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Kamis, 27 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Coloring Book

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Coloring Book

>> jon: hi everyone, it’s jon >> ryan: and ryan >> and bin! >> and jenna! >> jon: and this is a very special editionof what’s ryan tryin’ on a special day. >> ryan: yeah, i’ve been looking forwardto this ever since the pizza challenge. >> jon: (evil laugh) this week ryan and i are going to… i wasgoing to say “subject” but maybe “treat”? jenna and bin to the smoothie challenge!

>> bin: yay. >> jon: we went out to the grocery store andit’s the same idea as the pizza challenge. in each one of these bags is a delicious ingredient. >> ryan: and it is all person food. >> jon: yeah, it’s all person food. >> ryan: it is all for human consumption. >> jon: they are going to draw out numbers.put it in their smoothie cup. blend it all up and whoever can drink the most is the winnerof the smoothie challenge. and the best part is that ryan and i and teagandon’t have to drink any of it!

>> bin: no, no no no. >> jon: let’s get this started! >> bin: we had to take a bite out of the will have to take a sip out of our smoothie. >> jon: well, i guess everyone will have tostay tuned until the end of the video to see if we actually do or not. >> bin and jenna: (laugh) >> bin: they will. >> ryan: one of you gets to flip. the otherperson gets to call. >> jon: now this is to determine which flavorof yogurt is going to be the base of their

smoothie. because you know all good smoothiesneed some yogurt. go for it! >> jenna: i’ll go tails. tails? all right! >> ryan: okay, jenna. which one would youlike? >> jenna: i want this one. >> ryan: okay, so this one’s yours. >> jon: okay, see which kind of yogurt youget to have in your smoothie! >> jenna: i don’t think they went nice onus.

>> bin: no. >> ryan: we were very nice! >> jon: they sounded really good! >> jenna: lemon meringue. >> bin: apple fritter. >> ryan: i think any normal person would likeeither of those. >> bin: could we have a spoon? >> ryan: i can make that happen. >> jenna: does the whole thing go in?

>> ryan: well, i’d leave some room. >> bin: oh, there are chunks! there’s fruit in the bottom! >> jon: don’t worry, when you mix it allup… (teagan laughs) >> bin: i’m glad you think it’s funny,buddy. you’re tryin’ this, too. >> jon: we are not going to feed our childthis! all right, so who gets to go first? >> ryan: well, i’d say since jenna got thepick of the yogurt base, i’d say bin gets to take first choice.

>> bin: okay. >> jon: pick a number, bin. number two! >> ryan: ooh, number two. what could it be? any guesses before you open it? >> bin: it is a can of some sort. >> ryan: oh, i need to get a can opener. >> bin: do you want me to wait until you getback here? (laughs) oh gross! corned beef hash. eww!

>> ryan: jenna loves corned beef hash. everytime we go out to breakfast! >> bin: this is disgusting! >> ryan: it smells like cat food! >> jenna: yeah, it does. i hate to say it, but it is gross when itis not heated up. >> bin: eeew!!! >> ryan: but it is a normal person food! hundredsof americans love that! >> jenna: and so do cats! well, the good thing is you don’t have toput the whole can in. only two scoops?

>> ryan: i think you should do one roundedscoop of every ingredient. that looks perfect. yeah, that is really going to kick up yoursmoothie a notch. >> jenna: and you’ll pick up breakfast tomorrow. >> ryan: that’s true. >> jon: yum, yum! you’ve got the sweet andyou’ve got the salty. >> ryan: oh, it’s perfect! >> bin: it doesn’t come off the spoon! >> ryan: hopefully it will blend and not breakthe blender!

>> bin: that is disgusting! >> jon: okay, next up: jenna. >> jenna: oh, boy. >> jon: jenna has number six. >> ryan: okay. >> bin: ugh. this just smells gross! >> ryan: do you have any idea what it mightbe? >> jenna: it’s a jar. is it pizza sauce? >> ryan: i don’t know. you’ll have toopen it up and find out!

>> jenna: oh , geez. but it’s not that bad. >> bin: oh, that’s going to go good withyour lemon meringue. >> jenna: peach preserves. >> ryan: see, i told you we weren’t goingto be mean! >> jenna: okay, so a nice, big rounded scoopfull? >> teagan: (babbling loudly) >> ryan: you’re really stealing the limelight,buddy. >> jenna: there we go. >> ryan: i told you that we’d be nicer thanyou guys were with the pizza challenge!

