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Selasa, 11 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Coloring Pages Princess Luna

My Little Pony Coloring Pages Princess Luna

today ontoytimetv we've got a mega unboxing of my little pony friendship is magic it's the guardians of harmony collection from hasbro and we cannot la these guys to open up and play with your own time tv today we get shadow bolts use that it's pinkie pie queen chrysalis vs spike the dragon oh look rainbow dash i mean there's just

tons and tons and tons of them it's gonna be a mega my little pony unboxing on toy time tv and i can't wait hold boy oh boy oh boy there's also spike the dragon bigger small he's a mighty friend have and guardians of harmony then there is discord home eva that's right is meddling ways often lead to trouble this drag khanna's is part

dragon part pony and all chaos and then there's cheese sandwich this super duper party pony aims for laughs party cannon and princess twilight sparkle vs the changeling oh no it's like changing yes in a stop them bobby every changing must be called queen chrysalis is really evil yes well in queen chrysalis vs spike the dragon spike must defend his friends

from this royal minutes princess celestia protects equestria from darkness yeah because they are having been that consecutive seem to wear their fingers were working the dickens are they taking make it kicks and there's also shining armor who's the captain of the royal guard pinkie pie launches laughs with

her laughable cannon yeah and they're closed she's chickens rainbow dash who chooses loyalty above all else and of course shadow bold there the minute tsa's of the everfree forest wow yes go open my peace i am i see what he's just a magnetic etiquette me to bobby less use our imagination and use

the power of the ponies to make fast forward motion time and open up all these oh my goodness my little pony has exploded everywhere enjoy mtv not literally that would be really bad and we get so many my little pony look there's shining armor rainbow dash

princess twilight sparkle it's tons of my little pony now these look absolutely awesome and i think it's gonna be really great to do a playtime with these so let's use our imagination and pony nuys it that's word and come up with a really cool pretend time come on guys think with me really hard and less go imagine i'm reminded of power everything here is

my very point but we didn't get breaking time i can make up a story ok we press their lineup change that either read me chatterbox question react to take it our can take our mir panels are make them do what they want to they want to make them clean your room and staff thank you shadow bolt and changeling

together we will rule over all of equestria there's nothing we can't control it's an honor to be here queen mean the shadow bolts will help you to win over equestria he hey i'm the only one who's supposed to do the evil laugh haha but no today now that pretty play nice spa you did they were great story christian

can hit back to hire minear pony you got to stop protect under appeared and rule okay cheese sandwich you'll get your cannon and pointed over there and you pinkie pie you need to bring your cannon and put it right there we're going to ambush them everybody ready but we're gonna meet while i sparkle you and rainbow dash can come up

around the side we have to stop these changelings bailey where you'll meet against here my favorite secret weapon you just hold back and then we'll call you as soon as we need you already play like i'm on it we're gonna get those ponies and take away their harmony whoa not one more step

queen astellas we're here to stop you it's on whoa what's going on 40 upside down i was just sitting here and doing my lovely couple java and as you guys have a bit of a problem oh but where's my mena's it's me turn around so that we're even here oh discord they should have known this

was you well i saw you about to have your little battle here and i thought it would be a little bit fun if we had upside down today yeah upside-down day upside down to his making me too busy you were already does he cheese dip my my i can't believe in

getting so testy overall this is so much fun to have upside-down day with all friends right we should have fun together haha let's do some other cool fun things to discourse let us write back right now that sounds like a splendid idea go ahead and turn backwards what are you doing discord how about

everybody know haha everybody turn backwards haha that's the way to do it everyone backwards like we need you now that the dead boy what what what's going on well hey there little fella why don't you show your true close to us you're a big fellow want you

what are we gonna do twilight sparkle what are we gonna do don't know i don't know and you turn yourself around and you fall down boy but what are we going to do next that's quite enough for you for one day discord it's time you go home let's tidy this place up it's time to get equestria back on track

well i've had enough for today how battle you guys tomorrow i'm tired to thank you princess celeste i think it's time we all go home thank you for putting us back to write up site right side up with you thank you now everybody let's go home and get a good night's sleep wow what an imagination we have with my

little pony and that was silly lots of fun wasn't a body well it was really cool let's look at each one of the toys that we have here closer now this guy right here who is this to sandwich mr. that's right body this is cheese sandwich and he's a party pony and we got his party tank right here now geez sandwich

did you know that will do yankovic does cheese sandwiches voice happy yeah he's really cool well this toy comes with cheese sandwich right here and get cheese sandwiches hat to reveal his head now the thing i really like about all of these ponies is the fact that they're highly articulated i mean their arms

i mean they're nervous or legs not the arm but basically every piece of the pony moves and that is what's really cool his head goes up and down his tell moves i mean everything about including the one in the front there there's it's really awesome it's made of plastic highly detailed

looks really good these are very collectible items and we've also got cheese sandwiches hat right here for his party tag put his hat on so you can see that we get moved at our party tank so guys well badge here to which we can use now the party tank shoot rubber chickens it gallo switching on the side you put a

