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Kamis, 27 Juli 2017

My Little Pony Winter Fun Coloring Book

My Little Pony Winter Fun Coloring Book

hey everyone this is mei yu the creatorof fun2draw i'm very very happy that many of you have told me you drew allthe characters in my fun2draw holiday special i'm so proud of all of you you shouldshow your drawings that you did from this video to your friends parents andteachers i'm sure they're going to be very proudof you to keep fun of drawing as for today it's going to be fun2drawariana grande from her focus video this is part of my fun2draw youtubersand celebrities playlist you can learn to draw some of your favorite idols

the link is at the end i'm glad to knowthat many of you are now following along with me step by step i think that's very good for you guysbecause not only are you going to learn how to draw that particular character inthat video you're also going to learn a lot ofdifferent drawing techniques and drawing tips and that way you can improve yourdrawing skills and creativity even more keep it up alright so today i'm going toshow you how to draw ariana grande from her music video focus where she'sholding her tablet like this and she's looking at it and i'll show you how todraw her like that with her pretty lips

her gorgeous hair style and love herponytail her cute skirt and those big pom-pom earrings i love them they're socute so this is gonna be fun to drop okayfirst i'm going to start with her head as a big curve like that for here i'lldraw a smaller curve for the cheek and then i'll continue this line goingacross the chin towards the cheek on the other side okay i'll stop right around here becauselater on i'm going to show you how to draw all her nice hair and some of thehair is going to be covering this side of the face so i'll stop right aroundthere

now let's get into the facial features atiny little nose and for her big pretty lips this is how i'll draw them let's startwith occur for the smile and on top of this curve here i'll draw another curvefor the top part of the lips and for the bottom part i'll drawanother curve all right now let's get into herbeautiful eyes about the spot to start a cheek line ok so we do it as a curve let's go into this side of the face

it's about the spot right there drawanother curve ok excellent now for the actualfun2draw eyes themselves let's go in this side here i'll dot thespot so now i know the height of thefun2draw eye from this dot let's go in to curve like that i'll draw another curve facing the otherway going down ok so now we have the wide round trianglefor the funnel shape let's do one more curve coming downaround this side here

so now we have the side of the furniturei let's shade in this side and now for the pupil because she's gother tablet she's looking at the tablet i want to make her look this way andi'll draw the tablet a little bit later on in front of her so let's make the pupil go like that soi just drew a big curve going down and then for the highlight in the eye just another big curve once we have thehighlight let's get into the shading so i like tostart with a diagonal line underneath the curve of the highlight

so let's go down like that this area will be all nice and darkshaded in and then i'll just draw three more linesto complete the shading so there's two lines i'll draw a third light which is quiteshort there we go ok so we have one fun2draw eye all done let's go into the other side and i'll goa little bit faster so let's get the rounded triangle shapein first one more curve for the side of the eye and then just shaded in

which ariana grande song is yourfavorite please share in the comments below ok sowe have the eye shape let's get in the pupil highlight and then the shading ok so i have the dark area and justthree more lines to complete it there we go all right i like to give ussome pretty eyelashes so let's draw a curved point followed byanother one and then let's shade in the areas here to make them look nice anddark there we go very pretty so we have twonice eyelashes let's do the same thing on the side

ok excellent everyone you're doing great so we have most ofher face then i like to draw her eyebrow as a long curved line like that let's make it look really nice andelegant so i'll make this front area lookthicker and in the back area is quite thin and painting so that's one eyebrow let's get into theother one here just a line coming from around the face make that a little bit longer

and then make it slightly thicker ok before i go into her hair let's draw a part of the tablet that'sright in front of her so i'm going to draw a bent line around this area infront of the face up the spot so you can see well begin ok i'll go across ok now i'm getting quite close to theface i want to go down go all the way down past the littlecheek area like this and then i'll go in

just a little bit this is only part of the tablet once iget in more of the details with the hair and then the hand then we can finish thecomplete part of the tablet ok so for now we'll leave that and let'sgo into her beautiful hair about the spot in the forehead area so it's abovethe eyebrow from this dot i like to go into a long wavy curved line all the waydown this side of her face yeah it's so something like that ok i'll repeat that will make a littlebit longer and bigger so it's curve up