>> jon: okay, next up: bin >> ryan: give it a good shake. >> jon: i can smell it over here… >> bin: i know! >> jon: … like across the room! number five! >> ryan: number five. ooh. this is going tobe a good one. it is really light. oh, i do smell it. it smells like canned catfood. >> bin: yeah, it does.

>> jon: well, maybe this will cancel out yourcorned beef hash. >> bin: it’s another can! >> ryan: another can. what could it be? >> bin: cranberry sauce. awesome. another item that i love. >> ryan: i am sure it will mask the cat foodflavor. >> bin: yeah, i’m sure it will mask theflavor. >> ryan: well, there’s cranberries in everything.cran-apples. cran-raisins. >> jenna: yeah, but no cran-corned beef hash.

>> ryan: well, maybe we are on to somethingnew! >> jon: here we go ! in it goes! plop! >> ryan: plop, plop. fizz, fizz. oh what adelicious smoothie it is! all right. next? >> ryan: shake, shake, shake. >> jon: and jenna’s next number is… numberten! ooh, that’s kind of light. >> ryan: that’s a light one. any guesses?what do you feel? >> jenna: soft.

>> ryan: hmm, what could it be? i will give you a hint. this item was discontinuedfor awhile and now it is back and better than ever. >> jenna: ooh, is it twinkies? >> ryan: i wouldn’t say it--- >> jenna: oh no. it’s kevin! >> bin: don’t put the whole thing in. wecan eat some! >> ryan: we have a whole box in the garage.

>> bin: oh, okay. you can put the whole thingin. >> jenna: minion! it’s a minion twinkie! not just any twinkie! i have seen these! >> ryan: put a spoon full in. >> jenna: so put a quarter of kevin in? >> jon: jenna’s smoothie is shaping up prettygood so far! >> bin: i know. i am kind of jealous. >> ryan: i haven’t had a twinkie in a millionyears.

>> jon: neither have i. >> jenna: i don’t think i have ever hada twinkie. >> jon: you’ve never had a twinkie? >> ryan: don’t tell lies on the internet! i hope she gets an ingredient she is reallyhappy with! >> jon: she has been kind of unhappy withall of her ingredients so far. so maybe this is going to be the lucky number…lucky number three! >> ryan: it’s upside down. >> bin: am i going in order?

>> jon: what will she get this time? >> bin: another can! >> jenna: yours is the main course one andmine is the dessert one. >> bin: this is another can. >> jon: well, what can it be? number three. stewed tomatoes! >> ryan: man, she’s got all the food groups! >> bin: this is going to be so yummy. >>laughing.

>> ryan: i think you have a very healthy lookingsmoothie there. >> jenna: and it’s the stewed kind so youhave onions and green peppers. >> ryan: no, i don’t think there are. arethey? i thought it was just stewed tomatoes. justplain tomatoes. >> jenna: no, no. that’s chopped tomatoes. >> jon: oh, so that’s a bonus, i guess. >> ryan: actually, you have a couple extraveggies in there. really healthy. it’s like a v8 juice. i bet that’s what it is going to taste like!

>> jon: yum yum. >> ryan: fun fact: i love stewed tomatoesbut i hate raw tomatoes. >> jon: interesting. >> bin: here ya go! >> ryan: maybe we can make a chop suey withthis later on. >> jenna: ooh! yum! >> ryan: all right. jenna’s next! >> jon: okay! this is so much fun. no wonderyou guys liked the pizza challenge! >> ryan: i know! it’s great being on theother side of the camera!

>> jenna, jon & ryan: number eight! >> ryan: now, this is a pretty big bag! >> jenna: i am scared now. >> jon: what could be in that one? >> bin: chips? >> jon: i don’t remember what’s in numbereight. >> ryan: i remember what’s in number eightand they are gonna love it! >> jenna: oh, okay. i can handle that! i have a whoopie pie!

>> bin: what the heck!? >> jenna: this is just payback for bean boozledwhen you got all the good ones. >> bin: apparently. see? i don’t have goodluck all the time. >> ryan: now don’t use the whole thing.there’s no reason to waste a perfectly good whoopie pie. >> jenna: so just take like a spoonful? >> jenna: does it matter? >> ryan: yeah, because i want to eat a biteof that --- >> jenna: it’s peach!

>> ryan: oh, well, maybe that would be goodthen. >> bin: it’s not my spoon! >> jon: it is not stewed tomatoes. >> ryan: it’s not garbage flavor. oh, man >> jon: look at that. >> jenna: i missed. okay. there we go. >> jon: there we go. you might have to shakeit up a little bit. to help it settle. >> jenna: we’ll just smush that down there.

