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Senin, 10 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Coloring Pages Princess Luna Filly

My Little Pony Coloring Pages Princess Luna Filly

hello, i'm here again! this time we will slightly peak on first generation. thus, although the first generation started in 1982-1983, its television appearance was not until a year later. do you see on the top right, princess sparkle? if so, i really do not understand what you wonderedin the third season of the fim so much :) history is simply repeating itself. the first two specials, which we will discuss' later,

contain, in my opinion, probably the best best rendition of ponies in the history of my little pony at least in terms of anatomical site. never again they will probably look more like real ponies. best anatomy, that is real, which i know, in the series, was in a series silver brumby. likewise, the film spirit or mustang although horses there look more natural and prettier.

for some people, g1 ponies are hippos. it is probably due to some posesfrom the series or film. well .. against the tastes no disputa[every can like whatever he wants].they probably like rather the giraffes :) g1 takes place probablyin a parallel world on planet earth. to get here, you need to be in the worst pegasi (or at least sit on her back) and fly a path determined by the rainbow,

whether it sounds absurd in any way. it is a world inhabited not only by poniesbut also with other beings. so here you will find gnomes, talking birds,ground squirrels, penguins, elves, but even people. indeed, the major human heroes arehere siblings williams. many argue that the teenage girlnormally doesn't wear overalls with heart. well, if they think .. (and in case you thoughtthat this surname is fiction, here's proof) but often there are also almost-humans,

semi humans in the role of villains,like these witches. people in mlp? this is for the bronies a thought almost worthy of burning! well, it was. then came the equestria girlsa good half of them turn around. to where wind blows there jacket flows ..[one changes opinions whenever it comes in handy] the world is inhabited also by other animals. while they react intelligently to the ponies,but mostly don't do talking. and these include deers.

i'll explain later. villains were in g1 a lot presented. something the fim may up today just dream of. fim is .. friendship is magic. if you look carefully at the pictures, each has either a green or red dot. author .. not me .. marked green that ones who eventually reformed.

those red either ended up in jail (in the best case on the run) or dead. but this is just about the ones from the series, not the comics. about both up next. mainly it should be emphasized that comicsnot always canon to the series and vice versa. even so, the list is not complete,and contains mistakes in names. ponies are divided into several species. classical earth ponies,follow pegasi and unicorn ladies.

yes, they are almost all girls. the earth ponies are actually only classical ponies, just with colors and they speak. and they are the strongest race. each unicorn has its own talent, that controls, which is quite close to the idea of fim. in addition, however, all controlled teleportation. it was borrowed from the world of dungeons & dragons.

although it should be noted that this ability is not innate and need to be learned. furthermore, it is limited in space. so you can not eg. transmit through the network, that someone throws at you, or prison wall. how it exactly works is not yetclarified among fans. i like to think it certainly is not about browsing through another dimension, since then that space restriction would not apply.

rather, it is an acceleration of movement. apparently it can be bungledand disappear herself only partially, as showing to us mainly by baby ribbon.the picture on the left. (seen in comming episodes) the moondancer's color scheme is very similar to fausticorn and is referenced not only in the fim comics. next in line are shy flutterpony females. they have a magical pollen,which they, if necessary, could hurl around as quitedecent weapon of mass destruction.

otherwise, they are but skin and bones, and mostresemble toys from the second generation. however, as a series goes, they are approaching appearance of horses even the most. many people think that the first generation hadn't boys. it's not true. in addition ponies living in the mountains, about which you can read in mainly comic strips, and to which we will get again lately, there is a herd of wandering earth ponies,

who somehow visit neighboring females. well, why they do it, you can imagine yourself and also the creators perhaps inadvertently leaked it now in other parts by the new additions :) in the world of g1, over 50 stallions are known. from this you will see 6 of them in series looking like clydesdale horses. (not cloudsdale) yet this is nothing comparedwith hundreds of mares and foals. it is literally a pile of ponyladies :)

good evidence of mating is the official toy surprise twins which bear almost classically twins. almost classically. their color scheme was used for the couple of ponies in fim spa. those toys were in g1 at allfor the present time a little bit strange. but it was a golden age,in which even a target audience itself meant something! many did not like the body structure of the original toys,

but somehow forget that there were dozens of forms, as you can see on there are at least three,i really respect and they accrued to my the heart. hasbro has even tried also realistic horses. today, you can also in storesbuy at least 5 other brands ponies, filly not counted. of course, even at that timethere were plenty of imitations. one of them i think i had as a child at home, and i had not any idea about some mlp.