rubber chicken inside you can see right there it comes with three of these put it in there you press down and wow that rubber chicken is our party chick in the tank rolls around the tracks actually do not move there's actually a wheel on the bottom that does move the quality of its pretty good deterrent does not move either its

stationary but on the back here you can see little places where you can put cheese sandwich or you can use some of the other ponies to their little homes will stay so that they can ride the tank of party on and he can press down on his party and tank and shoot rubber chickens it everyone now this was really cool i enjoyed doing this review on cheese

sandwich because she sandwich is awesome i love weird al yankovic he's awesome and it's really great that they have released this very articulate very collectible toy alright let's move on to the next one it's the shadow bolt along with kaka trees and this one is neat is only one shadow ball it's not the full three but

it is just as cool as cheese sandwich everything on this toy is articulated concentrates for some reason doesn't want to stand up we've had some problems with him i guess if it's a if it's a display you can glue it down because these are collectible figures they can be played with but they're definitely collectable but congress doesn't want to

stay up she falls down so we found that kind of odd because most of all the other toys seem to do what they're supposed to we'll get to that in a minute but as you can see shadow bolt as a law wings and has her wings on the now the cool thing about this she's articulated just like the other my

little ponies and the collectible series head goes up and down got some cool shades for flag look at that can be taken off and the articulation is kind of interesting because if you play with too much you'll knock it off but think about it is you can set them up and all kinds of fun displays the wings do move around and we did have one going to pop

out so if you're collecting these and they pop out like this it's not anything really bad it can be placed right back in there let's do that right now show you how it works so the wing is back in they move around so it's pretty neat got some pretty good detail on these guys to highly well painted you can see he mark right there

the shadow bolts also the bolt on the whole lives and let's take this off and let you see your face there look at that really cool and pretty neat huh and this character from the my little pony universe doesn't need much of an introduction it's discord and i love him so much because he basically is q from star trek he the guide that does the

voice work you also does the voice for disc or in the the cartoon but it's a great item definitely collectable discourse it's in his throne and he will come out of his throne like this but he isn't articulated and nothing on the moves he goes back into his throat with a little stud that sticks up that you place him on but he's a display item not

really per se a action toy just kind of two sit-in can look school like discard does because i mean look of this character he's really awesome everything on here is plastic discord may have a soft plastic the antlers which look really need you can see me bending them right there that it made of plastic while the actual rest of the chairs may

have a more harder plastic but this court is cool he's got his cup there he is sitting back relaxing and having a good old fun time next it's rainbow dash i love rainbow dash next to dis court she is my break character she's so cool well rainbow dash this one's is a

hundred percent articulated just like the other ones just like the entire set of guardians of harmony and it's just been released by has broke the wings articulated the tail articulated the legs articulated this is a very very collectible because of this she comes with her little lightning bolt for goggles and of course she's got tanked

there to you made a very soft plastic forehead can go down forehead can go up you can put in all different kinds of is that some of the poses you had to hold her in that just because gravity will allow you to but she's a lot more plausible than any of the other my little pony characters have been released to this point now take right

here he's made of a plastic to use a very soft power there's a harder plastic and it does turn with your dad detail on these law from the bolt right here on goggles little badge he's already together and if you're a collector rainbow dash you will not be disappointed by her at all its queen chrysalis vs spike the dragon well queen

chrysalis is very tall and she's very ornate very detail this one is interesting to me she kinda looks like a spider more than anything but her legs and do move they are just as articulated as all the other characters we've we talked about it comes with her these spiral things here four swords and her battle mask along with a little

badge and then have spike the dragon and his miniature form here but this is what comes of this sad now the thing about it is you can take her head and pull it back and show throw them right there we'll see if we can do this right there pull back and launch it there we go and they attach the legs here and with a

mask go zone like so this song so we can show you how it goes on she's made a very soft plastic also she's very detailed and very ornate a lot of care and quality was going gone has gone into these characters of the guardians guardians of harmony series to make them just like the characters in the cartoon and i can say i'm very

impressed with tilt does move up and down a little bit and turn bad shape they do move also and she's got the main features which is made of a soft plastic also spiked here he is pretty soft store and javelin could be able harder as a little soft he's all dressed up and ready to go against her

yeah so he's all decked out and ready to take on the queen and next is spike the dragon we've got big spike little spike changing spake into this be spanked well the big spike i the dragon comes with head garb right here that is plastic that you put on him he's also get chestguard which is classic data can also be removed now the cool thing about

spike is not only that he's huge he also does some really fun sound effect and he shoots flames out his mouth on the bottom here there is the only i'll switch playing turn it on it takes batteries and i think its triple-a batteries supposed to go in there see it yep triple-a triple-a batteries go inside now we turn spike on and press

oh yeah he roars and his eyes light up not only that yes by spikes angry don't make spike angry you can put the green flame in there and clean it up and when he roars again he shoots it across the room isn't that neat now another cool feature about this too is if you want spike to stop does have a stock feature you pick him up ago he's

