt close to him. and i told him our secret.

mr. shiv, we have decided... ...that you will make arrangementsfor our wedding. and arrange it as beautifullyas you have this party. one gets married only once. so i want the arrangementsto be so good... ...that people findit breathtaking. let's shake hands to that. raj, is your poetry session over? celebrations are on even there.

the poetry goes... every leaf, every plantknows how i feel. only the flower doesn'tknow about it. though the entire garden does. pooja, i want to talk to you. but i don't want to talk to you. yet, i will wait foryou in my cottage. will you continue tostand there? come in. sit down.

you won't sit? - no.i'm fine here. you are still angry with me? you are still annoyed with me? you haven't haven't changed a bit. you are just like i'd seenyou the first time. when you and me were fightingfor the same job. and are fighting till today. do you know pooja, i have neverbeen able to forget... ...that you left everythingin a moment, just for me.

to marry me. and you became my life partner. i don't know if you miss me or not. but i have not beenable to forget you. never. it was only to get over you... ...that i left that city,that job, those memories. and started spending my life here. but you came even here.

the way fate always broughtus together it made us meet again. once again the destinyhas brought her before me. when you were making inquiriesabout me, it gave me hope... ...that perhaps even you hadn'tbeen able to forget me. then why all this, pooja? how can you leave me behindand move ahead? i'll do as i please. who are you to questionme why i'm doing this? i will do whatever i please!

i don't need to ask or tell anyone. i know what i got when i askedand told everything. deception, lies, betrayal! pooja... can't you forget all this? you are giving me sucha big punishment... ...for such a small mistake? small mistake? you callthis a small mistake? i did so much for you. i changed my entire life for you.

when a girl gives up everythingto unite with a man... ...she loyally maintainsher relation with him. i kept all my marriage vows. but you forgot that even youhad taken each of those vows. by breaking those vows, you havenot only cheated me, but god too. you are a culprit. and you should bepunished for your mistake. so what do you want?how do you want to punish me? do you want to sendme to the gallows?

i admit i made a mistake. but even my family broke. you gave me a divorce and brokeyour relationship with me. but did not give me even onechance to explain myself. i did not say a word then. because i thought youwere very angry. and your anger was justified. but even today, you arestill as much angry... much stubborn.

don't you have some placefor me in your heart? god forgives, even one mistake. then go and seek pardon from god. i cannot forgive you.i can never forgive you. alright pooja... alright. if that's what you want,i will not come in your way. i will not come between you two. i think i should go away from here. but i have promised yourto-be husband...

...that i will make allarrangements for his marriage. i will not create any hurdlein your marriage. whether you believe it or not... ...but it will be my heart... ...that will wish you the greatesthappiness... my heart. come! mr. khanna, why are you so tense? raj, there is a small problem. the man, navjot kumar who wasgoing to sing at your wedding...

...has missed his flightfrom bangalore. only you can do something now. so what do you want? thati should sing? - yes. so that everyone present hereruns away? - of course not. why don't you do one thing,mr. producer? request one of the guests. atleast one of them mustbe a good singer. why don't you sing?- hey no! what are you doing! if he sings, the bridewill run away.

he cannot sing. - i'll sing. - we don'twant a madrasi song. - mr. raj, shall i saysomething? - yes. our manager has a wonderful voice. i assure you he isa very good singer. but where is mr. shiv? - mr. shiv sings very well.- but where is he? shiv! there he comes. yes? is everything fine?

yes, everything is alright, butwhat is the matter with you? all your secrets are slowlycoming out. - what? the arrangements you havemade for my marriage... ...are indeed praiseworthy. you have done so much for me. dome one more favour. - tell me. i heard you have a melodious voice. the man who was supposed to comehere and sing didn't come. you sing something for us, please. sing something that pleases me,my guests, and my bride.

so that we forget everythingelse and remember only you. me? - yes, you. and do you know what a man whohelps in such a situation... called? best man. the best anddearest of friend. that friend, who hands overthe bride to the groom. forget all that. sing somethingthat becomes a blessing for us. c'mon sing. please sing shiv. please shiv.

"the bindi on your forehead..." "...may always twinkle." "the henna on your hands..." "...may always be fragrant." "the glow of your dress..." "...may always remain." "your bangles..." "...may always tinkle." "congratulations!"

"congratulations on your wedding." "a happy married lifei wish you have." "at your feet, may the world be." "a happy married lifei wish you to have." "for you is the season of spring." "any sorrow, may you never face." "what of me, crazy in love i am." "my sufferance, no one knows." "in love, may you never suffer."

"never broken are relationshipsof life." "never left are partners in life." "customs and rites,don't you forget." "fulfil the promise you made." "spent i have a lonely life." come pooja, i have come to take you. all the guests are waitingfor you downstairs. look, i kept my promise. i have no complaints now.

my heart has no regretsnow that you are going. look how lovingly your fiancehas sent me to bring you. he has sent me hereas his best man... his dearest friend. it must have never happened before. this is perhaps the first time... ...that a husband has got hiswife married to someone else. shiv, what happened was not right. by punishing you,i have punished myself.

why didn't i forgive you? why did my heart that loves youso much, not accept the fact? what do i do, shiv?what do i do now? my heart is on fire. i cannot erase yourname from my heart. pooja, raj is waitingfor us downstairs. all his guests are waiting for us. we should be going. come.

pooja, you knew shiv anddid not even tell me? you two knew each other... ...and i didn't even come to know? so he is the man whoyou were married to. is he the man who you have not beenable to forget until today? so he is the one whoyou loved so much. by punishing who for his mistake,you punished yourself. this story started between you two. now tell me, will youtwo conclude it, or me?

it is said that in theworld of love... ...two hearts unite withgreat difficulty. as far as i can think,and what my heart says is... ...that on seeing you two,it seems you're made for each other. in the journey of life,who is right and who is wrong... ...what is true andwhat is false... ...who should be punished,and who should be pardoned... ...ordinary men likeus cannot decide that. what can decide this isthe bond of marriage.

and the various marriage vowswhich cannot be broken so easily. yes pooja, that isthe reason why... could not bringyourself to marry me. your eyes could not seethose marriage rituals. your heart cannot love anyoneelse other than shiv. pooja, relationships cannot bebroken or made by a signature. once a name gets writtenon the heart... can never be erased. and only shiv's name iswritten on your heart.

when you two had brokenyour relationship... ...there was no one to stop youor convince you against it. and look where you have landed up. those people are indeedvery fortunate... ...who have someone's support. the path you could not decide upon,i'll guide you to that path. i will mend your brokenrelationship forever. excuse me. - yes.we are checking out sir. i hope your conferencewas successful.

and your stay in our hotel wascomfortable. - definitely. and we hope to see you shiv kapoor. thank you. shiv kapoor oh my god it's you simi... what are you doing here?what a surprise. it's you who's giving me a surprise. it's seven years since we met. seven years? gosh, how time flies! by the way simi, this ismy wife pooja. and pooja this is simi. we studied together in college.

hello! - hi shiv. i must say yourwife is very beautiful but... know what pooja incollege shiv was man but... he never look any of the girl. he kept himself busy with books,studies and sports. but now, on seeing you,i realise he has good taste. because when he had to choosesomeone, he chose you. actually shiv, i have comehere for a conference. you will dine with me, won't you? shall we go?

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