well, i thought i did. but today i know it was an official g2 figurine. well at least i think. in fact, however, non-imitation or imitation, i would take this over all the mlp figurines. beauty. there were official licensessuch as japanese takara which was unlike the original toys at all.

the problem with the first series is somehowlack of information from a television, because if you don't read the comics through, which may be something different, you will stare on it as calf at a new gate.[in incomprehension] good examples are the ubiquitous children. they are the exact clones of their mothers. with one exception, which is amber, who was made in a traditional way

and therefore even has not a symbol, which was again the inspiration for friendship is magic, the reproduction takes place in a way when a pony girl decided to have the child, she came to the magic mirror and out of it, her younger copy popped out speaking broken english. just an amber and younglings in the movie not (much) talked like a retard.

pony girl who has a child, has simply a title "mama". then there is majesty, which was pony queen, before she mysteriously got lost (somebody think tirek killed her; she reportedly don't appeared in the series, so that megan could take her mum place - you think that ponies do not need a teenage girl to live? practically, when they live only in the girls' imagination,

so actually they need her). yeah apropo, don't confuse them ;) magic horseshoes of majesty are expanding her already strong powerfor example, of the power of invisibility, and play in a comic role quite often. (always someone wants to steal it) majesty then subsequently probably hid the mirror,because it was already too much. in this illustrated example comics there was a pony girl named gypsy.

well, at that time, many of today's taboos were allowed. although, a comic is not a cartoon, it is true. moreover, along with majesty she saw into the future! note that there queens were the good ones. even flutterponies have their queen (how to reproduce, we do not know much about,because no one has yet seen males). conversely pony princess we will get to know later, were plotted initially quite badly.

majesty has a small dragon at her side, named spike, who was separated from his own kind. and in truth, he was more like a pet for her. like a cat twinkles and a dog brandy. there was indeed more pets but these two have appeared most frequently. a slightly ironically it sounds,

when you compare it with the relationshiprarity and spike from the 4th generation for who the majesty was one of the models. if you are familiar with voice of spike, it is possible. its dubber has about a million roles. here the displayed selectionis perhaps even not half of it. from my areas of interest he talk as snively kintobor from sonic. aha, jim cummings.

alias winnie the pooh. amazing series. and comic is even better. but back to the ponies. even each of the princesses had their own dragon. in the series (i.e., usa) they were named completely different than the comic strips. so, if you will come to their british names,

do not be surprised. not all dragons, i think, were boys. even though they were loony enough. and a spike even talked about the land of dragons so there probably exists many of them. the green dragon with a stick left, this is spike's .. great-great-grandfather. according to the comic, hundreds of years old dragons can cast spells (but not babies).

when we were at the majesty, we can mention about her a bit more. majesty was probably the most powerfulunicorn in the history of my little pony yet. here, for example, she created lucky the stallion. his origin is unclear but the bit by that. a card for his toy supposedly describes that he has a normal family, even a sister. majesty, moreover, in the form of toys,was probably a hermaphrodite :) so far it appears that her ability exceedseven celestia or twilight sparkle.

unlike other unicornsher magic was not limited any specifications. but it just reminds fairly twilight sparkle,which also is not limited to just one talent. in addition, each spells was accompanied by rhymes,so she was so much like the zecora. in the blink of an eyeshe could revive a snow pony! or turn flowers into gold! she constantly watched over her crystal ballwhat rustles and where, and she passed her advices to other ponies. a kind of loud telepathy. and when the advices did not help,

she could conjure over a distance. she could even share her power with other ponies. that would explain why earthponies do not have any magic in the series. or similar capabilities. there is no majesty, so no magic. in conclusion of 4th season fimprincess also transmit magic power to another pony. in doing so, a majesty probably should be in the series! the figurine has been here around since 1983! under her custodial nature

and motherly appearance there was a very aggressive creature. if someone threatened her subjects, she was not burdened with lectures or reformation. it was a direct extermination. in a liquidation of anything she could go much further. a typical example is her epic journey across the sea, where she used singing medley,we will getting to her in a minute, to the hypnotic lure trolls from the castle where then she transformed them virtually into nothing.