>> jon: you have four more bags. this is fun.isn’t it, guys? >> ryan: this is really, really exciting forme. i am actually looking forward to trying...jenna’s. >> bin: okay… >> jon: number one! >> bin: please tell me it’s not anothercan! >> ryan: i wish i could say that. >> jenna: i wish i could say we had this rigged,but we don’t. >> jon: okay, what is number one? it is…what is it bin? we can’t see it!

it is… >> bin: baked beans. >> ryan: who doesn’t like baked beans? >> jenna: there’s no… (laughs) >> ryan: there’s no what? >> jenna: there’s no fat in them. >> bin: it is ninety-eight percent fat free. >> ryan: yeah, we got the good kind. the bush’soriginal. >> jenna: you’ve got the tomatoes, the cranberrysauce and then the baked beans. this is gonna

be like dinner all in one. >> ryan: roll that beautiful bean footage! >> jon: this is like if you were camping outand it is all in one smoothie. >>ryan: yeah, it’s kind of like a cowboyout on the rustling range. it’s like if you were a cowboy out on the open prairie. >> bin: gosh, this is disgusting. >> ryan: baked beans are delicious. >> jenna: oh boy. >> bin: exactly.

well, here you go. >> ryan: i’ll take some of those. >> jenna: please don’t. >> ryan: all right, jenna. >> jon: three more bags left. >> ryan: is she going to continue her winningstreak? >> jenna: i don’t think you can really callthis a winning streak. >> bin: oh, i think so! >> jon: okay, next up is number nine!

any guesses before you open the bag? >> jenna: it’s round? cheese? >> ryan: maybe? >> jon: what is it? >> jenna: it’s cold and has an expirationdate. french onion dip! >> bin: that’s gonna go awesome with yoursmoothie! yum! >> jenna: oh that’s gross.

>> ryan: see, i know you like dip. get a good sniff of that. >> bin: oh that looks yummy. >> jon: show the camera. show everybody athome. >> jenna: this is going to be delicious. >> ryan: we should have bought some chipswhile we were there. >> bin: no. very funny. >> jenna: is that enough? >> jon: no, very funny. get a good ol’ scoopin there.

>> jenna: okay. there we go. french onionsoup. >> jon: it didn’t have to be that big. but,hey, whatever works. >> ryan: it’s not even soup, it’s dip. >> jenna: let’s just cover that puppy backup. >> jon: okay, so we are down to bag numberfour and bag number seven. >> bin: i bet i will get four. i have beengetting all the low numbers. >> jenna: i don’t remember the ones i’vegot. >> jon: number four! >> jenna: all right, so this one’s mine?

>> jon: let’s see if bin’s can streakhas ended. >> bin: um, no. it hasn’t. this is a can. is this tuna fish? >> ryan: i’m not telling you what it is! >>jenna: ooooh! >> ryan: we got you the good kind. the solidwhite albacore. >> bin: packaged in water? >> ryan: yeah, not the chunk light and notin the oil. ‘cuz those are gross. >> jon: and notice we didn’t get any anchovies.

>> bin: that we’ve seen so far. >> jon: so we had to switch out bin’s originaltuna can with a different tuna can because she opened it up and it looked pretty bad. >> ryan: it looked a little --- >> teagan: babbling loudly. >> ryan: i gave him a piece of whoopie pie. >> bin: so if teagan is talking a lot in thevideo, you’ll know why. uncle ryan is giving him a lot of food. (laughs) >> ryan: well, he’s starving.

that’s just crã¨me, that’s not going tofill you up! >> jon: okay, bin. here we go. a little tunain there. you’re keeping up with the theme. >> teagan: laughs loudly. >> jon: we’re going to have to wipe himdown before we take him anywhere. >> jenna: don’t worry, we have a hose outback. >> jon: bin, are you excited to drink a sipof this smoothie? with baked beans and stewed tomatoes and cranberry sauce and tuna fish? >> ryan: the baked beans are delicious.

>> jenna: so, when you two went to the store.was ryan hungry? it seems like he’s eating everything once we’re down with it. >> ryan: and you still complain that i gotyou junky food. mmm. >> jenna: okay. >> jon: okay, last bag! number seven! >> bin: please be something gross! >>ryan: that’d be really nice. >> jenna: it is a can. >> bin: good! someone else gets a can!