stomping on thing haha this is a cool the armor on the bank has a little place where a pony can ride him so we could but pinky by there and he could we could ride a bike now little spike here on the bottom is made of plastic just like the other ones and he the little tiny guy who would imagine he

could turn into something so large and vicious but he is neat and be sure when you're not playing with spike to turn him off to save the batteries so who's your knight in shining armor is it this guy this is shining armor from my little pony friendship is magic and this is one of the new ones from the guardians of harmony set and it like all the others

is highly detailed and pretty accurate to the cartoon we have his armor here which is made of a rubbery plastic can be removed for you leave it on we have this spear and shield his legs fully articulated that means move in any direction his head does the same thing up and down up and down that way he can go up into cool and very

interesting positions like that you won't stay that way though i probably have to either glue him if we wanted to do it this way or hold him in that position he is very collectible if you're my name my little pony collector he is another one you definitely want to check out and add to your collection of my little pony he comes with his little

thing year and you can wear that yourself or keep it with the set i love his shield very nice look really cool facing the same way look at that artistry work nice chiseled chin there to show you that email pony that's the one thing about my little pony if you look most of the mail tony's have a really nice chiseled chin while the

female ponies have more of a smaller snout and then to mel well still moves back and forth is a great addition i don't know what else more to say about this shining armor my little pony got here is needy school huggins right the plane in two ways hangar at no i don't think princess celestia would be doing that now this is another one from the

harmony the gardens of harmony series it's princess celestia now princess celestia is devastation she doesn't move much this is about like the discord when very display orient and a fully articulated version oriented silesia is basically positioned on her cell so she's in a constant attack on our or

something of that nature the only thing really moves on her wings so you can reposition the winds and different areas the main is kinda soft plastic but it's from and the same way with the body type itself this is a great display my little pony so if you're looking for another collectible that doesn't move around

much just want to keep on the shelf this is one to look at because you know princess celestia you just wanna keep her there and look at her you don't want to play with each one look at her princess twilight sparkle and no changeling all changelings must be driven out of the city and she looks like she is giving some attitude to this

changeling well twilight sparkle and the change then come with what you see here you get the little uh tag here for twilight sparkle twilight sparkle's armed with her lance and also this thing on the back to grab the changelings and throw them out she's made of a very soft plastic for wings do move so you can move those

around just like all the others hotel does the same thing and she's just as articulated as all the other my little ponies we looked at today now the interesting thing about her as she has kinda like my little pony shoes i guess armor protection and they come off and you can put them back on like so do that their window so you can see how

they they fit this moves all the way to the other side if you want to you can also take it off just like what i did and it snaps right back in do that so you can see it so there we go twilight sparkle she's decked out and she's definitely got a got a snarl on her face doesn't sheet are they're well the changeling over here

for changing he's made of plastic to you get a little wings that move and he is are just as articulated as twilight sparkle with his little legs can move around he's pretty neat cast scary-looking they look like little vampire bugs to me like that's what i thought and tail does move like that see that there we go look at

that you made the same soft plastic too except for the body the body seems to be a little bit tougher on this then it is on the other my little ponies that maybe some of the coding not sure how they manufacture these exactly but that may be the reason but otherwise she's a cool toy and she's fully collectible she's really neat and she gonna take out this

guy there you go haha and we saved the best for last pinkie pie the party girl and our party tip and let's watch it fly whoa there we go it didn't go very far because i was holding it down see now there we go look at that this is pinkie pie and her party cannon it comes with the cannon right here that has a

little action on the back so you pull that and you can launch one of the three rubber chickens that she has see there's we have one two three and picky buyers or a little badge there with a like cannon on it pretty cool huh and she comes with her little combat hat which fits her perfectly look at that it's right on top

of peanut shape for her hair put that on and there you go pinkie pie's combat ready for party time any time of the day pinkie pie herself as for a little cutie mark here on the side and she is articulated like all the other my little ponies and her tail moves around her legs move around in their articulation and so does her head

goes up and down and also turns side-to-side the artistry roadwork on pg pie is pretty remarkable can see right there on the is highly detailed and very nice she's made of a soft plastic like all the other my love ponies and she's a hundred percent collectible just like the other one wow this has been lots of fun here on tool time tv doing a review

on all of these guardians of harmony my little pony friendship is magic action figures and we're very fortunate hasbro sent us all of these to look at him play with their very very cool very collectible toys and if you are a collector of my little pony like you for brownie bobby yeah these are definitely ones you want to add to your collection

the articulation alone is just absolutely amazing we went over each one of them put them in detail and they are great i love my little pony you know you bobby yeah especially that way i am typically yes cheese sandwich is very interesting and so is spike the dragon and my favorite discord

oh well guys will be enjoyed this episode here on time tv be sure to give us a big thumbs up by clicking the like button you can see it right over there and we'll see you next

My Little Pony Coloring Pages Princess Luna