it is not known that these trollssomehow threaten her kind. majesty .. is certainly a prototype pony, that could kick, with a left rear leg,the combined forces of the luna with celestia, however, there is one case when even itself majesty was beaten hands down. you could tell that she was young, naive. she enjoy trolling from time to time. but she has also purely god abilities.

the comic "man on the moon" states that she can hear the crying of all children worldwide. at once! even the case where celestia and lunaturned discord to stone, rather pales to that she carried out the samelong ago alone without any elements and with no chance to the feformation for him. especially the last sentence is downright scary! medley's singing can also asleep. unfortunately, in the tv she was only in the first special,so she did not have the opportunity to express herself.

but she is abundantly illustrated in comic strips,where incidentally surrounding animals speaks. on tv - see. picture - except one of the polecat in movieand a squirrel with apron in the series, do not talk. medley can do but not only that. when she slams into hooves, a rain starts! so here we have the inspiration for it,as in the fim pegasi manages and produces weather. she also wrote a book of songs. their tail-flicking imitates the sound of the harp. powder in turn can create snow.

and for the full list of types, we must not forget the sea ponies! this song is probably the most popularof all of the first generation. well done also in terms of logic, best are dumbfounded faces of aj and megan. and, remember these paddles- i will then just tell you why. there will be even more. then remember this.

note also that they constantly shape the sos.and to the rhythm. then it is about this. then .. this. and the most important: this! and why am i telling your this? because their choreography is quite enough to remind a busby berkeley dreams. including those paddles. so, for collectors of curiosities

you can find on the net an animation script of the whole song. sea ponies do not have symbols. and the inspiration for them was perhapsa mythical "sea horse" hippocampus (do not confuse it with the real 'sea horses'). well, maybe that's why g4 aj does not like seaweed ;) but those comics in the 4th generation obviously are not too much canon to the series. when you compare the top right and bottom left. the fim is still waiting for its marine ponies,at least in an animated form.

leaving aside the book, and one comic where they resemble that book more than g1. because they live in a different environment,one can not be a bit surprised that they are somewhat cruel to terrestrial ponies, or vice versa with regard to human males, they go after them even more. sometimes people will stumblewhy there are swimming rings.

well, their children have them, and probably because in order to stay afloat (thus, although they often swim under water with them). the fact is that after some timetheir adults mysteriously vanish completely and let with ponies just their children. anyway, according to the comicsa origin of baby sea ponies is simple: seashell is homesick for her friends when sea ponies left,

and so she "dreamed" of their smaller versions. in the form of toys, there is also a hybridwith a mermaid but they are not these sea ponies. ponies live in the valley named dreamvalleyin a land called ponyland. as we see later,it was not always like this and even the castle in which they live,evokes the possibility of conflicts in the past. after all, even the books in their libraries suggest that it is in their neighborhood abounding of "friends". quite possibly the castle is not built by ponies,

as well as they do not live only here. either this is just a small group that came here, or, conversely, others have gone through the years away. but, of which it is shown that the little ponies during the colonization of the valleybehave like europeans to indians. g1 had even a fluffle puff, or how it is read, thus, even if only for a moment. in the first generationthere are two specials,

movie, and series which had two seasons. the second is however incomplete, apparently for lack of viewers. the series ran for us in two czech versions. first on tv and subsequently on vhs cassettes. from this version .. comes this introductory song somewhere afar, songs, tones,give us the sense that there are gaiety, small horsies - ponies,from the magical land over the rainbow. again, modestly, they are for you and for me, (this is from my dvd, but the link contain also the animation)

the tale of honor by a golden rain. (this is from my dvd, but the link contain also the animation) little horses, ponies pony and their friends also. a faithful friends too. then came the tv prima that has not translated the intro and similarly they scamp dubbing. but what then minimax done, it is simply unprecedented.

but this is still on our way. it is quite interesting that in many aspectshas this series features drd not only in unicorns. ponies were originally perhaps intentedalso for mature audiences. hard to say what went wrong. everywhere there are same corpses, bondage, torture. and finally .. there were nothing at all. but because we have so many generations, and so little time we put a little more faster pace, so if someone cannot catch up,you can pause the video.

if you want to ask a question, use comments. i will gladly answer. we have enough time. relatively! you can also assess how muchrabid bronies' argument is true, that in addition to color and symbol poniesin the first generation do not differ (focus for example on hairstyles). if you argue,that the characters do not develop at all, just follow the baby lickety split in the movie ;) but .. we will discuss that next time, again.

My Little Pony Coloring Pages Princess Luna Filly