and then basically just follow somethingvery similar to what we just did ok so this is one piece of her hair i'll draw a few little lines inside tomake some little texture lines in the hair to make it look more natural ok just like that now for this side of the hair go to thedot go up a little bit now go down so your meeting with thiscurve of the head ok now i'm going to take my pin andstarting with this corner go up a little bit

go around and then just go all the waydown past this tablet just draw a big curve and then let's draw another way of you lying going down ok so we have most of this side of thehair done before i draw the other side of this piece let's get in one of her big littlepom-pom earrings as a curve by the face now let's finish the hair just like that ok she's got another earring on thissize

let's try that in as a big curve and now for the back partof a head i like to go into a curve like this continue that all the way down and now just draw some nice wavy linesto complete that part of the hair so basically just want to repeat thesecurved lines like this so i have these nice looking curvedpoints for the ends of the hair ok she's got some hair that's beingpulled back towards the back of the head into her nice ponytail so i'm going tostart with a curved line to represent

some of the hair that's being pulledback and then i'll draw these lines going towards the back part of the hairfor the actual ponytail let's drop big curve going up and then let's draw downfollowing a similar line to what we do before let's try a few little groups of hairlike that and more of these lines inside the hairfor extra detail and then some more in this part of the hair i'll draw a little bit more coming downfrom this side

ok excellent everyone you're doing great so once we have our head and the hairdone let's go into the pose i'll draw a little curve for the neckarea and then for the front let's draw it as another curve goingdown like this it's just a little nice curved line for the back part of her body i like todraw it as another curve like that so these two lines pinch in towards thewaist okay coming down towards the hips andthen finally into the legs

let's draw the curved lines going downlike that on this side and then the other side will go down like this ok so once we have the basic lines forthe body let's section it off to make her outfit so for her top let's draw a curved linegoing up like that followed by a smaller curve near thewaist so that's the top now the bottom or her cute little skirtlet's begin that with a curve followed by a larger curve like that

ok and once we have the cute littleskirt all done i'll continue this line intoher legs so goes down struck down even more i'm drawing this part of the leg now godown i'll keep the legs very long and slenderlooking and then the cute little foot comes down and just draw the little pointed toe i'll simplify the heels so just draw theshoes like that so there is one cute leg let's try theother one

this leg will be facing more towards you so i'll draw the lines a little bitdifferently think so i have this late coming down and this is part of thefootnote this area right here it this is part of the thigh this is theknee area this is the lower leg that i'm drawingand then finally into the cute little and the foot such a cute outfit ok so we have most ofher body all done as for the arm let's draw the hand-firstholding this corner of her tablet

ok so for her hand here she's going to be holding this corner ofher device and i'll show you how to draw the cute little fingers and then the armand then this arm is going to be in a different pose so i'll show you how todraw that as well ok so for this hand i have this linei'll draw one finger going up like that i'll come down just a little bit the other finger would be another lineso i'm going back up and then i'll go down and then let's do one more fingerfor this pose just like that

ok this is part of her palm this little curve right here and then i'm going to take my pin fromthis side of the hand i'll draw a line coming across so this is going to be part of her armit will be covered by the hair so we don't have to worry too much about thatand then we'll just connect that a little bit to the rest of her body ok so this is the hand here's the line going across to anotherbit of the other side of the palm their

connect that with the line for the armhere's a gap in between the hair so we just show a little bit of the armright there and then just a little bit of the shorter to connect the arm to therest of the body ok so once we have the hand-drawn now weknow where to draw the rest of the tablet so we'll go into the line here connect that with the hand and from thisarea now let's draw this corner of the device coming down towards the fingersso have a little corner and just go down there so for the tablet let's make some littledetails in there just to make it look

more like a device and not like just arectangle let's try a little bit of the side so now we have the thickness of thedevice and let's draw a little camera on the back and some other little details ok so once we have this part of thedrawing all done let's go into this side of the body soher last arm would come down like this so this is part of her shoulder i'll draw it going down and then thisarm will be bent so the lower arm will

go up like that the elbow is right here and i'll just finish up the rest of thearm he's still the hand is covered by all that hair if you like this video please like andsubscribe so you won't miss new fun2draw videos manga tutorials personal art and otherchallenges there you go learn how to draw in color morebeautiful cartoons with my fun2draw

ebooks and my fun2draw apps they makegreat gifts for birthdays and holidays links are in the video description

My Little Pony Winter Fun Coloring Book