>> jenna: i don’t want to look. >> jon: it is something i know you’ve eatenbefore. >> jenna: is it chef boyardee? yup. >> jon: what is it? hold it to the camera. >> jenna: beef ravioli. >> bin: oh, that’s gonna go good! it wouldactually go way better in mine. >> jenna: do you want some? >> jon: put in a big ol’ spoonful. maybea couple raviolis would be fair. wouldn’t

you say so, ryan? >>ryan: yeah. yeah. >> jenna: i think that’s two. >> ryan: it looks like one. >> jenna: okay, that’s one. >> ryan: we got the jumbo kind. >> jenna: yuck. >> ryan: see now, there is nothing in herethat i don’t think you guys – well – maybe you guys don’t like… but you wouldn’teat on your own.

>> jenna: i’ll just add some sauce, too. >> ryan: oh good. good. >> jon: there you go. >> bin: what a good sport. >> jon: teagan can not wait to see this! okay, before you mix these up, girls. whichone… (laughs) >> jenna: eeew! >> ryan: you’ll have a hard time blendingthat! there ya go!

>> jon: so, you have all of your ingredientsin there. any predictions on how it is going to turn out or taste? >> ryan: i think you’re going to love them!>> bin: disgusting! >> jon: okay, jenna. mix it up. we will putin some soothing music over your blending! >> jenna: oh, we’re being classy! >> ryan: yeah! classy glasses for classy ladies! >> jon: all right. so jenna has the sweetwith ravioli and french onion dip. >> ryan: oh, that smells so good! >> jon: and bin has the – i think we’llcall it the home on the range smoothie.

>> ryan: yeah, you know if you are out thererustling cattle and tracking down bad guys on the range. that’s what you’d eat! >> jon: then you could keep that in your wouldn’t have to stop. >> ryan: yeah, you’d just put it in yoursaddle bag and you’d be gone. >> jon: i think we’re on to something . wecould market this. >> jenna: i don’t think you can market this. >> jon: let’s pour ourselves a nice, frostyglass of smoothie. >> ryan: jenna, yours looks like chocolatemousse. >> jenna: i don’t think it’s gonna tastelike chocolate mousse.

>> jon: yeah, these look delicious. just adda little dollop of cool whip on top. >> ryan: oh man, you’ve got a gourmet dessert. do you want spoons or are you going to tryto chug that out? >> jenna: um, can we have a spoon? >> bin: mmmmmmmm!!! yum!!!i really wish you could smell this! >> jenna: mine doesn’t smell that bad. >> bin: yours smells really good. >> jon: so what would jenna’s be called?let us know down in the comments if you can name jenna’s smoothie. we have already namedbin’s.

>> bin: here, take a big whiff! >> ryan: no thanks. so the winner is the one who takes the mostspoonfuls. no, i think you can do this, bin. >> jon: bin, you know you can’t judge asmoothie by its stench. like the old saying goes. >> ryan: yup, everyone knows that saying. >> jenna: all right, ready? >> jon: all right, who wants to go first?

>> jenna: cheers! >> jon: on the count of three. >> jenna: on the count of three. let’s geta nice big spoonful. >> jon: wait, let me do a zoom in on eachof your spoons. here we go. before you eat it. >> ryan: that looks so good. >> bin: i’m not taking any bigger than this!i’m sorry! >> jon: okay, and there’s jenna’s. >> jenna: oh, come on!

>> bin: well, yours looks good! >> jon: okay? ready? >> ryan and jon: one… two… >>bin: wait, wait, wait. >> jon: what? >> bin: i need somewhere to… >> ryan: okay, let me grab some napkins. >> jenna: do you want napkins or do you wantthe trash can? napkins would work? yeah, i’ll take some.

>> jon: okay, here we go! the moment of truth! >> ryan: on three! >> jon and ryan: one!two! three!down the hatch! >> ryan : they don’t hate it. >> bin: that is disgusting. but it is notnearly as bad as i thought it was going to be! >> jon: jenna, what is your impression? whatdo you taste the most of? i’m curious. >>ryan: so what do you taste the most, jenna?

>> jenna: i don’t know. this is … theravioli and the french onion dip. >> jon: okay you guys. it is a tie so far.who’s going to be able to win this challenge? >> ryan: team jenna or team bin? >> jon: here we go! >> bin: we’re going to have to go untilone of us has… no more go. >> jenna: seriously? i just dipped mine back in. does that count? did i win? >> ryan: no. another spoon full.

>> jon: who is going to win the smoothie challenge? >> jenna: well, i am taking a smaller spoonfulthen! another one for bin, another one for is all tied up! >> ryan: was the second bite as good as thefirst? or better? >> jenna: no. >> bin: i’m trying not to taste it. i amjust swallowing. (laughs) so, if i have another spoonful i win, right? >>ryan: just as long as jenna doesn’t matchit.

>> jon: oh man, she’s going back for anotherone! >> bin: i’m going to win. >> jon: if they keep this up we won’t haveto try it. >> ryan: i know! they’ll be licking thebowl. >> jenna: why are you doing that? do you not smell the tuna? or the baked beans? >> ryan: oh, jenna is trying to get into bin’shead! >> jon: three spoonfuls! >> jenna: why is it pink?

>> ryan: probably the corned beef hash andthe tuna. >> bin: and the tomatoes. >> jon: okay, jenna. are you going to tiethis up again? >> jon and ryan: jenna! jenna! jenna! >> ryan: oh, we’ve got a game, folks! >> jon: oh man, everyone’s going to be tuningin to the end of this video! they need to see who wins! >> ryan: did you spit that out? or did youeat it? >> jon: she ate it everybody!

>> ryan: okay, we’ve got a tied game! >> jenna: i’m choking it down. how are younot gagging on this? >> bin: i’m skipping my tongue. (laughs) >> ryan: oh, bin’s going for number four!>>bin: i am not losing! >> jon: i can’t believe bin ate anotherscoop! >> ryan: four to three! will jenna tie it? >> jon: i think there must be a market forthe home on the range smoothie. >> ryan: i think so! >> jenna: i’m good. i’m not doin’ anotherone!

>> jon: what? you’re giving up? oh , comeon! >> bin: i won!! (crowd cheers) and that is disgusting!! >> jon: oh, and now she’s going to try someof jenna’s! bin is the champ! so, jenna you need to take a bite out of bin’s. >> bin: oh, that is so much better than mine. i taste the cream from the whoopie pie. thelemon meringue. i don’t really taste much ravioli.

>> jenna: what is that? see, i think yours tastes better. >> jon: this was quite the interesting challenge. >> jenna: hold on, hold on! we’re not doneyet. >> bin: no, we’re not done. >> ryan: i think we’re done. so, join us next time guys! >> jon: on what’s ryan tryin’>> bin: no, no, no. >> ryan: follow us on twitter

>> jon: and facebook and instagram. we’llsee you next time! >> bin: hey! no! that is not how it’s going! >> jenna: let’s go! >> jon: oh my gosh. all i smell is tuna fish and corned beef hash. >> ryan: it smells terrible over here. these girls have stomachs of iron, i guess. oh my gosh. all right. hand me that paper towel.

don’t remind me what’s in this thing. >> bin: there is tuna… >> ryan: la-la-la-la-la-la! >> bin: … corned beef hash, baked beans,tomato. >> ryan: so i don’t know which one i wantto try. okay, you’re just goin’ for that one,huh? >> jon: yeah, my wife made this. so i willtry this. oh my!! >> jenna: come on, take a nice spoon full.i had two!

>> bin: big ol’ spoonful. >> ryan: no, i don’t want to smell that! >> jon: oh my gosh. all right. >> ryan: honestly, all i can smell is yogurt. i’m not going to smell it. >> jon: that spoonful looks a little big. >> jenna: okay, ready? >> bin and jenna: one! two! three! down thehatch! come on , guys!

>> bin: don’t be chicken! we had four! >> jon: yeah. how bad could it be if theyhad that many? >> ryan: right. >> jon: all right. here we go. >> ryan: that is absolutely terrible! >> jon: oh my gosh! how did you… ? >> jenna: we wanted to win! we were in it to win it! >> bin: we were in it to win it!

>> ryan: now which one did i have? did i havejenna’s? >> jon: i think i’m going to throw up. >> jenna: all right, so join us next time… >> bin: … when they do their own smoothiechallenge! bye! >> ryan: i think we need to … >> jon: wait, wait… don’t turn off thatcamera yet! what were you going to say? >> ryan: i think we might need to lose theingredients they bought for us. >> jon: stay tuned because next time apparentlywe have to do this ourselves.

>> ryan: smoothie challenge, round two. >> bin: make sure you subscribe to our channel. >> jon: and like and comment on the video.let us know who got the best and the worst? was it bin’s home on the range smoothie?or whatever we’re gonna call … >> ryan: jenna’s french onion ravioli. >> jenna: i call it the dessert ravioli. >> jon: oof. >> ryan: do you think they were nicer to usthan we were to them? >> jenna: i think so.

>> bin: i think so. >> ryan: oh, i hope so. >> jon: we’ll see you next time, everybody! >> all: bye! >> bin: i won!!

My Little Pony Twilight Sparkle Coloring Book